“Shocking Lack of Action by DOJ”: Congressmen Send Letter to AG Barr

Rep. Michael Cloud penned a letter to Attorney General William Barr that outlines the concern many members of Congress have about the “shocking lack of action” from the Department of Justice.

Thirty six members of Congress joined the letter.

Rep. Cloud reminds the DOJ that it is their duty to ensure the right to vote is sacred. He also reminds the DOJ that it is their duty to investigate violence and threats of violence against election officials and citizens involved in the election process.

Cloud says that if there is any ongoing investigative action by the DOJ into the claims of election fraud, they aren't aware of it.

News of Attorney General William Barr saying that they haven't found any widespread evidence of voter fraud that would affect the outcome of the election hit the wires on Tuesday but that directly contradicts what these Congressmen are saying.

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP.

That also contradicts what hundreds of witnesses, with sworn affidavits, have testified to in the hearings on election fraud in Arizona and Michigan.

Rep. Cloud spells it out for the DOJ:

"There are a number of anomalies, statistical improbabilities, and accusations of fraud that bring the election results in several states into question. Affidavits of irregularities in to voting and tabulations processes have been sworn in a number of jurisdictions. Threats of retribution by leftist groups with a history of violence have been made against election officials and attorneys for President Trump."

Cloud adds:

The post-Election Day delay and inaction is particularly suspect after the long-awaited release of the Durham report remains tragically behind schedule. For three years the American people watched as our taxpayer funded Justice Department was weaponized against their duly elected President.

There has been a mountain of evidence provided to the public....but no action.

Unfortunately, too often the American people have seen many of our most powerful institutions corrupted against The People. In the case of alleged election improprieties, justice delayed truly would be justice denied. The American people deserve, and justice demands, action now.

The American people are growing restless as they sit back and watch evidence pour in with little to no action and, even worse, a denial that the evidence they've just seen even exists.

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119 thoughts on ““Shocking Lack of Action by DOJ”: Congressmen Send Letter to AG Barr”

  1. It’s time to kick everyone out of Washington. The career criminals are in control of our country, there needs to be term limits on Congress, just as there is for the Presidency. No more moving to a different district and starting over , 8 years and your out. If they have it completed the business the citizens voted them in to do, it’s hit the road Jack, time for new blood that will represent and do the job they were elected to do. REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. NOT THE PARTY!!!!!

      1. If we true Americans do not stand HARD against this demonrat lawlessness then we should never be able to celebrate july 4th EVER AGAIN,but hang our heads in shame

          1. Barr, Durham and Wray are more afraid of the lefties than our President. They are disloyal and waiting for the wind to change. Trump will win and they will be out as deep swampers. Fired and Replaced is overdue.

      2. I am so disappointed with our votes. I find it all to be fraudulent and want my vote and my family and friends to count. I want a Revote if I am to ever vote again. This was my 1 st right and it was taken away. We need to trust that our Vote counted. Now it is evident will we the people ever KNOW?…??? We deserve this RIGHT.


      1. Yes. Mandatory civic in all levels of schools. We must train our children in how to think as Americans of a Republic. They will be loudspeakers for what they are taught unless they learn in the world of hard knocks otherwise.
        Most kids understand cheating and unfairness and have been the victim of bullying. Start there and teach our American constitutional values that were hard earned by our relatives and ancestors!

      2. I don’t care for your language but I can’t argue with anything you said. We have allowed a couple of generations to be brainwashed in our educational system and this is the result!

        1. Attorney General William Barr should be fired as possible he is not doing his job and I do believe the communist democrats have gotten to him and paid him to back off or they have something on him to threaten him with! Either way he needs to be gone!! He has not been doing anything to help on the voter fraud and keeps saying there is no voter fraud which we people no better! Due to watching all the witness testifying on OAN. He should be ask to resign if not he should be fired as soon as possible. Definitely before the end of this year and have a replacement for him also named!!

    2. It is too late for “letters”. November 3, 2020 is the date for death of the American system of government . There is no place to turn for restoration of the American system of a government run by the people. The people have abdicated that right to the billionaires of the national media outlets tpo determine what the people see and understand to be the truth. There is no truth anymore as there is no free America anymore. We willingly gave up our freedom and the radicalized democrat party willingly assume the role of “rulers” instead of “servers”.

      1. “We willingly gave up our freedom and the radicalized democrat party willingly assume the role of “rulers” instead of “servers””.

