Judge Order Prevents Wiping/Resetting GA Voting Machines…Then Changes His Mind

On Sunday, Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr. issued an order to freeze all Dominion voting machines in the state of Georgia according to attorney Lin Wood.

Then, for some reason he changed his mind just hours later.

One would think that the integrity of our elections, which is seriously in doubt at this point, would be important enough to preserve evidence. There is some legal maneuvering at play here as well that refers to the parties that have possession of the machines. The order pertained to state parties but the county is who actually has possession.

However, shouldn't the Department of Justice and FBI be somewhere to be found in this process? As President Trump said, they're missing in action. The integrity of our country's election process is up to private lawyers, now.

Lin Wood also shared a copy of the order and it says the Union County officials advised that they are planning to wipe or reset the voting machines on Monday, November 30.


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60 thoughts on “Judge Order Prevents Wiping/Resetting GA Voting Machines…Then Changes His Mind”

    1. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW THE MACHINES TO BE WIPED CLEAN ( ITS A MATTER OF JUSTICE ) praying for the brave honorable and strong to do the right thing and stand up for AMERICA ❤️🙏

      1. Those were the machines they used on the day of the election aren’t most of the votes on those machines from Republicans for Trump I think you guys are right I think we should double check all those machines who knows what kind of fraud was committed

  1. Our county is gone. I find it hard to be people are just giving the country away if thats the kind of government they should go try it out . Our ancestors who fight and gave there lives for our freedom are rolling over in there graves .


      1. You want to be like Antifa? Really? You want to prove that you, like they, have only contempt for the law and for America?

  2. I presume that will erase all the probable irregularities from the presidential election, if this is true then the state of Georgia definitely has a lot to hide and it should not be allowed until after the legal cases of the President are thoroughly exhausted.
    If they are wiped or reset then this judge was definitely paid very well to make this stupid order. The American people need to know who paid him and when and why and how much he was paid, then we can indict him for his crimes.

    1. I agree. It is easy to get phone records from the people that is pulling the strings. I bet OBAMA is pulling the strings.

      He never left Washibgton. He has had staff performing deceit and TREASONIST acts to overthrow our country.

      He is against everything American is about. He is a Islamic terrorist.

    2. It always gives me pause when the State of Ga, having a Republi an Gov and state legistature can not hold these machines for testing. Where is the the investigation by the Stste?
      Maybe the ruckus is meaningless after all?
      Give us the evidence!!!

    3. Is it true that the sooner they reset the machines, the sooner they can program them for January’s senatorial run-off elections. I wonder what kind of hoax that will be? Should an astute programmer not be capable of programming the thing to self destroy any damning evidence after the artistic dirty work has done its thing?

  3. Time to pay these judges with a length of rope attached to their necks. It’s hard to do the right thing when you lack morality and integrity. Democrats and criminal politicians pick only judges who can be bought or controlled.

    1. Too good for them. Much too fast unless you do it gently so they do not break their neck. That way they can hang and linger away, giving them a chance to think about what they did.

    2. It most definitely is not time for murder. Make no mistake about it, that is what is being advocated here. Not law. Not justice. Not anything related to anything decent. Just the cold-blooded killing of someone because you dislike their actions and cannot see any other way to deal with it. In other words, the exact same justification as used by every other murderer in history.

    1. WHY have the Voters not burned up his phone line to his office in Washington. He needs to know we are on to him. He is the highly paid LEADER to arrest these people that openly admitted per BIDENS STATEMENT HE HAS PUT TOGETHER A PERFECT TEAM TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD.

    2. The FBI is the same FBI who were trying to come up with things to investigate President Trump. Remember? The same higher ups there are still there with an inept head of the FBI…

  4. The data (votes!) contained within these machines belong to the voters! Who is running the process here, Hillary Clinton?

    1. Be patient. Many traps have been baited and set. They will be tripped and sprung in the very near future when all at once the warm soft and brown stuff will hit the fan. I think everything is almost “ripe and ready” and GITMO will be a very busy place.

  5. We are that proverbial singing bird who had a “Golden” cage constructed all around for all to see and now trapped,we still sing,just a different tune.So what will it be Evolution-Revolution-Fucking Solutions..÷we fall +we’re ALL …Stop participating in your own own slavery,look in to the science and stop watching the propaganda machine,You m8ght get corona but it’s 99.8% survivable so grow some.Time to rule yourself as you’re born to do!!

  6. Any bad actor has nothing to fear from a Federal Judge as long as they’re protecting the “cause”. Damned sure the FBI and DOJ aren’t going to do crap. The only thing they fear is total exposure and a Trump 2nd term.

  7. Unfortunately we are witnessing an overthrow of our government! And what is so shocking is that the pathetic FBI, CIA, and DOJ are just sitting back and watching it happen!
    Why doesn’t the FBI seize all the voting machines in all the swing states in question? Do an immediate thorough and conclusive investigation and get to the bottom of this despicable mess!!!!
    I guess we really do live in a shocking Banana Republic!!!!
    So Discouraging!!!!!

