Must Watch: The People Vow to Fight Back – “They Can’t Throw Us All in Jail”

A restaurant owner in Sherman Oaks, California recorded a video that is both heartbreaking and extremely angering at the same time.

Government regulations during the COVID pandemic have mocked and bullied small businesses while propping up large corporate companies.

But she’s not alone. In fact, there are a large number of business owners who are vowing to take American opportunity back from the mayors and governors who are acting like tyrants instead of elected servants.

This video of business owners saying "No more" was shared on Twitter.

A man is seen on the video saying "It starts with 1, and then it's 2, and the it's 3..and then it's 500 businesses.."

"But guess what? There's not enough f%$#ing Sheriffs! We open our businesses. We open our businesses together."

People aren't taking this lockdown and ridiculous mandates lying down any longer. The people want their freedom back.

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63 thoughts on “Must Watch: The People Vow to Fight Back – “They Can’t Throw Us All in Jail””

  1. He says they cant put us all in jail. He is wrong. They finish emptying the jails and prisons to put us in. The schools are not being used because of school from home on computers so the schools are empty for them to put us in. Then there will be no more shopping because of the pandemic and people losing their businesses so the shopping centers and malls will be empty to put us n under lock and key. Big business will never reopen so mammoth buildings will be available to put us in. And more. All of this is with China’s wishes. China is busy paying off pro team people, CEO’s of corporations, Hollywood elite, all media and social media to make China’s wishes come true. This is a true reality and what the Democrats have been planning for years right under our noses. Life does not matter to them anymore unless it is their lives. They are slowly destroying our planet by putting poisons in our water and chem trails in the sky, or con trails which is the correct term. They make up pandemics and the virus is a hoax. They are slowly making us follow their rules for the big finale. Us! All of you allowed this to happen by not doing anything to stop it except complain and make comments on these sites. I have done all I can and I have done a lot to try to stop this. Not even my state Governor or the past Governor of my state will take my calls. I have tweeted and emailed and called the President and I don’t get anyone to listen. I have tried to create a militia of the people to no avail. It’s over folks, we are doomed. Thanks a lot for ruining everyone else’s lives. Go to prison. Be murdered. I do not care anymore. Far as I am concerned, you are all low life animals and you deserve all that you are going to get!

    1. Go to You Tube & watch the jaw dropping 11 minute video called “JUST A MASK”. From day one, I’ve told my friends & family that this was a PLANDEMIC, to bring down America. I’d rather die than live in what is coming if we don’t stop this shit NOW. This is not going to stop, but, will continue until we the people say NO & keep their business open. Fight for your consitutional rights. This is the only way we will take back our country.

      1. You forgot one very important thing…PRAY AND PRAY HARD! God knows everything they’re planning. I haven’t worn a mask since this started and I won’t wear one. Yes…a massive LIE and ”social experiment” and WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO FIGHT BACK!!!

  2. All these folks that sat around in these leftist enclaves saying ‘its OK they don’t mean any harm’, well when you never get rid of these people in office for decades of control, this is what ends up happening. Of course they can put enough of you in jail to dissuade the rest. Until the socialists get voted out of office it will remain like this, the socialist authoritarian thrives on nothing but control and they can wait until doomsday for their flower to bloom, because once it does it is very hard to undo the disaster. If you sit back and allow these folks to burrow in they will be with you your whole life.

  3. All of the lives they are destroying with there insane covid rules are not for the people it is for there egoes and to flex there muscles. If it were for the people why are they terrorizing the people with there bloated deaths from covid that they claim are around 250,000 . Why are they not mentioning that in nursing homes” every year over 380,000 people die from septice this is every year. Where is all of the outrage about this it kind of makes covid look like small potatoes..

  4. OPEN UP NOW! Stop the attempted rape of Lady Liberty… recall Democrat State and Federal Officials for they are all hypocrites and out to destroy us and the economy.

  5. Good for them. They are right. No one even knows if all of their political tyranny has any effect on this damn virus. Most evidence indicate that it’s all bull, all for show and control over the masses. The politicians need to be held accountable for their actions.

