Eric Trump: Whistleblowers From Dominion Have Come Forward

Eric Trump confirmed, in a tweet on Wednesday, that whistleblowers from Dominion have come forward alleging voter fraud built into the Dominion software that was used across many swing states to count ballots.

There have been many ‘glitches’ in the software used to tally votes in key swing states and they all seemed to have been in favor of Joe Biden.

Many have pointed to the reports that millions of votes were either switched from President Trump to Joe Biden or were 'lost'.

President Trump weighted in, citing a report, that 435,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in states using the Dominion software with 221,000 of those being in the state of Pennsylvania.

If true, this could provide for an interesting legal battle over the widespread voter fraud that many are alleging occurred on the night of the election, and after the swing states suddenly stopped counting ballots.

As the Trump team has provided hundreds of sworn affidavits alleging fraud across the swing states, many are waiting to see just what kind of substance the whistleblowers relating to Dominion will provide.


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30 thoughts on “Eric Trump: Whistleblowers From Dominion Have Come Forward”

  1. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” A lesson well learned, from Uncle Joe (Stalin).

    1. That’s been Harry Reid’s motto in Nevada for decades. Criminal activity was Reid’s preferred method to win elections

  2. DR. Shiva Ayyadourai, Republican candidate for Senate, and Josh Bernstein were sounding the alarm about voting machine tampering way back in September of 2020. Josh Bernstein showed a direct correlation between the voting machines; how the vote is counted, stored and where (not in the U.S.), and George Soros. DR Ayyadourai PROVED how the software used in the voting machines, was encoded to take votes away from the President and given to Biden. WE ARE TALKING ELECTION FRAUD. DR. AYYADOURAI IS STILL AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE. JOESH BERNSTEIN WAS SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE AND ROKU; WHO WERE PRESSURED FROM THE THE LEFT. JOSH BERNSTEIN HAS HIS OWN WEBSITE NOW BUT THE REPORT ON VOTING MACHINES, SOFTWARE, AND SOROS IS STILL AVAILABLE AND IS WORTH WATCHING. HOW PROPHETIC IN LIGHT OF WHAT IS NOW TAKING PLACE. DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION !

  3. “ This claim about election fraud is disputed “ What a crock !! There’s tons of evidence of voter fraud !! These sleezy commies like Soros have tied to dominion software and that’s all anyone needs to know !! Again they overplayed their hand and Will get caught !!

    1. The State of Texas determined that the Dominion Software was subject to security breaches and refused to use it. But, apparently 38 States did use Dominion Software.

      1. From what I read, Kansas and Texas both used the same company, and it is owned by Dominion. Still, it could be totally different.

      2. I read that Pelosi and her husband own a large amount of stock in Dominion software. Supposedly her husband helped with setting it up.

  4. This fraud is more than a little obvious isn’t it. It may be bad dnough to cause the whole thing to be thrown out and a new election called for.

    1. I notice Biden isn’t gloating over his “victory” too much because he isn’t sure if he’ll be in the White House or the “big house” next year!

  5. Dominion needs to be investigated immediately, due to the Biden vote swap “glitches” and the 96% political donations to the Democrats received from Dominion. Joe Biden/Kamala Harris should not allowed to claim victory until this whole 2020 election “mess” is ironed out. The Dems said it would be weeks before the president elect would be declared so let them stand by that. Dems, the honest voter type Dems, your party has used deceit and deception in an attempt to steal this election. Is that what you are about? Do you support the voter fraud your party is using to win? Is this the party you really want to be a part of? Walk away, don’t be a party to the lies and corruption your party is involved with. I did years ago, you can today. Walk away.

  6. Are any Canadian Listienting?

    Dominion Computer Software was used in Canada for the 2015 election that saw Justin Trudeau win in ridings with amazingly slim douple digit margins – and poles hasd said PM SPtephen Harper wuld be easily re-elected.
    Hey Stephen Harper – your rel-elction was stolen !!!

