Going Soft on Georgia’s Rev. Wright Acolyte

Secular liberals have a serious problem with any commingling of church and state … at least when the church in question opposes their most precious and permissive causes, like the right to abort unborn babies, the right to subsidized contraceptives, and the right to invent your own genders and pronouns.
But when a church gives off a whiff of “progressive” ideology or theology, well, that’s a different matter entirely. Religion then becomes a qualification, not a disqualification.

This was encapsulated in a tweet by Sam Stein of the Daily Beast: “Why are Raphael Warnock’s faith and sermons fair game for attack but Amy Coney Barrett’s religious views not?” The Rev. Raphael Warnock, now a Democratic candidate in the U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia, is hailed by the secular media as an inheritor of not only Martin Luther King Jr.’s “iconic” Baptist church but also his leftist causes.

This is a curious stance for Stein, since he wrote an alarm-bells article last month in which he claimed Barrett had allowed her signature to appear on a local ad protesting the “barbaric legacy” of Roe v. Wade. Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review found that this claim was inaccurate, that Barrett only signed a statement supporting an end to “abortion on demand.”

Stein surely feels other adjectives should be used for legal abortions, like “therapeutic,” and “empowering” and, for serious Orwellians, “life-saving.” But with an election looming, Senate Democrats felt pressure to avoid their innate desires to perpetuate the florid press angle that the traditionally Catholic Barrett is some kooky “handmaid” in a creepy religious group.

Now that Georgia has only the Senate races left for the media to cover, our "objective" media firmly placed any criticism of Warnock in the "Republicans Pounce" category. On Nov. 1, before the fall campaign ended, New York Times reporter Richard Fausset calmly acknowledged the radical so-called social gospel of Warnock.

Warnock's mentor was Rev. Dr. James H. Cone, the Marxist father of black liberation theology. And he publicly defended another Cone-head, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., who says "God damn America" in his sermons and who preached after 9/11 that "America's chickens are coming home to roost."

On Fox News in March 2008, Warnock proclaimed, "We celebrate Rev. Wright in the same way that we celebrate the truth-telling tradition of the black church." A lot of media said silly things like that about Wright's hateful "truth telling."

Republicans also "pounced" on Warnock's hot take on President Donald Trump in 2016: "America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness!" And they pounced on Warnock's 2011 sermon in which he said that "nobody can serve God and the military." If that's about violence, he hasn't claimed nobody can serve God and Planned Parenthood.

But ABC, CBS and NBC have shown no interest in these extreme sermons. The majority of the Senate hangs in the balance, and Martin Luther King's supposed heir is granted the customary partisan protections.

These journalists hate it when white Baptists or Catholics allegedly try the patience of God by supporting Donald Trump, but black churches ripping on the "worship of whiteness" and how America deserved 9/11 somehow never strains the bonds of Christian charity. This only underlines that most reporters are not religious people and just see religion as something employed to manipulate voters. Religion is considered virtuous if it manipulates voters toward the "right side of history."

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org. 

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9 thoughts on “Going Soft on Georgia’s Rev. Wright Acolyte”

  1. “Why are Raphael Warnock’s faith and sermons fair game for attack but Amy Coney Barrett’s religious views not?”

    I’d be happy to answer that.

    Amy Coney Barrett made a clear commitment to follow the law, not her preferred policies, and her history as a judge is consistent with that commitment. Warnock is running to become a lawmaker and has expressed a commitment to make law his preferred policies and beliefs.

  2. The difference is: Warnock is quoting the Bible to make his point and he is twisting it (so he can make his point!!!). I did not hear Amy C Barrett quote anything in the Bible. She just professed her faith!!! Thsee are two very different things. And Christians can readily see this difference. So you can’t fool us when you try twisting the Bible teachings. We are way too clever for that.

  3. Left wingers are hypocrites. This left wing democrat Warnock, has no business being elected to anything that has to do with the United States. How low could anyone in the democrat party nominate him to the United States Senate.

  4. “o” kicked him to the curb a long time ago… The ( GOD DAMN AMERICA ) Rev.. was offered a nice payoff from “o”‘s handlers to stay away from the WHITE HOUSE… & the Rev had confirmed that , Albeit he claimed he didn’t take the payoff… in the NEW YORK POST..

  5. If anyone knows blacks like I do, you automatically know there is ZERO TRUTH in anything they say. They all have Reverends before their names, but, sleep with everyone in their church, while praising God & shouting & screaming. Their commonly known culture is DECEPTION & that clearly says it all. They bash all white people, while embracing the same accusations they put on whites.

    I had a black acquaintance tell me that he would go to heaven, no matter what he was doing, when he died. I said, so you are having sex with your neighbors wife & die. You are telling me that you are going to heaven. He said “YES”… This is how they believe & that is the only TRUTH. I consider myself an expert on black beliefs, as I have employed them for 50 years & the conversations will blow your mind. Martin Luther King has a list of crimes a mile long. Al Sharpton (so called reverend) owes millions in taxes & has no intention of ever paying them & all the while bashes others for their good beliefs. Do your research on every black Reverend & you will see a criminal list a mile long. This is in no way making false accusations about them, but, speaking TRUTHS.

    They shout, sing, scream, fall out in the floor in the name of Jesus, get up, go to one of the rooms in the church, have sex with some church member, come right back & do it all over in the name of JESUS….. They will discuss this with you, tell you what they are doing, how much fun it is & then thank God they got to do it. These are some messed up folks, all in the name of Jesus. I’ve had thousands of these type discussions with them & all alike……

  6. This RACIST style of PIMPING his own people into poverty and keeping them for making informed and prosperous decisions of their own mind and heart by using God and the teachings is just the type of racism we and the black community need to address , stop whining and killing each other in the name of false profits such as the Rev Wright , Sharptons, Jacksons and inform themselves of the difference of their living and these CHARIATANS , THIEVES AND DOWN RIGHT RACE PIMPS !!! Know they consider themselves above other blacks , and prey on the uneducated with a promise to their wallets to keep you misinformed and in poverty ….. LOOK UP THE IMPROPRIETIES AND CRIMES THESE JACK ASSES PULL OVER YOUR EYES AS THEY GET RICH OFF YOUR SUFFERING , TGHEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUOR YOUR FUTURESAS LONG AS THEY’RE MAKING MONEY OFF YOU !!!!

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