  8. I would think that the computer chips on which the results are registered and stored would be archived somewhere. There really wouldn’t be a ‘machine wipe’.

  9. Confusing article. Lin Wood tweet makes more sense.

    What was ordered to be sweeped? Why? Would that destroy evidence? These machines should not be used for voting in the Georgia elections. They were already shown to be capable of flipping votes fraudulently.

    Hand ballots only. In perosn only. Cameras on all counters and elections.

  10. Where are the computer servers? If the dominion machines are wiped, the servers should still have the
    voting records on them. An expert in computers should be able to find it on the server.

  11. Auditing PAPER BALLETS is the only way to know if a ballet is legal. LET THE BALLETS BE AUDITED! AMERICANS WANT THE TRUTH! AMERICAN’S WANT FAIRNESS!



  12. Isn’t resetting the machines just plain tampering with evidence?
    Isn’t tampering with evidence a felony? doesn’t The Judge permitting
    the act after prohibiting it make him a party to the felony?
    Good luck, Judge – I hope they burn your ass!

  13. How much CLEARER can it possibly be that Voter FRAUD EXISTS. Planned, orchestrated and financed by the LEFT who have hated Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy in Trump Tower. How much more evidence do we need ? The Socialist (aka as Progressives) want to take over the country. In addition, Paper or mail-in Ballots are the biggest fraud of all!

  14. The whole US election process finally revealed what we all suspected all along that it is an embarrassment, Big joke, a farce, hypocritical to democracy, and as bad as all our politicians, and even our judges are clearly just as bad. It’s time to totally clean house, throw a bunch of the real criminals in jail, and take back our coua try!

  15. The criminals are so blatant in their corruption and do nothing to hide their cheating. There are no depths low enough for them to slide…..they are all in this together….to the detriment of our freedom and the integrity of America. Shameful…..they must be stopped at all costs!

  16. This judge is obviously working with the Democrats to steal the election. Such a shame when judges are biased and political. It is the end of the world as we know it. When the USA becomes as corrupt as it obviously is under Democrat mob rule, the whole world will crumble. R.I.P. USA.

  17. Just more blatant corruption…democrat judges are the most corrupt of all….do they not know the difference between right and wrong..????? EVIL HAS NO BOUNDARIES !!!

  18. Hmm…we watched Hillary do the same thing to her server. Apparently this lesson was never learned. What I have learned from this is NOT to be proud of America for any reason.

  19. I have lost all faith in the DOJ/Barr and the FBI, and the federal court system also! Soros should be tried for treason and ousted from our country in my opinion, but the establishment globalist Dems and “new world order” GOPers (never Trumpers!) are aligned with Soros money and aims it seems! Didn’t Pelosi meet with Soros in Ukraine ?

  20. Why doesn’t the FBI and the DOJ investigate the ballot processors, and their supervisors, in the disputed states? Massive voter fraud, ,or any type of fraud couldn’t have been successful without the knowledge and participation of the ballot processors! They are the only ones who really know whether the fraud was minimal or considerable! If necessary , they should be offered immunity and a cash payment of $25,000.00 if they come forward and offer “verifiable” proof of massive, or even considerable, fraud. The American people need to know the “TRUTH”!

  21. As for me, I prefer not to say, “Leave it up to God, whether He wants Trump or Biden to win,”
    when we have a responsibility and clear opportunity to involve Him in manifesting the better choice.

    2 Corinthians 10:
    04 The weapons of our warfare are strong to the pulling down of strongholds.

    Ephesians 6:
    10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.
    11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
    against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    This assignment is our active responsibility. We ought not passively to wait and watch what God might do.

    All that is required for wickedness to prevail is for all good men to do nothing.

    Heavenly Father,
    Those of us who are devout, faithful, patriotic, conservative Christians beseech You to brandish your sovereign arm and override, overturn, overpower, and overthrow the political agenda of the liberal left. By sovereignly inspiring the electoral college, please cause Donald Trump to stay in power in the White House and in the Oval Office for the next four years, to the benefit of our strategic ally Israel, and of America, and to the rest of the free world, in spite of what today’s news looks and sounds like.

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw videos by Amir Tsarfati [an exceptionally well informed Jew] and Dinesh D’Sousa [a genius immigrated from India] explaining in comprehensive detail what a far-reaching fraud the Democrats perpetrated in order to engineer the election to go their way [they started planning it in 2017 or before], when Trump would have won if the election had been handled honestly. Big names like Franklin Graham have been warning America too. There is still time to pray before the electoral college votes. Instead of engaging the liberal left on human intellectual ground, we need to stand on ground higher than theirs, which is prayer and the Word of God.

    The conservative right is on the correct side of all issues.

    Antone Paolo Grieco
    Chico, California


  22. With the Georgia run off senate election coming up, shouldn’t we be equally concerned about steps to prevent a rerun of this fiasco with added safeguards to facilitate an audit including signature verification. This should be priority one.

  23. Don’t let the crooks reset anything that will hide their stealing the election from President Trump. He won the election fair and square, and the democRATS will stop at nothing to keep him from winning, and trying to save our great Country,

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