Governor Kemp Speaks Out Amidst Hard Evidence, Georgia’s Got Problems

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp called for a signature audit during an interview with Fox News on Thursday night.

One month after the election, the Trump legal team showed a surveillance video of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA, that showed election workers telling everyone to go home and stop counting ballots on election night. Once the press and observers left, the workers pulled out suitcases full of ballots and began counting them without any oversight and in violation of election laws and regulations.

The leadership in Georgia has been somewhat silent on the evidence of election fraud. After this video was exposed, Governor Kemp could no longer stay silent.

Kemp said the video he saw was "concerning".

“You know, I’ve called early on for a signature audit, obviously the secretary of state, per the laws and the Constitution would have to order that; he has not done that,” Kemp said. “I think it should be done. I think, especially with what we saw today, it raises more questions. There needs to be transparency on that. I would again call for that, and I think in the next 24 hours hopefully we’ll see a lot more from the hearings that the legislature had today and we’ll be able to look and see what the next steps are.”

Another big hurdle standing in the way of a full audit is Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who's been hit hard on this fiasco but has seemed to deny anything went wrong.

Kemp also took the opportunity to slam attorney Lin Wood, who has demanded that Georgians no longer just go out and vote for a party candidate but that they demand the candidates earn their trust. The way they can earn that trust is to not run a second election (the January run-offs) using the same process and strategy, according to Wood.

“It’s like Lin Wood saying today, urging the people not to go vote in this election — all that is gonna do is give the Democrats everything they want,” Kemp said. “It’s gonna give the radicals everything they want. This is literally the firewall. So, I think we all have to pull together and figure out what have we got to do to assure people that their vote’s gonna count. I believe that it will; that’s why I’m working so hard for David and Kelly, and I’m going to continue to do that.”

Georgia has problems.

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63 thoughts on “Governor Kemp Speaks Out Amidst Hard Evidence, Georgia’s Got Problems”

  1. Thank you Gov Kenp! Yes, Georgia has problems. What is the status of the investigation into the voter project run bby Stacey Abrams? IMHO, Abrams is part of the problem! Sending out balots out of state, etc! And never conceeding the election. She is a loser!

    1. I believe Abrams is a MAJOR part of the problem. I believe she has led, or at least enabled, the attempted election steal in Georgia. She should be prosecuted, if I’m right.

  2. Why doesn’t he just order a signature audit? He’s the Governor. Why does he think has to wait for someone else to do it?

    1. Say it like it is . The election in GA was corrupt shut it down and re do the entire procedure over . We are in American not a 3rd world country . If this goes uncorrected . You can kiss the country GOOD BY. You young folks bestget you ass in gear it’s your country to protect, us old timers served in military and a .ot of good foksdied to save this land (for you young people ) ….. get out.

      1. Us ‘Ole Folkies’ served so that there would be freedoms forever; this is NOT happening when elections are being stolen from right under our eyes! This fraud/corruption must be stopped and stopped from the ‘Top’ if necessary. Get off your duff and get something done, and get it done NOW!

    2. Because he’s a part of the problem but wants to look like his hands are clean. He is the boss but acts like he has no control. They are both corrupt and helped the Democrats win Georgia.

      1. I fully agree. Just follow the money since the Dominion voting machines were forced down the throat of the Georgian taxpayers.

  3. Kemp is finally beginning to do his duty, which he had abandoned until this small step. I suppose leading from behind, as Obama did as President, is better than nothing.

  4. I am a Georgia resident, a Republican, and a voter and you are damned right we have a problem. This election was rigged by the Democrats and the fraud was carried out in my state’s larger cities. I have absolutely no trust in the reliability of the voting machines we just spent about $100 millions of dollars to purchase. Several states chose not to use the Dominion machines because they were considered so unreliable. The counting of the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots was so slipshod that I doubt anyone even has an educated guess of the actual numbers. Failure by tabulators to verify signatures on ballots to those on registration files is almost criminal. I go to vote in person and have to present proof of identity in the form of a picture identification, sign in exactly as I am listed on the voter list while those voting by mail get a free ride. I am sure no one would think of using that loophole to manipulate the system. So you might say I trust the election results about as far as I can throw that jackass the Democrats use as a party symbol.