        I didn’t give up and I hope you won’t either!

    3. Amen! I agree that we the people may use their constitutional rights to take over the government if nothing is being done by crooked politicians trying to destroy our republic!! We can call for a committee of States and Trump can invoke Martial Law!!

  2. It’s worse than that. imo 1. Barr’s inactivity (along with Durham) allowed Biden and the Democrats to steal the election by not doing anything until after the election, which surely would have exposed Biden’s part in the FBI illegal spying on Trump and 2.. not taking serious acting immediately and tipping the press that he didn’t see anough to overturn the election tells us all we need to know about Barr.

  3. I have watched the hearing in three states, PA, AZ, and Michigan. There is sworn testimony by hundreds of citizens and forensic scientists showing data of fraud by fractional vote tallies! Dead people registering to vote, ballots coming from churches or vacant properties. An IT person who was a temp for Dominion who confirmed fraud and internet ties! Multiple ballots being run back through voting machines and being recounted…….on and on! To deny the American people a fair election, shows just how corrupt our DOJ, FBI, Supervisors of Elections and Governors have become! Shut up and go home……it’s over they say! NO ITS NOT OVER!!!! They need to fix the cheating and audit all the swing states first and then every other state! It is no mistake that Joe Biden won and every mistake is in his favor! Widespread coordinated fraud!

      1. ……………or maybe the 73 million + Americans that voted for Trump should just go on strike until the corruption is addressed.

        1. Those of us in the know will soon abandon the parasites in the U.S. and start a new country inhospitable to parasites, a country whose heavily-enforced constitution guarantees freedom to the productive. Sorry to say, but the U.S. is about to become a sewer a la Detroit, and the citizens who remain will be starving as soon as they run out of other people’s money.

          The people who build wealth will join the new home for freedom. The proverbial pie of wealth has a half-life of one or two decades. That’s how long it will take for what is left of the U.S. to collapse and for the citizens of the new country to surpass them. Soon after, the citizens of the new country will be purchasing sovereignty over additional lands, including much of the U.S. When the productive hosts have left and can no longer be taxed, the parasites left behind can no longer be maintained in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

          See wordfromfuture.com for details.

    1. I totally agree! I am actually broken hearted with disappointment in Barr. I trusted him and thought he would do a good job and was an honest person. Evidently he, too, has been bought and sold out. I am so tired of hearing investigation after investigation with no outcome! Hunter and Joe Biden are CORRUPT and have been caught RED HANDED! Any one of us would have been arrested, locked up, and the key thrown away. Mr. Barr, you should be ashamed at what you are letting happen unless your conscience has been severed from your ability to think. All of the evidence you found on Hillary Clinton and their foundation has been buried and not acted upon. You have disappointed me and MANY others…is there no heart in you to do what is right for our country and its people? I implore you…STEP UP and DO THE RIGHT THING! Communism does not belong in America! Do you really think you and all the other Washington politicians will be excluded from its clutches when it comes, because you are wealthy? Believe me, it will strike you and the others the same as it will the rest of Americans! When the “Powers that Be” are finished USING you, you will be no more valuable to them than the rest of us. You and many others will not be able to save their own skin like you all suppose you will be able to. Do the right thing…STOP the FRAUD NOW!

  4. Why is it that come election time our DOJ and FBI develop a case of paralysis and it always benefits Demcrats.
    The Durham investigation should have had SOMETHING out before the election.
    Hunter Biden was shut down before the election
    Charges should already be filed against SOMEONE. Either Trump supported for spreading false information, or election officials for violations obviously proven however minor.
    Start at the bottom and work your way up or start at the top and work your way down .
    Damn it. Do SOMETHING.
    This is embarrassing and our Ancestors and War Hero are rolling over in their graves.
    I am ashamed that we have let this happen to a Great Country

    1. Yes it is terrible. I think that things have become to corrupt due to the love of Money, I wander if we should even pay Tax or vote any more.we need to clean house. The reason Democrats got there power is through cheating we the people. It’s time for Republican’s to take a stand and get rid of the corrupt people who are not representing us. We need a Revote and stricter guide lines.

    2. Face it: career government people love government. They aren’t going to punish career government people. All of these parasites are in it together. It is unfortunate that our Constitution has no means, outside of impeachment (by government parasites of government parasites) and rigged elections (that favor the career incumbents), to enforce laws and enforce the Constitution.

