Trump COVID Adviser: The Only Way This Stops is if People Rise Up

Dr. Scot Atlas, a leading adviser for the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force, responded to the new restrictions put in place by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer announced a new lockdown for the state of Michigan, at least for 3 weeks, that encompasses the Thanksgiving holiday.

The left has exploded over this exchange.

But Dr. Atlas is right. People do get what they accept. At one point, long ago, the people living on this land decided they didn't want tyranny and they rose up to take their freedom from the tyrants.

I'm not saying the right should do what the left did all summer long, but sitting quietly at home and hiding your beliefs in fear of being "outed" as a lover of freedom is a good recipe for what's happening right now.

The state of Michigan is now 'putting a halt' to in-person teaching at schools and colleges, sports (not professional, though), dining in at restaurants, and new restrictions on family gatherings.

Republican lawmakers are starting to make their voices heard and saying these governor-issued restrictions on our liberty are not constitutional, but they need the support of the people if they're going to enter this fight. After all, if they feel they're the only ones fighting it, they may feel they're not representing the people's wishes. Politicians are constantly worried about re-election.

The left has accused Dr. Atlas of inciting violence but he, of course, says that's not what he's calling for.

But, still, he's right. People will get the government they accept and, until about right now, we've accepted it all. The Million MAGA March was a good start to let these politicians know that liberty loving Americans aren't going to accept a socialist or communist style government, and there are plenty of us out there.

The people must make their voices heard.

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102 thoughts on “Trump COVID Adviser: The Only Way This Stops is if People Rise Up”

    1. They know how to market their message. Make it sound great and it is what you want. The public education has failed. I too once voted in that regard.

    2. Most of this insanity among the public was created by membership in labor unions and the last 50 years of liberal indoctrination in public schools at all levels. Back in the 30’s FDR specificallyrefused to allow labor unions for federal civil service workers. Here is what he said:

      In 1937, Roosevelt wrote to the President of the National Federation of Federal Employees, a government union, and gave his opinion that employee organizations have a “logical” role in government. Roosevelt believed that government employees should organize in order to ensure “fair and adequate pay, reasonable hours of work, safe and suitable working conditions . . . and impartial consideration and review of grievances.”

      However, Roosevelt was careful to clarify that “meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government.” In particular, he believed that collective bargaining agreements were incompatible with public sector work:

    3. You can’t Fix stupid, and most of these people have minimum education. In a lot of cases They have been taught to vote ” D ” . The ” D ” represents what Johnson put into play in his administration, They pay the poor at the time Just enough to get by, not enough to give them a chance to move forward. If anyone thinks Biden won this election they are crazy as hell. The software on Dominions machines was made to change votes. Poll workers observered changing votes. The Rich of the world Gates was the front man, wants Trump out, Obama was supposed to have completed this job of making The USA a 3 rd world nation. He screwed up then Hillary screwed up, and Trump was well on his way to Moving Forward even against the entire opposition of the CCP, the Rich that fund the DNC. This globalization of the rich so they can squeeze every cent out of the world, will kill us all, I ask you this How do you predict a Pandemic ans, you don’t unless you are in on it. The trillionaires of the world are at fault, Fauci was directly involved you move products and people from one Country to another spreading what was never heard of, bad part is Fauci knew everything in 2015, research at UNC Chinas bat woman, and Faucis team, 2 bad mistakes on his watch, Obama even told him get the stuff out of the US, 3.7 million $ of tax payer money to kill millions around the world, IMO so the rich can get richer and population control

    1. That is what Oblowhard tried to start during his 8 years but it was due to “race” not “stolen elections”. He had every opportunity to make incredible progress for minorities yet due to his communist upbringing all he could think of was “racism and phony victim-hood” like all other communist in history. They need victims and they need scapegoats. Instead he and his party set race relations back 50 years.

  1. Well they say you people in Michigan didn’t vote for Trump. Some of you said he was too mean and rough. Let’s see how tough you are when this imbecile of a human being locks you down for a while. Let’s see how tough you are. Will you reject her ass or will you kow tow to that idiot’s demands and be like little wimpy wussies. It will say a lot about your sorry butts.

