Wow: China Brags They Have ‘People at the Top’ on the Inside of the U.S.

President Trump tweeted a video, first shown on the Tucker Carlson show, that was deleted by the Chinese government soon after it was published. As you watch it, you’ll understand why. It is a video of a man who works for a Chinese University and is a Chinese government loyalist, giving a speech about how China has bought off American politicians for decades.

The Chinese brag about paying off ‘elite American politicians’ and talk about how they’ve been able to get what they want out of America’s elite politicians.

Well, until Trump got into the picture.

Their words, not mine.

The man talking in the video says China used to be able to solve issues with America prior to Trump getting into office, because "we have people at the top".

"At the top of America's core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends"

He talks about how, since the 1970's, Wall Street had a large influence on foreign and domestic policy in the U.S. and they were able to leverage that influence.

But, again, then came Trump.

"Wall Street can't fix Trump"

He explains that his friends on the inside in the U.S. tried to help during the US-China trade war but couldn't.

He laughs as he says that the news they're seeing is that Biden was elected.

He then brings up a bombshell: The Hunter Biden business deals.

"Trump has been saying that Biden's son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that?......Who helped him build the foundations? Got it? There are a lot of deals in all of these."

If this doesn't wake you up then nothing will.

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39 thoughts on “Wow: China Brags They Have ‘People at the Top’ on the Inside of the U.S.”

  1. Yes, the truth is that we have corrupt members of our government who are more interested in feathering their nests than fulfilling the oaths they took!

  2. These treasonous, corrupt Dems need to see some jail time!
    SCOTUS needs to step in and finally figure out with all idle the current evidence of cheating and declare President Trump the winner for another term! Get rid of the Chinese corruption in this country!

  3. China has Joe Biden in their back pocket. They have had spies working for members of Congress.
    It’s time we the people take our country back. Term limits is the only and best way. We need term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court.

  4. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This IS NOT for low information voters, they CAN’T come close to comprehending the SELL OUT the bidens and other leftist in govt. have attempted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hang the traitors in public, upside down, like Mussolini was hung. Hang all their lawyers and traitorous bootlickers. If somebody uses the race card, hang them too. Don’t spare their security because they protect political devils by choice. Only then will you have your house on the shining hill back. Forget your political terms. It’s good guys versus assholes who desire all you have, including your existence.

  6. The chinese communists are at least complicit, if not the primary actors behind this attempt to steal the election,

    When President Trump takes the oath of office for his second term, I expect riots in those cities controlled by the communist democrat party.
    Should biden manage to steal the presidency, there will be revolution.

  7. None of this should be shocking. This has been an ongoing story with one small caveat, the media are complicit. For some unfathomable reason, they have refused to cover the scandalous story. The story is out there, it is not hidden, we have known about the Biden Family corruption, just as we have known for decades about the Clinton Family corruption, but the media ignores it. So has the DOJ and the FBI. We as a society have become complacent and have accepted that criminals, who are called politicians can get away with murder.

    When the FBI had in their possession the Hunter Biden laptop, what happened? Nothing and they allowed the President to be impeached, rather than release the exculpatory evidence.

    When the FBI knew about the Clinton email outrage, what happened? Nothing.

    Obama knew about Biden allowing his son to trade on his his father’s and his VP engorging himself through his position as VP. What happened? Nothing.

    When the DOJ knew that Democrats used identity politics to help destroy societies. What happened? Nothing.

    When the Obama/Biden weaponized Federal, State and City Agencies, what happened? Nothing.

    When Swing States coordinated in closing down their counting and when they reopened, we suddenly found the elections favor Biden, what happened? Yet, this was unprecedented in the history of US Presidential Elections.
    But, in the face of this Racketeering, the DOJ and FBI saw nothing.

    All one has to do is go to Youtube and watch “Riding the Dragon”, a documentary on China’s insidious influence in the US, which has been seen by 2.1 million people in the last few months. Then, there will be no surprises.

