Trump Lawyer: I Have a First Hand Witness That Smartmatic Software Was Created to Change Votes

Sidney Powell, one of President Trump’s lawyers as well as a lawyer for Michael Flynn, says she has a firsthand witness that attests the Dominion voting systems software is meant to change votes. On Lou Dobbs’s show, she said that witness is a high ranking military officer who was present when Smartmatic was designed in such a way to be able to change votes without detection.

The military officer said they were searching for a company to produce such a product and Smartmatic became that company.

The officer said the software was used in Venezuela in 2006 to give Chavez a big victory and then again in 2013 for President Nicholas Maduro.

The story sounds familiar, too.

The officer said he was in the control room when the results were shown, and they were connected to the computer systems that were counting votes via an internet connection.

They had the ability to change votes in real-time from one candidate to another, by using the Smartmatic software, when results weren't going in a favorable direction for their particular candidate.

Powell also said that when they were losing, they reported results and then took the whole system offline so they could reset the system, change the votes, and then put the system back online with the newly updated vote totals.

That process took about two hours.

Sound familiar? On election night, Trump was barnstorming the swing states when they suddenly decided to shut down and stop counting. Once they came back up, after a few hours, Joe Biden had made huge gains to put him in the lead.

The affidavit says they've been doing this all over the world.

Smartmatic is a foreign owned company and the President of Smartmatic, Peter Neffenger, is on Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden's transition team.

Powell says people have been reporting this to the government for years, even Democrats, but nobody has done a thing about it.

You can watch the full interview here.


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60 thoughts on “Trump Lawyer: I Have a First Hand Witness That Smartmatic Software Was Created to Change Votes”

  1. This software must be classified as not usable in any election in this country. It was evidently constructed to change the actual votes of people through a timed delay in the tabulation process! It must be thrown out permanently and never allowed to be used in any election or information gathering process in this country.

    1. I think we are running after gossips and chasing white elephant. We need to learn about how to practice our democratic value by accepting vote result. Now, republican election officials are speaking out about election result and saying that no irregularity happens. I’ll doubt if these election officials are democrat.

      So, let accept the reality instead of dividing the already a divided country and lets start working for 2024. Now, as a citizen of US, the leader of the world, lets lineup behind our elected president regardless we like it or not.

      1. It’s the democrats who divided this country when Obama and Biden were in office. They never accepted the results of the 2016 election and have been causing chaos ever since… and NOW you think Republicans NEED to accept the fake olive branch? The democrats DON’T want to reach across the aisle OR work together, but rather have everyone just go along with their policies/ideas, with NO questions asked. Not going to happen!!

      2. Mohammed, we did that 8 yrs ago with Obama, we did not like it but went along with him, look at this country after 8 yrs of a communist leader. We CANNOT afford to “get along” We must stand up and fight for this country

      3. Your entire answer is about as stupid as anything I have ever heard. The White Elephant you mention happens to be the fact that the democrats are fraudulently changing votes and taking them away from the person voting for one person and secretly giving it to the opposition. That is fraud and this white elephant as you call it is real and criminal. Democrats have done this from the beginning of time. You being from another country originally have no idea of the democratic system and most likely did the same illegal practices you are saying we should use here in America. So you must accept reality that democrats have been proven to be changing votes and using a pandemic they were involved in to create a mass illegal mailing of ballots to incomplete and incorrect list of voters to benefit Beijing Biden and Hanoi Harris. This entire election needs to be thrown out in the states where this cheating is going on and must be over turned. and the results that were shown before the democrats stopped counting ballots and changing the votes in the middle of the night with the legal oversight not being present as required. Election officials must not be charged and jailed for treason.and fraud.

        1. Lynden Johnson won the graveyard vote in Texas and when a recount was requested what happened>
          The barn where the voting records were stored BURNED.
          Then KENNEDY was killed Johnson served until the HE INVENTED THE GULF OF TANKEN ATTACT to assure his reelection.
          The Democrats have a lot of experience in election strategies.

      4. That’s the problem Mohammed, if we allow the election to be stolen in 2020 we have no hope for future elections.
        Just like a Socialist Country, the elections are fixed, the news is bias and the “President” keeps winning because they continue to cheat at the polls.
        Wake up people, if you want a Socialist Country move to Venezuela, I heard they make 6. a month salary!

      5. no absolutely not. I say have election again. only voter id picture. no mail in votes. The postal workers are all
        democrat goverment workers ..I sent two checks to the RNC. They never got them . Some democrat decided to rip them up. Kamala Harris will never be my president .Biden like Hillary are criminals .

      6. How can you accept the facts of this election when the fact are clearly visible of cheating corrupt fraud in the system that they have already discovered.

