What is Going on With the Georgia Recount?

The leadership in Georgia has failed on a massive scale when it comes to this election. This comes right after all the skepticism of the 2018 elections in Georgia. With the world watching, Georgia recounts with observers some 50- to 60 feet away and one monitor per 10 counting tables. Observers are saying that can’t see any details of ballots or even what box a ballot is going into.

They are also not auditing ballots so they cannot verify signatures, addresses, and other information. Georgia is basically counting the same alleged illegal ballots with a similar lack of oversight.

This hardly is what the American people were asking for and it is hardly what will instill confidence in their final vote count.

The 2020 election in Georgia has been an absolute mess and the leadership needs to be held accountable.

Patrick Howley thinks he might know why it’s worked out this way and how it was likely predictable.

Governor Brian Kemp has been accused of being a 'never-Trumper' and the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has lost the confidence of his constituents across the spectrum.

Here's why people are asking questions about the Republican leadership in GA.

From New York Review of Books:

“In Georgia, election integrity advocates managed to stop state lawmakers from passing a bill in 2018 (SB403) that would have enabled universal use ballot-marking devices. But lawmakers went ahead and passed a new bill (HB316), enabling them in 2019. Georgia has since purchased BMDs from Dominion, whose lobbyist, Jared Thomas, was Governor Brian Kemp’s chief of staff and press secretary from 2012 to 2015 when Kemp was secretary of state. Dominion’s partner in the state is KNOWiNK, a supplier of electronic poll books, which are used to sign in voters and confirm voter registrations. KNOWiNK’s founder and CEO, Scott Leiendecker, is a former Republican election official whose wife donated $2,500 to the campaign of Georgia’s current secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, in November 2018.”

You may remember there was a 'pipe burst' that caused the election officials to make the decision to stop counting votes on Election night. That whole scenario is now under question as witnesses are claiming the burst was small, quickly fixed, and not even in the counting room but next door.

Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loefler have called for Raffensperger's resignation following the fiasco.

“The management of Georgia elections has become an embarrassment for our state,” the Perdue and Loeffler said in a statement. “We believe when there are failures, they need to be called out – even when it’s in your own party.”

President Trump has also said that what they are doing is a disgrace.

If anything, the process in Georgia has led to more questions than answers.

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64 thoughts on “What is Going on With the Georgia Recount?”

  1. One REALLY has to have SUCH a low IQ to a) commit FRAUD (& CHEAT) right out in the open; b) throw up ILLEGAL ROAD BLOCKS at every turn; and c) think that ALL of this will NOT END BADLY for THEM in COURT!!

    1. Well one of our neighbors just got a visit from the FBI he had 700 ballots in his car. Democraps are rvil, greedy, corrupt, cheaters and very violent, you don’t agree with them and they beat you up

      1. They cannot best you up if you fight back. I can beat up most democrats I know but have never fought them because they have never tried to fight me. If they ever do then I will bloody them up. We have to fight a civil war to keep our country if you are not willing then we will lose.

      2. Right on! Better listen to her! Our country will soon be another Cuba if this cheating isn’t stopped! Study what
        happened there! You will think again!

      3. Not that I wouldn’t want what you say to be true, but you don’t provide any specifics, like names, addresses, official reports, etc. Can you provide any proof that what you claim is true? So many anecdotal (unverified) reports like this are why the Trump opponents can keep claiming there is not even evidence, much less proof that anything is awry.

      4. I’m afraid if it was a visit from the FBI that found 700 ballots in his car, he’ll be just fine. The FBI is helping to cover it up!

    2. They all need to be put behind bars indefinitely. You commit fraud or any cheating you will suffer. Look in the mirror sham on you.

    3. Call in the National Guard as observers / pole watchers and enforce every single voting law on the books, every single one to the “T”. Any obstruction by officials shouls cause the Georgia election to be nullified and the state fined for election tampering.

  2. Call for a complete certifiable supervised do over of the election with full disclosure to the American public. It’s our Republic, it’s our election and we want it done in full accordance to the law.

    1. Every single Red State should file law suites against these blatantly corrupt Blue States because their corruption is disenfranchising the voters in all other states.

  3. Dear Republican Party
    I don’t see the Republican membership financially or physically supporting in the future unless you gain demonstrably shared control of the poling process in Federal elections. I could give you a list of what needs to be done, as I’m not sure you have or intend to execute one. Failing to put this in place why should we donate any money nor attend the “circus”!