    1. Trump had and has our support!! Detroit is so corrupt, I don’t trust or believe that Trump didn’t win Michigan. We are smarter than that!!

    2. I was up in northern MI at the beginning of October. The Trump signs far outnumbered the Biden signs by 10 to 1.
      The restaurants we ate at also all had Trump signs in the windows and the food was great! One farm had a row of those large round hay bales, each with a huge Trump sign, for about a half mile along the highway. At least northern MI isn’t crazy. Thanks northern MI !!

  2. Democrats taught us how to “RESIST”. Time to do it in spades to every Blue State governor. Liberty demands resistance.

  3. I must say the dead grass and weeds in my yard are more honest than any liberal in America. I use to live in the beautiful state of Michigan. Left the state due to the high failure rate of liberals. Moved to South Dakota where there is a great economy, and a great Governor for the state. All liberals are good for is killing off almost two babies a minute, stealing money from the working people, rewarding people ( including themselves) who are failures, steal, lie, demoralize the life of people, and cheat. I will never understand why people keep voting them in. Especially Christians.

    1. I have found that there are too many Christians who have been fooled. The liberals know how to engage in Scripture twisting to get their message across. The Bible says to help the poor and downtrodden. So they foolishly vote them in not realizing the left actually wants the poor to remain poor.

    2. Why did the people of Germany allow Adolf Hitler to take over an cause tens of millions of deaths all over Europe? Not all Germans were Nazi’s but all Germans sat by and allowed it to happen. Remember one thing, as Hitler gained political power they also disarmed the people by using the same old tired excuse….. “to protect the children” the same thing the democRAT communist party has been spouting for years now.

      Keep your guns, you may need them sooner than you ever thought.

      1. The answer to you question lies in the WWI Treaty of Versailles. Consider reading how that retribution based treaty virtually insured WWII. Best regards

  4. We need to remember that the Left accepts no fixed definitions for language. To them words mean just what they say they mean. Hence, “violence” means “any failure to support the Left0st narrative (“silence is violence”), and “terrorism” means “any outward expression of disagreement.”

  5. America will never be America until demcrazies and their treason is stopped by the sword!
    You will never stop treasonous scum with a time out and a trophy!
    You stop thugs with powerful vengeance!
    This is America we have given our families lives to fight communism!
    Any communist in America still living is a spot in the face to our ancestors and military who gave their lives and health to stop communism in America and the world
    Democrats are worse than Hitler for Hitler was honest about his genocide!
    Democrats do it then lie about it and blame Trump
    What worthless treasonous fagot scum!

  6. Gretchen, you would shut the state of Michigan for years if you could get away with it. My wish for you is that the people who live in your state kick your sanctimonious ass out for good along with your fearmongering and tyrannical BS. We will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other holiday that comes along despite your plans to shut down your state. You stay home with your family and do whatever you choose, but many, many of us will make our own choices. Get off your high horse and live. I refuse to live in fear in my lifetime. Look for a good day job that you are capable of handling. Being Governor is not one of them.

    1. What the good people of America need is a law that allows them to remove politicians from office for whatever reason they decide, not wait until the next election. Are any of you allowed to keep your job after you do something wrong or fail to do an acceptable job until your next anniversary with the company? Of course not. You are walked out the door by H.R. and a security guard before the day is over. Politicians need to have the same benefit as we who pay their salaries. If they refuse to pass such a law they should be systematically voted out at every election. Never vote for another incumbent. Sooner rather than later we will enforce term limits by attrition without them passing it.

      1. The method you speak of is, recall. This statute exists in California. A recall happened in California about 15 years ago. California Governor Gray Davis was recalled and ousted two years into his four-year term for actions not agreeable to the state’s citizens. Citizens demanded recall. Legislature did their part. Davis got dumped. Arnold Schwarzennegar succeeded Davis. Is Governor Gavin Newsom next? Time will tell.