    How do we correct these problems for this election. The results to this entire election should be thrown out and another election scheduled for the near future. This time there should be no. I repeat, no mail-in ballots except those specifically requesting to vote by absentee ballot and the absentee ballots should require signature verification. Paper ballots should be used instead of the questionable voting machines. Thus, when the votes are tabulated we should be reasonably assured that the vote is legitimate and correct.

    1. This is not a new tactic-
      It’s been used before but most elections only allowed voting on one day. Votes had to Counted/ in a certain amount of time/be completed/ verified-
      Now we have cameras…. not fool proof but…

  5. MASSIVE FRAUD at work . . . AND MASSIVE, LONG Federal Prison sentences for SEDITION and TREASON should ENSUE – even PERMANENT PRISON sentences WITHOUT parole (Lifetime sentences in MANY cases). One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  6. The reason Kemp is speaking now is because the video came out.
    There is so many thing going wrong here in Ga that should have concerned every one, especially Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger .

    I was told I don’t show up as registered to vote, then given a ballot to fill out when I went in to early vote in person.
    I kept calling and going to my poling place to find out what happened and why , no one ever reached out to me to address this issue.
    I was told, my voter roll info was taken from my County by another County miles away, used for some one there.

    Checking on line, I was finally listed as registered to vote after week’s of not showing up .
    Relieved, but I am listed as newly registered to vote as of 10/ 2020 with no past history, this should not have happened.

    1. Plus I have actively voted thirteen years in my present address and county, Many years in my previous Address and County with no problems until this year.
      The registrar here did find a card in a file cabinet showing my previous and present address that I had filed with them when changing my address thirteen years earlier, that’s why I was given a ballot to fill out , she also told me then that my vote will count.
      But now learning my info was taken and used in another county by a person there tells me my vote did not count.

    2. We keep hearing “ not enough Fraud and mismanagement to overturn the election “ That is as lame as..”How much money has to be stolen by how many to be called a ROBERY”?
      If we don’t take the time to identify the fraud we are committing, we will be a country without our freedoms. Like unto a third world country.

      1. ANY fraud is too much, even if it is just one! What on earth has happened to the minds of formerly intelligent people in this country? It is as if the Democrats have hypnotized their followers….. so very sad!

    3. I agree completely. Kemp and Raffensperger knew this was going to happen. They kept their mouths shut until there was actual physical evidence, (aka, the video.). We STILL haven’t heard from Raffensperger about this video. His silence speaks volumes to me about how little he cares about the rights of the people to be heard.

    1. The Republicans are asking for Trumps help with the run off there wouldn’t even be a run off if the (Republican legislature) did there jobs in the first place all these states the (Republican legislature) could have stopped it they refused to do there job they should all be fired. Remember it’s ( We The People) you work for us not the other way around, it’s about time you get held accountable for your actions we the people always end up paying for your screw ups no more

      1. Well said, Ed. It’s time to primary all of these phony Republicans nationwide. Enough is enough.

        1. I agree. All the Republicans except for a few I could count on one hand are happy with the status quo. They are the flip side of the same coin. They like lining their pockets with foreign money and sending our jobs overseas. The only reason any of them won was because they won on President Trump’s coattails. Now they want to move on. Primary them all, if they have been in office for more then 2 terms and truly don’t support President Trump. He’s done more for us in 4 years than they’ve done in their entire lives. The GOP is now the party of Trump and always will be. If the election is stolen from the President, our freedoms are gone. Pray for our President and our Country. If Trump hadn’t won we would have never known how corrupt our government is . It’s from the top down to the States, the Courts and even locally.God help us!

  7. Why is Secretary of State Raffensperger trying to block a truthful legitimate re-count? Huh? The Georgians I know are better than that!

    1. Because Raffensperger is a RINO. He hates Trump and will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the White House.

      1. Yep , all these Rino’s are pissed at Pres.Trump because he’s taking their GRAFT away .

  8. Too little too late Mr. Governor. President Trump said the day after the election that a terrible fraud was committed. He said so because his campaign’s private polls showed a very different outcome from what we saw. You know it, Raffensperger knows it, everybody knows that a coup has taken place and the people have been cheated out of our President. No one has the sack to confront the criminals who did this. You sit there and say that Georgia has a problem. By not immediately acknowledging the corruption and allowing it to fester, you are a big part of the problem. Shame on you for sitting there stating that which we all have known for a month now. Thanks a lot Captain Obvious.