    There can be no question that the Bidens are compromised, but our leaders have allowed them to get away with murder. It is inconceivable that Joe Biden, as a partner with the CCP can now turn against his equity partners in their efforts to destroy America. And he will be enabled by the complicit Media, by Big Tech, by Big Corporations.

    Although this Coffee Cup is Made in the USA, virtually everything else is Made in China. If we are going to survive as a nation, we will need to change that and we will need to refuse to accept mediocrity from our politicians who have sold out to China and have given up on believing in the US as a nation under the law and the US Constitution. Short of that, China will surely succeed and their biggest success to date will be the election of Joe Biden!

    1. Unfortunately David, you are right on.
      True “Public Servants” are way to rare.
      We need to cut off the bribes that our Politicians receive, make them use the same retirement and health care as the rest of us and get term limits.

  8. We have the best Politicians that money can buy.
    All the corrupt Establishment Elite are on the take.
    How else can they leave office with million$ more than they made with their salaries.

  9. We Patriots need to march on D.C. and our republics Capital buildings and drag the Treasonous Democrat commies into the streets and hang them from the street lamps just in time for Christmas decorations. Then president Trump needs to aim our missiles and B52’s at china and turn that country into a parking lot as a warning to any other country that tries anything. China gave us a gift of Bio engineered virus it’s only fair we give them a return gift!

    Keep the change, Filthy chinese animals!

  10. Yeah, lotta people will sell out anyone and any institution for their greed hog money, even government stockpiles of valuable metals and even refined, enriched heavy metals, rare earths, and even their souls for a few shekels like the fiat money they get is worth it. In earlier times it could be called treason but couched in the terms of lawyerese it is “trade”.

    1. Poor You the whole world is corrupted- So sorry
      That a True Good Man Won the Election. I don’t
      Know How Trump has Fooled you and so many other
      Good People but He Has and History will Prove it
      Just settle down and accept he has lost and will be Gone
      In January to go out in the world to try to corrupt
      Others. The Election was Not Fixed- All those that matter that
      Watched over The Election to make sure either side,
      Was being Honest. Many Good Republicans Voted
      For Biden because they knew that Trump Had To
      Go. He’s filled His Pockets and Can Go and Retire on His Millions while We everyday American’s have to stay and Pray Biden can clean up some of His Mess. But no one
      Can Bring Back all those that have died from the
      “Virus “ that Trump ignored in the beginning And
      Let it Kill so many because he thought it would just
      Go Away. He caught it Himself and still doesn’t wear a mask. We the real Americans know what He’s done from the beginning- Everything He can to make the Rich
      People and His Best New Friends Richer. As far as the Chinese,
      In Control in China they have always wanted America to
      Go Down. We all agree on that but Trump thought He
      Could make Friends with them. He’s like a Child He wants everyone to Like Him The Most. So he tried to make Friends with them and Korea, and Russia.
      The only thing we can do is just try to put all this Hate talk away and try to rebuild our Country- Republicans, Democratic’s, come together and be the Strong Country we once were. Tomorrow you might be Dead- we have no control over that- Just God Does. We need to get thru this Horrible “Virus” that could Kill us All. All the meanness and Hate is just wasted energy. Put that towards Helping all of us Get thru this time in History and Be Glad if your Family, Friends and Community all Live through this
      And start again.

      1. This is Mary Delaney I am the only Not Republican
        That has commented to this Political Page that I only
        Responded to because I felt the other side should be
        Heard but the people who set this site up Put My Response
        Way near the beginning in the middle of People I hadn’t even read their posts! And put the time Dec. 10- at 4:30pm
        And I wrote this at 11:15am on Dec.10 Just wondered – Do you only put Republicans comments on this Site and 1
        Comment from the other side. Sounds like this is only For
        1 side. I think my post had some Honest, Decent Truths
        That All should Hear. Putting me at a later time maybe you thought no one would read mine. We need to Heal and help All Americans to get through this Horrible time in Our History. If we don’t there will be No American’s left. Our
        Future depends on us putting all this Hate and Prejudices
        Away and reach out to each other. Trumps Gone- The
        “Virus” is raging ! Concentrate on taking Care of yourselves
        And All your Family Members and Pray God will Help
        Us because our World Needs So Much Help Now! Not fighting over Politics.

