More Counties in GA Finding More Missing Trump Votes and ‘Errors’ in Tabulation

The media spent a solid month putting President Trump on the spot to make sure he wouldn’t declare victory before the electoral votes were certified. Then they declared victory for Biden almost immediately.

But the Trump team is confident in many states; Georgia being one of them.

The media and Democrats, after spending 3.5 years claiming election fraud in the 2016 election, now says that any claims of election fraud aren’t newsworthy or substantiated.

But now, a third county in Georgia has found more missing ballots, mostly for Trump.

Floyd County, Fayette County, and now Walton County have all suddenly found votes that were not previously tabulated – and the majority were for President Trump.

Coincidence? Lin Wood says no way.

Lin Wood, an attorney on the Trump legal team, says the leadership in Georgia is intentionally engaging in election fraud.

And he says he can prove it.

If he's right, and Lin Wood has a sterling reputation, the Georgia leadership is in big trouble. Both the Governor and Secretary of State are Republicans.

The Walton County votes are small numbers, but Fayette and Floyd Counties are larger and the Georgia race is close, so every vote matters as one would think it should anyway.

But Dekalb County is now finding 'errors' in the vote count and they also all seemed to have favored Joe Biden.

David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, says there's more.

Shafer also said they have now turned over an affidavit and have requested an investigation.

It looks like the race isn't quite over and if they certify the electoral votes in Georgia, this Friday, this could very well end up in the Supreme Court.

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55 thoughts on “More Counties in GA Finding More Missing Trump Votes and ‘Errors’ in Tabulation”

  1. The Democrats are desperate as they all face jail terms for corruption and fraud.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Look we all know the spineless repukeacrates won’t do anything. The votes may count but they won’t put any one in jail. Watcph & see. Barr didn’t do amything with the info he had if trump loses all these people get 2 walk free

    1. They should look into all the House and Senate races. The media and social media looks ridiculous by denying fraud when there is overwhelming evident. It’s like on news broadcasts on CNN when the reporter is saying it’s been a peaceful protest when behind him are burning cars. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. I want to see the numbers by total and for Trump & Biden, on these new uncounted ballots, as well as the most likely as yet to be found tallies from other counties. In other states too. Yes, go to Supreme Court. Too many different styles of fraud, including Dominion & its ability to be hacked & sabotaged. At this time, I feel no way to trust anything Democrat, people & policies. Starting as early as being referred to as vhumps, deplorables, et all ……to Shiff misreading the report on the ph call only to claim his reading was a parody… now with their silence vs out rage at such as Dominion speaks volumes of them. I pray GA gets checked thoroughly & correctly. I am more than tired of this apparent fraud, lying, cheating and all the rest under the canopy of politics. We the People need to still run this country, as it was designed.

  3. Didn’t herr zuckerberg testify just a couple of days ago he didn’t target conservatives? I tried to post this on FB, and it would not allow me to do so. There are other ways to skin a cat, so to speak.

    1. Someone needs to create an alternative to Facebook that does not censor and then people switch to that alternative. Drop Facebook like a hot potato. There is already an alternative for Twitter. It is called Parler. It is a free speech social network that does not censor. People who love freedom need to find alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon. These big Tech companies are working together to control us.

      1. I’m using Parler now and Good sites. Canceled Twitter… and FB may be next. And I refuse to watch Fox News. Traitors!

  4. Everyone they can find who had anything to do with this should automatically spend 10yrs in prison with no parole. Another thing ALL officials including the President work for the people, they are not our bosses, they can make suggestions what we do, but for them to tell people they can’t gather, or have to wear a mask etc, they were put there to run the country correctly, a lot of them enter the office are not rich but it don’t take them long to get that way, we need term limits , they need to be held accountable to the fullest.

  5. Until all people revolt against the anti-American democrats and their tools for hate and division of America the bought out biased Medias propaganda LIES nothing will happen just the democrats getting richer on taxpayers back while screwing Americans over!

  6. It should go to the Supreme Court as an appeal of a life at hard labor sentence for those are doing this CHEATING. They should also be stripped of their right to vote and that should be non appealable.

  7. Watching democrats find their way to judgement for their crimes of treason !!
    It will be among my favorite memories as they hang Obama, Hillary and their hoard of scum

  8. They can find all the missing votes there is , but the courts will turn a blind eye to evidence and side with the democrats.