  7. We must no go down the path our Governor is trying to force. The agenda of the left, is to make businesses fail. Then more and more people will be without jobs and no way to pay bills, etc. The left wants to implement “guaranteed income” as part of their plan of total control. The income they provide will have many strings attached. Do these things or no income. Including the Gates vaccine, and that will be repeated to gain control of you in every way. This is a plan to destroy life as we know and love. This will destroy all freedom.

    1. But where will the money come from? If nobody is working and paying taxes government has no way to create funds except by confiscating money from workers. Of course they have been collecting far more from half the number of workers for decades, thanks to our government welfare programs. That is correct over, 50% of the U.S. public does not work and contribute anything but votes for the democRAT communist party politicians. But with no taxes being paid where will te government get the money to pay out in welfare benefits? NOWHERE !! That is when a civil war will break out. Been that way all through history. France revolted against Louise XVI when the the citizens could no loner sit by and starve. Louise XVI was executed in January 1793.

  8. LOCK her UP! . . . and in the meantime IMPEACH her. We DON’T need these MISERABLY failing left Wing Communist Tactics. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And Angry Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  9. This has always been about control of the people, not control of the virus. In fact, these silly lock downs will only prolong the spread of the virus. I’m not saying do what you can to prevent yourself from getting this strain of the flu, but as with every year, the flu goes around and some of us get sick; and unfortunately, some of us die from the flu too. The left needed this virus to scare as many people as possible to increase mail in voting. They needed the mail in voting to help provide cover for the fraud. It’s that simple and it’s very obvious.

    1. You are totally correct on this point. They are pushing the envelop testing to see just how far the public can be forced into doing what the political elite want. Sooner or later the public will get to a point where they cannot bow any lower and the people will fight back. And all of the politicians that have been complicit with the democRAT communists will be punished “by the people” not by their own kind. There is only one way to permanently stop the tyranny and corruption of a political party that has tried for four years to over turn an election they lost. America, put your big boy pants on and do what needs to be done. If Biden is allowed to enter the White House, America is done.

  10. I fail to see any demerit to violence in defense of our civil liberty. Chit-chat, being the first step, force being the last. No reasonable person would hesitate to employ violence if someone threatened our child or invaded our home. Violence is the last resort of every species on earth in defense of its natural rights. So long as there exist power-mad tyrants who would seek to take our liberty, there must remain a healthy fear of the the violence associated with taking it back.

    1. I agree. If it had not been for the brave men and women that had had enough and decided to send George III packing from the New World employing “violence” to protect their own lives, we would still be kissing Queen Elizabeth bum. The Founders said America will be created with a government that is “of the people, by the people, for the people”. We need to show government at all levels that they work for us.

  11. The liberty loving Americans should know that Trump was wanting a, Communist Government, run by him & his family. The American people have spoken, let’s move on & reunite, we can make America as great as it once was.
    He has done everything to tear our country apart, which he has belittled himself in doing so!

    1. Now you Dems call for unity? That’s a joke right? For 4 yrs you said nothing of unity and now you want it? Hey as they say Karma Baby! Your words are empty and our President Trump is an awesome leader and Commander in Chief. You should be embarrassed on how you all of a sudden want peace and unity.

    2. What an idiot you truly are. You must be some sort of dumbo Democrapp spewing your lunacy. Unity from the left means submission to their power. President Trump fought the globalists and fought for us the people.

    3. All I can think is ..zThis George is pretty stupid or he’s one of the sell outs..which is it George,do you have a “NON PROFIT ORG” making you rich or do you work in gov’t for a particular person etcetc..All these rich Companies got that way on the peoples dime and they can’t be HAPPY w that because they steal more and more!We have here a CoLOR revolution started by TECHNOCRATS and obviously 50% of people are idiots!!Are you an idiot George or just a traitor to humanity?Trump was putting a monkey wrench in their best shit,they do this every 10 years since god know when SO in conclusion George I hope you’ll be 1st in line gor your covid vaccine..👋

    4. You need to take your meds or get something other than the Cannabis you have been using since you were a teen.

    5. George S. You watch WAY too much CNN. The American people have spoken, but those leftist/communist/democrats are trying their utmost to silence our freedom loving voices. “Reuniting” to the liberals means “Our way or you will be sorry”. It is the left with their Antifa thugs and “defund the police” positions that are tearing America apart. Please get some truthful information for your and the country’s benefit.

