Fox News Either Doesn’t Understand the Trump Movement, or Worse, it Does

Fox News has had a mostly anti-Trump panel for years now. They’ve also purged many of their ‘Pro-Trump’ contributors leading up to the 2020 election. They still have a few who seem to be open to the idea that Trump is not the devil incarnate, at least while the cameras are on. That’s nothing new. They claim to run both sides of the aisle and normally one would think that would be good.

But only if they were honest.

Election night showed the outlet’s true colors.

Calling states for Biden after the opening bell and waiting until well after all possibility of a change has passed, to call states for Trump, was an eye opener for many on the right.

The network’s willingness to accept all the anomalies, without question, of the election has raised eyebrows. The unexplained pause in vote counting, huge Biden vote dumps, election observers being physically forced out of the process, witness claims of fraud, and the extreme unlikelihood that Republicans would outperform in the House races but the most popular Republican President in history would lose to the least energetic and visible Democrat candidate in history (who had already lost many attempts at the Presidency) hasn’t garnered any interest on their part.

They’re ready to just move on.

They don’t seem concerned with an unfair election process. They do seem concerned with the possibility that President Trump did win the election, may win the lawsuits, and could return to office.

They will say the outrage is because Trump supporters just want pro-Trump news, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It shows they don’t understand the movement at all, or worse, they do understand it and are working to silence it.

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have probably been the most popular Fox News voices among Trump supporters.

Tucker just watched his show’s popularity start swirling down the drain. Not because he questioned the Trump campaign, but because he wasn’t honest when he claimed the Trump campaign hasn’t provided even a shred of evidence to their claims. He joined the clowns at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc..

Sidney Powell, at Thursday’s press conference, told everyone where they could go read through the affidavit she filed. She, Giuliani, and Ellis provided statistics for the Biden vote dumps that have about the same valid possibility as a guy named Steven, in China, having the same DNA as you. They told you where you could look up the relationship of the owner of Dominion Voting Systems. It’s called an internet search. You can do it yourself!

So could Tucker if he wanted to. But, apparently, he didn’t.

And that’s why Sidney Powell didn’t spend her time laying out the evidence directly for Fox News. You don’t give your enemy your battle plan. Trump is fighting a corrupt establishment and the establishment isn’t on the left or the right – it runs them both. Fox News is the establishment mouthpiece and Fox News pays Tucker, handsomely.

Connect the dots.

Trump supporters don’t need or want an echo chamber. If they did they would only watch and read mainstream news, but there is nothing they hate more than enemies posing as friends. We have enough Mitt Romneys, Jeff Flakes, and Paul Ryans – we don’t need more, especially when the future of freedom is on the line.

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112 thoughts on “Fox News Either Doesn’t Understand the Trump Movement, or Worse, it Does”

  1. I quite honestly don’t understand why this has been labeled as a ‘Trump Movement’?! It’s an AMERICA MOVEMENT and we just happened to have hired the best guy for the job!

  2. I’m up there in age now, eighty-two to be exact . In my youth my parents, and just about all southerns, were proud democrats as their beliefs were in truth,justice and the American way.Their beloved party has transformed into one that believes in socialism and communism and if living they would never be a part of this ratical party.

    1. My parents were Democrats so I registered as Democrat when I turned 18. I’m 62 and never thought I’d change my party but I am now a registered Republican. Sad how our country has changed.

    2. Same with me Kenneth, my dad would NEVER vote for what is now the democratic party. It has been a bigger and bigger surprise to me over these past few years. I too, and 80 years old and am very ashamed of what has become of the grand ole party Democrat. Could never again, in good faith, vote decmocrat.

      1. And get rid of the Associated Press “news” and commentaries dominating your newspaper by buying The Epoch Times instead. It is online daily and sends you a weekly paper with real news you probably will not get anywhere else. It even has some comics. Our local newspaper is so anti-Trump and anti-Conservative biased it is not worth reading anymore, so we cancelled our subscription we have had for 25 years.

    1. I do also, shut my Facebook Account after watching the Senate interviewed CEO’s of Twitter , Dorsey and Facebook, Zuckerberg/ Two very scary people, all new money from the big Tech World, that has a world platform, with extreme ideas that only privilege liberal people have from not living in the real world.

    2. Me, too, Richard! I made the switch right after the “election”. After listening to Sidney Powell and the other lawyers working on President Trump’s case, I am more convinced than ever that President Trump will have a second term — and if I had my way, he’d have a third term if he wanted it!!!!! God bless America!!!!!