      Instead of whining about the obvious, we should be working on the solution. When we say DO SOMETHING, it is We who need to do it. The best guidelines for action that I’ve found are in WordFromFuture.com. Some leaders will emerge to start the effort. Regardless of how far it goes, the results are bound to be positive.

  5. Barr is a disgrace as an Attorney General! He and Durham gallivanted all over Italy and places unknown on our tax dollars and said they were alarmed at what they learned. HA! WE’RE alarmed at their do-nothingness. Unbelievable waste of time and money. Stating there will be no high level prosecutions! What are you talking about?! Not only should people be in jail, others need the fate that comes with Treason and Sedition; high level or what ever level, there is one penalty for such crimes.

    Barr has done less than AG Sessions! Shameful!

    Letters, while accurate, aren’t going to make AG Barr do anything. He’s just running out the clock. Sickening.

    FIRE HIS A$$! And make him repay the DOJ for all the wasted money; i.e. his salary, Durham’s and any other do-nothing involved in the investigation.

  6. From the article: ““To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP.”

    I don’t care if the fraud would effect the election results or not. It seems that would be irrelevant. If crimes were committed, the DOJ needs to investigate and prosecute. How do you deter a criminal from committing a crime if they get punished for it? Many small cases of fraud can eventually add up to a lot of fraud, which is apparently what happened here. We’ve let the let get away with election fraud on a small scale for years because it wasn’t “enough to effect the outcome”. That enabled them to became bold enough to commit bigger and more fraud. That’s what happens when you don’t punish criminals, they get more bold and commit more crimes.

    1. It is my option that the bold and brazen crim committed within our government was escalated by the election of Barack Obama and he continues to commit criminal acts without being reined in. And Barr and the fbi. Not seeing any corruption in the election is part for the course. Our DOJ. Is complicit , and as useless as teets on a boar hog.

    2. So true! Fraud small or large can be perfected and recreated in the future. We need to nip this in the bud! Now or never! We the people demand action!

  7. I think Barr and The DOJ are bought and paid for by China!! Their lack of action speaks volumes about how they stand against corruption!! They are part of the problem!

  8. They’re complicit, Barr says his justice hasn’t anything that would change the already decided outcome of the election. They are looking in all the wrong places. Mr. Attorney General. “ There are none so blind as those that will not see.”

  9. Nope, not buying it. This is an AP report and there is no audio or video of Barr saying this. I don’t trust one thing that is from the AP. Just more lies trying to undermine the President. The DOJ is not supposed to talk or report on ongoing investigations. Being Barr was so outspoken before the election that the mail in ballot issue was going to cause major problems, I don’t believe he said this now. Places to find the truth:

    Black Conservative Patriot on YouTube

    1. I thought this also the news media and high tech are all in on this. They want people to believe there lies. Not much to trust anymore EXCEPT your own tuition. I believe we have been set up and it is all fake news for distractin and fraud

  10. The first large fraud perpetrated on this country, was Obama, now we have numerous people willing to do anything to sell out the freedoms of the people in this country by supporting the largest fraud ever pulled!

  11. First real action I have seen from our elected representatives. Thank you – our votes have been stolen by this fraud.

  12. Is Barr secretly working against Trump? What about Durham? We will lose the country if this election stands.
    SOMEBODY must STOP this treason or the Constitution is trampled and we have lost our liberty.
    Civil War looms.

  13. If the election is called for Biden, it means that the U.S. Supreme Court failed to do its job. Trump then must claim marshal law and shut down all voting until the system can be investigated and gotten to the bottom of. Those involved with the fraud need to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay and jailed until they can be tried by a military tribunal. This is serious. Trump will need to act to keep this country free.

  14. Congress needs term limits, if the President can only serve 8 years that should be the same for them. The corruption in our country is unbelievable and it needs to stop. We the People need to gain back civility and common sense. Everyone has an agenda and most are not for the good of the people. Like other countries we have to limit who comes in to people who want to be here and are willing to work hard, not the crowd that wants all the freebies….we the hardworking people pay for those freebies. We as well pay for the congressional leaders who are wasting and misspending our tax dollars. This needs to stop! The new generations coming behind us need to know our history, our true history which is no longer taught….no wonder we have so many clueless kids out there. Fathers need to be fathers and families need to work out their issues and we need GOD back in our schools, public places and churches!
    Thats my opinion and Im sticking to it!

