Nunes: Appoint Special Counsel, I’m Not Seeing Indictments From Durham

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-GA)  is the latest to voice his concerns over the lack of follow-through on the Durham investigation.

He is now convinced there needs to be a Special Counsel appointed to investigate the criminal referrals sent by Congress and actions by Intelligence Agency officials that took place during and after the 2016 elections.

“Every day that ticks by it’s going to become an absolute necessity that a special counsel is appointed on the way out,” Nunes told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Nunes says he’s made 14 criminal referrals that involve dozens of people but sees no action from it, and that’s concerning.

Nunes also says it should be Attorney General William Barr that appoints the special counsel but he doesn't know if that's in the works or not. However, he's worried that if Durham doesn't come out with any referrals and Joe Biden takes office, they'll shut it all down.

“Now that doesn’t mean that [President-elect Joe] Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel but at least you’d have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people,”

Who could have predicted that?

The swamp is deep.

I'm not saying that Durham is a part of the swamp but I'm certainly not buying that it's out of the question. After all, people 'close to the investigation' keep saying these things take time. It doesn't, however, seem to take any time to prosecute someone close to the Trump administration with a case based wholly on rumors.

Barr has said, many times, that he believes the Obama administration spied on candidate and then President Trump. He's also said the evidence he's seen from the Durham investigation is "troubling".

How many times do FBI Agents and Intelligence Agency leaders get to lie under oath without being prosecuted? Is that not a crime anymore? It seems to be for anyone associated with the Trump campaign, even if the interviewing agents don't think it was a lie.

Ask Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Of course, Joe Biden could just fire the Special Counsel and likely get zero backlash from the media. And he probably would.

It's becoming apparent that in order to have justice, it has to be applied by people who have nothing to do with the Department of Justice.

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97 thoughts on “Nunes: Appoint Special Counsel, I’m Not Seeing Indictments From Durham”

  1. it was another deep state swamp LIE, it was a cover up, for the demo-communist FRAUDULENT activities, just more of their TRASH TALK, barr and durham are on the pay-off list. Follow their money.

  2. Early on in 2020 FaceBook used the same application that was used on the voting machines to swap one group of people for another. They would swap peoples contacts or friends to advertisements. Folks got to complaining about they were seeing less and less of their friends comments and they found a way to bypass it and they started seeing more of their friends comments. Please do something about this soon. I have already sent this message to Lou Dobbs via FaceBook messenger
    I deleted my end of the conversation because FaceBook reads your messages also. I asked Lou to please advise Rudy Guilani, Lin Wood, and Sydney Powell. If you are on FaceBook please let me know and I can show you proof of what I am talking about. If FaceBook isn’t involved with the rigging of these voting machine I will badly fooled. Please give me some type of response.
    Thank You.

    1. Sidney is going to talk to Chávez about this and send his findings to Hannity. Along with a new hair stylist for Rudy.

    2. FaceBook censored the conservative people and blocked their posts .We the People need to start a Class Action lawsuit 1888 551 8685 – if enough people call they will get one going ,they violate our rights everyday.We all have an equal amount of freedom of speech

      1. the next post gives a link to show us what Face Book and twitter are doing to use !!!!!! It made me sick , Many of my post were taken down ,my sentences removed marked against their policy .A dumbocrat can call me names .Not Right

      2. The telephone number you posted incorrectly is to an attorney that does not take such cases. Do not call this telephone number please.

      3. What we NEED to do is start another site just as big and just as frequented as Facebook or Twitter…….but for conservatives and patriotic Americans.
        Who are the wealthy conservatives that are willing to set up and fund it?

  3. Obama is the leader of this corruption. He is 100% behind this coup! There is no doubt in my mind. After seeing him gloat in the news and on TV, Obama is the leader of this coup against President Trump and the United States of America! Obama needs to be ARRESTED, PROSECUTED and serve his sentence!

    1. Isn’t the sentence for Treason, death?
      There should be a whole wing of corrupt Leftist Establishment Elites in prison right now.

      1. TREASON is a CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE and is the Purview of the Military.

        Military Intelligence should have been brought in the SAME DAY TO FRAUD WAS DISCOVERED TO THE EXTENT IT IS.

        They are already set up for this type of investigation!

  4. I’m afraid a country that doesn’t adhere to the law will dissolve quickly into chaos. A special counsel for this case is warranted, but, when the wolf gets in the hen house it will be over.