  3. The RINO’s don’t get it for sure, guys like Mitt Romney and John Kasich think they are going to represent the 70+ million people that voted for Trump? Not hardly! The people that voted for Trump will never again fall for the scam of the deep-staters in the Republican Party, not when we have seen it now up close and personal. All of them should go, we need term limits now! We have seen what a Presidential agenda that works for the citizens of this country looks like with Trump, coincidentally it was the complete opposite of the one Obama had, and will be the opposite of Biden for the 2 months he is in office and the Harris agenda that will be in place for the remainder of that one term. No one is buying into the BS any longer, Trump has done a remarkable job exposing it all or creating the chaos that forced the deep state to show it for us. The Disruptor-in-Chief is an appropriate title for Trump, this country needed Trump, it still needs Trump and it needs to end the deep state, I know, easier said than done but it has to happen.

    1. I agree. We need a Convention of States. That’s the only way we will be rid of these miscreants. They will NEVER vote for term limits on their own.

    2. P W, we actually have term limits right now but not the kind you are thinking about. All we need to do is enforce it ourselves. Years ago there was a movement called “Throw The Bastards Out”. Basically the idea was to
      “NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT”. This would guarantee only one term, period. But people could just not seem to understand the brilliance of this idea. Yes, politicians that you liked and were doing a good job would leave office too but after a few cycles of this Congress would be more than willing to actually legislate term limits. And when a one term politician would leave office they would understand that “we the people” were very serious about this issue. Left to their own devices or more appropriately their corruption they will NEVER vote for term limits unless they are forced.

  4. Very difficult to develop the following Fox has enjoyed. Two things.
    Spoiled Brat Murdock running the show now and Chris Wallace who is an obnoxious empty suit. Trump lost the election as a direct result of the first debate. Trump stepped on his dick by not stopping Wallace dead in his tracks within the first five minutes.
    Trump has brilliant business skills, understands the way the world works economically, understands national security, strong military. Problem is he comes across as a pompous ass. Egocentric and Narcistic which doesn’t play well with certain factions. He’s not quite as bad of an Narcists as Obama, but close.
    He doesn’t listen to those trying to get him to dial things back. AND, he needs Fox.
    I’m hoping for 3 things. First Georgia, secondly 2022 mid terms, and third that Trump takes some stock in what’s been suggested and comes back in 2024 and kicks Heals Up Harris’s ass. Uncle Joe will be in the Droller by then.
    America has to learn that it must have a President who’s a business man and NOT a politician. Hear that Fox ?
    It’s all good if Fox doesn’t blow it.

    1. Trump didn’t lose this election. The fraud and corruption that is slowly leaking out shows that he may have actually won by a landslide with more than 80million votes. Does he come off as an egotistical, narcissistic pompous ass.? Yes he does. I voted for him in spite of those things because I knew that he would get things done. He most certainly did that. Those of us that voted for him, especially the second time, know exactly what he is. We also know that he has done more and will continue to do more for America than anyone else could possibly hope to do. I just wish his legal team would release the “kraken” already. Time is running out.

      1. Totally agree with you. What I’m worried about if the election is overturned, and it should be, is the amount of chaos BLM, Antifa and the democRAT communist party has teed up. Not a problem if if we could count on the military being used to put it down such a insurrection, but Deep State is not about to let that happen. Then if it were to go to the SCOTUS there is that SOB John Roberts to deal with. As the Chief Justice he has to accept the case before the other justices can even get involved. What would Roberts do? I hate to think about it. He never was the true conservative he lied to the public about. All he did was convince one person of that; George W. Bush, who was no conservative in my opinion.

    2. You should continue to be a grateful Fox News patron. #1, You accepted that President Trump is finished and should just look forward to 2024 for another chance. #2, He “needs” Fox, and #3, there’s always the 2022 mid-terms for the GOP to get the prize that was stolen from them this month.

      Yeah, right!

      I’ll clue you since you are tacitly accepting the election fraud, the election fraud of 2020 WILL be a walk in the park compared to 2022 because the Stalinists will be in control of the White House. Remember Joseph’s most famous remark: “It’s not who votes that count. It’s who counts the votes.” You have a lot of faith in the Harris Administration will count the votes fairly. And you hope the Senate will stay in the GOP’s control? Do you think the runoff vote in GA in Jan won’t be stolen, as the presidential vote was??

      What a deluded person you are!

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more, Bruce. You tell it like it is. Hope Pres Trump will prevail in this election but if he does not, hope he will take stock of himself and use his great abilities in the most positive way possible! I am going to steal your ’empty suit’ description of Chris Wallace – fits him to a tee!!!!! Thank you for stating the situation as it is.

      1. I never liked the original Wallace on TV, Mike, but Chris is a totally wacked out liberal. Just don’t get why Murdock ever hired the SOB. He belongs with the Cuomo family of communists.