  6. Do it! They don’t have moral authority to lock us down. They are behaving like tyrants. Many doctors have already said that the virus was in this country before we knew it. It is very contagious but not as serious as has been touted to the public. We should protect the seniors and those with compromised immune systems. But everyone else should be out and working or going to school. This is a pseudo pandemic used by the politicians in order to see how far they can control the population.

  7. Together we will take our country back. Start with big tech, main stream media and billionaires. We take them out and we get our country back. “One if by land, two if by sea! LETS ROLL!!!!!!!!




      1. I totally agree with you; Cheryl and John Buerger. The problem is; these leftists have become so ingrained in government and especially in the lying media that it has become necessary to take EXTREME measures to rid ourselves of them.
        Look; these people are power hungry BULLIES, and the only way to deal with a bully is to give them back what they themselves deal out. The longer you allow them to beat you down the more embolden they become, at some point WE THE PEOPLE must fight back. Hopefully in a peaceful way but we must not back down from actually fighting fire with fire if needed!!!

    2. Yes I agree . We must start fighting back . This is socialism and communistic. The Biden’s will give us back to China and all that Mr Trump accomplished will be swept away . We cannot let that happen .

  9. maybe just maybe we should put them in jail.who are the bad guys here i just voted witch is my right as and a American.the left cheated don’t say they didn’t look at the facts.listen to the whistle blowers and the witnesses.what else do we need.

  10. I am truly sorry for ALL the legitimate business people who have suffered under dictatorial mayors and governors, but the sad truth is it is mostly your own fault. Yes; if you people would wake up and stop supporting these kind of dictatorial despots and above all voice your concerns over the lack of true reporting by the mass media, this would never have had to happen.
    Again; I am truly saddened by the way certain people have no qualms about destroying “the little person” while they themselves break there own mandates. But they have been doing this for a very long time. They are the ones who keep the fake science of ‘climate change’ going, pushing harsh restrictions on business, and individuals, while they jet all over the world in their fuel eating machines. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND PRAY IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Change comes with the individual, change your standards and vet each and every politician who runs for an office. Don’t listen to their empty promises, look for what they have actually done for the good of others!!!

    1. Yes, but then again
      Power, money and lies they fall for because they do not really do their homework
      We have plenty of people who should be standing up but it is
      FEAR over FAITH
      If there is any faith left out there? Then the DEVIL won!??

  11. Considering that WE ALL KNOW that the Marxocrats stole the Presidential Election (there is an abundance of circumstantial, physical, and statistical evidence that Biden couldn’t have possibly won the election), nothing they do in 2021 to keep us in bondage should be a surprise.

  12. Businesses and people cannot continue to be held “hostage” to the COVID virus or tyrannical mayors and governors doing as they please . They need to have their businesses open to make money to support their families and pay their bills . If enough of you oppose the restrictions they will be unable to contain everyone.

  13. Lockdowns NOT on science Pure poliitcs & expand virus vs contain
    & Our CA Health director is not a MD.
    Coming lockdown revolt
    From Pro Maskers to No Maskers.

    Lockdown effects:
    Lives ruined
    Kids stunted growth at home vs being in school
    Seedbed for Revots.
    Help enemies
    Shutter small business
    U dont shut down IF Y donate to DNC or candidate
    Is that Fair

  14. The door looks exactly like the yellow tape that was used during the times in Germany, Europe during Hitler’s regime
    Same YELLOW a color
    This time it is a “cross” instead of the Jewish Star of David!
    Look closer
    Doesn’t it ?

  15. This idiocy has gone on too long already. Businesses have complied, individuals have complied. This “virus” is still here. We need to decide for ourselves (like we have always done) how to handle illnesses, We arent stupid…

  16. Almost too little, too late……. We have let this go too long….. A song comes to mind that will give this effort some perspective. It’s from Bruce Springsteen called “City of Ruin”. Find the you tube video of his performance in France, either that one or the performance on acoustic guitar… Both very moving…. Then go out and yell “RISE UP…COME ON RISE UP!!!”

  17. A civil war is a brewing in California. Prior to the Inauguration in Washington, the people must rise up and march upon Sacramento for a protest. IF the despots don’t comply, then a fire will be light at the state house and drive them out to be attacked by the mobs with a coup of the Socialist Totalitarian Government. This will be a necessary crisis to restore California back to the USA.