  4. Kemp made a bad decision when he put Loeffler in as senator ? He should have put Dug Collins as Senator and then Loeffler in the vacant Congress position. Dough would have been reelected and the senate seat would not be an issue. How dumb can the Republicans be? He just gave two Senate seats to the Democrats.

  5. The states have the duty to formalize election laws. Since the integrity of voting in a number of states has appeared violated, I feel the standards for election laws should be governed by the federal government and the mass mailing of ballots should be prohibited. Make it uniform to eliminate problems. It also appears that PHILADELPHIA type politics has been adopted by the Democratic party on a national level. No one is ever going to believe the Dems. aren’t cheating. They come by that reputation honestly, they earned it.

    1. The federal government must allow each state to handle it’s own election. However, that does not mean that states can institute procedures that are known to be the most easily to corrupt an election. The federal government should have the right to set certain standards to guarantee election integrity. Like the federal government supplying the very paper the ballots are printed on. Mail-in-voting must be outlawed since “chain-of-custody of ballots cannot be handed over to a third party like the USPS. France tried it years ago and quickly banned it due to security problems. It does not instill confidence anywhere but in the groups pushing for it like the democRAT communist party which has been cheating for at least the last 30 years. .

  6. Don’t allow them to cheat. They know Trump got the majority of the votes and they will do anything to change the outcome. Put a stop to it NOW. The whole purpose of a recount is to get an accurate count for both Biden & Trump. To hell with Stacy Abrahams. She’s just still trying to squeeze her way in. Hold them completely accountable and let the people know what’s going on.

  7. Warning Georgia Gov and Georgia Secretary of state – try and fool “We the people” once shame on you,
    try to fool “We the people” twice that’s when the 2nd amendment kicks in to protect “We the People” from you.
    Word of advice
    Better back down – real quick

    1. Ditto, the NWO has gotten stupidly scared with the blatant criminal actions they are committing. Cause they think they can survive an uprising? Remember the French monarchy That thought so too and lost their heads.

    2. I’m with you MDA. I am ready to fight to the death for our country. I know people will die on both sides but we will kill more of them then they will of us.

    3. You know arming the observers and pole challengers might be a good idea. Someone fudges a ballot and the worker is marched out of the building and into a wagon escorted by a sheriff or National Guard soldier. This was what the DNC was planning while Pelosi and Schummer were trying all the other nonsense since Trump was inaugurated.Yes, it has been going on since then. The rest of the states must rise up and demand action against these corrupt states and cities.

  8. Only people with something to hide would not want observers to supervise the count. What has happened to this election system? Do they want millions of people to be wondering the same thing? Complete transparency is the only way to satisfy everyones concerns with this election. I’m fine with whatever the results are but they need to all be legal votes. I shouldn’t feel like my vote was cancelled by an illegal vote.

    1. That is true. However, now that the S is starting to hit the fan and the real corruption is being exposed, the democRATS can’t allow their side to not only be caught red handed and exposed but the communist party be totally prosecuted for “TREASON”. That is exactly what they are guilty of.

  9. Anyone who helps Biden/Harris get into the Whitehouse WILL be rewarded. Anyone who violates the law in helping Biden/Harris get into the Whitehouse will NEVER see justice brought against them. Everything we have been reading and watching in Georgia will disappear AFTER Biden/Harris are in the Whitehouse. WELCOME back home SWAMP!

  10. Get the ballots counted legally with poll watchers who will match signatures with addresses and the correct party information and not thrown into a box every aspect needs to be addressed. Get it right!

  11. STOLEN ELECTION! I am betting on it! There are way too many indications that say this mess is a THEFT! WELL, I pray GOD ALMIGHTY will do HIS will in this matter as well as EXPOSE these thieves!

    1. A forgone conclusion because Stacy never conceded to the victor when she ran in the election two years prior to this one. Stacy A. Her initials stand for Stubborn A..! So I agree.

  12. What good does it do to do a recount of the same ole illegally cast ballots. It is time to use our 2nd amendment rights people. Let’s do this before it is to late. If we just Leo standing back and yelling we will lose. What do you want to do???

  13. Governor Kemp has staked his legacy on the outcome of our two Senate races. If both Senators Perdue and Loefler are re-elected Kemp will be re-elected without a doubt. If either Senator loses to their Democratic challenger, his legacy and his chances of being re-elected are in doubt. If both Senators lose Kemp is a lame-duck Governor.