  5. please dismiss Chris and Donna — when you employ losers, you eventually become one,
    and we already had to listen to Juan.

  6. Fox viewers were looking for the news that the main stream media wouldn’t cover. It’s that simple, and they used to cover it. That’s where their audience came from. If they’re just going to cover the same old stuff I get everywhere else, why waste my time watching. I’ve switched to NewsMax. Even if the coverage is one sided, at least I get both sides and I can decide for myself who to believe. It’s pretty hard to miss the left’s side. It’s everywhere. they make sure of that.

  7. Truth is a forgotten fact in America. We are at the mercy of deep pockets ho hate everything “American”. Fox News lost me when they ran Chris Wallace before cameras in every segment, hoping the stink would wear off. It didn’t. We do not have journalists at news desks we have pretty faces and and short skirts. Fox News talking heads must have upset stomachs from being “Pretenders”. It just proves folks are for sale today. The three on “Fox and Friends” try, along with “The Five”, but no one is speaking scriptural truth. Nothing we can do other than pray and do God’sWill. True Believers know how it all ends and are hoping for the Rapture. Everything else is detritus.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. Orwell was a bit off on his date, 1984 is here NOW and it is just as ugly as he said it would be. When everything good about America is now called horribly evil we are very close to being pushed into the trash heap of history.
      Can we save what’s left of our country? I’m not taking any bets either way but I WILL be in there fighting for God and country.

  8. Fox News needs to roll over and die! They betrayed us loyal followers they took the poison pill all of you go to Newmax or OAN go to Parler ditch Twitter Facebook is next! MAGA 2020

  9. When Paul Ryan was hired, when Kathryn Murdock got James’ keys to turn fox socialistic, when they gave Biden 1.25 million in a contribution, the future was easy to read. Can any of you reading this comment do the same re: contributions? When whoever the jokester was who gave Wallace an early Christmas gift with the First debate, the gift with which his irrational hate for Trump shone like a lighthouse spot light, that all set into motion the destruction of an honest election. There was no “news” outlet watching our back, or Trumps. I still trust Tucker and Martha, but as long as that super feminist socialist controls Fox, can Tucker and Martha be to there own selves be true?

    1. After what Tucker just did. I’m done with him. His true colors have finally come out. He’s just another Trump hating scumbag.

  10. I am very disappointed with fox news I have watched it since President Trump won in 2016 I have been a Democrat all my life I am now a retired Coal Miner I thought there was finally a honest news network that we could believe to actually report news as it really is although I still believe in Sean Hannity and Sarah Login and possibly a couple of others but I am losing more faith in Fox in general all the time

  11. Appreciate this article..Local radio station no longer plays Brian K’s Thursday with Chris W–good, as I turned it off for that program portion…and may soon do the same with G. Rivera time on show.

  12. I just lost the last bit of respect I had for Tucker Carlson. He is the next in line to back away from his base and that of President Trump. FOX is done. They have become just another CNN, MSleftBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and every other alphabet network. Newsmax is the station to watch. They are on top of everything and they know the truth.

    1. Totally agree. Fox deserves to lose all of it’s conservative followings. If they did, how long would it take for it to disappear from the air? I never had cable access so only saw Chris Wallace on Sundays. I quickly realized he was just an empty liberal suit. And I really disliked that freak-en Juan Williams.

  13. And – your summation is spot on!!!! Trump supporters are bright and intelligent and HONEST!!! We didn’t succumb to the under-handed shenanigans that the dim camp did. And – further more, I’ve worked polls for the last 15 or so year – and there’s not been a truly LEGAL and HONEST election in that whole time. I’ve seen people vote as others, people with more than one address, and dead still on the rolls!!! I KNOW of a dead person who’s been voting for a couple of years in another district!

    Our forefathers built an awesome country. They spilled their blood, sacrificed their fortunes and their lives and even their children’s lives to preserve this union over the years. Snowflakes are nothing more than spoiled brats!!! We tolerated 8 years of their illegal, non-citizen who squatted in our illustrious White House. Now they’re upset because there’s a REAL family living there – one where the President was BORN an American, where the First Lady is in love with our country and proud of it, and their son is definitely theirs! Can you snowflakes say that about your “hero”? NO!!!

    Fox – you have just lost your base, your loyal audience. YES – I am only one – but I am typical. I LOVE my country, I abhor Socialism and Communism, and I will NOT watch Sharia law take my country. I am a Patriot!!! I WILL FIGHT!!!!