  12. Agree with this dr. We are acting as though we have no voice or choice. WRONG! WE THE PEOPLE are strong and we can not let tyranny reign. So tired of being told what we can or can not do. The government works for us not the other way around

  13. How are the impeachment proceeding against this so-called governor coming along. Hopefully the Republican backed move in this state will continue and this idiot governor will be removed permanently and sent to prison for her crimes against the people of that state.

  14. He’s right..people are laying down like crippled dogs,scared of their neighbors while these technocrat LAUGH at as squabbling pussy face human goyim!!Hope you’re proud neighbor,get some shyt in your neck and LAUGH at them and this ridiculous place we’re at..maybe as whole we are TOO STUPID and these EUGENICS fools need to put us out of their misery or start acting like HUMANS made by GOD to endure !#

  15. Herd in Michigan. I will not go by what our dictator governor say. She uses fear and lies. A lot of sheep in Michigan. Hope impeachment goes through. She needs jail. To all store owner big and small grow a set and tell her no. Enough with her destroying our businesses and state.

    1. And it’s NOT the big businesses that are being destroyed, it’s all the small businesses. When all small businesses were shut down “by government”, Walmart and ALL democRAT communist party friendly businesses were wide open and making more money than ever because they were ordered “essential” by the left. Liquor stores were considered essential but the corner grocery was locked down.

      Too bad that the American public can’t make themselves courageous enough to boycott Walmart and other businesses that the left allowed to stay open.

  16. Here in Michigan. I will not go by what our dictator governor say. She uses fear and lies. A lot of sheep in Michigan. Hope impeachment goes through. She needs jail. To all store owner big and small grow a set and tell her no. Enough with her destroying our businesses and state.

  17. I’ll caveat Dr. Atlas’s non-violence clarification…
    Non violence for sure.
    Up to and until… UNTIL…. The state begins USING FORCE on the citizens to enforce these blatantly ILLEGAL measures.
    Then i’m sorry…. At that point, start busting heads to defend yourself. And if that includes defending yourself against impositions via agents of the state, ( police and authorities) then so be it!
    Police lost a LOT of friends during the 1st lockdown… The video from all across the country of rheir heavy handed abuse was nauseating.
    The left currently want law enforcement’s heads on a platter. If law enforcement isn’t EXTREMELY CAREFUL how they handle round 2, the right will be demanding their @sses as well. Rightly so…. LE is getting lean on friends these days….
    They need to make a decision…. WHO DO THEY ANSWER TO….

    1. The 4 boxes of freedom in play today…
      1) The soap box
      2) The jury box
      3) The ballot box
      4) The cartridge box
      The first 3 boxes have been viciously corrupted. Leftist media has control and has corrupted the soap box. Activist leftist judges have polluted the judiciary with leftist nonsense. The 2020 vote? Undisputably corrupted….
      Box number 4 looms…. When voice, justice and the ability to redress political grievance at the voting booth are taken from a people, when conditions become intolerable, the last resort for correction is via the barrel of the gun.
      We are staring down into the inevitable abyss, folks….

      1. Since March the leftist mayors, governors and city councils not only allowed the terrorist groups BLM and Antifa to run wild in one too many American city but promoted it by ordering L.E. to stand down. These politicians must be punished as severely as appropriate. These politicians failed to perform their primary responsibility they have sworn an oath to do; protect the lives and property of their constituents. They are therefore treasonous criminals punishable by law by their constituents.

  18. It is the left that advocates and participates in violence. We are losing our freedoms. He is correct. It is now or never.

  19. The time we have for restoring our republic is growing short. Most organizations are trying to educate our problem away or are begging politicians to fix it. They’ve done this for years to no avail. To repeat the process and expect a different result is, by definition, insanity. Most organizations continue to do this. They should be avoided or convinced to unite.