  9. They have to protest this travesty of modern politics now or we may lose our ability to vote at all.
    The question is, “How are people going to remember us in the future ?
    Are we going to be the generation that lost America?
    Or we going to be known for cleaning the crooks out of our government ?

  10. What is seen with sending every one home and then pulling out suitcases full of Biden Ballets . Then Trump should win GA. Cause the Dem. Cheated ! In Black an White !

  11. I had serious doubts about voting integrity back in 2018 when democrats took the house of representatives. Remember how EARLY Fox called that? I’ll wager the SAME fraud was in play back then as well.

    We’ve lost the jury box. ( corrupt activist judges doing leftist political bidding)

    We’ve lost the soap box. ( corrupt leftist propaganda media that lies and/ or ignores facts)

    We’ve just lost the ballot box. ( the most blatantly corrupted national vote ever. Confidence in that system has been purposely destroyed)

    We are now left WITH THE AMMO BOX as the sole redress of grievance left to us!

    What happens when a people have NO redress? Political change can come from only ONE REMAINING SOURCE…. The barrel of the gun.
    1) this bogus election is allowed to stand, and
    2) If a whole new “start from scratch” RELIABLE voting system is not implemented IMMEDIATELY?
    War WILL ensue. Don’t kid yourself…. This has happened in EVERY COUNTRY WHERE FRAUD HAS DESTROYED VOTING INTEGRITY. It is as inevitable as sunrise….
    Another fun fact? Guns were confiscated in the vast majority of those fallen despotic countries. Not so here…. As of December 2019, the FBI estimated that there were 429 million firearms in citizen hands along with over 2 trillion rounds of ammunition of all calibers.

    1. Amen!
      Where do Americans sign up to join the militia!
      We are ready to eliminate the scum
      One concerted effort on one day eliminating the heads of the snake the politicians
      Then the donors
      Then the tech
      Then the media
      Then Antifa
      Then blm
      Small groups of militia take back our country all in one day all at the same time all across the country
      This action alone would stop this coup in 24 hours
      No need to have covert meetings
      Do it in plane site plan it on one day and execute it the next
      We all know the criminals they have exposed themselves without fear
      Let’s do this vial nasty civil war so America can be America once again
      The right 10000 people gone would save millions of lives
      Make no mistake China didn’t launch covid in America the democrats did
      They needed the cover of lockdowns
      Obama and fauchi sent covid and millions of our dollars to release covid on America
      It’s time for justice
      Our fbi and cia are the democrats they have done nothing but support democrats
      One day to plan one day to execute
      And the next year to prosecute seize all democrats assets jail them and burn the democrat states to the ground!

  12. Vote paper ballots or civil war!
    Send in the troops
    Martial law must save America
    Jail the democrats and weld the doors shut

  13. Here’s how to solve the problem.

    1. Have enough places to vote, so it’s reasonable to be finished by 7 p.m.
    2. Do not allow people to register on the same day as voting day. If voting is important to you, you will register early. By having people register to vote early, you can figure out how many polling venues need to be opened.
    3. You must vote in your assigned voting station. That way you won’t have people lined up to vote in Fulton County at midnight.
    4. If the vote isn’t completed correctly, it is discarded. Poll workers shouldn’t be tasked with the duty of trying to figure out what somebody meant to do but didn’t. Similarly, there should be plenty of poll workers to help voters cast their vote if they have a problem figuring out the instructions.
    5. There should be no mail-in voting.
    6. Absentee voting should be allowed, but only in extreme circumstances. To request an absentee ballot, a voter should have to request it with a notarized form. The only people who should receive absentee ballots are members of the military and people with health issues. Merely not being home during election season should not be justification for an absentee ballot. Voting is either important or not. We know the date years in advance. If it is important, the voter will be there.
    7. A photo ID is necessary, and a vote should not be accepted without it. Indigent people should be given a mechanism to obtain a photo ID at no cost.

    Georgia should think long and hard whether it wants to be a territory of New York. If it doesn’t, it needs to protect its sovereignty and its right to govern itself.

