Déjà vu in Georgia: Dominion Server Crash Delays Recount

You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

A Dominion Voting Systems server crashed in Fulton County, GA on Sunday that is now delaying the recount.

“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County officials said in a statement reported by WXIA-TV, a local NBC affiliate. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”

Dispatching more Dominion folks isn’t going to give the people more confidence in the process.

Fulton County is Georgia's most populous county.

Starting to feel like you've seen this movie before?

You're not alone.

Dominion is the focus of multiple lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell alleging massive fraud in the November election. The states that are being challenged right now were using the Dominion systems. Ironically, those tend to be the states that keep having problems with transparency and functionality.

Just yesterday, a judge in Georgia had ordered the Dominion machines to be secured and not reset or wiped, due to allegations that the machines gave all Democrat candidates a 35k head start and counted ballots for Democrats at a ratio of more than 1:1.

The judge reversed his order just hours later but has now ordered machines to be secured in three Georgia counties. Fulton County, however, is not one of those counties.

The Republican leadership of Brian Kemp (Governor) and Brad Raffensperger (Secretary of State) has been under fire for the sloppy and non-transparent way this election has been handled in Georgia.


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14 thoughts on “Déjà vu in Georgia: Dominion Server Crash Delays Recount”

    1. DOMINION SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG… RIGGING THEIR MACHINES TO FAVOR ONE CANDIDATE OVER THE OTHER…… how ridiculous to call them in for ‘repairs’…. just who decided to do THAT ????

  1. Oh my, what idiots-dominion has been dispatched to fix the voting machine that crashed OR they made it crash so they could rig it not fix it!!!!!
    Dont let them touch the machines!!!!!!!!

  2. The people should sue Dominion and Georgia fl for using this system in the first place, we the people really really need to get rid of a lot of people in our operations, we have some crazy in our offices, just like the one that was put in as Governor, out for you in next election, worthless no balls.

  3. Make sure the techs don’t change anything or delete anything while there. Make sure they are supervised by real tech savvy people.

  4. If you believe Dominion has the built-in ability to manipulate ballots in the voting machines themselves, why would you not believe they would have the ability to order their equipment from off site to crash or malfunction. They have produced the software to defraud the voters, why wouldn’t they do something to cover their backside in the event that they were investigated. Hopefully our brain trust in Washington thought about this when producing the laws governing this. Please don’t tell us, the crooks are smarter than our legislators. Why aren’t the government investigators at the main facility finding out what Dominion is capable of doing? Are the Dominion staff being told, if the fail to co-operate with any investigation, they are aiding in a fraud and could be penalized

  5. It is my sincerest prayer that President Trump prevail in his legal challenges and be reelected as President for 4 more years (with Pence as his VP). There is more than enough evidence to support his and his legal team’s, challenges about election fraud. We can not allow this to continue, it must be stopped now or Republicans will be driven out of office in future fraudulent elections. Election fraud is a reality, it must be stopped. The Democratic Party leadership (i.e., Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Sanders, etc.) has truly lost their way (and their morality), resorting to election fraud to win the Presidency. The evidence (a per-ponderous of it) is there if honest hardworking voter type Dems (and their chief allies, the main stream media) would just open their eyes and look. Trump’s fought battle after battle, in his Presidency, with the DC swamp, and this is a battle (the election fraud one), that has to be fought and won or America becomes a socialist America under Democratic rule. Dems, the honest voter type Dems, I walked away from the Democratic party for far lesser reasons than we see today. If you realize what your party has become (truly realize it) and continue as a Democrat, you become an accomplice to the “dirty tricks” your party is using to win this election, is that really who you are? Walk away while there is time, don’t continue to condone what your party is doing. It is your choice, choose wisely and walk away.

  6. Make sure that the Dominion person(s) working on the machines are monitored. Why won’t those machines be secured also? Seems strange to have the suspects work on the machines that possibly carry evidence.

  7. Patriots await with hopeful outcome for our president to once again lead us into victory against the evil forces in play. I believe I speak for millions of us when I say, “We know what’s going on in our Republic to conservative, spiritual patriots and we don’t like it one little bit.” We also put a great deal of trust in President Trump’s legal team. It’s terrifying to fathom just how corrupt not only half of our countrymen are, but that we face evil doers abroad on an insurmountable level. God Bless Us and Keep Us Safe from these demons. God Bless our president, Vice President and their families and, finally, God Bless the soldiers trying to protect our right to vote in a fair and just system, where the true leader wins, for all the people!

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