  18. Recall the governor and any politician that supports him.he is killing all business in this state. The people need to take this state back and run it right

  19. Government bullying, as we have experienced since last February is also known as “TYRANNY”. If 2020 had not been a presidential election year Covid would not have been created through the collusion between China and the DemocRAT party of America.

  20. And the same should apply to paying income taxes then maybe the Govt will get off their asses and get the economy moving again. When the Reps don’t get a paycheck because of people not paying their taxes, something will get done. There are not enough prisons or jails to lock us all up.

  21. Come next Election people should VOTE these hateful Marxist Leftist lying Socialist people OUT of Office. That’s the only way to HELP yourself fight these people from taking your FREEDOM.

    1. Hello, John
      At the rate things are gong thee will be no next elections, they have already proven that they are not concern about the law of the Land, they have all committed treason by usurping our constitution with out a consensus of the states. It states a state constitutional convention to set aside our form of government , and government official took and oath to uphold the constitution of the USA, most of them now have broken their oath. Probably because they did not even know what the constitution states. May the Creator have mercy on all of us for letting this happen in the greatest Nation on the face of the Earth

  22. All these comments confirm my beliefs.
    “Rules for Radicals” a book by Alinsky, is the playbook used by the left, Marxxists, socialists, communists that have infiltrated our country since 1773.
    We have also reached a crossroads between good and evil. The issue of “sovereignty” between the Devil and God has been in play since man started to exist. Read Genesis.
    Our rights will be taken away soon, including “Freedom of Religion.” In addition, Christians are being persecuted around the world. Look at Africa. Read Matthew.
    Every sign of “end times” namely, the end of mankind’s governments and wicked people, are here. Read Matthew 24
    Wake up!
    God’s day of judgement is near. Trump is not our savior, nor is a coup to “save our country”. No matter who is President, this process of a clash between good and evil continues. Revelation outlines the outcome. Ask yourself, are we as people getting better? Or, has “The love of most people cooled off”? Morals are out the window now and Technology is the new Religion. Most in Hollywood, Government, schools, Media etc., are indifferent to God. A lot of folks around the world have “a form of godly devotion but prove false to it’s power”. Therefore, there is no longer a way for humans to sustain a peaceful existence. We are literally killing each other and cannot direct our own steps in a way that was intended by our creator. Even if you don’t believe in a cosmic good guy and cosmic bad guy, humans are headed for something that is not worth living for on this current path.
    Some who’s life consists of staring at their cell phone, gaming, technology and material possessiveness will think that this life is all there is. But this is a closed circle of nothingness. Work, eat, sleep, screw, watch tv, social media, repeat. If you travel to a place like Yosemite Natl. Park, search yourself and ask: “Is this life all there is?”
    I say, Humans are more complex and purposed than this current debacle under The Devils current Global influence.

    1. Thank you for sharing that truth, the greatest deception the devil every pull, was to convince people he did not exist, and that evil was only a choice that people make, Evil is a personal influence from a entity that hate mankind with a passion for we are the only being that was given the opportunity to be as the God.
      One man said turn out the light the party is over, we entering the time of the end game, the final battle between light and darkness, good and evil, Belial and Christ,
      All glory to our soon coming King

    2. God has and is in control. I believe Rapture is near. My prayer every single day is that people look to the heavens and acknowledge there is a God and that His son, Jesus Christ became flesh and came to earth as a baby to save us. The only thing you have to do is repent of you sins, ask forgiveness for those sins and accept Jesus into your life and BELIEVE HE IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR. GOD BLESS ALL OF US.

  23. Have you seen the battle in Olympia on Sat 12/5. The people are fighting back and the pendulum is swinging back. I am so proud to be an American and I will not comply.

  24. I—and all true Americans—salute these patriots. We suffer a 4-class system, now.
    1–The Elite give the orders.
    2–The Political Class obeys.
    3–The Middle Class pays.
    4–The Lower Class plays.

    There is only one way to seize back the U.S. and that is to use this very chaos seeded by the Elite to overturn their own agenda. But it cannot stop just at regaining our freedom. It requires that those who perpetrated such a coup on our rights be duly “punished.”