    If our forefathers were able to travel by horse and buggy or on foot to go vote, we should be able to show up on a given day and cast our vote. Voting day should have never been turned into voting season. Voting shouldn’t be convenient. These rights weren’t convenient for the people who fought hard and died for them.

    1. Mail in voting is necessary for snowbirds who spend winters away from voting residence. They can not afford to fly home to vote, nor should they have to. The problems are at the voting sites, no oversight to prevent fraud. Poll workers need to wear body cams like police officers, can see what is going on and hear any remarks being made. Observers would be able to monitor easily from a distance. This would prevent spread of coronavirus.
      Controlled ballots allowed for mailin, only given out to persons whose identity has been verified and signature on record. These should be only approved with positive signature of high confidence.

  14. Too little to late, but I do agree with him Trumpers have to go vote for Kelly and David 12/15 to 1/5.

  15. About time Kemp admitted there were problems with this election and something needs to be done

  16. Your all a bunch of WHINERS!!! Stop and smell the coffee. We didn’t vote Biden in we voted Trump out. I always found BULLIES to be untrustworthy. Plus who wants a yellow skinned man with hair parted in the back of his head making decisions for us. Little hands

    1. Grow up, you want a crook in office instead of someone who hurts your feelings, look at everything he has accomplished. He does not have to be your friend, you do not have to like him. RESULTS are what matters. Biden has accomplished nothing in a forty seven year history in politics, except increase his and his whole families wealth at taxpayers expense.

  17. Another election using same equipment will resolve nothing, they will cheat again. There will be no oversight. Why are we not using body cameras like we asked our police officers to do, that way the overseers are not close but they can monitor every vote!

  18. yeah, you’re working hard—but to do what?? You’re concerned, whoop de shit, that accomplishes what ??? Get in there and make some arrests for malfeasance. Redo the election and use purple die to mark the fingers like they did in “backward” sand box. If one tried to vote twice they lost a hand. This election is the most in your face theft we’ve ever seen. Now the question is a huge, what will we the people do about it ? Continue along this path and become slaves to our intelligentsia who will sell us to the highest bidder. The only thing valued by our “leaders” is money and power.

  19. Great! Finally, someone is going to do something about the 2020 election. I believe and will always believe the this election was rigged, crooked, wrong, set up, and involved many! Computers rigged, count done out of the country, appearing votes from being hidden, telling people who to vote for by workers, Unwatched counting with Republicans being made to leave rooms, it’s their right and duty to also participate in the count just for this purpose, boxes of ballots being found in trash, ballots with missing information, ballot votes with same signatures, ballot votes being held by postal office workers, ballot votes being dropped off at graveyards, ballot votes with dead people’s names on them and probably who else know what! And they say “they find no fraud”. Don’t close that window, there was! I don’t trust any place, office, person, group, or anything anymore. We as a country have been tarnished because of these “media” huts that dislike someone. President Trump has always had America’s best interests in mind to rebuild what has been destroyed or being destroyed. Many have not liked him but he has done more than any President in many years. His boldness, off the library comments are not pleasant at times. He tries very hard to get us back on the road, thank him! Now, is timeout! It is for us to realize we have forgotten about USA and take the time for us, we’re always involved in and about other countries, people, leaders, their issues. We have to always be aware of everything in the world but it’s time we come first for now. We need to accept our history period it can’t be undone, and grow from it! Yes, there were slaves, Black, Irish, Indians and others. Tearing down items doesn’t change our history, we change it. During the Roman era, it was horrifying. Long, big steps lead the way. We are getting there. We give more than any country in the world and it’s out of our pockets, we trade with almost all countries, we help more any other country, we fight for any other country, we interact with more than any other country, we seem to always be there for any other country. This just proves what our Country is about. However, behind this seemingly tranquility, there are plots, plans and intentions of massive turbulence coming our way. President Trump sees it and wants our country save, self reliant, productive and creat jobs here in our country! Some of our own citizens are poor, jobless, homeless, children neglected and abused because of conditions out of hand and yet we have not been able to accomplish these issues. However, there are many immigrants who would like to come to our country because of issues in their own country. Wait, we are almost jobless here almost. We need to study the affecting situations here. We financially pay for this and ourselves too! Sometimes you ask too much, on overload.
    We owe trillions to other countries, yet we create aid to far left recipients who keep getting it over and over and the common farmer is left out? Where does this come from? Sense? No, an unfair, unreasonable lack of accountability for not tracking funds appropriately. I’ve said too much but thanks for letting me venting. God Bless America.