  14. Yes, Fox has changed. I hope their viewership numbers have dropped like a Boulder! The ruling class of people have always thought that we are sheep and have to be “guided.” They’re going to find out this little “experiment in freedom” called the USA is in our blood. We are patriots, we love this country, and we don’t like being lied to. I’m very sad that so many American citizens have fallen for the crap they have heard for the last 20-30 years. They may be happy with the baby cereal they are fed by the media and life-long politicians. But the rest of us want the truth!

  15. I stopped watching FOX the night of the election. I knew it was a leftwing cesspool prior, but, that night iced the cake. If I wanted to watch Fake News, the options are limitless. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, all in the bag cesspool Demorat strongholds. Liars, cheats, co conspirators to ruin America. There are only about 10 people on FOX worth watching. The rest sold out for 30 pieces of silver. NEWSMAX and OANN are where to watch. FOX can go to hell. or maybe it already has

  16. Donald J.Trump opened our eyes to Rinos, the deep state, the level of corruption in our government and the leftist media. Never again will we be hoodwinked by these entities. If only all Americans would wake up to what has been taking place in this government for years. Just ask yourself, how do these elected officials who are paid by our tax dollars year after year, suddenly all become millionaires while the rest of we peons remain struggling to make a decent wage.

    1. Just take a look at the 2 multi million dollar mansions just purchased by the Obamas. That money didn’t come from being President or both of them writing books.

    1. All these replies are right on. I haven’t watched Fox News since the election was stolen from Trump. I will never watch Fox again and I used to be a loyal fan no more.

    2. All these replies are right on. I haven’t watched Fox News since the election was stolen from Trump. I will never watch Fox again and I used to be a loyal fan no more.

      1. I doubt it would do any good but I would like to see Fox’s mail box and email box overflowing with non-stop criticism for the next year and beyond. NO MORE FOX OR SUPPORTING IT’S SPONSORS.

  17. This is so right! Fox has been a great station until Murdock’s boys took over. The one left and now it is worse. The ones that are for President Trump do nothing anymore but repeat themselves.

  18. Amen! Now that election day has passed, democrats are seemingly mild mannered, polite, etc. Well, except “mouth bigger than brain” AOC. It is all a show people. Even the devil can appear as an angel of light. Don’t be deceived.

  19. So I sup;pose I should watch CNN. I get more good news than my friends that watch regular news Yes Chris is terrible. I don’t care for Newsmax. I didn’t like O’Reilly but now they have great shows on week days at nite. Who can beat the Judge on Sat. od Mark Levin or Carl Hilton or Jessie or Lou DobbsYes they have both sides commenting but this is a frr country so far. If Fake Biden gets in We’ll have no country We’ll be slaves with no rights and a lot put in interment camps

  20. My news channel used to be Fox.
    But Fox has lost it lately probably due to the influence of the Washington Swamp.
    Now I watch, One America News or OAN.
    On my dial it is 347.
    It is the straight truth.
    Try it on your dial.

  21. If you, as I have, watched Fox News religiously for 20 years you too have seen that Fox News has drastically changed in recent months. Rather than giving its viewers the news from a more sane angle than the majority of TV news outlets which has blatantly lied about President Trump for going on 4-1/2 years FOX NEWS has chosen to line up with so-called fake news. How disappointing it is for loyal Fox News viewers like me.

  22. fox news has always been a favorite in our house until-sheperd smith and the awful chris wallace got to the controls-also brian kilmead needs to stop playing the devils advocate-decide which side you are on-not book sales

  23. F’ox News is no different than the rest of the lame stream media since old man Murdock retired and left control to his son a far left radical ! There are a lot of Never Trumpers at Fox News but I did not think Tucker Carlson was one of them until he made that statement . Sidney Powell laid it all out so everyone could under stand what had happen , did Tucker Carlson ever watch the press briefing ? What is all come down to is who pays Tucker Carlson his fat pay check ! It is just one more reason to get the news from OANN .

  24. This whole mess is OUR fault.
    If you want to look at it honestly…. The warning signs have been there for decades, but glaringly apparent the last 20 years.
    We got busy, engrossed, distracted… Waiting for somone ELSE to clean up the mess and do the heavy lifting.
    Moment of truth is now upon us folks…. This is the grand enchilada. Because if we ALLOW Biden to be seated, the complete destruction of our republic will be on hand LONG BEFORE the 2024 elections. The voting booth, the last pillar of freedom, has been hijacked. If that is NOT restored, i promise you…. America succombs to totalitarianism. There will NEVER BE another honest election in rhis country.
    We’ve gotten accustomed to taking the path of least resistance in just about every facet of our lives. Getting vocal NOW? Does nothing…. If we are not PHYSICALLY willing to defend constitutionalism, we WILL lose it inside of 2 years. And retrieving it after the fact will be damned near impossible.
    It’s now or never folks.