    1. God has lost patience with this Immoral People of the Earth.
      All have gone astray, even Christians continue to sin.
      We are in the “End Times”.
      Tribulation is about to start with the greatest World Wide Depression of all time,
      then WWIII, followed by the NWO and the Anti-Christ.

  5. “Now that doesn’t mean that [President-elect Joe] Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel but at least you’d have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people,”

    Who could have predicted that?

    That was easy ! I predicted it when they were hired to investigate….all you have in D.C. is a bunch of S.E.S. people that keep getting appointed to different jobs all through their careers…AND JOB ONE is to protect the others of the S.E.S. at all cost while fleecing the American taxpayer’s out of their money for their life time….under the color of a “Patriotic man devoting his life to the “service” of others”….crooks every last one of them.

    1. We have been voting for “the lesser of Evils” for a very long time,
      Now are votes are being flipped, disguarded, and outvoted by fraud.
      When the corrupt Establishment Elite take over, we will never have a fair election again.

  6. Wow, so blatant, as Nunes has said, where is the action here? It is not to be found, therefore this shows the matter by the Justice Dept has been dismissed. We know where they are at now, the lines are drawn, Americans that are serving in positions of government should not be serving and paid by “we the people”. Rid America of traitors to our country, if you do not believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you should leave America. If you are serve another authority rather than what you swore on the Bible and God, to honor the constitution and America first, get out. You do not deserve to be paid by the taxpayer.

  7. Barr IS a Swamp Creature!! Why POTUS Trump appt’d him is beyond me! ARREST that Globalist, blob of S_!t , Barr, TOO!!

  8. I would think that an investigation that went on during the Trump Administration that was promised a response, before and after the election, would and should be put in action while Trump is still President!!

    If this doesn’t happen you can kiss the DOJ / FBI goodbye if he doesn’t, they will never be respected again and the investigators too will be shunned. It may even require a public action to see that something is done!

    Law and order protects rich elites and Democrats. This cannot stand, as they have gotten away with many crimes!

  9. Mr.Nunes, You are taking the right action by appointing the special counsel to follow through the Durham investigation. It is time to bring these criminals to justice. You made 14 Criminal referrals involving dozens of people.
    Attorney General Barr has said many times that he believes that Obama Administration spied on then Candidate and then president Trump.AG added stating that the evidence he has seen is troubling.
    Don’t waist any time go ahead and appoint special counsel and investigate and bring justice .

  10. Barr and Durham are part of the Deep State and have failed to do their duty as Americans and Patriots. Bought and Sold at what price? They are covering up the greatest coup d’etat in the history of our the USA. They should all be tried under 18 US Code 2353 Rebellion of Insurrection. Now since Beijing Biden has been fraudulently been elected we will not hear another word. THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST !!

  11. Nunes is completely right. I never trusted Durham’s for a moment. Barr has made a serious error in judgment in failing to replace Durham after Durham had done nothing after 30 days

  12. Barr and Durham haven’t done anything and waited until AFTER the election.
    That tells you all you need to know- imo.
    And if Biden is installed, what do you think will happen to their 2 years of “investigation”?
    They know. Nothing! Again! And people wonder why we are mad.

    1. We have to go to the best fighter against this corruption. It’s time to put Rudy and the One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest crew.

  13. Trump should use he authority to do the American people one last deserved service of love and walk out there in front of all he serves and start with BARR and fire everyone of them! NOW!

  14. MAGA

    I pray to God:
    Make America Godly Again
    get me out of here
    At this point I don’t care if I go in my sleep or am Raptured
    because I do not want to go thru the Tribulation that is at our doorstep.

  15. Devin, you of all people should know that none of these so-called DOJ/CIA officials is trustworthy.They are collectively the biggest disgrace to Americans, veterans and those who falsely believe that there is such a thing as “justice”. “No one is above the law” ois my favorite as the Deep Swamp skates past unindicted. As for John Durham he is a coward, useless in his so-called investigations, silent like many cowards, ineffectual. President Trump should fire Barr, Durham and Ospel at CIA, they are no different than the killers at BLM, Antifa and the Mob. These people have shamed over 70 million Americans, the veterans who have died on behalf of a law and order America and peace in the world. The law and order types are the worst hypocrites and liars because they fool you into thinking that they are for law and order when, in truth, they are Deep Swamp and care only about their miserable careers.

    1. Spot on Jim, I still hold out hope that America will wake up and stop this assasination of American democracy before it’s too late. The only other avenue is WAR and if that comes to pass may God have mercy on us all.