  14. At the heart of the matter, is a moral problem, in that most folks here in the USA do not believe in the Ten Commandments, especially the one that says, “Thou shall not lie”. That millions of our people do lie, as a day to day coping strategy, indicates that they do not fear God, and as the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the vast herd of us United States of America citizens, are not wise.

  15. Georgia needs to do a complete hands on and have every ballot looked at by impartial observers and any Ballots that show anything odd should be set aside and the voter should be contacted and see if they actually voted and if that ballot is theirs and if need be have them look at the ballot and sign their name and see if it matches. Then there will be no doubt if it is fraud or not. I have never seen anyone who had passed away come back from the grave and vote , and if your dog voted then must he put his paw print on it??????

  16. I didn’t get far as the IQ of Michelle Obama because when I learnt that the 45th First Lady’s I Q
    was not known I was knowingly duped to make that many clicks. Now what is the IQ of someone named Jill?

  17. It is clear that there has been multiple fraud in several states. Those who have been knowledgeable of this, and any involved must be procecuted to the full extent! We must be rid of leaders that authorized this be put out of office forever. The people have a right to a fair and transparent election. Nothing has been fair this year, and will not be fair in the future if the guilty are to remain in power.

  18. How sad for the integrity of United States’ elections in the future!! The criminality will eventually be exposed, but it may not come soon enough to save us. GOD SAVE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


  19. Georgia’s election system is the most dumb operation ever known. Georgia’s way to rechecking is a joke. Federal election’s should be operated & use the same equipment. All the Poling booth’s operate the same.

  20. I truly don’t know how these people can live with themselves! Seriously, what has happened to these people’s self-honor, integrity, or has money and power just corrupted these Leftists and Trump haters to the core. It actually makes me ill to see people in power with absolutely no scruples. They are the lowest of the low slimy, amoebic, parasitic pieces of human garbage of society AND the people that voted for them are absolute MORONS!

  21. This as far as I can see requires a state wide re-vote. Eliminate first questionable vote and vote all over again. The correct way.

  22. Think about this. The republicans and democrats have become one (both corrupt). Although Trump ran on the republican ticket, he is in a party of his own with half of the American voters. It might be time to have all the politicians stand up and declare their patriotism is either for or against America. If you are for the U.S. then stand to the right, if you are against the U.S. then stand to the left. The left will be called democrats against America. The right will be called Americans for the U.S.. These two parties will decide to either fight for America or take it down and sell it to the highest bidder. Probably China because they have most of our money anyway. China has certainly done a number on this country without anyone noticing. They have most of the worlds money because we buy all their crap. If we don’t fight this time, we may be speaking Chinese this time next year. Think about this.

  23. When Brian Kemp, like Rino, back stabber, souer grapes, weenie and, those are his good points, Mitt Romney, needed help and support to get elected, he went right to President Trump…so many elected and administration ” deep swampers ” are draining this country economically, emotionally and traditionally – Biden, Comey, Harris, Mueller, Obama, Barr, Clapper just to name a few…they buy 12 million and 3 million estates from no economic backgrounds and we have to ask, are they all on China’s payroll ?

  24. Listening to Stacy Abrams says it all. Anyone that would take advise from her has to be corrupt or at the very least STUPID!

  25. What’s the point of having the Georgia Presidential recount , and for that matter, the State’s Senatorial race recount as well, unless the required recount Is performed , allowing complete Republican party observer’s ballot recounting , including review and auditing, reviewing up close and personal, every ballot signature and it’s verification against that on the registry roster as well as the post marks on the mail in ballots and the envelopes they we’re received in . Without this ability provided to that’s Republicans, there Is no Pont in having a recount because all of the originally fraudulent ballots Will just be recounted again with the overall vote count an results remaining the same as original count. The Georgia Secretary of state needs to be removed from his/her post or forced to resign due to their partisan/biased or not neutral political position and the recount needs to be performed a third time and done correctly without political partisanship present at that recount..

  26. I believe this started over 4 years ago when Trump was elected. I believe that there has been a massive effort by “lifetime politicians” on both sides to get Trump out because he was an outsider, not one of the good ole boys, and was infringing on the livelyhood of what many politicians believe that they are entitled to. I never thought we would need term limits, because people should be smarter than putting the same person back in office. I probably gave people too much credit. Everyone should now vote out politicians who have been in office for twenty years max.