    1. I fully agree with what you have said. This battle is far bigger than what is being said. This is between “good” and “evil”, between “God” and the “Devil”; on a worldwide scale. This is the “tipping point” between the 3rd and last true “republican” state, and “the New Wold Order – pushed by the UN and globalists. The greatest revelation of this election has been the exposure of the Federal government’s participation and support of the Democratic Party/Socialism effort for total control.

    2. I agree 100 percent! I am totally disgusted with my democratic “ friends” complete ignorance of what it will be like to live under a socialist government! They are following the evil pied piper right off the cliff! I am even more disgusted with my GOP friends who threw in the towel almost instantly when the election was falsely called for the senile Biden. These days I am angrier than I have ever been in my life! Where are the leaders of the pro Trump rally in Washington? Why aren’t we storming the barricades behind which these democratic demons reside? I have been on the front lines of the Trump movement from day one! I can foresee nothing but hell on earth if and when these hideous goons take over! Home grown militia groups from coast to coast are our only hope.

  25. I noticed myself on election night how Fox called states for Biden even before most of the other “left leaning” networks did, sometimes by hours. Yet my similarly “left leaning” friends continue to discount Fox as having no credibility in their eyes.

  26. I have basically stopped watching Fox cant take it any more. Cant watch the 5 because I have to change the channel every time they let Juan Williams talk, and I cant stand Chris Wallace and Donna Brazil. I listen to talk radio and watch Newsmax. I still like Greg Gutfeld though.

  27. We have enough Mitt Romneys, Jeff Flakes, and Paul Ryans – we don’t need more, especially when the future of freedom is on the line.

    Who wrote this??? Need I remind you that Paul Ryan is on the Board of Fox News…WTFU …Peace

  28. Trump has become the leader for the fight to restore our beloved Republic that is why he is out front – we elected him to champion the cause and all we get is blow-back from establishment puppet mouth pieces. Not wanting to incite any violence here but shut them all down!!!! The FCC has the power to revoke licenses and we have more than sufficient evidence to prove they are NOT WORKING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST!

  29. It is hard to believe that Trump has accomplished sooooooo much and he may loose the election via corruption. If he does loose, I just can’t comprehend what our country will look like in just a matter of months with Biden at the controls. God help us, and Fox, how could you let this happen to your news shows. Every morning for the last several years my wife and I would spend hours each morning watching “Fox and Friends” to see what is going on in the world.
    Not any more, our fox and friends family gave us the one finger salute so I give them one back. Hello “Newsmax” Welcome to “Our World”.

  30. Unfortunately for Fox I believe they will turn into the other broadcast stations. I also am watching them less because of their commentaries and because the hosts appear to be unhappy with their jobs. They have lost most of the good ones anyway but I don’t think they need to lose the remaining. It’s beginning to be taken up by the likes of Leland which is so rude. I don’t understand why a news channel like Fox wants to go from first to last. I’m moving on to Newsmax.

  31. I was aware that Paul Ryan was not a Conservative when he was in office. Mitt Romney is a big disappointment by pretending he is a Republican. What he tried in Massachusetts as Governor, was a big clue to his political stance. He is so jealous of President Donald Trump and his successful accomplishments for the past 4 years.

    1. He stole the nomination in Utah. The Republican convention nominated Dr. Kennedy. Likely by bribe, Romney got the legislature to approve an open nomination process, never before used in Utah and it threw the nomination to Romney. He is a carpet bagger and roundly disliked in Utah. He has acknowledge he doesn’t have support in the state.

  32. Wow! Right on. I wonder if many people in America who are on the Left will WAKE UP to what is going on in their country – how it is slowly being changed – taken over – controlled. You the people will have less and less say. Biden is being told what to say – he is my age but not competent to deal with world problems. So America is in trouble and Trump worked so hard to create a healthy environment for ALL AMERICANS and help them to PROSPER. I AM VERY AFRAID THAT WE WILL KEEP GIVING OUR TREASURE AWAY TO OTHER COUNTRIES NOW IF BIDEN IS ELECTED AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL SUFFER AS A RESULT. Why was Hillary Clinton never prosecuted????? Why does Biden keep over a Billion dollars from illegal behavior. America will now go down very quickly and no longer will be the home of the Brave and the home of the True. I am so very disappointed in FOX.

  33. I gave up on FOX years ago when old man Murdock handed any power to his two commie sons. I switched to the Epoch Times. I never knew about E.T.until I received a free copy in my mail box. After I read it and mentioned that to a friends wife she told me it was one of Trumps must have publications. I ordered a 3 month subscription and then became a total convert. The ironic thing about this news publication is it was started by a man born in China whose family escaped communist China for the same reason I subscribe to his paper….. “truth and honesty in reporting the news” that our MSM doesn’t do because they are all communist / socialist organizations.