    1. You are so right Sherm, because they own the courts and the Judges. When these institutions are in the pay of DemocRATS, they do as ordered by their Masters. Justice, as we used to know it, no longer exists, only the ordinary
      folks face justice, the DemocRATS have a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” Card in perpetuity.

  9. Well, seeing how crooked that Georgie is, how will it affect the senate race that is coming up in January 2021? Looks like the people that were doing the tabulation, already had their minds up that Biden was going to be the winner.Per-sonally I would not not believe anything that these people had to say. Well, seeing that Stacy Abrams has never ceeded that she lost when running for governor of Georgia. So she is now the governor of Georgia.

  10. This Georgia voter fraud smacks of in depth organization. I wonder about my own state of Minnesota which also uses Dominion. How could our President lose by 40,000 votes in 2016 and then lose by 232,000+ votes.

  11. This should be a total recount of all the states and it should be at the expense of the government. This has to be correct or our election system is useless and all confidence in our system will be lost. No matter who the winner is we will at least be sure that the man elected President becomes president. This is not a power deal it is a people of the US deal.

    1. Voters in ALL states should DEMAND that their state representatives, senators, and governors pass legislation that reforms elections laws. This legislation should stipulate that NO mail-in ballasts may be used in future elections, that ALL voters MUST present ID to vote, that all voter registrations must be current and contain a signature, that absentee ballots MUST BE REQUESTED and the signature on the ballot MUST match the signature on the voter registration card on file, that state residents who want to register to vote must prove they are legal US citizens and that they have been a resident in their state for a minimum of 90 days before they may register to vote.

  12. With all of the Demorats making broadcasts of Far Left Wing Socialists policies, why would they say such things unless they KNEW they would win by any means possible?

    Sleep Joe was an act. With such visible frailty, probably many R folks would not go out and vote thinking no one else would vote for Joe, and Trump would win easily. Maybe we and the Right Media got fooled – especially since the Left Media went along with those videos and sound bites.

    Dominion software cannot be trusted, but WHO guided and set this up? Was it Soros and friends?

    1. Yes Dominion and G. Soros are linked through the Tides Foundation which is just one of many Soros foundations. G. Soros funds all these communist organizations that are internet on toppling the US constitution and capitalism. The first rule in investigation is to follow the money trail.


  14. I wish this changed things, but I fear it won’t. The deep state is far too deep for Americans to defeat peaceably. There are way too many Republicans involved which keeps Trump, and therefore Americans, from regaining our control over the Government . It’s hard enough trying to wrangle all the Demoncrats, but when you have that many repugnant Republicans helping them, It’s nearly impossible. We’ll just have to destroy them in 2 years when we regain massive control of the House and then we will really be able to get the job done.

    1. The immediate course of action is to:
      •keep pressure on your state legislatures to uphold any recounts that are taking place in a fair, transparent manner and uphold any law suits that have been brought by Trumps law team.
      •to encourage any election workers who are aware of fraud to come forward and sign an affidavit.
      •to DEMAND, (call, email, or write letters), that state Republican representatives that control the legislatures of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia designate their state electoral delegates to Trump. These Republican state representatives have the legal right under the US Constitution to designate these electoral delegates to either Trump or Biden. In the instances where there has been fraud and a lack of transparent oversight during voter registrations, ballot mailing, counting, machine tabulations, etc. these representatives have the moral justification to award their electoral college delegates to Trump.
      •to educate yourself on candidates for future local, state, and federal elections. The 2022 federal elections will be extremely important as the Republicans will have a very strong chance at controlling both the house and the senate. It is imperative that voters educate themselves to elect constitutional conservatives, not Democraps or RHINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

    2. The deep state has sold its soul to Satan, and now Satan rules supreme, for the time being.
      Remember, God is watching and will correct this situation in His own good time.
      The Satinists may as well enjoy their fraudulent victory while they can because it will not last.
      Hell is awaiting all of them, including Soros, Obama & Co, Biden & Co, Pelosi & Schumer,
      The Clinton push, Corrupt Judges, and the FBI & CIA. Welcome to Hell guys and gals!!!
      Oh I almost forgot…the Hollywood pretenders and the corrupt Media, which includes former
      Aussie turncoat Rupert Murdoch and his ilk…all on the way to Hell in a handbasket!!!