  27. Here’s my take on HOW TO FIX THE ELECTION
    Order a re-vote in those districts suspected of receiving illegal ballots that cannot be identified and separated from legitimate ballots. Each legitimate voter of voting age who voted by mail shall be issued a new ballot.

    In addition to requiring a signature, each ballot should have a scannable “bubble” matrix, like on a lottery ticket, for each person to fill in their social security number.

    Altered ballots or those missing SSN’s will not be accepted–anyone who makes an error will need to return the original ballot and request a replacement.

    Scanning machines will scan the ballots with only one vote per social security number being accepted. Ballot scanning will be supervised by members of the legislature from both parties and programming code for all machines will be examined by both government and independent contractors.

    As an added security measure, citizens can be asked to drop ballots at their post offices or in blue boxes, where possible, so they cannot be stolen from private mailboxes. Mail carriers, on the day ballots will be collected, can be sent out paired-up with Sheriff’s Deputies and State Troopers, to make tampering less likely, and ballots, if stored overnight, will be provided with 24-hour security (preferably military) and video surveillance until counted.
    Whether this is accomplished by legislative, court or executive order, or even Martial Law, the vast majority of Americans will support this action knowing that, if this election is allowed to be stolen, there will probably never be another fair election in the USA!

  28. There were TWO (2) cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election , there are POLL WATCHERS for the republican the democrats the independents and any other party running, to claim that millions of people committed voter fraud WHICH IS A FELONY and did not get caught by these people is JUST NOT BELIEVABLE….

    REPUBLICANS can not close polling stations LIKE they did in Kentucky, if we vote by mail people won’t have to stand in line all day if we vote by mail you can not be “JACKED UP for an I D voting machines
    can not be HACKED if we vote by mail….MOST OF ALL ALL THOSE VOTING MACHINES IVANKA BOUGHT WILL BE WORTHLESS if we all vote by mail…..

    OUR election have become a total sham… The REPUBLICANS have BLOCKED millions of voters through gerrymandering and voter I D laws,,,,Democrats have STOLEN millions of votes through SUPER DELEGATES…the ELECTORAL COLLEGE gives millions of votes to people who do not even exist A California vote is worth 1 vote ( most populated state) a vote in Montana is worth 7 votes ( one of the least populated state) LAND does NOT VOTE , PEOPLE do…

  29. 2014 attempt by Mr. Trump to be listed in top ten (online poll) on list of Americas top twenty-five most influential business people conducted by CNBC commemorating CNBC twenty-fifth anniversary. Mr. Trump found himself number 197 of 200 people “What do you have for me? Trump ask, Good news, I said. A friend of mine has already cracked the algorithm being used by the polling company. Now we need to insert votes favorable to you. Really? Trump asked. Can we get caught? Not according to my friend. What we need to do is purchase IP addresses. It’ll cost 7500.00$ Wow, Trump said, go for it. I want to be number one. Boss, you don’t want to be number one. That will potentially attract unwanted attention. Let’s go for, say number nine. “Quote from DISLOYAL: A memoir the true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen.

  30. 2014 attempt by Mr. Trump to be listed in top ten (online poll) on list of Americas top twenty-five most influential business people conducted by CNBC commemorating CNBC twenty-fifth anniversary. Mr. Trump found himself number 197 of 200 people “What do you have for me? Trump ask, Good news, I said. A friend of mine has already cracked the algorithm being used by the polling company. Now we need to insert votes favorable to you. Really? Trump asked. Can we get caught? Not according to my friend. What we need to do is purchase IP addresses. It’ll cost 7500.00$ Wow, Trump said, go for it. I want to be number one. Boss, you don’t want to be number one. That will potentially attract unwanted attention. Let’s go for, say number nine. “Quote from DISLOYAL: A memoir the true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen.

  31. If they REFUSE to make it possible to VERIFY the ballots then all those ballots must be discarded. Simply recounting the same ballots doesn’t clarify that ANY of the ballots were legal. If they won’t audit for legality then they must discount all those ballots.

  32. I am so disappointed in this election and how certain states have handled it. Why in the world do you have to have extra days to count votes? California and Texas, the largest states in America, got theirs done promptly so why cant smaller states do this same? Every state should vote the same way to be fair to both sides!
    Joe Biden said he wanted every vote to be counted. So why the rush now?

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