Alarming: Suspected Chinese Spy Infiltrated Multiple Top Democrat Circles

A suspected Chinese spy had gotten close to top U.S. politicians in California over a period of  about 4 years, according to a report by Axios. Their investigation found that U.S. intelligence officials believe it was a political intelligence operation by a Chinese civilian spy agency.

California Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell developed a relationship with Christine Fang, the alleged Chinese spy, and received bundled campaign contributions with the help of Fang, the investigation found.

Fang had also planted an intern in Rep. Swalwell’s congressional office. The Axios investigation found that Eric Swalwell was among the top targets of Fang.

  • Fang took part in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign, according to a Bay Area political operative and a current U.S. intelligence official. Swalwell’s office was directly aware of these activities on its behalf, the political operative said. That same political operative, who witnessed Fang fundraising on Swalwell’s behalf, found no evidence of illegal contributions.

Swalwell has spent the last 3 years preaching, without evidence, the dangers of possible Trump ties to Russia. He, and other Democrats, have warned that President Trump could have business deals in Russia and other countries that could pose a national security risk.

It turns out that Democrats seem to be the ones mostly compromised by foreign intelligence programs, and mostly Chinese intelligence programs. Dianne Feinstein, Democrat Senator from California, had employed a Chinese spy for 20 years but you probably heard little to nothing about it.

The staffer had served the senator for some two decades as a general office lackey, a liaison to the local Chinese community, and, most important, the senator’s chauffeur whenever she was in San Francisco, her hometown. Driving Ms. Feinstein would have been a plum assignment for an intelligence operative; it allowed the Chinese access to the senator’s comings and goings and who she met with, as well as to any conversations she might have had in the car and any documents she may have left in it.

The Axios report also found that Fang helped out on California Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna's 2014 House run.

Nope, that's not all.

The suspected Chinese spy also helped out Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat Judy Chu, and former Democrat Rep. Mike Honda.

Why does this matter, other than optics?

Many foreign spy programs are said to rely on leverage and blackmail. A romantic involvement (such as Fang had with multiple politicians) or a personal driver position (such as Dianne Feinstein employed) could gain access to conversations, documents, or thumb drives left unguarded and deliver that information back to Chinese officials. Those officials could then use that as leverage to sway a policy decision in their favor.

  • Close relationships between a U.S. elected official and a covert Chinese intelligence operative can provide the Chinese government with opportunities to sway the opinion of key decision-makers.

That angle certainly seems possible, or even plausible, given the decisions we've seen by our elected officials to shut down private business and employ a disastrous election implementation strategy that was warned to be wildly unsecure.

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31 thoughts on “Alarming: Suspected Chinese Spy Infiltrated Multiple Top Democrat Circles”

  1. Every time I saw Swalwell in an interview I found him to be obnoxiously agenda-ized with socialistic brainwashing rhetoric, yet I never dreamed he was a Chinese Mole. How many more China spies are in the Senate and Congress, how many in Tweeter and Facebook? When Pelosi and de Blasio, urged citizens to socialize when the Wuhan Flu first appeared here, was it at the behest of their Chinese “friends”, or were they both so ignorant of the danger? It is so disgusting knowing how many hard working American citizens are at the mercy of the greedy, narcissistic, corrupt politicians they trusted, and then were betrayed by….if Swalwell had any integrity, any honor, he would resign and become a whistleblower. Fat chance of that.

  2. Now that the Dems. will probably be in the WH, you will probably be treated to things that you thought could not happen in the US. I just saw that the FBI was going to charge Hunter Biden with a tax charge. If they push that charge, the IRS would have a comfortable situation to fine him or assign jail time, or not, if he were convicted of a crime. Can you imagine the price Hunter could charge with his father as President? How about fraud charges being made for that farce of an election. If they were to stick, what kind of penalties would be handed out? Do you hear SUSPENDED JAIL TERM because it isn’t in the best interest of the country(we are afraid of the rioters) . Good luck folks.

    1. how many ‘little girls with sweet smelling hair’ did China put in front of joe?


  3. China, AND russia have long used TRAINED SPIES to infiltrate political organizations using SEX and whatever the SEX Intel comes up with.