  15. I am a resident of Georgia and always vote. In the past I haven’t been much concerned about voter fraud, even though I knew it existed, because if appeared to have been done in by a few individuals or possibly small groups but not enough to affect the outcome of the election. The 2020 election is entirely different. I have absolutely no confidence that the official results are anywhere close to the actual vote. There are too many discrepancies being reported and being found to give one confidence in the results. The voting machines used in Georgia are suspect, at best, and the state’s failure to compare signatures on mail-in ballots is an invitation to fraud. Unless an actual comparison is made between the signature on the ballot and the one on the registration card I refuse to accept the results as being correct. It may be time for us to step back and return to the old pencil mark ballots of the past. And, a government issued identification card should be required before the individual can cast a ballot. I think this would alleviate some of the distrust of the election system and give us confidence that our vote actually counted.

    1. Demand that your state Republican representatives who control the GA legislature award Georgia’s electoral college delegates to Trump. The representatives who control a states legislature are the group who has the right under the US constitution to award electoral delegates to the candidate of their choice. Put pressure on your state representatives to award GA’s delegates to Trump.

      1. The choices will be

        a) Award the electoral votes to Trump
        b) Hold a re-vote with NO mail in ballots.

        The Democrat Party can choose which they prefer.

        This wholesale fraud won’t stop until there are severe penalties. Ballot counting must be recorded by video. That will stop the cheaters.

  16. Total mess this election is! I guess we knew this was going to happen when the silent majority rose up and said that is enough! Socialism is just a sweet word used for communism. If the radical leftist get their way this country will be like North Korea. No more police force because it will be the military patrolling our streets with orders to shoot to kill if you step out of line! Georgia’s voting is really screwed up. Democratic party calling people that have moved out of state registered to vote in the state they live in now and telling them that they still have family living in Georgia so they can register them to vote here in Georgia using their family’s address showing they live with family here. If that is not committing voter fraud also I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona. I am just not ready to give up the freedom and liberties I have grown up with. If I wanted to give them up I would move a communist run country so my advice to those who are ready to do this is leave and don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out!

  17. This should go all the way to the Supreme Court! This needs to be investigated. There should be a congressional hearing on the fraud the democrats have created. Everyone of them should be jailed. It is all so disgusting & embarrassing.

  18. We have faith in our Father in Heaven, that he is in control, & that what is now in the dark, will be brought into the light. There are millions of prayers going up to heaven, for President Trump, the election, the American people, & our Nation. The left is trying to destroy America, & everything that we stand for, but we will not sit on our butts & let them get away with it, without a fight. Evil is strong, but Faith, & Prayers, are stronger. May God continue to Bless our President, America, & All Americans.

  19. Each time A republican wins the Presidency, the Democratic party (AKA Socialist party), cries foul play. They did it with Reagan and they blamed Bush for 911. They did it with Trump and they are now trying to win by cheating.
    Obama won because white people voted for him. He still insists there is systemic racism in the Country. He should be investigated for spying on journalists and the Trump campaign among other illegal acts he committed.

  20. We The People except nothing less than every legal vote be counted, which means recount in any place were errors were made. There seems to be a lot errors and corruption all over the place in this election. Possible much more than we know about.

    I also think it is sad that Biden is already trying to mandate how we should live before he is in office. Our rights as American citizens are tying to be striped away from us. Shame on political plays!!

    If we had been allowable to live normal everyday lives peoples bodies would have built up a natural resistance to this as they due to other contagious bugs.

    1. When truth comes out it is again finding the Republicans making up all kinds of lies. Republicans of integrity are mostly embarrassed and silent, but must speak out to recover a trustworthy part for the future.