  16. AG Barr is just trying to protect his buddies and himself. They are all swamp swimmers with no morals or patriatism. Sad what America has become abbeded by self serving traitors.

  17. I agree with you. Gather all in the house and senate to help. Get a Constitutional lawyer to run like Ted CRuz.
    Rand Paul will help. I have already appointed them as my senators because mine are for Killing Babies! I call them frequently with messages.

    Thank You for your service to our country and your honesty, and allegiance to President Trump

  18. Barr sent the atf/fbi to Ruby Ridge Idaho to MURDER RANDY WEAVERS WIFE because randy REFUSED TO CUT A SHOTGUN BARREL TO LESS THAN ‘LEGAL’ LENGTH.

    WHY President Trump placed him in the same position had to have been DEEP STATE RECOMMENDATIONS!

    meuller should have been in prison for life decades ago for this whitey bolger corruptions and associated MURDERS.

  19. More and more people are getting disenchanted with the justice system in our country…. the last 4 years, we wasted our tax money and seen no results…. new Admin coming in and all will be swept under the rug!!!! This is very disheartening and totally unjust!!! It seems our country and our legal system is totally in breakdown mode!! Will we ever see justice…. I think Congressman Nunes is absolutely right…. perhaps this was all a total facade!!!!

  20. While we’re at it, let’s appoint a special council to investigate Biden’s corrupt quid pro quo with Ukraine. I think a $30 million dollar budget and three years would be about right. Crawl up his administration’s collective arse for the majority of his first term and see how he likes it.

  21. During the War , the used to say loose lips sink ships. Well, we have an overabundance of loose lips and money hungry sob’s in congress who could care less about our country. It is ALL about power and money. The idiots are cutting off their noses to spite their faces and are ONLY useful idiots. Sad for our country but those of us who love our country will continue loving our country and try to save it from the communist, money hungry power jerks who are called democrats.

  22. I’m beginning to think Durham is running the clock out on his investigation. Any indictment he may now make can be killed by a Biden AG department. Then, nothing will change and things will go right back to how they were ahead of Trump’s election. His (Biden) cabinet is already looking just like what it was during the Barry years.

  23. he’s right we are sick and tired of Democrats not being arrested for treason, while Republicans lives for far less are ruined

  24. If Trump had done nothing more than drain the Swamp, probably he would have had no time to do anything else. Trump was begged to urge Barr to go after the heads of the snakes, e.g. Obama and Hillary. He was not strong enough to get rid of Wray and put someone at the head of the FBI who was intent on cleaning the house.

    By not doing what was absolutely necessary it gave the green light for the corruption of the election.

  25. I keep praying that these truths of corruption will be presented and handled. I understand the ?’s looming on why nothing has been done yet but pray it will. MAY TRUTH WILL OUT AND JUSTICE BE DONE!

  26. File this under “CIA killed Kennedy”.

    Deep State got by with killing a US President, and it gave them encouragement to Steal an election.
    Enslaving US citizens to work FOR the government (62% taxes) is next.
    62% will roll up to 90% in 10 years…just like China.
    Fight now or enjoy your apathy.

  27. Go for it Nunes, it seems you are the only one who has backbones, I truly thought Barr would have done something, he said Hillary would be in the stand to testify and probably have some time behind the bars, who is he afraid of?? Please help get something done David. I’m an 86 year maturing and cannot get widow benefits from VA. My husband was in The Korean War where they used agent Purple, changed to orange in Vietnam. He had PTSD plus numerous other ailments, the Doctor who saw him the last 6 months of his life said:Death not service related. He then retired from the VA in Salisbury, NC My husband could not work because of Service Related Problems(all on his service records) so when my husband died his pension stopped. I’m living on my Social Security and my little retirement. Therefore I cannot give as much as I would like to our Presidents cause. I wish someone in Washington could help me, I have applied over and over with no help since his death 3 years ago, he was so happy when Trump became President.
    You and your colleagues are in my prayers. Thank you for taking YOUR time to read this.
    May God Bless and keep you in His care and God Bless America

    1. Ida if your husband was retired you should at the very least get the part of his pension he received at retirement. I too am a surviving spouse of a military man. I receive a monthly income from his military service. Send copies of your husbands illnesses and his service and death record to the VA to see if they will check it out for you. You might be surprised.

  28. Durham and Barr have to be so deep they need life preservers to survive. When they held of filing indictments prior to the election you knew the fix was in. Now is the time to begin cleaning up the swamp in his administration of which there are swampers galore. Don’t think by not firing them they won’t write tell all books, the books have probably already written and the money has changed hands. Love Trump!