  34. Fox news has lost another watcher of its news casts. I may watch Hannity and Laura Ingram but that is it !
    Fox has been a big disappointment !
    I believe Hannity and Ingram will leave after their contracts are up !
    I now watch ONE NEWS !
    The US has no place to call other countries currupt when this country is as bad or worse !
    Mayes me wonder why I gave the US 6 years of my life defending a bunch of corrupt crooks !

  35. I have paid so much attention to this joke of an election that I now am brought to tears instead of laughing. My concern is that the Dominion voting system was used to not only add votes to the Biden team but at the same time that they switch the from Trump to Biden the took away one vote from Trump at the exact same time, that explains why Biden has such a large margin.
    If you add that possibility into the equation TRUMP would have the land slide that his rallies reflected in the mass attendance the had.
    The most disturbing thing that I saw after the airing of Trumps legal team is that there is such a complacency in checking the facts, the team gave the address where the evidence could be found but none has the desire to get off of FB to look.
    I’m at an age that I will probably not nit have to watch the results if Biden and socialism takes root, but every person in the US under the age of 60 had better wake up and smell the coffee.

  36. You could not have herein addressed my personal concerns and the political-facts-of-the-matter more clearly and ACCURATELY. As a rabid Republican, I had, for over a year, absolutely quit watching in Utah, @ Mountain time, the every evening 5:30 p. m. National News Broadcasts of ABC (David Muir)(who speeds through the news like a Circus Barker would), CBS (Nora O’Donnell), and NBC (Lester Holt) (all Trump Bashers). Local new (Ch 2, 4, 5 & 13) is always good and fair from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.. I have refused to watch CNN and their ilk for more than 10 years. For a long time, I had thought I cold trust the Sunday Morning Fox News w/Chris Wallace but over the past two years, my trust, there began to fade. Now, my trust is mostly in Rush Limbaugh to give me opinions, comments and facts I can rely on. Thank you for this article. It is okay by me if you publish it. Utah went 60/35 for Trump

    1. I just signed up Newsmax on my roku for my husband. We are also in Utah. Romney is a carpet bagger and stole the nomination from Dr. Kennedy. He has recently acknowledged that he doesn’t have much support in Utah.

  37. I hold the exact same opinions as you. Thank you for this cogent article. I have noticed these same anomalies with FOX lately. You are a voice of truth and enlightenment in this sea of lies in which we are all drowning. The occurrence that astounded me the most was when Trump had over 400K votes in his favor, then early the next morning, Biden was in the lead. I’m sorry, but I can’t recall in which state this happened. I’d surely appreciate someone explaining to me how that happens.

  38. Have watched Fox News since the beginning. Now we have Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto, both of whom belong on CNN. Now we only watch NEWSMAX.

  39. I would say that Fox Network has blown a big, wide gaping hole in their ass on what they have done in going against the Patriots of America.

  40. Did you leave Shawn Hannity out of your comments on purpose? He is the most vocal supporter of Pres. Trump.

  41. Disagree with your assessment of Tucker Carlson/ LAURA Ingram v Sydney Powell.
    The latter did a great job with Flynn but needed to show proof of a conspiracy. here. Her performance reminded
    me of a Schiff/Pelosi press conference where they ARE LONG ON ACCUSATIONS and very short on proof..
    (Schiff kept claiming he had the proof of Trump collusion and treason but never showed it..). If that’s all there
    is the election is over.
    P.S. Carlson and Ingram are the 2 best we have in Trump’s corner.

  42. You left off Lou Dobbs as a staunch defender of Trump and FREE America.

    My wife and I were shocked to hear Tucker talk about Sidney Powell and not having any proof. He talks about truth, yet he and Fox refuse to talk about Soros and about Fox owners being liberals with ties to the left and Soros.

    Thankfully there are alternatives, such as Newsmax, OAN, Parler, Epoch Times, Rumble, Right Side Broadcasting and others.

