Michigan AG Threatens Prosecution for Reporter Showing Election Fraud Video

Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit, broke a story late Monday night in which the Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, sent out a Cease & Desist letter to Big League Politics over a reporter who published a video of poll workers bragging about their training to commit voter fraud.

In the letter, it says if he doesn’t comply he will face criminal prosecution.

Shane Trejo, the reporter who broke the story, was also a witness to voter fraud according to Gateway Pundit.

Trejo says he's fearful of revenge prosecution where they'll use his story as a pretext for other criminal charges as he's going up against the establishment mob.

In the shocking letter dated Oct. 28, the Michigan Attorney General cites to two or three factual errors in the bulk of Trejo’s reporting and demands on behalf of the Michigan government to take every single article related to #DetroitLeaks off the internet.

Jim Hoft posted a copy of the Cease & Desist letter, here.

The #DetroitLeaks reporting shows Detroit poll workers who were trained in how to lietrained on how to handle ballot challenges from Trump supporters, told to call 911 on any challengers and to use COVID as an excuse to deny poll challengers access to view the ballots as they were being counted and tabulated.

The leaks also reveal that election workers would treat challenged ballots as regular ballots. This could be very problematic in a Supreme Court challenge if they cannot identify challenged ballots. It is unknown what the court will do if the laws were not followed but there isn't a clear remedy to sort them out.

This action gives credence to the claims that Democrat lawmakers are turning our election and judicial system into that of a Banana Republic.

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101 thoughts on “Michigan AG Threatens Prosecution for Reporter Showing Election Fraud Video”

  1. Makes the Houston Astos cheating scandal look like a Sandlot. We are a land of fairness and courage. We should all do the hard work, and surrender the outcome in all that we do. Honesty is a higgly rewarding virtue.

      1. Yes I am for that hang all traitors and tyrants! They need to pay the price for high crimes and jail time is not good enough.

  2. First step towards communism is CONTROL THE MEDIA OUTPUT. Step one accomplished! Step two buy the police and politicians. Politicians are well paid for, now just get control over the police.

    The United States need to watch their leaders. The dems are about as corrupt as they can be. They already have their followers drinking their koolaid, now they are gunning for the libertarians and the republicans before the mass arrests start happening. They already want to block any one that supported Trump to either lose the job they have now or never get another job again.

    1. My Dad lost his job in Germany when he spoke out against the brown shirt movement when Hitler was in the process of taking control of the silent majority. He came to America as a result which saved his life. His two brothers were not so lucky as they died in the Nazi army.
      We must fight this corrupt takeover of our FREE America before it’s to late.

      1. Most Americans accept political corruption akin to traffic violations; not too seriously! We’re approaching dangerous conditions in society. Civil war not unthinkable!

    2. they r nothing but mafia dumbacraps wanting total power over ALL AMERICANS & they r taking total control OF AMERICA NOWthis has bin & is being a test to see if ppl. r afraide to push back & say enough no more they r sheep follering the judis gote to slaughter

  3. This is where the country is headed under the Far Left Democrats. One cannot protest unless your protest agrees with the Left’s narrative. They can protest you but, not the other way around. Those in power like this AG threaten you with prosecution even though you are uncovering voter fraud. These threats are persecution, not prosecution. Wake up America! Demand voter ID laws mandating a uniform voter registration; demand IDs with proof of citizenship, residence, etc. Demand all municipalities clean voter rolls of dead people and those no longer living in the voting precinct; and demand that no paper ballots be used in any national election. Institute identity proof using facial recognition, like eyes, fingerprint or voice recognition just like you do on your smartphone. It’s simple and safe and eliminates ballot harvesting and replaces the need for absentee ballots. Either we have fair elections or succumb to mob rule and lose our Republic

    1. I agree but we know from this election that machines are manipulated too. There must be proud they can’t manipulate our votes in the machines as well.

      1. George Soros owns the company that designed the software for our ballot counting system…Glitch…Glitch…Hmmm.

      1. I personally think the whole election should be thrown out and have another with voter id for all voters but every one knows that Sorios and the demoncrats will never let that happen

    2. Well said, but there needs to be a movcement and to start a movement, we need a leader. What has happened in the last two administrations has diminished our democracy and started the slide to socialist/communist rule. It is very disheartening. Remarkably like Hitler – control the media and education and you have it all.

      1. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”…Sir Winston Churchhill

    3. Agree with everything you’re saying, but we have to be careful with the no paper ballots thing. It’s too easy for Big Tech to rig software as we’re seeing with the Dominion nonsense. We need to go back to old fashioned punch cards, 100% in-person voting (or mobile voting systems for people who can’t go to the polls), and ALL polling locations manned and guarded by the military. I don’t see any other way to avoid this kind of disaster again in the future. Right now a rigged election and the crooked media, not the citizenry, are electing the president. I will NEVER recognize a Biden/Harris administration.