  15. “The poor man cried and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord camps around those that fear Him, and rescues them.” Psalms 34:6,7 NAS Holy Bible…..

    All that has been done in secret will be revealed in the light. Have faith. The whole world is watching. God is going to show everybody just who He is. He will respond in the miraculous way that only God can do. He demands truth and justice and desires to show His great love to the whole world. Evil and corruption must go. God is on control. May God bless America and lead us to Victory against our enemies!

  16. It woo be too late to come back with something AFTER a new president has been sworn in. Time is of the essence!

  17. Nothing is going to happen. The Democrats are just going to drag this out with delay after delay in hopes that they can get Joe in office before the shxt hits the fan. This is the most corrupt and criminal I’ve ever witnessed in America and it isn’t a “small” operation. This fraud was planned, probably starting in 2016 with a trial run, by a large group of people with money to burn. I can only pray that all of these traitors are arrested and hung. They’ve stolen my vote, my right and my privilege to select a President.

  18. All the good President Trump did will go away. It will be a big free for all to steal and cheat even more. The so called republicans are also to blame for letting this happen. I hope the president does declare marshal law. All politicians need to go.

  19. It appears as if the Washington Swamp has raised it’s worse stench in the past election. Election is the wrong word to use here, it’s more like the liberal takeover of the nation! Something is horribly wrong here. There is to much evidence to be considered a fluke! This has to be investigated thoroughly for the American voter to have full faith in their government. If 4 yrs. can be dedicated to a collusion theory than this election fraud should have the same chance to be proven one way or the other! Otherwise we as a nation will never recover from the scandal! We conservatives have set back and watched for to long as the nation has been pushed further and further toward socialism! Stand up for this nation or lose it! It has now reached the breaking point! I will no longer stand quietly by an watch what my great grandfathers,my grandfather,my father and son have fought to defend be stolen from me!

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a little tax revolt and caused the federal government to go bankrupt? They don’t deserve to be solvent. We can fund the military directly to maintain our defense. (Just let the bureaucrats in the rest of the government try to take a part of that pie!) We can employ charities to take care of the truly handicapped, and the dollars will go four times as far as our tax dollars go.

  20. Thank you for expressing the frustration many Americans are experiencing in much more polite way than i would have. I have begun to believe that we are no longer a country of laws, but are now a country of men because they law has no consequences for a certain class of people. I hope your letter will cause actions that changes my mind.

  21. I am disgusted with DOJ. I am disgusted how Barr has taken us for fools. I was fooled in thinking he was going to clean up the swamp, all the while being part of it. The swamp rats seem to be winning now but we know who wins in the end. Laugh now swamp creatures. Your time will run out.

    1. I hope you’re right, but I fear you’re not. The Democratic Party has completed it’s metamorphosis from political Party to a full-blown criminal enterprise, and with all of the D.C. Law Enforcement and the media running cover for them, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see another Republican in the White House.

  22. AG Barr,
    You must do the right thing and start this investigation fast. I don’t know if you are just scared or have been paid off, you must do the right and just thing. Otherwise, you should be charged with treason and meet your punishment. We the People have spoken. If this election is not investigated, We the People will no longer have our Constitution and our right to vote. Everything will be robbed from us We the People. You better get on the same page as the rest of us We the People and do what is right and just. Don’t forget, God is in control. You might think you have it here on earth, but I would think you would want your reward in Heaven and not on Earth. My husband is in agreement.

  23. I have said for years that Barr is deep state. This lack of action and saying To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barr is dirty. He is as corrupt as Biden. Without a doubt he is in Obama’s pocket. President Trump needs to fire him and have him investigated.

  24. We are praying that you will support the Presidents legal team as evidence from many whistle blowers have proved that there was indeed voter fraud especially in states where there are democrat governors like Michigan, PA, This whole election was a fraud with the mail in ballots and the faulty machines which could be compromised. Please help to bring action.

