AZ Election Hearing: “Your Vote is Not as Secure as Your Venmo Account”

You won’t believe the mind-blowing evidence that came out of the Arizona election fraud hearing.

The Arizona GOP held a hearing on election fraud on Monday and it was very interesting and revealing.

I’m going to focus mainly on one witness but there were many testimonies that will blow your mind.

One of the first witnesses was retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert. He verified many of the theories that have been floating around regarding the lack of security of the Dominion Voting Systems.

When asked how safe our voting system is with Dominion and other software systems, Col. Waldron said “Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account”.

The room let out a collective gasp.

After giving a brief summary of the vulnerabilities of the Dominion system and other computer voting systems being used in the United States, he confirmed that votes in the 2020 election actually left the country to be counted.

Votes left the country and were counted on a server in Frankfurt, Germany. He said there are also other servers in Serbia, and other places around the world, but he can’t be sure what other countries held the servers being used to collect the votes in the United States election. He can’t be sure until Dominion shares that information or a full audit is done.

Why would we allow our vote counts to be stored outside the United States? Is there any benefit?

Col. Waldron's answer was "We would not have the legal jurisdiction to seize servers located outside the country." So, if you wanted to ensure you didn't get the servers seized you would keep the servers outside the country.

We'll come back to the servers in a minute.

How safe is the Dominion system we are using, he was asked?

"Ma'am anything that is software based can be changed or manipulated...Think of it like a casino or state lotto - whoever owns the eye in the sky, you can control the markings."

They (their hackers) identified almost a dozen ways that one could change or manipulate votes.

He then said that their hackers had confirmed what some witnesses alleged, that some of the machines were connected to the internet.

Computers were in fact connected to the internet, despite what Chris Krebs (fired head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)) said.

Col. Waldron mentioned that a "Frankfurt professor and cybersecurity expert said they saw an increase in traffic on that server that was due to the American election on November 3rd and 4th." When asked how much of an increase - he said it was around 30-40% increase in traffic.

So, can we find out if the votes were manipulated by looking at the machines?

Waldron said the machines themselves don't have a lot of resident information, but it could be as simple as a thumb drive pulled out to take the information out.

The server could be examined to find all information, though.

An audit would allow them to find out where the servers for each county are located. The server would tell you if there were any changes or software updates but "we are unable to get those servers because the companies claim it is their intellectual property."

Why on Earth would we agree to that, he was asked?

Waldron's answer: "The representatives signed up for that at the local and state level. You'd have to ask them."

Many citizens have also wondered why they saw the vote totals switch from Biden to Trump late in the evening (hundreds of thousands of votes decreased from Trump's total and added to Biden's total), as has been recorded from the live broadcasts from CNN and others. Could it just be a mistake that the media outlets made?

Waldron said the updates that you saw as you watched CNN, CBS, etc.. while votes were increased and decreased were directly connected to the live vote count total so it was not an error on the network side. They were server level adjustments that were made.

Other key notes from hearing testimony:

  • 1.9 million mail in ballots, in Arizona, did not have signatures verified.
  • There is an MIT blockchain system called VOATZ that Col. Waldron says is secure, but they're not the ones we mainly use. VOATZ is deployed in West VA currently.
  • An IT worker was present at the Democrat meeting (where no recording devices were allowed) that said they discussed how to start off by giving every Democrat 35k votes in every local and federal level race.
  • A full forensic audit would be able to tell if any ballots were pre-printed, as some observers have alleged, by examining the paper and the ink.
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26 thoughts on “AZ Election Hearing: “Your Vote is Not as Secure as Your Venmo Account””

  1. Well as a member 0f the Presidential Task force i was posting what I had been seeing,and also have know about all the fraud that was going on,I knew sending the ballots in was not going to work out. for. The Man Of Wisdom Donald J Trump,I also said this election was set up,I been watching nd posting things on FB I figured they would pull them down,so no trouble there,I have stood at the President side all along there was alot more to post but they had my number so I did it in different ways,I wished I could have donated more but being disabled and on a fixed income I could not,but I did alot more with my knowledge of what was going on,I may have a target on my back,but with all my traits I have I could do more,I also am a man of wisdom,it mostly all out there,I told him he was a Man Of Wisdom and not to worry he and all his supporters was not going to let him down,I do how ever think there will be some violence break out but we the people can take care of that,there are alot of sleeper cells out there and terriost organizations out there they have be taught a big lesson on all this,he will remain our President of the state’s that have backed him but it is not United States till we get rid of or drain that dam swamp for good and steel it,now We Can Make AMERICA AND KEEP IT GREAT AGAIN,THERE IS ONE MAN OF WISDOM WHO CAN DO THIS JOB DONALD J TRUMP POINT BLANK,PRO GUNNER

  2. There is going to be a shortage of rope needed to hand the democrats and some republicans for their treason and corruption!
    May they all rot in hell!!!!!

  3. This is absolute treason and should seriously warrant death penalties for those involved…to rig the election of the leader of the free world.If Biden becomes president..perhaps hundreds of thousands of well armed citizens should move on the inaugeration..these people are enemies of the nation and must be brought down.Outsiders like George Soros should be hunted down as well

  4. Vladimir Lennon once said “you can count on a Capitalist to sell you the rope that you will use to hang him”. In this case we bought the system and gave the data to the people that are destroying our Democratic Republic. A total failure of Sate Legislatures to do their job. Just delegate it to some bureaucratic institution that has no clue or a hidden motive!

