Udpate: Wayne County GOP Members Rescind Votes and Sign Affidavit Citing Threats


In a whiplash-like style of events, the two Republicans on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits Wednesday that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify.

William Hartman and Monica Palmer were subject to news stories across the country after they refused to certify the election results, citing blatant irregularities. But then they suddenly changed their minds.

“After the vote, my Democratic colleagues chided me and Mr. Hartmann for voting not to certify,” she said, according to the affidavit obtained by Fox News. “After the vote, the public comment period began and dozens of people made personal remarks against me and Mr. Hartmann. The comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family. The public comment continued for over two hours and  I felt pressured to continue the meeting without a break.”

Well that sounds awfully familiar at this point. That’s what the Democrats have been doing since President Trump took the reigns.

The two members were promised an audit if they just agreed to certify the results, but it immediately became clear that audit wasn't going to happen.

That's when they decided they couldn't go along with the 'deal' they were offered. It was a scam. A trick.

They needed to make sure the results could be trusted.

“I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified. Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results,” Hartmann said in his affidavit, according to JustTheNews, which was first to report on their decision to rescind.

Good for them and good for America. Doing the right thing isn't always easy but it's necessary.

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23 thoughts on “Udpate: Wayne County GOP Members Rescind Votes and Sign Affidavit Citing Threats”

    1. If our young men and women serving in the military behaved like our politicians……. God help us.

  1. The Governor is worthless, but they should call their Senators or Congressman for security against them. U.S. Marshals should be protecting them!

    THE DEMS for this type of behavior.

    TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP !!! Let’s at least keep America honest.

  3. This is why Trump should have pushed Barr to bring indictments on the Russia gate scandal. Put some of these deepstate tyrants in prison where they belong and maybe this corruption would be discouraged.

  4. The Liberals are the most concerned/caring/understanding/accepting….as long as you believe/do what they want you to believe/do…..IF not watch out.

  5. Thank you much for a JOB well DONE! . . . DON’T give in to fear, and MEET them in the PARKING lot to those who will THREATEN you. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  6. God bless Mr. Hartman and Mrs. Palmer. They are obviously good decent people. Shame on the ones who pressured them to vote to certify. To try to scare them into changing their mind. To even make threats to their family. To promise an audit just to get them to agree to vote to certify. And the people who made this promise knew they weren’t going to audit. So glad they stuck to their principles and rescinded their vote. Too bad these Democrats have no scruples and will do anything to win.

  7. THANK you standing up for truth , Fear not any for our God is able to keep and deliver , stand your ground .PSA 91 GOD is with RIGHIOUS will be with . I stand with Trump . Elections must be fare not corrupted by DNC haters. God Bless America .

  8. Good for Mr. Hartman and Ms. Palmer for standing their ground and voting their conscience! It’s amazing how crooked so many Democrats really are. How easily lies and threats drop off their tongues and out their mouths. There is a separate set of rules for the Democrats that they make up as they go along. If you dare to disagree with their rhetoric or viewpoint, you are called all kinds of names and threatened relentlessly. President Trump warned of all the possible fraud that could result from massive mail in ballots. Now that this fraud has been uncovered, the Democrats are whining because their corruption is being exposed and they want to shut down the investigations. And the fake news isn’t even reporting the exposure of the fraud. They didn’t even report about the Biden corruption involving China and the massive amounts of money paid by China to the Biden’s resulting in access to Joe Biden when he was Vice President. This is a disgrace to our country and a massive threat to our freedom. We must continue the investigations and get to the truth. Otherwise, our freedom to vote at all , along with any assurance that if we maintain the right to vote, our vote will be recorded correctly and accurately, will be removed! Wake up America!

  9. Keep fighting President Trump! This entire election is unfair & unjust. Can’t believe that our nation has become one of corruption. There are many out there that need to be prosecuted. You deserve to be president for 4 more years. I definitely stand with you.

  10. Good for them. I can bet there are MANY who have experienced the exact same treatment unless they sided with the Thugs of the Democrat party, all the way to inside the beltway of D.C.!

  11. This is AMERICA ???? Could have fooled me. Sounds more like Marxist Russia ! Or Nazi Germany! We have sent thousands of our finest to die fighting this insidious plague !..It’s horrible and hideous.. The over-whelming greed and lust for POWER in an easily identified ‘few’ is killing our wonderful nation. Looks we’ll end up being Venezuela or worse if we don’t stand and oppose this.. My most sincere gratitude for these true citizens who did..

  12. I support you totally for refusing to certify. The Democrats are desperate to “get rid” of our president, and they will lie, cheat, and steal to make it happen. I have lived a long time, seen many elections, but I have never seen such hatred! It is very frightening, but the answer to resolve it is NOT to give in to them. There should be an investigation, and the people who cheated must be brought to justice! Good for you for standing up to them!

  13. Goodonya both. Hang in there, let the system, the law, and justice decide the situation accordingly. THAT is why we have that in place, to deal with issues like this.

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