      1. You are so correct…the ones who won this election were the liberal MSM conglomerates…Not Joe Biden…Not even the DNC can take credit away from MSNBC…CNN…AP…ABC…CBS…NBC…PBS…NPR…HBO…ESPN…AP…and their leftist brethren to include the NY Times…The Denver Post…The Los Angeles Times…TIME magazine…The Washington Post…AOL…The Huffington Post…and a slew of other propagandist which are far too many to mention on this page…all of whom made it possible for Joe Biden to attain dominance in this 2020 election over that of Donald Trump…This is how the “fix” was in for Joe Biden…Down and dirty politics and “fake” news have ruled this Presidential election a disgusting sham…This election proves to be no better than those dishonest elections held in third world countries…We now are one of them.

  4. Four years of fraudulent charges against our President and now there’s video of voter fraud proving what we all know and our justice system wants to punish the witnesses. We must have trust in the system. We are the Republic of America so the over taking off it. Stop the corrupt Marxist agenda!!

  5. We the people need to recall the AG just as the petition in motion to Recall her bed mate governor. Where is the AG’s “Mandatory Mask” in the photo???

  6. I agree but we know from this election that machines are manipulated too. There must be proud they can’t manipulate our votes in the machines as well.

  7. So I see, freedom of the press only applies to the lying left media. When it comes to our side. They get threatened with prosecution. Very interesting. You notice it’s a fat white woman that’s doing the threatening. Maybe when fraud in the Michigan’s election process is uncovered. This far white woman should be held responsible, arrested, and prosicuted. Or is she married to a black man?

    1. Like all you liberal idiots you revert to the racist crap. There is not any of this involved in this issue. It’s only you socialist knee-jerk patsies who bring out the race card. YOU are the racists. The overwhelming rising tide of the black voters for Trump is a harbinger of your demise.

  8. Get this video to the President’s team. Get protection for him as well. Can’t let this evidence be suppressed.

  9. If it’s true why deny it ? The reporter was doing his job ! What’s wrong with you people two wrongs don’t make a right ! The lawsuit wouldn’t stand up in court. It would be dismissed.

    1. From the beginning, no matter what it took, Trump should have lightened up & made friends with the news media.
      Once our President labeled them, “Fake News”, they decided, “You ain’t seen nothin yet.”
      Even if the election is turned over, Pres. Trump will go through 4 more years of hell; & we’ll go through rioting by the thugs like we’ve never seen.
      I admire him for loving his country so much that he’d want to endure that.

      1. You must be blind! It’s the left mainstream media (90% socialist) who made it happen. There is only one news outlook that addresses the full spectrum.

      2. The mainstream media was rendered obsolete by their assumed allies – social media giants. All Trump did was recognize it and bypass them. Don’t expect him to kiss their bippy. It’s up to us, the voters of America, to support him. Both Left and Right are threatened by him, as they should be threatened by US. Career pols hate to be told they are the Swamp Creatures that they are,

    2. Actually the lawsuit would stand because the DemocRATS have the Judges in their pocket. There will be no
      more real justice as we once knew it now that the DemocRATS are taking over.

  10. It is currently 8:17 am on November 11. All the following comments were posted later this afternoon? Sounds like a setup with phony comments.

  11. Why should someone who is speaking the truth face prosecution ?
    These are troubling times we live in.
    If we don’t stand up to the Democrats, we will soon lose all our freedoms.
    We used to be AMERICA the land of the FREE.
    This is how it always begins, one aggressive criminal in power and soon everything is lost.

  12. Democrats are re-establishing Hitlerism under the guise of Democracy while increasing their efforts to censor any efforts brought forth showing their crimes.

  13. So what are the charges…telling the truth for what it is or making Dims look like the fools they are? Sad situation!

  14. I expect many more democommunist government “elites” in many States try to stop the release of NUMEROUS cases of VOTER FRAUD information popping up by attempting to “cover up” their ILLEGAL acts that should be KNOWN to the American people of how their votes were stolen. IF this is covered up, we will NEVER see another Republican in office, as the communists will continue to take over, the end of our Constitutional Republic, and the beginning of a communist controlled cesspool we USED to Call the United States of America,

  15. It is interesting to me that the bulk of these people are women. Could it be the that the bulk of these hysterical people are the ”single moms” that I and my fellow American Taxpayers are supporting along with our own families ? Are they just protecting the largess of the Democrat Party that has been supporting them?

    1. Acting from emotion, ignoring facts, voting with their feelings – comment from an old woman who used to be a Dem, sigh,

  16. All states with any irregularities should be required to hold a new election run by our military!
    In the court of law all you need to prove is responsible doubt !
    Once reasonable doubt is proven no true outcome for ether party can be made for when fraud is committed it is impossible to determine the true outcome without starting over completely!

    Americans deserve an election without doubt

    Especially when the fraud is committed by the democrats whom have committed more crimes just during our election than the mafia did from 1930 to present day!
    Democrats crimes against America alone should make all of them ineligible to be Americans much less hold an office!

    Biden is a corrupt politician with blood and Americans freedoms on his hands of treason for profit!
    How can a criminal of Bidens magnitude not be in jail awaiting the gallows much less be made President through fraudulent means?