  7. Having spent 16 years in the computer business, I can tell you the difference between a “glitch” and an app. A glitch occurs by accident and generally cannot be controlled as an option. An app is installed on purpose and is controlled at will! (A glitch doesn’t have a political bias either)

  8. Proof of voter fraud every where but yet the liberal media say’s there is none I think its time to take it to court so they can tell the American people there is massive amounts of voter fraud. I feel sorry for the whistleblowers their jobs and lives are in danger I hope their protected . A RICH TEXAS MAN OFFERS 1 MILLION DOLLARS TO SOMEONE TO BLOW THE WHISTLE ON THIS VOTER FRAUD !! We should report it 24/7 I think someone will come out because that’s a lot of money ! If they give(NOT WIN) the White House to Biden that means voter fraud means more then votes from real people, WHAT ARE OUR RIGHTS ? SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIND OUT BECAUSE WE TOOK TIME FROM OUR BUSY DAYS TO REALLY VOTE AND ITS GETTING IGNORED AND FAKE VOTES MEAN MORE THEN REAL PEOPLE VOTES THAT SUCKS , WE MUST HAVE SOME LEGAL RIGHTS IF WE DO I SEE A BIG LAWSUIT ON THE WAY !! WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS !!

  9. Check into who is part ownership of the dominion?? Wild guess. Pelosi and Feinstein maybe now we know how all these votes for Biden come about

  10. pres. trump, eric trump, im praying everyday that this election will be proven how so much fraud has been done , god help us. do we have a court that will stand up for things that have been done to american people, im from delaware and we in sussex county voted for pres. trump. never have i seem so many long lines. joe biden is such a weak person, never will be able to keep up being pres. thats what the dems know. this corruption i feel has been planned by the obama and biden. please i pray prs. trump keep fighting, im on fixed income but i have tried to send some money to help you. pres, trump has made americans so proud of our country, and now to see it torn down after all he has done for our country. just know we are praying that god will reveal the evil that was done, and i pray we will have you another 4 yrs. we so need him. to the trump family thanks so much for all you have done. i pray people will still fight for you. love u all , im 74 and pres. trump is so sharp, keep fighting, god is on your side thanks

  11. It is my hope and prayer that the new color for these Traders these dishonest unloyal people but they are prosecuted as traitors they have gone against the United States of America’s freedom of choice they have been deceitful they need to be treated as traitors hung or lined up and shot there is no room for this kind of action in the United States our forefathers came here for us to have the freedom of choice not dictated to buy some fascist pig or pigs or piglets that they are trying to develop. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy look up the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy they are trying to make it a democracy so they can rule! We are a constitutional republic.

  12. Between the illegal counting of late ballots in Pennsylvania beyond election night and the national Glitch problem with Dominion in addition to the voter fraud , the evidence should be enough to overturn the Biden lead in favor of Trump being fairly and transparently awarded a second Presidency.

  13. If America does not take a stand and correct this election, then we are allowing more tyranny than the British ever imposed upon us before the American revolution. Not only should the election be corrected or replaced with another special called election, but the every individual that had a role in the election fraud should be tried and punished for treason, to the point of death penalty. This was an attempt to commit a political coup in the USA of America, and traitors need to hang for their treasonous activities and damage to our election process, as well as the infringement of the civil liberties of every legally registered voter in this nation. Yes damn it, I’m pissed, and tired of us looking the other way, giving verbal reprimands, and slaps on the wrists to these damn anarchists. These people are enemies to our nation and are propagating political terror. We can start by having the CIA take out GS and dumping his body into the ocean thousands of miles away from our shores.

    1. We love TRUMP!!! We love TRUMP!!! We love TRUMP!!!How is it even humanly possible for biden to win in Pennsylvania????????

  14. May the truth be revealed. I deeply suspect that this election was indeed stolen from Trump, that the dems are responsible, and perhaps over the next couple of months their party will be destroyed.

  15. As in all things “human,” there is always a reason. And the reason is nearly always: Reward. And the reward is nearly always: Riches.
    Thus, the corrupt-but-brilliantly coded software exists because it was created to perform a certain function, reap a certain result, and rake in a decided profit.
    This “process” is not a crime — until it is.

  16. I wrote about voting machines being programed by a programmer and posted it online and sent it to the newspapers but it was ignored by many. No way does a machine do things on its own without having a program to direct it. It doesn’t think, much like most Democrats.