      7. There actually was no vote to accept. Citizen or not, logically speaking, too much illegality to trust anything. The election was totally demonized. There is no forward move except to redo election.

      8. Easy for you to say when apparently you voted for Biden. The “reality” you write about is that the crooked Dems have objected to Trump’s beating Clinton and began draining the “Swamp”! They have done everything they could to bring him down including a phony Impeachment. “Accept” that and maybe we can come together again as a nation…

      9. It’s amazing the contrast between your message and the hate and absurdity of the wackos on this site. Just remember these are the people who thought some buffoon was going to build a wall and another country would pay for it!

      10. You mean line up behind Biden like the Democrats/Libetals snd progressives lined up behind Trump? I’m all for lining up EXACTLY like they did behind Trump…. meaning not at all

      11. Seriously dude – you are quite naive. First of all, Biden is NOT elected yet, nor is he even the President elect until Dec 14th when the electors vote. He is still just a candidate who ‘thinks’ he won the election. I do not accept fraud and corruption and there is EVIDENCE of it in the process…

    1. Well, Gene. I shall call you to give you my message since the “thought police” have taken over our internet.

  2. If this evidence stands, the election should be invalidated in ALL STATES that utilized this software. It’s not just the Presidential election. Every candidate and proposition should require a new election with new voting systems and processes at much higher standards.

  3. SO if this is proven to be true, I would think this “election” could, and SHOULD be declared NULL and VOID.
    Actually while watching on a program on national TV, they were showing how the votes were “flipped” from President rump to biden, in real time. In short this “election” was nothing more than a FRAUD perpetrated on the American voters.
    We are now “officially” a “banana republic” run by democommunist-paid MOBS, “deep state actors”, corrupt “alphabet agency elites”, and corrupt communists disguised as “representatives”…

    1. Because I could not edit I re-printed my original post.

      SO if this is proven to be true, I would think this “election” could, and SHOULD be declared NULL and VOID.
      Actually while watching on a program on national TV, they were showing how the votes were “flipped” from President Trump to biden, in real time. In short this “election” was nothing more than a FRAUD perpetrated on the American voters.
      We are now “officially” a “banana republic” run by democommunist-paid MOBS, “deep state actors”, corrupt “alphabet agency elites”, and corrupt communists disguised as “representatives”…

  4. Any state using this voting system needs to have their election deemed null and void! This is a corrupt system that was abused by the fraudocrats to create a fraudulent election because it was the ONLY way the crooks could win. Don’t be surprised if something doesn’t happen in Georgia.

  5. Sounds like SEDITION and TREASON . . . and ALL guilty parties need to be sent to FEDERAL Prison – PERMANENTLY. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  6. I hope and pray they stay on this. I am so sick of the democrats and them doing crooked things. Trump is my President.

    1. they wont cash talks and no one have bernie sanders george soros and a lot of rich people who want to rule the world and controle the money.biden is just a door man.

    2. The rich are trying to break down this country in order to globalize and control it. That’s what this is all about. That’s why they get away with everything. It seems only one man is trying to save it. Out with the politicians.

  7. Oh, what sins we do commit under the cover of darkness!!! The DEMs do not like the light (which can be translated as truth; i.e.: Jesus is light and Jesus is truth!!) The Dems are so good at this!!! But then the Republicans come along and start shedding the light!! And oh what dastardly deeds turn up!! You can be sure your sins will find you out, not necessarily on the peoples’ timetable; this is all controlled by our one True God)/ BUT they will come to light – AND THEN: the punishment stats!!! Again, all on God’s timetable and he punishment will be meted out by God himself!!! I pity those who get caught in the light!!!

  8. Is this part of the Hammer and Score Card program that was created for the CIA to change votes and use it on other foreign elections. the Democrats were able to obtain the program for US election.

  9. Biden, it seems, is one smart cookie. This man needs to be investigated thoroughly starting now. There’s too many things that are suspect around him and I don’t want him and his Socialist, Marxist and Communist “friends” to lead our our children. They stand for everything evil: what kind of people pull babies limbs apart and stabs the base of their skulls at all stages of delivery, even full term. God help us!!!

  10. If she is right and can prove it then do it for goodness sake. Every issue that Trump’s lawyers bring to court are being dismissed .

  11. I will never accept Biden as president and will never refer to him as president even to his face. The Dems have proven themselves to be the party of socialism/communism. I’ll resist in the streets to my death before I ever bow to these communists. They are evil and we know they manipulated the election just like have attempted a coup against our President in the very beginning and through his entire term one thing after another. Biden will sell us to China and adopt their governmental system to become communists. God will not allow this to happen and he may call upon us to go through another revolution to save our country. We need to follow God’s lead.