  25. The leaders will make examples out of a few business owners by placing them in jail, leaving extreme fines on them which will devastate their families, and/or have their businesses burned to the ground, which will deter the rest.

  26. One very sharp knife or razor attached to a 6′ pole can destroy that entire camp in ten minutes.
    Or, an alternative option —
    Canvas tents ignite very easily with gasoline and Bic lighters. They could go up in smoke before sunrise tomorrow.
    just sayin’

  27. Clearly the Authorities have not communicated to the people the dire seriousness of the Covid 19 virus.
    Here in Australia, we have managed to get it under control, but to do that, we had to endure a very long
    period of total lockdown. But the sacrifices made by the population at large were worthwhile. We have
    had no new cases for more than 3 weeks in the worst areas, and in others for longer than 2 months.
    Yes, we are an island, and that has helped, but with more expatriate Aussies coming back from areas of
    severe Covid infection, we are quarantining ALL arrivals for 14 days, and only releasing them when
    they test negative at the end of that period.
    You need to realise that you have to come down hard on this Chinese Virus in order to get any semblance
    of normal life back. Fighting to keep things open as per usual is not working for you, it is working for
    Covid 19…but then, perhaps that is what you all want???

    1. This is a politicized virus meant to control everyone with fear..a virus that has’nt been scientically proven to be any more deadly than the common flu.The death numbers are exagerated,padded,and in many cases false..applied unchecked by medical examiners to any death that occurs in the hospitals and nursing homes for the insurance money.This virus is being used to exert the influence of those seeking to establish a NWO..forced vaccinations..limiting you travel..monitoring your movements..destroying small business and forcing you to have to use big conglamorate businesses.Eventually they will not allow you to buy and sell if you do not get the vaccination..sound familiar?The chip placed in your body to track,monitor and control..the one the bible warned about 2000 yrs ago..wake’s not simply obey and comply like sheep..look at the big picture.The bonus of this whole plot was how easily the htree major religions folded..the evil one is about to come into power..this is no joke


  29. Do it..I will support small businesses by patronizing them….know thy enemy…either vote them out..or we should remove them by force.The polkice for their part should refuse to comply with illegal and unconstitutional laws and mandates

  30. I know your feelings Pat, believe me. But please don’t put animals in the same category as we people. Have you ever seen an animal do to it’s own kind what we people do to each other? People are out for one thing (well maybe two). The God almighty dollar and power. And the Democrats are leading the pack. And yes, it’s to late for us ordinary citizens. The only way we could pull out of this system of things is to unite. Yeah right! Fat chance of that ever happening. We’re all too busy hating each other and playing right into the hands of our corrupt government. Just what they want us to do.
    GOD help us all, because none of us have the brains to do it!

  31. American Small Business Owners all over the country are being forced out of business due to COVID-19. The impact of that is causing Americans all over the country to be unemployed or, under employed and the sum total of everything is what will end up being the GREAT DEPRESSION OF 2020! People are losing their homes and in many cases forced onto food lines, just to feed their families. Meanwhile Pelosi and her corrupt thugs are working on approving a bill to legalize Marijuana. How many of you are willing to bet that she and her corrupt buddies have stock in the companies producing the weed? So, I guess that, on a scale of one to ten, we all know where we stand (-5) in their eyes!

  32. Has any even noticed that as Covid rises (??) there has not been 1 case of FLU reported and this IS FLU SEASON!!! Do you wonder why there is not flu? It’s because (I think) that 80% of so called Covid is actually just the FLU! The government is keeping the shut down of America just to see how stupid and compliant we are in order to judge if they can just come in and take our guns, money and homes just like the Commies did in the 40’s. Hitler & Stalin and others like them. Kruchev said that all they have to do is get the children (brain washing as they are doing in colleges and lower grades) and once they achieve that they can just take us over. Why in the heck do you think there are no longer text books and only computers. Why do you think they are taking down all the statues? To obliterate our History!! You cannot change a textbook overnight, but you can change anything on a computer. Wake up America. A Socialist is about to become Vice President and I would bet that it won’t be long before Biden is out and she is President.

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