The Left’s Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They’re Gaining Ground

On Nov. 22, 2020, New York Times columnist Charles Blow unleashed one of the most bizarre tweets in recent memory. “Stop doing gender reveals,” he stated.

“They’re not cute; they’re violent. All we know before a child is born is their anatomy. They will reveal their gender. It may match your expectations of that anatomy, and it may not. If you love the child you will be patience, attentive and open.”

This is patently insane for a variety of reasons.

First, the characterization of gender reveal parties — parties during which parents celebrate finding out whether their unborn children are boys or girls — as “violent” is, in and of itself, radically nuts. Parents are excited to learn whether their children will be boys or girls. That is absolutely unobjectionable. But for an ardent fan of abortion on demand such as Blow to characterize a gender reveal party celebrating the sex of an unborn baby as “violent” while characterizing the in utero dismemberment of that same unborn baby as “choice” is so morally benighted as to boggle the mind.

Blow’s tweet goes further. The implication that parents are doing violence against their own children if they connect sex and gender is utterly anti-evidentiary. Sex and gender are interconnected. For nearly every human being born, biological sex will correspond with genital development in the womb. And gender, contrary to the idiotic, pseudoscientific paganism of the gender theory set, is not some free-floating set of biases we bring to the table. Males and females have different qualities in a variety of functions, attitudes, desires and capabilities. In every human culture — indeed, in every mammalian species — meaningful distinctions between male and female remain. To reduce children to genderless unicorns simply awaiting hormonal guidance from within piles absurdity upon absurdity.

And, of course, Blow's take on "patience" is not limitless. Presumably, should your daughter announce that she is a boy at the tender age of 5, all measures will immediately be taken to ensure that she is treated as a boy by those such as Blow. There will be no call for watchful waiting; to do so would be yet another act of "violence."

Why does any of this matter? Because Blow's perspective has become mainstream on the left. In October, Healthline, a supposed medical resource, ran an article reviewed by a licensed marriage and family therapist titled "'Do Vulva Owners Like Sex?' Is the Wrong Question -- Here's What You Should Ask Instead."

Whether "vulva owners" like sex is indeed the wrong question. The right question, to begin, might be what makes "vulva owners" distinct from women; as a follow-up, we might ask how one would go about leasing or renting a vulva if ownership seems like too much of a burden.

But the madness gains ground. CNN reported in July that the American Cancer Society had changed its recommendations on the proper age for cervical cancer screenings for women, only CNN termed women "individuals with a cervix."

Which seems rather degrading to women, come to think of it.

Lest we believe that this is merely some lunatic fringe, it is worth noting that Blow, Healthline and CNN are merely saying out loud what those who place gender pronouns in their Twitter bios, such as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, imply: that gender and sex are completely severable, and that biology has nothing to do with the former. President-elect Joe Biden has openly stated that an 8-year-old can decide on his transgenderism; Sen. Elizabeth Warren infamously stated that she would have a 9-year-old transgender child screen her secretary of education nominee. Male and female are arbitrary categories to which anyone can claim membership.

Unless, of course, the left wishes to treat sex as an important characteristic. Then the logic changes. Thus, it is historic that Biden has nominated an all-female communications team, and it is deeply moving that Harris is a woman.

It's almost as though the definitions of words have no meaning, according to the left. All that matters is fealty to whatever narrative the chosen moral caste dictates on a daily basis. And if you cross it, you're doing violence.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side of History" and "Bullies." 

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9 thoughts on “The Left’s Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They’re Gaining Ground”

  1. This moron has obvious mental problems and should be institutionalized for intense mental evaluation before he does harm to himself or anybody else.

  2. The INSANITY is spreading and it’s time to put a STOP to it. You ARE for life the gender with which you are born. NO amount of hormones, surgery or denial will ever change that. Born a male, will die a male, born a female, will die a female. Run around acting an insane fool and will still die the gender with which you were born but will live the life of a mentally disturbed FOOL.

  3. So what is this obsession that the left has with sex? I thought that one of the arguments for same sex marriage, abortion, etc. was that no one had the right to interfere with an individual’s sex life. Let parents have the joy that a baby brings! Leave little kids alone! It’s absurd to think that a 5 year old has a clue about what sex they want to be when they are adults! Talk about anti-science!

  4. This NYTimes columnist must be mentally ill as revealed by his commentary. Also, he is obviously not well versed on what the Bible states. Sadly, some folks like him and his minions, operate in a cloud of unGodliness and there will be consequences for them.

  5. Just YIKES! Never heard such a load of pure manure being spread in my life! DNA determines sex. Gender is a LINGUISTIC tool, common in romance languages, but NOT an human trait! God warned us about opening that Pandora’s box; that it’s an abomination in His view, and He hasn’t changed His mind, but for the present He will allow free will choice even to sin against one’s own body, as well as Him. That free will choice era is coming to a close. But while it lasts, please feel free to keep choosing eternity in “hell”, by the choices you make now. Just know, there is NO way to be “right” with God, while one persists in living in rebellion against Him (aka sin), whatever form it takes, and the time in which to get “right” is coming to a close! I pray you make the correct choice!

  6. Not accepting our biological gender, assigned us by the nature of the Universe, is one of the most hateful and dangerous delusions we can have. Just because a girl wants to behave more like societies concept of what a boy is, does not make her a boy. And there is nothing wrong with masculine women or effeminate men. None of us are exactly the same. To deny our biological make-up is to make life unnecessarily difficult. First we must accept our biological gender assignment, then we must learn to become comfortable in our character as that gender. To mutilate our bodies in order to “feel” like something we are not is a mental illness that needs to be dealt with appropriately. There is no excuse to go down the Dr. Frankenstein path of dismemberment to lead a healthy life that may seem to oppose our gender.

  7. You have to follow the science…, except when it conflicts with the left’s desired outcome. If the science says wear masks and socially isolate that is up until the point where there is racial unrest and then it is OK to protest, but you can’t protest anything else.

    If statistically the election makes no sense or the voting machines can’t tabulate the votes with the same outcome in a recount, just go ahead and trust the original count certainly don’t make a scientist recreate their own outcomes…, unless it is a vaccine that was developed during the Trump administration, then we can doubt the results even after the trials have been recreated and tested 20,000 times.

    Science does not matter to ideologues on the left, it is just another tool they use to try to make their unprovable points go unchallenged, by saying we have to follow the science. The other favorite one from the left is after a scandal that has never had any result or consequence to it for a lefty they just say either ‘that has already been debunked’ or ‘that is old news’, that is what we will hear about Hunter Biden going forward, until the left needs Biden out of the way and then they will report the ‘old news’ as if they just broke the story.

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