  43. FOX is as good as DEAD ! We used to be able to there for truthful news. That is no longer in their vocabulary, they are as reliable as CNN, which is a joke. If President Trump gets cheated out of his rightful position as President, I think he should take Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, help them move to Florida if they choose,and start his own Network. He does not need his salary, as he has already given away every paycheck. He could payoff Seans’ contract, and will not have outrageous NY taxes, or snow. GOODBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. We too noticed this about Fox News , “ 🎼🎤where have all our supposed friends ? Gone to everywhere , when will they ever learn ? When will they ever learn ?
    As the song goes 🎶 🎶 🎵
    Let us stand firm for truth, honesty and loyalty !
    God bless the Republican Task Force as your continue to forge forward and relentlessly !🙏

  45. I have watched news for years and thought it was great for the most part. Now it is obvious that Fox News is not much better than the other fake news media. So disappointing. Tucker’s last comment with regards the election ruined my last shred of hope for Fox. So now I turn to Newsmax. Pray that this will continue to give us the real deal. So far so good.
    The election is not over!!!! We cannot give up. Justice needs to prevail or this country is done! God is on the move!! God is just!!!

  46. The news media thinks everyone has to do what the media thinks they should do, especially if it increases their viewers. Nope, the media is horrible, but they do not control all of the news anymore, even with Big Tech stepping in. There are just too many podcasts and blogs for them to bury all the news all the time.

  47. We, “average” citizens have observed Fox this past year and their”do-good” attitude,Too bad, like several news commentators. Esp. Harrison,Shannon and Tucker.also ‘THE FIVE”. Disappointed in sell-out Bret and Martha. Am turned off by their scripted comments.

  48. What a crock of b.s. you guys are putting out there. All talk, no substance. The corrupt establishment is actually sitting in the WH right now wasting the taxpayers’ money and watching as Americans are dying and getting sick all around him and does he care? Not hardly. What a piece of work DDT (Dirty Donald Trump) is. That piece of work belongs in the dump. Instead he’s sulking because 6 million more Americans preferred Biden over him. Too bad, you S.O.B.
    The paragraph starting off with Sidney Powell makes absolutely no sense to a person with average intelligence. It leads to a nowhere land wth a touch of vindication in a following paragraph about Trump fighting a corrupt establishment. Take notice people: There has never been a more corrupt person sitting in the WH than DDT. And clearly, there has never been a bigger liar than DDT. What is wrong with our Republican party today is the right wing conservative movement. They and DDT have destroyed our party and I resent it, being that I am a longtime Rep. Wake up folks, I watch and read both CNN< MDSBC< Fox along with all the filthy ultra-conservative crap out there, like NewsMax, yet the mainstream media is clearly the reliable source for ACCURATE news.

    1. You’re out of your mind. You hate Trump because he doesn’t speak your kind of language. He kept his promise on every single thing he said he would. Sorry you can’t appreciate he’s done more for America than the dildo that you think6 million more people voted for. Do you ACTUALLY think that Biden is going to d anything but completely screw up this country. Name one thing he will improve?

  49. Wish you people would stop referring to Donald Trump as an “egotistical, pompous ass”. Tell me who in Washington isn’t? So he reveals that by being honest and transparent and the media reports it. How would you describe Lyndon Johnson, who was a womanizer on top of all that., but protected by the media? And of course Bill Clinton was decorum personified. His sins were greeted by “ho hum” in the media. In my opinion, Obama was the biggest egotist to occupy the Presidency in my lifetime, but we dare not criticise him because he is a “person of color”. And don’t forget JFK and his escapades in and out of the White House, – but of course, he was so good looking and introduced the media to the world of glamour and celebrity.
    I have profound admiration for DJT. He happens to be pretty honest and above all loves his country and is trying to rescue it from the clutches of the Swamp, and now Socialism. . You should all be willing to cut him some slack without all the caveats. He’s used to dealing in the world of construction and business. Have you heard those people talk?
    God Bless Him, I say.

  50. Some people need to take a deep breath and calm down because you’re beginning to sound as irrational as those on the Left. Far be it for me to defend Tucker, but this issue was specifically about the voting machines and Powell’s claim that they may have flipped up to 7 million votes for Biden. As Tucker said, this is an extraordinary claim with historical significance that needs to be supported by evidence.

    Contrary to what the MSM is claiming, Tucker didn’t say Powell lied or misled, nor did he say election fraud didn’t exist. To the contrary, Tucker praised Powell’s integrity, saying he has no reason to doubt her. In fact, Tucker has spent the last two weeks documenting the many instances of voter fraud, including discrepancies with the machine counts.

    Tuckers specific concern is that for two weeks nobody has yet provided evidence that shows how these machine’s software and logarithms, flipped votes for Biden—especially 7 million. I am sure Sydney’s affidavits and expert testimony from statisticians, offered to Tucker, would support her claims. This still, however, is not the evidence that shows how the software changed the votes. It is simply more evidence to support the claim.