  25. Sounds like Barr n Durham is bought but Soros and the evil Democrats 👿 so sick of the corrupt in the White House and absolutely nothing is ever done to them. Sad. If Trump doesn’t win I will never vote again. What good does it do to vote and it doesn’t count because the Democrats get buy wit everything they do no matter begat evidence you all have. They said they were going to mess up the election and get away with it. And low and behold it happen and as much as you all are fighting and bringing out the truth it won’t matter because the evil Democrats devils know how to win. Sick

  26. I WILL BOW FOR NO MAN OR CAUSE BUT KING JESUS! God is winning; the devil is losing! The devil will continue lying that he, the devil, is winning. Nothing has changed now. And Jesus will judge the nations of this world, not just America. We just need to stand strong in our God given faith. Jesus is Lord and King and every knee will bow to Him! ONLY KNEEL FOR ONE CAUSE, OUR LORD AND GOD, OUR KING: JESUS! “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14:11, KJV
    And read:
    “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:9-11, KJV

  27. Obviously the doj is owned by Muslims communists and worse democrats!
    It’s time for war and America and it’s patriots are going to take back our country!
    It’s slime balls will be brought to justice
    It’s time to declare martial law and eliminate the cancer in America who call themselves democrats
    It will be found soon that democrats played a major part in the unleashing of covid and it’s propaganda on America
    These guilty treasons slime must be held accountable and eliminated by war !!!!!
    It’s time America to fight for America!
    We can end this in a week as long as we stand together and are not WEAK!!!
    Democrats think we are WEAK
    Boy are they WRONG!!

  28. Just read another site that AG Barr is Deep State & we get NO justice.
    & Lin Wood & Powell want NO GOP voters for GA runoff race to vote.;
    Everyway we go were screwed, ALL DC is corrupt sewarhole

  29. His lack of actuon and supporting the left by saying there was no evidence, is his action. He’s corrupt like the others. There is no integrity from the DOJ like Sydney Powell said. Hebis a part of the election steal or he would have done something by now.

  30. I am so confused. What is up with the DOJ. We need this issue settled now. Fraud is rampant in this election and President Trump deserves to have it investigated and exposed NOW.

  31. How can anyone in those states feel like their vote was accurately counted? How can future electiosn be held and know for sure that the count is accurate? If those machine are fixed they need to be replaced or done away with. Where are the checks and balances in Government. When a President can be impeached on Trumped up charges for which other have been found guilty— not no action against them has been taken. Is that Justice?????Is that Fair????
    Where are the checks and balances. Am I suppose to trust the Government? Why should I? Tell me.
    Oh I guess my name should be Biden or Obama

  32. Crimes are committed right in front of our faces and on television but there is no action by law enforcement or Dept. of Justice. What is going. Conservative people are brought to trial for little or nothing and liberal groups and individuals break laws and nothing is done. For the love of country do something. Why should I follow laws if others don’t? Are we going to have to fight for our freedom again right here at home? Enforce the law! With out the law and the constitution we got no country..

  33. I feel less secure than I ever have and a whole lot less endowed with inalienable rights. .What is the justice department doing to earn the hard earned money which we are paying them? We have enough figure heads up there. Are these God’s Frozen people? Where can we go to enjoy freedom and justice? If we aren’t going to grt it Here. then where do we go next? We came over with the Boons and every thing we brought with us is illegal today and they cannot even be brought into a school room. Where is another country to colonize for God?

  34. I am outraged that with so many people coming forward and signing affidavits regarding this very flawed election that you apparently are doing little to resolve it! We Americans are so tired of seeing mounting evidence against elected officials( Comey,Brennan,Steuck, Clinton, Obama)and the DOJ doing nothing! If an ordinary citizen had done even half of what these individuals have done we would be under the jail!DOJ- do your damn job!

  35. We were assured that James Comey was a man of “high character and integrity”. That proved to be a lie.

    We were assured that Bob Mueller was a man of “high character and integrity”. That proved to be a lie.

    We were assured that Chris Wray was a man of “high character and integrity”. That proved to be a lie.

    On the contrary, all 3 have been proven to be liars.

    We were assured that Durham was a man of “high character and integrity”. The jury is still out.

    This list could go on with the likes of Tillerson, Mattis, Romney, etc.

    We were assured that Bill Barr was a man of “high character and integrity”. He’s quickly running out of time to prove that he doesn’t belong with the aforementioned.

    1. Barr does belong with them. He has a reputation for “a lot of talk and no action” just like Durham. He worked for the Bush’s and they were as far from being Conservative as the Cuomo and Clinton Crime Families.