    The solution to our problem doesn’t lie in education alone. It lies in meaningful action, in knowing America has been transformed into a nation-state of global governance with Americans now being ruled according to the ten planks of the communist manifesto, in accepting those responsible for the transformation are criminals, in insisting no one is above the law, in having the political clout needed to recall wayward officials when required, in understanding that America must be in control of its own destiny to MAGA and that this requires getting the U.S. out of the U.N., bringing monetary policy out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and into compliance with the Constitution, in shedding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt we theoretically owe, in convincing Sheriffs to honor their oath of office and to arrest those individuals identified in an affidavit of complaint in order to hold them accountable, in planning and executing a National Economic Recovery Program, in massive demonstrations of civil obedience to our nation‘s founding documents, in refusing to comply with government acts that in any way diminish or destroy our ability to enjoy an unalienable right, in gaining control of a political party, in properly vetting candidates for elected offices, in electing those we know will honor their oath and in having fully informed voters and jurors.

    The solution to our problem lies in recognizing God controls the universe, that we are in a spiritual battle, that we need a national repentance, that God was serious in saying thou shall have no other gods before me, that corporations are created by a Secretary of State, that a created can’t be greater than its creator, that the state is God to the incorporated businesses posing as churches, that these businesses must un-incorporate or be abandoned, that many changes must be made for America to again be deserving of God‘s blessing, and that we need to create an undeniable force capable of assuring the changes are made.

    We must realizing the satisfaction of these actions is contingent on unity by millions of Americans, that we need access to a plan permitting unity on actions of common interest while assuring everyone involved retains their freedom to pursue their special interests, that to implement such a plan people must be able to locate and communicate with others willing to pursue a common goal, and that only then can we hope to restore our Republic.

    The only organization known to have a comprehensive plan and the tools required to implement it is Friends of Liberty United (FOLU) whose website is With time being of the essence it is urgent people join FOLU, register with its communication system, work with others in their local area county and state in implementing the plan, and vigorously pursue restoring our republic. Above all, we must remember: faith without works is dead and “works” must be meaningful to be effective.

  20. I would like to say that we all want to be safe from this china virus but, if we can’t have a clear and honest election then we need to do what ever we want that’s in the limits of the law including how we keep ourselves safe now and in the holidays ahead!! We can’t even get a straight answer from President elect Biden when it comes to how he would lead this country now or before people voted. Is this going to be a socialist country? If it is, get ready for world war 111.

  21. All I know is we need to get rid of our Governor. She is a menace to the freedoms we should be enjoying. The dictator we have as our governor thinks she can make the rules but do her own thing.Is she preparing us for what life will be like when the upcoming Biden/Harris presidency begins our country falls into a depression.

  22. I did NOT vote for Whitmer but have signed the petition for impeachnent. She cannot play god and has continually overstepped her authority . It was my understanding the Michigan Supreme court had stopped her. If that is the case, then what she advocates is only a “suggestion”. Why then are Michiganders listening and NOT fighting back. We cannot sit back silently and accept this. Speak up Michigan and do it loudly. We cannot let the fear mongers continue to manipulate us. There may be a virus but we can continue to live and work. There will always be viruses, etc. This does not mean we should let them continue to use fear to control us. This is ALL ABOUT fear, control and power. I will NOT be afraid because my God is not a God of fear but of strength.

  23. Freedom from tyranny has NEVER been FREE. This is the same fight that was fought over 250 yrs The democratic leadership (OUR OWN PEOPLE) hasve replaced the British Parlament as the new DICTATORS

  24. She very blatantly defies the constitution. Is that against the law? She must think it’s not against the law. Is it?

  25. 665,000 people died in 2019 worldwide, and there was not one lock down, not one mask, and not one media outlet fear mongering. Enter 2020, and the virus is an opportunity in which the democrats can use. They used fear to lock the people down and tell them if they voted in person they would die, and it was safer to vote by mail. As I type I know the evidence is mounting the anti-American democrats attempted a coup under the guise of an election.

    flu and cold season has now begun. It appears that no one has gotten the flu or a cold so far. It also appears that cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, and other diseases have been eradicated as there has been little to no deaths, at least in 2020 .