    Well trained SEX SPIES are trained to listen to every word and phrase, and taught how to ‘coax’ the details to fill in the gaps during SEX.

    swalwell SWEARS HE TOLD HER NOTHING, yet his tiny head was doing the talking because SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WANTED TO LEARN AND HOW TO GET THE ANSWERS.

    With 100,000s of spies of both, or more genders infiltrating politicians from dog catcher on up, finding who was susceptible, the GROOMING THE TARGETS, providing CONTACTS AND CAMPAIGN ASSISTANCE to push them into positions of power….

    Is the entire Georgia political power machine COMPROMISED?

    It certainly looks like it!

  4. Eric Swalwell is nothing but a traitor to this country. He knowingly accused President Trump of doing exactly the things that he was doing. Traitor is all he is plain and simple.

  5. Swalwell needs to resign immediately from the Intelligence Committee and resign from his position as Congressman, He went on for over 3 yrears about President Trump when there was even no evidence. Yet he here had a sexual relationship with this woman and who knows what intelligence she gained and passed on to her handlers.

    1. how about a complete list of other politicians that were ‘introduced’ to her ‘friends’?

      A couple lines of coke and he was putty with no secrets he wouldn’t spew without a thought while she was working her ‘magic’ on his tiny head….

  6. She may be a spy, but I’ll bet they were giving info willingly. Finestein, swalwell , coincidence …. doubtful.

  7. The current Chinese leader is a tyrant and aiming for the long term to take over the United States They are are enemy and we need to quit doing manufacturing there and bring jobs back

  8. An inside Republicantask force? LOL. I am a Conservative, and all the Republican so called leadership has done is allowed the Democrat’s to destroy our nation, and stab the President in the back. Go peddle your inside Republican Task force somewhere else.

  9. This brings to mind Katherine Thai in Foreign Trade Policy, encouraged by Sen. Sherrod Brown, associated with CPUSA, (Communist Party U.S.A.) and Oregon Rep. Weydon. Concerning they were both stronglly praising her.

  10. IS THIS NOT TREASON? Everyone should be tried who are connected to this Chinese Spy Top Democrat Circle. OUR American men and women have paid a high price for our great County so people like that can be bought off.
    Don’t wait for him to resign, fire him and put him and others on trial.

  11. Democrats ! ,TskTskTsk, SMH….. One has a chi-com spy as her driver and Lackey for twenty years…..The head of the party has jihadis as her IT professionals and helps them to scam loans….. and now Eric smallballs has fallen prey to a Chi-com “Honeypot” spy, and spread her around The Circle of Deviants he hangs with in the land of fruits, nuts, and Flakes.


    1. and then schiff. both are TRAITORS, take these 2 TRAITORS out of the POOL and see how fast the other cowards come forth with those on bended knees hands folded , begging for mercy for information.

  13. This man does not belong on Congress he should be fired immediately he is security risk and how much damage he has already done.Charge him with treason and put him in jail. Letting these crooks get away with everything will just make sure these rats continue their treason behavior will never be stopped in the future. Democrats are evil and should be eliminated..

  14. Oh come on!!! This is news???? China has spies in every country in the world. How else can they be developing any technology?? Oh yes..of course..they spy, they hack, they steal!! Wake up people, this has been going on for decades!!!

  15. It does not surprise me that Eric Swalwell is an enemy to the US. It could be easily understood from his malicious attacks on Trump and Erick’s Swalwell aspiration to smear and defame our great patriot President Donald Trump.

  16. Every california demo-communist is owned by the CCP. down to a mayor and city council. governor is on the ccp payroll and so is his aunt nazipelosi. a STATE OF FULL CORRUPTION, I would think that SAN FRAN chinatown is loaded with criminals and corruption. Just ask the real govenor of california, nazipelosi, the stand in her nephew , newsome is in there on VOTER FRAUD, and she sends him is instructions, daily via a email. he is just a demo-communist yes mam errand-boy.

  17. You might also recall Pakistanis managed the IT needs of most Democrats in Congress, then fled the country when they were found out, now the Democrats are inviting in Chinese into their offices – you have wonder..=

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