  36. I don’t believe that Joe Biden won this election and I will not except him as my President until the courts prove that all the reports of voter mail-in ballets fraud has been proven and all the ballets have been checked. Also the voting machines have been examined by the count assigned experts. I don’t want to hear that their is not enough fraud to overturn the election. I want to see the numbers with my own eyes.

  37. We put our trust in you Mr. Barr and this is the first time you have truly let us down and your country. You need to do something NOW!! Ashamed you haven’t done it already.

  38. This is what happens when the entire government is corrupt, especially the agencies and departments tht were created to protect “we the people” from the corrupt and unscrupulous political Elite. Congress is an immoral cesspool commonly called a swamp. They will not clean up their activities so the people must.

  39. Thank you, Rep Cloud! We have so often wondered where the action by AG Barr stood and when we got past the fraudulent Election we knew that the FIX was in! Today it is a full month since the big CHEAT and we will never forget this tragedy and the people who did nothing to combat what has happened to our President for over 4 years!! Nobody was called to account for their crimes and it proofs that the Left has effed up the Country to the 9th degree!!

  40. Molasses is slow but goes good with a hot biscuit. Barr is slow but not good for anything. No results, no convictions, means a do nothing AG. Either incompetent or a lazy two faced traitor working for the bad guys. Either do your job or get out of the kitchen Bill!

  41. Bureaucracy has always created “TOO MUCH TALK AND NOT ENOUGH ACTION” for me. I’m surprised we aren’t still under British rule! I am getting ready for my last hoorah at 77, and I am going to kick some butt on my way out! Citizens VS politicians!

  42. “The American people are growing restless as they sit back and watch evidence pour in with little to no action and, even worse, a denial that the evidence they’ve just seen even exists”.
    I am one of those People.
    How was it that in 1917 the people of the US could fight WWI and The Spanish Flu. They won the War and survived the Virus without shutting down the Country/Economy They did not think about bankrupting the Country as we seem to be doing now. They just kept on keeping on.
    If we are going to need more Hospital beds why have the States not provided them or at least tried? It is just so EZ to Say Liquor Stores and Pot shops are essential but Churches and Houses of Worship along with Community Centers are not. Our Governors just do not truly understand the needs of its people or any Human. So I just sit back and wait and watch.


  43. Thank you Rep Cloud and all members of Congress who joined in this letter. We the American people are appalled at the lack of investigation on the Justice Dept. part over the fraud that is evident. Every member of Congress should be pounding on the Justice Dept. door and demanding a fair election and it should have been done the day after this so called election! The only course of action most of us have is those that represent the interest of the American people, instead of Congress sitting back and letting our President and his legal team fight this fight!

  44. At least the representatives are not just sitting on their buns. Where are all the Republicans who should be showing support for the President & election? What do they think will happen when it is time for them to be in an election if this election fraud is not taken care of NOW? As the writer said, the American people are restless, with the evidence pouring in & Barr says there is no election fraud! Where has his head been in the dumpster? He needs to do his job & if not replace him.

  45. To me, the name Barr stands for “BS” and is another political HACK! A Go-Along-To-Get-Along
    abuser of our Constitution and the people he is supposed to be protecting!

  46. In Arizona, legalization of Pot was on the ballad along with 9 congressional districts and one senate seat. Approve or disapproved, everyone has an opinion on Legalization of pot. Yet Arizona was called early with only 14% of the vote count in?? On an early review of the vote counts in Arizona, it was very interesting to note that the Proposition vote and the congressional seat votes were very close, yet the votes tallied for the President and Senate seat were over 60,000 more than the others.?? This entire election is very disturbing and leaves the outcome questionable as no one in authority really seems to have any stomach for putting an honest outcome on the table. No one, including the AG, FBI or others

  47. This voter fraud must be investigated & STOPPED or our country will never be a country of the people.
    Even one bag of rigged ballots is unacceptable. And voting machines so easy to be manipulated should not be allowed.
    You MUST investigate all claims & clean up this corruption & prosecuter

  48. If att gen doesn’t see the fraud,he isn’t paying attention. He is asleep, or derelict of his duties .
    We the people want him to do his job or resign.!

  49. Trump needs to invoke Martial Law and demand a new election with paper ballots only and different voting methods!!

  50. Would like to see a list of those congressmen that have joined this letter to Barr! We need to know who is on our side!! Barr has probably been bought off by Dominion and China!! Please, President Trump, invoke Martial Law, and let’s do a new election for the sake of our country!!