    The democrats know their coup has been uncovered and the evidence is going to be overwhelming so therefore the democrat governors and mayors are going to lock down the states again. I believe it is for control and punishment of those people who are Trump supporters. These democrat governors and mayors are acting like dictators and think they can tell people how to think, and act – and so far they are getting away with it – but for how long? These are unconstitutional acts. I do NOT live in communist China, Russia and or Cuba, and I will NOT be treated as hitler treated the people of Germany – if you read the history of hitler, what is occurring in the United States is exactly how hitler gained control of Germany. I do not wear a mask and I will not wear a mask. If a company such as Target or Costco says I can’t shop if I do not wear one, I take my business elsewhere. Regardless in my state of Florida, they can ask me to wear a mask but they cannot force me to wear one. Thank you Governor DeSantis.

  26. Women are at the bottom of most issues in today’s society period!
    They should never be allowed in public office or to vote!
    They are idiots without abstract though or reason!
    The Bible says they are here to accompany man not to try and be one!
    They cannot handle or rationalize stress
    I am a retired first in responder for corporate America and handled disasters for many of the largest corporations in the world!
    Not once when a woman was involved or in charge did they not cause chaos, fear and poor results in our arduous processes to resolve any disaster or situation!
    My crews would always complain of women’s actions resulting in overspending an poor decisions!
    My response to my crews for over 25 years was we get paid by the hour and when women are involved our paychecks double! Use the extra money to buy your wives a new car!
    Women must talk about an action before they attempt it!
    When women stop a project to talk about it and try and figure out what to do it costs time, money and thousands of workers on a project to cease work!
    Only men who know what to do before they arrive on a job site are competent enough to perform tasks of importance!
    Hell a woman takes an hour to pick out the clothes she will wear!
    Our children are victims of child abuse and have been raised by tv and cell phones because women have decided to try and be men, forsaking their children by not staying at home and raising them! Women are a form of treason to their own gender, it’s no wonder our kids are not smart enough to know wether they are a boy or girl!
    Men and women are not equal nor will they ever be!
    Each has life tasks and skills that are limited by their purpose and gender!
    The downfall of America and this treasonous coup is rooted in the total failure of females to side our worthless spawn!
    History will note the fall of America was greatly due to women trying to be men!

    1. Correction auto correct changed one sentence!
      The second to last sentence should say
      Females to raise our worthless spawn not side our worthless spawn

      If it were not for the clucking at hairdressers and nail salons women would never be able to make their next decision!

      If covid had not shut down hair dressers and nail salons women would still have a place to go and discuss their problems and blm would likely not had any support due to women’s issues being formulated somewhere between their color and rinse!
      This sounds like satire but unfortunately women act and are morons!

  27. We are American’s this is not what we stand for is FREDOM this is why so many people want to come to our country, Republicans need to stand up and let their voices be heard. Strength in number’s count.

  28. When our governors and leaders get off their [dictator] high horse and quit playing God with a pandemic that would have played out like every other virus or flu in the history of the world, then we can once again have the free will to deal with anything that would threaten our way of life with our God given common sense and take precautions accordingly.

  29. You are so right!!! Why are we letting these people dictate to us??? Just say NO! I will not follow these governors dictate who I can have at my house or when…Any of the businesses that are singled out to close, Stay Open…No fuss, No media coverage, just open your doors..
    I, like a lot of others are sick to death of these tyrants…. t,s

  30. I have said it for decades — You will keep on getting what you’re getting until it is no longer acceptable. The riots, looting, burning and destruction by the mongrels will continue until it is put to a halt. We have witnessed examples of this phenomena. Here, in the TriCities of Eastern Washington, there was no looting. There was no looting because it was demonstrated that that particular behavior is not welcomed here. Confident men with large guns patrolled the streets while making themselves very visible. The cretin had just enough sense to not cause any trouble. And so it goes with the Contrived Corona Crisis. Resist the totalitarian measures. Do not comply.