  29. Amazing Discovery!! I had been led to believe, by the evidence, that south Texas legal, judicial system was the most corrupt on the planet, based on the number of judges, sheriffs, lawyers and other in the system that have been caught and convicted. However, it appears to be epidemic in nature. A wise old sage once told me, “People will do strange things for money and power, and the larger the amount of money and the greater the power, then they will do even stranger things.” Amen! Our current political system, the media(?), and the anti America people, wow!, What a combination of a train wreck. Fasten your seat belts and and secure your soul, turbulent weather is coming!

  30. Can’t Nunes ask Barr what’s going on? This is not acceptable. The people need answers and this 2 tier justice system will lead to anarchy. This lack of action is so blatantly corrupt that it’s maddening!

  31. Agreed! Apparently Trump doesn’t have much time to waste on Barr & Durham. I hope that statement is not correct, but something needs to be done now!

  32. Donald Trump with his unique and abrasive, to many, style of governing furnished the “booger man” that the utopian society visionaries needed to justify anything necessary to stop this guy would be enacted for the greater good and the “means justify the ends.” Criminality was justified and the destruction of American society was justified as necessary to correct the 200 year + wrong course that America had obviously taken with the election of Donald Trump. The American people had proven they are not capable of choosing their leaders and it is up to the elite billionaires and utopian society leaders to take any steps necessary to change America. A “special counsel” only works if there are laws that will be enforced and we are a country without laws at this time and no apparent way to remedy this situation.

  33. It is evident the deep state operates have absolutely immunity from prosecution. Crime after crime has gone un-punished. The FBI, the CIA, the State Department (Hillary), Obama, his attorney general, so on have escaped prosecution for crimes “we” the public would long ago have been in prison for.
    American justice has failed us.

  34. Along with most Americans I’m damn tired of Barr not taking action. He needs to do his job. What’s he afraid of? His lack of action makes him as corrupt as the rest. It’s just frustrating. Do you damn job or resign and let someone who will take action get the ball rolling.

  35. Yes, I would say it is high time to appoint a special counsel. I have told anyone that would listen that unless we see a great number of people being prosecuted and going jail our country is done for. No one will ever believe in Justice System, the FBI, CIA, NSA and a number of government agency’s. Furthermore, unless the fraud in this election is exposed no one will ever believe in our electoral system and our form of government. In other word the American dream will be gone and the United States will cease to exist. Instead Civil War will break out, and the United States will collapse never to rise again.

  36. Who ever wrote this article needs to get their information correct, Devin Nunes is not a Rep. from GA. He is from California. He is great representative that certainly cares about our country/

  37. I knew this was going to happen. Everyone at the “”Justice Department” are knee deep in the corruption. It started when the Corrupt Clintons demonstrated that they could do anything and not be held accountable. When a leader is corrupt his subordinates know they can be also because they are insulated. We’re doomed. Trump could have possibly rooted out the corruption but Clinton did such a good job of surrounding themselves with crooks they knew they safe from accountability.

    1. Personally; I don’t think the Clintons were smart enough to have pulled off ‘their’ takeover of the DOJ; CIA; FBI; etc. by themselves. There are “powers” at work that have been working for ages to destroy this Republic.
      Search: Norman Mattoon Thomas 11/20/1884-12/19/1968.
      This man was a socialist who ran for president of The USA six times! In a 1944 speech he stated: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation,
      He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS ADOPTED OUR PLATFORM”.

      This was spoken 76 years ago. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  38. Your first statement was that Nunes was the latest one out there to push for something to come of the investigations; actually there are many of us who are online daily making this same point.
    We are tired of being the losers because we have no one in power to defend us against the leftists. We have no one willing to stand firm upon the promises to do what is right for the American people. Instead they stand up only as long as it is convenient to their agenda or needs.
    I can’t help but think that our founders would be very disappointed in the kind of people who are in todays politics, a good share of whom have never read let alone studied The Constitution. They have become the willing stooges of the NWO elitists; whose primary goal is to destroy American leadership in the world, in exchange for their socialist/ dictatorship agenda.

  39. I was hopeful Durham and Barr were going to actually prosecute the obvious crimes committed by the obama administration. But it seems they are part of it all.
    This country is in for a reckoning. God will not tolerate this godless society much longer.
    I truly hope all pray for our nation, pray for people, pray to GOD for His Holy Spirit to guide us and protect us. Create a clean heart in us, Lord God, and heal our nation and our people in mind, body and spirit. In Jesus name I pray.