  51. I wonder what AttorneyGeneral Barr’s definition is of “WIDE SPREAD FRAUD” I guess thousands of people coming forward and swearing out affidavits , isn’t enough? Hell we only had ONE whistle blower , and the Dems ran with that! WTF????? Ship or get off the pot… Barr!

  52. Thank you to Congress. At least someone is doing something. You are so right – justice delayed, is indeed justice denied, especially in this case, as time is closing in.

  53. There are no surprises here. The proof is there, AG Barr just does NOT WANT TO SEE IT. His association with the DemocRATS, Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Clintons, et al, needs to be looked into. It is a sure bet that he, and others in the Judicial area, are in their pay. This would also include the FBI, certain Police, and State Governments as well.
    America, as a free country, will be lost to lies and corruption and high crimes, and become a lawless and ungovernable mess if this is to continue.

  54. The evidence is out there, but you aren’t looking deeply enough for it, Mr. Barr. The people have been shown on TV, no less, but you turn a blind eye to it. There is a lot of hate, and Biden stated on television, that he would win, even if he had to “cheat”. Did you not believe him, apparently not. But,
    some ballots should be looked at for signature irregularities, not just counting votes.
    Many ballots, had same signatures. So that means by same person at the place where these are
    counted, no one the wiser.

    We are the people behind the President. We know that there is fraud, because Trump was
    winning, then all of a “sudden” he is loosing, inconsistency, fraud, cheating, part of the Democratic plan, to win. Pelosi and Shummer to keep their destructive ways to bring down the President and all the “GOOD HE HAS DONE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY.” President Trump has kept his word, TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And has kept that
    Promise to the American People.

    He has more promises to keep, but Democrats will DESTROY, everything that is good.
    SO, DO YOUR JOB, Right this time, God will lead you to the truth.


  55. the lie that there is no credible evidence of voter fraud is not meant to convince anyone that this is true, it is about forcing the lie down our throats and forcing us to be silent. this is a tactic used in every totalitarian country ever. they scream we must disbelieve our own eyes, ears, and minds or face reprisal if we persist in belief that water will run down hill or that the voter fraud we have seen is the tiniest amount of the crime that we can see. my question to the people who say there isn’t enough voter fraud to be concerned about is how much would be too much? as in the zero deaths driver safety programs, zero tolerance of fire arms in schools (including paper silhouets or t-shirts showing soldiers with weopons) say that the voter fraud goal should be zero tolerance for any voter fraud and that any other response is grounds for removing functionaries and politicians alike from any position of influence.

  56. Took 4 years to gather info to divulge criminal activity re spying on presidential candidate campaign goings on. Not one stinking subpoena issued; no indictments, NONE. I have learned over the years that everyone has a price. FBI, CIA, etc. have caved. What in the dickens does it take to remove corrupt employees who have no scruples?

    I have heard for the last 4 years about the character and respect for AG Barr. No longer!

    DISGUSTED WITH DOJ and heretofore respectful with FBI in particular. Not anymore. Everyone hurried to put together a book –anything they wanted to say and made money at our expense.

    Hope officials involved in sending $$ to Iran at the expense 4 CIA agents who had families back in the USA.
    MUST BE HARD TO SLEEP AT NIGHT, knowing Americans would die. NO Matter.

  57. Dear Attorney General William Barr,

    As an American citizen, I am very upset that you and Doram are not doing your job and protecting our President from the left. We are very upset with your lack of support for the election fraud.

    It’s now or never we don’t what to put you into the Deep State team. Please do the right thing for our nation.


    Christopher Lehman

  58. I am disgustedly with this obvious disregard for justice, or any attempt to verify the accuracy of the election. Where is the FBI ? Their last name is investigation, where is the investigation?? How big does crime have to be before the FBI becomes involves? This is the4 crime of treason if it is true. Can the Department of Justice say confidently there was not massive corruption? I don’t think they can say this with the little, if any, investigation we know about.

    Should the Department pf Justice be investigated?

  59. Term Limits
    Take away healthcare from congress so they represent us REALLY
    Make sure they live in the Districts they represent
    No more BS…Simplify and be transparent
    NO MORE SHELL Companies protecting corporations and not allowing the public same ways to hide taxes
    Their is no Middle class any longer…. Long Term Senators on both sides have screwed us
    Facebook, Wall Street and Amazon are greedy …a sin

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