  31. Freedom of choice is our heritage lets keep it that way! Enough is enough stop the liberals and some of the democrats from taking away our rights let your voice be heard. DO NOT ALLOW THIS COUNTRY TO BE LOCKED DOWN AGAIN!

  32. You can blame all of this on the 60’s rejects.

    Many went on to live off the government as teachers indoctrinating children to socialism. The rest made babies that all got a trophy and cannot cope with the world as it is so they are attracted to socialism because it promises to give them what they don’t have the fortitude to get for themselves.

  33. We have too many people with blinders on. They take for granted their lawmakers they voted for won’t do anything to change their freedom and way of life as we have known it to be. Hope they wake up sooner than later.

  34. All effective governance is voluntary, that is we accept it; that is governance “by the consent of the governed”. Only idiots don’t stop at red lights.


  36. The problem with democrats is that they have no common sense. That is the principle reason why they are so inept at running things. I cannot wait to see how Biden/Harris will screw up the country’s domestic and foreign policies. The country will return to the nothingness of the policies of Obama and Biden.

    1. @Jake>You are so right! I often wonder if they were all born without a brain, I.e., they lack all possible common sense and yet seem to be suffering from severe cognitive dissonance. The only part of an operating brain they seem to possess is the one that runs their mouths which does not even function properly.
      “nothingness policies” is also so descriptively accurate.

  37. The left will never be satisfied until this nation is dominated by the absolute rule of Marxist Socialists, who will assist the ushering in of their long-desired global New World Order regime; i.e., control by antichrist politicians who will in turn applaud the revealing of the real Antichrist. “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12

  38. WHOA!!! What the he–??!??! I am a (conservative/moderate) WOMAN, hear me roar! What a pile of
    pony poop!!!

  39. What i am worried about is our Country the USA being taken over by these Insane Fools. This cheating and lying will not stand. We freedom loving Americans Have stood all we can stand, and we can’t stand No More.

  40. Yes the voice of the nation needs to be heard but if a large percentage of the voters are prepared to lie and cheat then ‘democracy’ fails and socialism and dictatorship will soon follow.

  41. I agree with Dr Atlas. I’m a grandmother of 9 and have been helping raise my grandkids as their mothers work since I had to stop working due to a major spinal injury. This nonsense of the lockdowns has been awful here. I’m literally having to take high school classes every day with my youngest grandson to be able to help him with his schoolwork. The others are in college but most of his high school teachers are doing the least amount of work to prep and teach the kids but then are very harsh when it comes to grading. A lot of the good students are flailing and then failing. My grandson was one. So I’m having to go through the teacher’s lessons to find the subject matter, look it up elsewhere to understand what’s the real objective and then teach my grandson. Once I do that he’s been able to grasp the concepts and do the tests to pass with 80s-100s. Until I took over the actual teaching, he was failing. This was a 3.6 GPA student having a hard time getting a 57%. The teachers aren’t teaching, the kids are in front of computers all day and not one has any social life. His after school sports cancelled, his class teams (speech & debate) cancelled, his contact with friends, cancelled. Their lives are being destroyed and there isn’t enough reason for it to be happening. The cure is MUCH worse than the disease, and it’s GOT TO STOP! As I’m in a vulnerable group, I’ll have to stay locked down myself but these kids NEED to get back to something resembling a normal life. I know I’ll have to be apart from them if it happens, but that’s me…. LET THEM GO ON LIVING!! PLEASE!!

  42. The Michigan court has ruled she doesn’t have the authority to do this and this female Hitler is still doing it. I told someone the other day that we are now living in the socialist republic of America. They asked why I said that. I said if you don’t believe me watch what happens to a business owner that refuses a lockdown. He or she either gets their business license revoked or they are put in jail or both.

  43. It is about time. I totally agree with Dr Scott Atlas. I have been so surprise to see so many sheeple. It has bee so obvious to me that this covid nonsense has been blown out of proportion. I keep looking and asking for the numbers from the regular flu season for the past few years to prove that covid kills more people; surprise surprise no one has come up with them.

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