  17. Hopefully the truth will come it! I don’t believe at 3:00 am on 11/4/20 Trump was so far ahead in Pennsylvania but later in the day Biden was ahead ! The U.S. lefties have tortured Trump since before he became President saying if he wins he will be impeached! I am ashamed that this has happened in our country. Biden has lied and got money illegally through his son’s business deals. I son’t believe for a second that Biden didn’t get anything from Hunter in the businesses that Hunter had no experience in the first place and in China especially who helped kill so many people here from Covid-19 by not coming truthful when they knew it instead lying about when they knew it. And Hunter and his father will do business with that country. That tells me that the Bidens don’t care about this country or our citizens. Sleepy Joe just hid in his basement for a long period of time to make sure he didn’t catch it while Trump was out there doing rallies and such trying to be honest with the people. SHAME ON YOU JOE BIDEN, I WOULDN’T VOTED FOR YOU IF YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE ON THE BALLOT!!!


  18. The final analysis of the 2020, USA election held on November 03, 2020, must be completely recounted for the entire election of all states represented. Now that this Fraud has taken place, no “stone can be left unturned ” before we have another election. If not, no one will have any faith in our government to EVER govern safely!

    It, essentially, must be an entire “re-election process” for 2020, to unequivocally assure our citizenry that any future elections can be trusted. Both parties, i.e., Democrat and Republican, must “sign-off” on all election events from now on. Elections must unquestionably and completely be verified with no second thoughts and/or concerns or questions as to any tell-tell Fraud still possible. This, no doubt, is going to be a costly and time-consumming process for us to endure for the USA.

    These above-stated processes must be re-conducted for 2020, if any faith can be placed in any future thought of a “fraudless” elections, i.e., 2024, 2028, etc. If not completed as such, our USA could conceivably be over-thrown by infiltrated foreign entities a la radical Islam! By the way, they are already here! How about AOC and her “squad”? They have been in our government for at least 20-years already, and our past POTUS, did not help our government what with Obama wanting to “tweek” our U.S. Constitution or heavens’ sake. He feels our USA Constution it is a questionable document, any way.

    No politicians may be permitted to have any investments, or own stock, in election-voting machines like Dominion, etc., as was the case in our past election and has been reported for several well-known politicians!!! Can you believe some big-shot Democrats are reported to own lots of stock in some popular voting-machime companies, like Dominion, etc.? Those companies should be liable for their misuse! Or, they should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

    All of the bove-stated conditions must met without cutting any corners and taking any short-cuts or the USA is in for being over-thrown by 2028!

  19. Throughout world history, some famous “cautious” words are to “Only believe what you can see!” And we cannot see the wind; nor can we see the virus labeled COVID-19! But, we see their effect on objects and people with 20-20 percent visual acuity! So there! Also, The HOLY BIBLE, (OT), Numbers 32;23 says, ” … be sure your sin will find you out.” And that it does, although it can take a long time to be revealed — sometimes years! We all have heard stories of unsolved crimes that have continued on for years. Remember the long-running cases of the Boston Strangler and the L.A. Night Stalker of many years ago? Now, we all have heard of the USA Election of 2020! Right? Biden won! Sometime sooner or later, we might eventually find out if this national election for the President of the USA in 2020, was actually “rigged” for Biden to win over Trump! That is, if — during the wee hours of the morning after the Polls closed — some dishonest people came into the closed counting area and broke out many hidden “fraudulent” ballot boxes and ran them through some Dominion (Brand) voting machines for three or four hours before dawn. Then they closed and locked up the area and “flew the coup!” Only their dastardly deed was done under the cover of darkness and in the quiet of night. The next scene was the returning of the early morning pollsters, who found that Biden, indeed, had pulled-off an amazing come-from-behind-win in the election over Trump during the night! Or, did he? So far Biden is the victor! Are “the powers that be” going to hurry things along to leave all questions covered in the dust, so we onlookers will NEVER KNOW the real winner for sure? Where is the “hard-cold” evidence that the election was “bogas” in the first place, asks the victors? My guess is that we will have to wait and see, and then no one may ever know, except if the ballots and the Dominion machines could “cough-up” and tell us the truth and nothing but the truth as to who really won?

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