      1. Please read articles. Do you know about the mathmatical, algorithm glitch in Dominion Voting Machines and Smartmatic software, explained by the MI Data Scientists? It was clarified by Dr. Shiva. Do you know about the super computer, the Hammer, that Obama accessed and used to spy on Pres. Trump, which can also hack elections and switch votes? I imagine Pelosi did, since Clinton and Pelosi’s name were on the account.. Her chief of staff wanted them in 30 states. Why would you want Socialist/Communist Kamala Harris as our V.P.? She praised the Marxist BLM and associated with the co founders of Global Marxist BLM, who wants to use tax dollars to defund the police. She has associated with Maoist Communists for years, mentoring Lateefah Simon of Youth Empowerment. Her father is/was a Socialist Professor, and she wouldn’t admit it in an interview. She is as deceptive as Socialist Obama, whose mentor created the Black Panther Party, and associated with Kamala’s family. Read about her 1st Communist lover, Willie Brown, S. F. CA. and her husband Doug Emhoff, who made millions working with Communist China. The Communist China Party endorsed Joe Biden, since he and Hunter Biden had their hands in Communist China’s pockets for years. Responsible Republicans with integrity will fight for America and freedom to stand with President Trump. The Biden/Obama teams had sold America out for years to China, allowing them to buy out America, 140,000 acres. while outsourcing jobs.They’re smooth liars, and Kamala laughed in America’s face, when she was asked if she was a Socialist. There’s more, then what Hitler media will tell you. Communist China gives higher education 680 million dollars to program them into Socialist/Communist thinking. Time for Americans to wake up. The supposedly virus scare is just to get Americans to submit to the Socialist Democrat leaders like CA. Newsom, N.Y. Cuomo, and Whitmer. If Americans are lowly and subdued, with suffering economy, they hope we will be easier to dominate with Socialist Democrat leadership.

  21. Those of us in faraway OZ who have been watching the shenanigans in the USA since 2016 have fully expected this
    outcome. The DemocRATS have proven themselves to be unscrupulous liars, and massive fraudsters, at every turn.
    They are so determined to rule and destroy America, as well as subjugate its people to the cause of Socialism, that
    Election Fraud is just another tool in their arsenal, along with all the made up stories and lies they used to try to
    impeach the one President in recent times, who had the good of the Nation at the heart of his administration.
    Shame shame shame DemocRATS!!! Treason is not a good look no matter what color you paint it.

  22. Good. In 2000, Gore and Bush had 37 days to determine the results. The AZ. Governor declared, they still had law suits pending, because of voter fraud. These are about ballots, but how do we determine how many were lost, because ot the math, algorithm glitch mentioned by MI. Data Scientist, Dr. Shiva? This was verified, that the previous used Dominion Voting Machines, and Smartmatic software were flawed and set to switch votes from Pres. Trump to Biden. One Dominion worker, Eric, PH.D in Nuclear Physics, profanely stated, he made sure Pres. Trump wouldn’t win. Clinton and Pelosi’s names were on the account. Pelosi’s former chief of staff, Nadeam Elshami (of Egypt), was lobbying for the Dominion machines in about 30 states. Reporters share, that Diane Feinstein’s husband had a 60% interest in ballots, while ballots in Omar’s area were bought and sold from cars. Obama had accessed and authorized the use of the super computer, Hammer, with the scorecard app, which spied on Pres. Trump. It is also capable of hacking elections and switching votes. Attorneys are working on this case, since several reporters have exposed the details in these operations, and have insinuated their use in overtaking Venezuela.

  23. I had a professor in college that said ” the Demoncrats have worked hard to be in charge, even when they are not in charge”. How true is that. More disturbing is a quote that I heard recently, “all Republicans are Democrats, but NO Democrats are Republicans”. Now that’s a scary thought.

  24. I think there is a huge amount of voter fraud in this country and in several states. If the Democrats are finally caught buying the election then all need to be prosecuted and placed behind bars, as criminals should be!!

  25. The only way to correct this problem is for federal mandate requiring all states to require voter ID / proof of citizenship. This should be acceptable for all parties that desire a fair and balanced voting procedure. The right to vote is granted to citizens (not residents) of the United States. This might require a new amendment to the constitution. Judges making unconstitutional decisions should be impeached and removed from the office they are holding. If the Supreme Court overturns an unconstitutional ruling, why is the jurist who made the bad ruling not being removed from office? Also, term limits on Washington would stop a lot of this type of corruption. They are sent to Washington to work for the people – not to become millionaires by abusing the system.

  26. What really worries me is how many votes for Donald Trump were destroyed before ever reaching the counting process. There is such an attitude among liberals, of combating anything Trump, that my concern is an informal undercurrent of “do anything you can right or wrong” to defeat Trump, that a few-at-a-time process across the country has wrongfully resulted in a sufficient number of votes, never counted, to throw the election in favor of Biden.
    Beyond that, no doubt there is intentional mishandling of the voting across the country at any opportunity that has overwhelmingly favored Biden.

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