    Even Sydney admits this evidence is still to come in a couple weeks which Tucker said he gladly awaits. With Dominion representatives failing to show up to testify, it is obvious that somethings going on. I’m just a little dismayed at everybody who suddenly wants to abandon Tucker, when he has been one of the straightest shooters, and strongest advocates for Trumps policies. I’m almost inclined to believe, that some of the more outrageous attacks are from democrats who hope to marginalize the most popular voice on cable.

  51. Tucker Carlson is a registered Democrat & Laura Ingraham used to date Keith Olbermann. Who’s Keith Olbermann, you ask? Let me put it this way, he’s the Glenn Beck of the left. Don Lemon would’ve been a better choice.

  52. Yes, I am also disappointed with them. They comment with many negative overtones. Both Bair and Mcallum stay away from confrontations. seems as though they are trying out for some part and don’t want to make anyone upset with them. Then there is Chris Wallace. Spineless!!!

    1. Chris Wallace has always been a spineless liberal in conservative clothing. So was his dad Mike. I believe they believe their intentions are honorable but don’t have the conviction to settle with Common Sense Facts because they want acceptance with at least apparent conviction.

  53. Well, Paul Ryan is on the Board of FOX and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
    Everyone I know is done with FOX!

  54. This appears to be another liberal attempt to discourage open minded folks from even wanting to know what the truth really is and where to find it. All I have to say is this: to find the truth simply listen to what is being said, as well as by whom, and then observe the results of what was done by those the article refers to vs. what the author of the article says was done or not done.

    A closed mind cannot possibly comprehend the truth because it already has decided what it is from what source they choose to believe.

    One Party chooses to keep people in the dark about what the truth actually is where the other chooses to shed light on the source of darkness. By source I mean not just ‘facts’ or the party that supports those ‘facts’ but the underlying structure or source of those facts….the Dark side of life to keep people and situations under control.

    God wants people to be Free where His counter part wants to control people and everything they are involved in and with. Our Government is to Represent the people of this country.

    My question is which Party wants the people to be Free and which one wants to control people?

  55. Before the election, didn’t Hillary Clinton tell Joe Biden NOT to concede? So whats the uproar with Trump enacting that advice? Its so confusing!

  56. Not a single state that Fox (or the other networks) called for either the Dems or the GOP has flipped. No points in shooting the messenger if you don’t like the message. As for Sidney Powell, she pointed to affidavits, not evidence. No one has seen the affidavits.

    Deal with it; Trump ran behind almost all the other Republicans that ran with him. If there was such a conspiracy, why didn’t the Dems flip the Senate too?

  57. I can’t even turn on Fox Channel any longer. It is bad enough the communist left have EVERY other news organization against American patriot’s in favor of Communism but when the one (fair & balanced) lol betray the viewer’s it is much worse as we knew where the traitor’s were but didn’t realize how close they were. Shame on the Murdoch liberal son’s & daughter in laws and hopefully Karma hit’s RINO Paul Ryan’s family when he least expects it. Traitor’s to America need to be punished for their evil corrupt acts against the one time, greatest nation on earth. Their children’s children will suffer their treason.

  58. Newsmax is one of only three truly independent media. We were all conned by Fax for years, only to get a rude awakening with the first Biden – Trump debate. Obvious to any person with a modicum of brain could see that the moderator was definitely in the pocket of the Braindead Biden crooks.

  59. I believe every word above, especially when FOX and goofy hyena Stirewald gave Arizona to Biden. They’ve been dismissing Trumps legal pursuits, even Geraldo as if they actually knew what the outcome will be. I’ve been watching OANN which hopefully will gain more popularity and viewership. Trump seems to still have Laura, the Judge, Greg, Jesse, Hannity, The great one Levin, and of course the most powerful of all Rush.Not to mention over 7200000 of us.
    I’m praying everyday that the courts will wake up, smell the conspiracy and allow the counts to be legally rechecked.
    We have to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  60. we must first get to the bottom of the fraud or the movement will always be thwarted by these thugs. Fox thinks they can now own the “middle”. They are in nowhere mushy middle land…good riddance. OAN, Newsmax and Real America News that streams on an app. War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon also!

  61. Trump and Pence have only themselves to blame.They did the impossible by losing the debates. Chris Wallace,
    changing topics, asked Biden what he thought of Black Lives Matter. Trump continued yammering on about the
    previous topic and never even noticed that Biden completely dodged the question.If Trump had simply said
    “Black Lives do matter,but the Black Lives Matter organization is run by communists, he would have won the day. Pence was even worse. Tulsi Gabbard blindsided Kamala in the debates forcing her to drop out of the race in less than 5 minutes. Pence never laid a glove on her in 90 minutes. He never brought up that Kamala is an
    ardent supporter of BLM and contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund which bails out looters in Minneapolis.

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