  5. My son-in-law is in the cyber security field and he says it’s entirely possible to swing the votes to favor Dems. This is a fraudulent Election and if we don’t get it corrected this time we’ll have to resist everything the Dems try to do because they don’t have the American people’s interest at heart! What are these servers doing on foreign soil?? This doesn’t make sense to me.

  6. Biden won, now lets move on, I did not vote for Trump, I think he is a liar, and miniplates people, he treats women like trash and doesn’t respect them, he is separating the country and families. He needs to concede and leave the white house.

    1. Hi Hildebeast, creepy pedo Joe, or is that you heels up hairy ho? Forget it honey, we will be gunning for you and all your ilk now – payback time! Let the impeachments, investigations on the corruption family Burisma show, pedophilia and anything else we can dig up. If you think we will sit by like the nice guys we always are while the BEST President ever to exist has been crucified – well, You ain’t seen nothing yet!!

    2. Tammie, you are certainly entitled to your opinion of Trump. However, as a thoughtful, responsible citizen, one should look at the individual’s accomplishments, fulfillment of promises made, job increase, unemployment decrease, energy independence, etc. Trump has checked off all of the above and then some. This election is based on accomplishment, not a personality evaluation. If your vote was based on personality evaluation, I would have to deduce that your level of “being informed” is lacking. As far as separating our country and families, families can only be separated if the adults in charge let that happen. As far as our country, a lot of blame should be cast on main stream media for indulging in partisan reporting and lack of integrity and truthful reporting.

      Law and order needs to be restored, authority needs to be respected, personal responsibility needs to be instilled in our youth, lawyers and activists need to get out of the way of law enforcement and our Church leaders need to stand up to the secular authorities for interfering in religious rights.

      If the above does not happen, our society is doomed to end up a third world country.

      1. Totally agree. Trump loves this country. Remember during the first debate and Trump said to Biden “boy did you leave me a mess to clean up” Trump has cleaned up the Middle East. You don’t see Christians getting their heads cut off or burned alive anymore. Our military was stripped to the bone by Obama Biden. Trump took care of that. Our economy is the best even during a pandemic. Well, the liberals have fixed the election and will not go forward. I’m happy for all of you wanting to go to leading from behind that Obama did. Enjoy all your free stuff

    3. your must be talking about biden,leach,crock,votes to kill baby’s,and has not done one thing in 47 years,what about the 875.650.000.000.00 shovels ready jobs where did that go they laughed about it and gone.

    4. I’m glad you voted for Biden. A man that never ran a business, had private sector job, used government to use his family money. If you like the socialist left Democratic Party move to communist China. We don’t want you here that supports wanting to “transform” America.

    5. Dear Tammy. You are obviously one of the bleach bit brainwashed “WOKE”? people! Did you know 50% of the Democrats did not know Trump made American energy independent? Dems didn’t even know he had the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT rate in America since 1959 which included Black, Hispanics, women AND teenagers? 97% of the Main Steam News concerning Trump was total BS. You are not even smart enough to know big tech cos. actually interfered in this election. Do yourself a favor and find out who REALLY controls the DNC and MSM. George Soros a globalist. He has his Antifa’s (American German Hitler brownshirts). Oh you wouldn’t know REAL history. Hitler was a globalist. America is now 1930 Germany. History!

  7. Giuliani has gobs of evidence and is being prevented from prevented from presenting it in a legal setting. I am amazed a this behavior. The whole legal system is refusing to look at the evidence. Are they afraid of something?

    1. Same thing they did when O’s legitimacy to even be on the ballots was challenged. It wasn’t lack of evidence; it was unwillingness to let it be heard in a court of law!

  8. It’s time to find out WHO authorized these FOREIGN MACHINES to be used in the US? WHO gave them the right to collect, and take OUR VOTES to a foreign country and control proof of US government property? THEY ALL SHOULD BE FIRED AND SENT TO JAIL.

    All politicians involved in this crime and corruption should be fired and sent to jail. THIS IS A DISGRACE! All those who do not want to investigate, make corrections, and insure TO EVERY VOTER that their vote was counted is part of the problem and they need to be investigated, removed from their duties and sent to jail. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PUT UP WITH THIS?…..ONLY THE COMMUNIST PARTY WOULD DO THIS!

    This 4 year attack games the politicians have been playing, lying to the American people, getting the media involved, acting like clowns in the White House, mocking and taring up documents in front of the World to see, letting us know that THEY ARE IN CHARGE with no respect to the American people? …..ALL NEED TO BE FIRED AND SENT TO JAIL.


    Sharon Simpson

    1. The authorizations came from the various states that used them; so start with you Secretary of State, and legislature.

  9. Almost every single person that I talk to or have contact with on social media or personally do not have any confidence in the election results. Only a new election with in-person voting only, except for the required absentee ballot system that we had before, and hand counts by officials in our own country and exclusive of any internet connection, will restore that confidence. We have only to wait until the next election to find out how low our confidence has fallen with a low or no voter turn-out. Morale is already low in the electorate. It is being destroyed by this fraud.

  10. Tis applies wherver Dominion machines were used as well, but most especially in 5 key states, of which AZ was 1.

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