      2. You do not have a glue you are being controlled by CNN Facebook China Google Fox Soros just to name a few get out of your head we are losing America to Communst China and your life and your family will never be the same

      3. Yes, I respect your opinion but I must ask do you believe that in a country of 300 million 85 million voted for Biden and 75 million voted for Trump? That is strange and I don’t think that there are that many people who are on the rolls to vote. Just an observation from an old guy.

        1. Or maybe 65 million voted for Biden — it is just that many of them voted more than once along with all the dead people who voted for him. They had a couple years to figure out how to beat Trump and make it impossible to trace the corruption.

  11. Want to know more
    I believe that and at the top of the list are all the Bidens, Obamas, Pelosi, etc.

  12. Lets have the names, but it would probably be easy to pick them out of the crowd, just follow the money on those, that looks over confidante and nervous.

  13. Okay so what is being done about it? No one seems to get it or care, they’ve drank the “koolaid.” Until they don’t get what they want nothing is going to be done. By “they” I mean the liberals. China owns Biden, Soros owns him, BLM owns him, and Obama and his gang do as well. Just what is it going to take? When is something going to happen to change the course of this happening in this county. I would like conversation as to how we are going to do this.

    1. Well … over half the country tried doing it the civil peaceful way … by voting for a second Trump term. That would have gone a long way. But the DNC had “magic” on their side … which pretty much by definistion is “slight of hand” or trickery (cheating) and deceit won the day. The next step is a not-so-peaceful civil show of force. Antifa has been allowed to go way beyond peaceful assembly to air their grievances … and now it is the true American’s turn. As free people and independent actors … defenders of the Constitution … we’ll figure it out. We need to pull down corrupt politicians … not statues!

  14. I don’t doubt that China has people at the top in the US, beginning with Biden, who will cozy up to it to the detriment of the US and allow it to continue unchallenged its non-shooting war against the US.

  15. WOW! . . . HOW DEEP does the CORRUPTION goes, even DEEPER than the DEEP STATE – it sounds like a Traitor Crater. Sounds like we need to root out this MEGA sized tree of CORRUPTION. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


  17. If Biden stays in as President,which He cheated to get there,China will own us and that will be fine with the Democrats because Liberal Left Wing wants communism in America

  18. So convenient , their introduction of a “germ warfare” virus during an election year in the US and then to claim it came from us. Then after the great scare comes the solution , everyone gets the vaccine, an antidote to the virus, or is it? The Virologists have admitted that the vaccine is in the form of a live virus shell with recombinant RNA in it to reprogram the virus fighting cells of the body to fight the disease. Every other viral vaccine has been attenuated, that is deactivated virus, for the body to develop resistance to the disease but this stuff works different and needs to be frozen at very low temperature to preserve it’s potency. Strange that they could work out this complicated set of solutions to develop a cure in less than a year. This is what I was told by the “News Media” but I am very skeptical of the efficacy of the vaccine let alone it’s purpose. I may be a dummy with only a baccalaureate degree but I do not believe them!

  19. Lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, corruption, graft and payoffs are part of the decades old new game in town as long as you are part of the ‘gang.’ The saying that nobody is above the law is patently false. Exposing it will not make it go away, and the fact that nothing is done about it only proves that it is acceptable. There is no point to ranting about such things, because it is unlikely that anything will be done about it. Might as well just accept that this is how it is now. If you want to play the game, join some ‘gang.’ Sadly nice guys finish last.

  20. China will own the.Us once Biden and his crocked cronies get in to office. As someone put it early China is in Bidens back pocket. Good luck to all you dumb ass Liberals that voted him in.

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