  20. Kemp CAN ORDER a Special Session of the GA Legislature, But of course He would rather hide behind the crooked Repub Sec of State. and the majority of sElected Repubs in the Legislature are Terrified of having to make a decision contrary to the democRats.
    Why? The dems will simply Burn Atlanta to the ground. You didn’t think the democRats were allowing the burning of their own cities this past summer for no reason did you? It was and Is a clear warning to the Quisling Repubs.
    Just Bolshevik democRats playing their blood sports.

  21. The governor, first off called early for a ‘sampling, not a full audit. Secondly misrepresenting Mr. Woods statements is revealing. Mr. Woods said insist on NOT using the same questionable system and machines. Pretending that ball is not now in his court is dishonest. Mr. Kemp would do well to get off the fence and demand a full and transparent forensic audit.

    1. How is President Trump a Rino? He’s the greatest Republican since Abraham Lincoln and truly represents what the Republican Party is supposed to represent. Limited Government, America and Americans first and following the Constitution as it was written, Greatest President ever!


  23. Where is our DOJ… he should be all over this! Why should one politically biased democrat stop an investigation into fraud because he doesn’t want to know the truth!
    There surely needs to be some big changes in the way our elections are conducted! This is so obvious!

  24. Where is our DOJ… he should be all over this! Why should one politically biased democrat stop an investigation into fraud because he doesn’t want to know the truth!
    There surely needs to be some big changes in the way our elections are conducted! This is so obvious!

  25. I believe that the Dominium voting machines have software that can be manipulated by “flash drives” and by remote internet connection. These are the same devices used by Chaves and Maduro to keep the offices in South America. Also, the Georgia Governor Kemp is right to procced with voting signature scrutiny on all ballots submitted in their 2020 election! Something “Stinks” in several state voting scenarios here!

  26. I was born and spent my youth in the south. My parents were proud Democrats, However, today they would be ashamed of their old party and would be proud to be called Republicans. In fact, I believe these radicals should drop the good name Democrat from their parties name and substitute it for the Socialist Party .By the way, as a youngster my baseball couch was and older kid by the name of Clifford E. Charlesworth. He grew up to become the chief flight controller when we landed our men on the moon. If he were living today I’m sure Clifford he would be proud to be a Republican.

  27. Don’t these Dem’s realize that all these ghost and dead folks that voted in this election wont be around to assist them during their administration and they will have hell to pay ? And I’m just one of the millions that will give them just that..

  28. SO please do something NOW. Our poor President has done all this figuring out that IT IS CORRUPT AND THAT THE VOTING WAS RIGGED! How can they deny(the Demorats) that there was NOTHING wrong after seeing the proof on TV of the people sending the workers home – then working lik hell to get the totes out from under that COVERED table and working fast to send the ILLEGAL votes through ( all for BIDEN) WTH???

  29. Very simple, with the Dominion /smartmativc (google wikipedia) we Lost our trust in the vote in Georgia.
    Now with the fraud, videos how come we can trust anyone!
    That is why a lot of republicans will not vote.
    This country has been sold out!

  30. So, Governor, DO something about it. Something more than talking and speeches. Issue a few emergency orders. Order that the Dominion voting machines may NOT be used in the run-off elections. Order that poll watchers will be allowed to be close enough to the poll workers and vote tabulators to actually observe what they are doing (no 6-foot COVID bullshit). Order the state Marshalls to arrest the people who were seen counting votes in the now famous video. Tell the police that any accusations against poll workers and vote tabulators must be immediately investigated, and if evidence indicates the worker was breaking the law. then he/she must be immediately arrested.

    Just make it clear to everyone working the run-off elections that any form of voter/election fraud will not be tolerated at all, because the police will vigorously enforce the law to prevent fraud from happening. Put some grit and muscle behind your words.

  31. Most thinking persons figured that something illegal was being done….Very glad the truth is finally being allowed to be published. This whole election was a mess from start to finish.

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