    1. I am so with you. After China takes over they will use American might to try to conquer the whole world leading to WWIII. Whatever is God’s will. Just as he knew Jesus had to die to save us, perhaps this is our path.

  12. Democrats are the party of liberalism, lawlessness, situation ethics, rampant immorality and the representation of those whose belief systems are grounded in them. They must control because they can not tolerate the concept of obedience to the law unless such obedience is essential to their hold on control and power. During this past year, the ONLY means of defense against Covid-19 has been the wearing of a mask, applicable to all. There was no reason, other than the opportunity afforded for undetectable fraud in the lax process of mail-in balloting which caused all kinds of “irregularities” with respect to handling. Live, in-person, pre-registered, legally eligible, citizen voter balloting in a designated polling place, moderated by representatives of the major parties, assures a propriety of voting which mail-in balloting does not. The voter is the ONLY person who handles the ballot from the time of receiving it to the time it is inserted in the counting machine. The security of the two processes is unequal and, with the exception of absentee ballots for military personnel and foreign service or overseas civilians and domestic disabled, voters should be required to present themselves, in person, on election day to vote.
    There is no reason to trust that the two processes are equal in terms of the security provided by each.

  13. All I can say is, I’m disgusted to who ever created this machine. Only the greedy money hungry and power hungry would want to do this. To you, I say, you have learned nothing, but how to cheat, steal, and become your own worst enemy.

  14. Well great. So is this person going to sign a sworn affidavit and testify about this?. I am so sick of people “coming forward” but nothing ever gets done. It makes great sound bites for news programs. But wheres the beef??

  15. It is been long proven by the person who created the software and sold it to the Dems before the 2016 election. They did not use it in 2016 because they thought Hillary was going to win. They have already laid the ground for Socialism, Biden himself was giving an interview a few months back and I quote he says “America was a nice idea but it did not work work, we will shut it down and build it up again”. If we allow this to happen then Welcome to Socialism”

  16. This is all starting to make sense. This is why Biden didn’t even campaign. This is why the Governor or was it the Lt. Governor of Penn. said Trump will not win Penn. weeks before the election. This is why when we went to bed on election night PRESIDENT TRUMP had a strong lead in Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn. but in the morning it all went to Biden. Anyone who doesn’t smell something is off is fooling themselves. The election at this point can’t be fixed and should become null and void. It needs to go to the supreme court with all the evidence from both sides.

    1. You said it girlfriend. You are right on the money. Keep doing your research which is what we all shall do. We’ll see where the Supreme Court actually stands on this issue.

  17. I think something should be done now I voted for Trump how do I know that it didn’t go to Biden.I think Biden should not be able to do anything freeze it,How crooked.I think President Trump should not give up keep going these people that took care if the Ballots they should all be in jail all of them cannot be trusted.So the people that voted for Biden don’t complain when your Medicare is cut taxes go up and other things.This is so sad that things have to be crooked.

  18. stop the steal , the supreme court better uphold Gods truth or we llost our country for good, cheating will always then happen,m our founding fathers and dead soldiers deserve better than this political evil, thank God for Trump, pray hard to Jesus to save our Christian country

  19. Mohammed Islam, you say “lets lineup behind our elected president regardless we like it or not.” remember those words when the legally elected President Trump serves his second term as President. I am quite sure you will be first in that “lineup.” After all this is what you are calling for “regardless we like it or not.”

    God Bless America.

  20. The more the Democrats lie, and cheat, and commission IT to cheat on their behalf, the more likely they are to be caught out. Here’s hoping that the Senior military officer has protection, because the Democrats, with the expertise
    of the Clintons could cause him to have a fatal accident…like so many of his counterparts in the past.
    Pray to God that he lives to give evidence in court…and then continues to live out his life in honour.
    Democrats will do absolutely anything to beat the current President…why? Because he actually does what he says
    he will do, for the people of the United States of America. The Democrats promise a lot, but do nothing at all.
    With the exception of lying, cheating, threatenng, and stealing…it is their stock in trade. A POX on the lot of them.

  21. I actually saw a video of a change in votes for Biden on election night with a digital reversal where Trump had so many votes and when they updated it, Bidens number went up the amount that was subtracted from Trumps votes. This was obviously the biggest China MSM overthrow of the election. Trump shoould not concede ever.

    1. I think we should all get in our golf carts and fight this injustice like our bone spur general and take our fight to every golf course. And then send the bill to Mexico to pay for along with the wall like our crotch grabbing leader promised .

  22. I’m so grateful for President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸 I trust as much as I would my father, he’s proved that to me the last 4 years so I pray for President Trump and family and all the wonderful American Patriots who are helping drain the swamp. God Bless American

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