  40. Alzheimer JOE is filling the swamp back up with the same animals that were in there before. Hunter and the rest of the crooks in Obama’s government are going to get away with all their corruption!! Just wait, anyone connected to Trump’s administration will be prosecuted for something. TRUMP 2024 !!

  41. We need two Special Counsels. One to cover Nunes Russian hoax / spying on candidate and President Trump concerns.
    The second would be to investigate Hunter Biden’s Lap Top. Selling the office of Vice President and hard evidence of Money Laundering by Joe and his son?
    He may get away with firing the first but I think not the Second.

  42. Unfortunately it appears Dunham AND Barr are just part of the swamp. No acceptable excuse for this not being completed months ago. Nothing will ever happen to any of these folks. I think Trump should pardon EVERYONE that was prosecuted because of their association with him.

  43. I’m livid! These Dems are scoundrels for lack of descriptive words that I can’t print! They finally found a way to get rid of patriotic, hard working President Trump!!!!

  44. President Trump was fooled by AG Barr.
    Durahm has been going over the same info Muller had and claimed he had nothing on Mr Trump.
    Then it stand to reason…Durahm has the info
    and should have issued indictments last year.
    I told every one at work…there would be no indictments in 2020….I was right…go figure

  45. 🗣WTF a Snowball In Hell has a better chance of surviving then anyone in the BHO Administration being held accountable for their outright Crimes Committed Against “We The People” of the United States of America!🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  46. i think that ALL the government agencies are CROOKED They’re all part of the swamp This investigation with Durham is all Bullshit . Nothing is going to happen to anybody Big waste of tax payer money

  47. Unfortunately there are more Republicans who are part of the swamp then we ever realized. Is it possible to break things up in DC by moving alphabet agencies & other sections of the government groups outside of DC spread through-out the entire country, making it more difficult for their get togethers?

  48. I was under the impression that Barr, and Durham where the real thing. I was so excited when Trump first appointed Barr. He sure was talking the talk . But here we are around two years later. another nothing burger. It seems the federal government DOJ , FBI ,NCI, NSA,CIA,AG,IRS and many more 3 letter agencies. They all have two sets of rules and laws. One set for the elites and or democrats. Then the set they use on us , or any political opposition
    And now that we have been shown that even our votes do not count for crap. (we have completely lost our country) We the people no longer own our government. It now owns us.

  49. Republic need to work together fiercely to remain our ground to fight back and follow through. What’s going on with long expecting Durham Investigation report?? why Stop? This Nation need to shed the light on the political high crime!! We know it’s complicated and difficult but We cant run our nation like this. These investigators need proper protection too. We need Truth and dig out these smelly corruption Political crime or USA DEAD!

  50. Republic need to work together fiercely to remain our ground to fight back and follow through. What’s going on with long expecting Durham Investigation report?? why Stop? This Nation need to shed the light on the political high crime!! We know it’s complicated and difficult but We cant run our nation like this. These investigators need proper protection too. We need Truth and dig out these smelly corruption Political crime or USA DEAD!

  51. The Republicans saw this coming and did nothing. Only a few have tried to do anything for Americans and are happy with the status quo aka swamp. They seem clueless regarding the disdain and disappointment Americans feel towards them. They’ve done nothing to help President Trump or Americans, as we’ve been overrun with the corrupt attempted heist of our election. I hope Congressman Nunes can move the ball forward. God knows he is one of the few that have been trying since day 1. Our election is being stolen and every single Federal Agency is corrupt. I had hoped Barr & Durham would do their jobs, but I was wrong. God Help US!

  52. Apparently only outsiders are investigated! I’ve said for years, “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between a demli-CON and a republi-CON !!!!!


  54. This is exactly what MUST BE DONE!
    I Thank God Almighty in guiding you to make this become a reality.
    Thank you for all you have done and will do.

  55. Like a standard Washington procedure everything will be swept under the carpet and NOBODY will be charged with anything ! This is the way the American so called GREAT JUSTICE SYSTEM works. This system is full of favors & corruption as well. Durham was all SHOW & NO BITE. No wonder our president was rigged out of office.What a DEMOCRACY ??? The land of milk& honey turned out to be the land of crooks and liars!

  56. There’s 72. Millon of us who I am sure would fully fund a separate investigation in to all of this and get the needed results that we the citizens of this nation are due!

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