  17. Democrats have been tweaking ballots for years without any penalty. We Republicans have always acted like MR. NICE GUY. The Dems. have gotten very brazen and now are openly stealing votes. You might want to call this the Philadelphia virus. It’s worked there for years. If you know anything about Socialism and Communism, you know that they operate off a plan to subvert a nation with violence in the streets and then overthrow the legal government. Ask Bernie how this works. Americans are spoiled and lazy. It is too much to look at the overall picture. Over the last 4 years our country has rebounded from some poor governance. Four years of improved vision for our nation. What do we have to look forward to under a left wing government. Increased debt, free things and possibly a one party rule which will be impossible to restrain. Stand-up and support the recounts.

      1. You call Trump a joke . Sharon you have seen nothing yet . Joe is surrounded buy radical socialist clowns like you that want to take this country down . Democrats spent most of four years with trying to impeach Trump . There’s a joke for you , and now they just want to get along with the people that they demonized .

      2. The polls had Hillary winning by a high margin in 2016, as a result many Hillary voters stayed home on election dayso that’s how Trump won.
        Pre-election polls by the media should be outlawed as should the coverage of election results before the last voting station is closed.
        If you want completed fair elections all vote counters should be sequestered and equal numbers of party affiliates at each hotel with no media coverage until the election is over.

  18. What ever happened to the 1st Amendment? The left would like us to obey their commands. Next it will be Nazi Germany and neighbors reporting on neighbors. Next the left passes legislation providing penalties for these “violation”. Will we click our heals for these actions? Are you a real AMERICAN?

  19. It’s what the Dems do. They prove over and over how corrupt they really are and no longer care to hide it. I was a democrat most of my life ( I’m 70 yrs old) but bolted from that party during Obama’s 2nd term. The Dems have steadily moved to the far left and that scares me. I always leaned toward liberalism ( the good kind, not the crazy crap) but found myself agreeing more and more with conservative values. I’ve found my place and have never been more at peace. MAGA!

    1. think we should watch the demoncrats as old deranged Joe will probably be dismissed somehow so Joe Browns free piece of ass will be elevated to pres.

  20. This kind of “intimidation” by a government official in relation to a citizen, reporter and eye witness to what they heard and saw at an election site is and should be covered by “whistle-blower laws & protections”. This is no different than gangsters ordering a hit on witnesses to crimes they committed. Since this is a Federal Election federal law enforcement needs to get involved A.S.A.P.

  21. The Michigan AG should be arrested for accessory before and after the fact in voter fraud. That is a federal crime. Hold her in jail until all accusations are challenged and rectified. She is also guilty of dereliction of duty for allowing this to happen on her watch.


  23. If they are not made to be accountable for their crimes ( jail time and steep fines) others looking on will see no consequences to these actions and be encouraged to do it again and again.

  24. The Dems are desperate to have their vision of the future become reality. They do not want their vision known by voting public until it is too late. They will do anything they can legal or otherwise to gain enough power to see their vision become reality. They want more refugees and more illegals who join the great unwashed that rely on Govt for food, shelter, education, health care and spending money. And of course they should all have a cell phone, smart tv and a lap top computer. After all they will keep the Dems in power and help the fantasy of becoming elites.

  25. The Michigan AG should be put in prison for life. Lets start taking these corrupt politicians out of the picture and file them away. They are anti-Americans and destroying everything good about America. In GOD We Trust!

  26. Just another reason to replace politized judges for malpractice. Freedom of Speech not recognized

  27. The Democrat Crime Organization is a massive tyrannical criminal organization posing as a political party. They have done nothing but cause pain and suffering for the people of this nation with their jacked up legislation, while lining their own pockets and those of fellow travelers and family members with our living wages extorted from us through a punitive tax system. They will cause as much damage, inflict as much pain and even kill to gain total and absolute control of this nation and it’s citizens. The treasonous crime organization should be labeled a national security threat group by Homeland Security.

  28. The Michigan AG Dana Nessel should be thrown in jail. If this reporter is correct it is her responsibility to bring it forward and not ban it or threaten the reporter. This is AMERICA not CHINA. These are the politicians that need to be thrown out of office!

  29. We must have transparency in government. We that are Trump supporters have been characterized as uneducated and therefore not intelligent enough to think for ourselves. The truth is that we value our freedom and our ability to think independently. We prefer to manage our selves rather than be managed. Our Freedom and Republic depend on truth and transparency! The votes must be counted if in question or all is lost!


  31. Listen to all of you. You’re all unbelievable. Before going crazy and wanting to hang everybody just from your limited knowledge of the facts and no desire to investigate the facts, you guys just look at the headline and assume the original source for all that B.S. is a valid complaint against the Michigan AG. It just so happens that she listened and watched carefully the video from #Detroit Leaks and pointed out that there were 2 important false statements in the video and also described that portions of the clips were taken out of context or deceptively edited. I have seen that type of b.s. editing for years from every zealot – left AND right – who writes against a cause or against a group to which the person doing the editing is opposed. You all need to read the ‘Cease & Desist Order’, which is available in the article and compare it with the #Detroit Leaks article, which most of us have probably never seen.

  32. Where r the spineless replubicicans? They want me 2 send money 4 the jan 2021 senate but won’t come out 4 this cheating. I think it’s time 4 conservatives 2 stop watching fox news as they r turning into cnn

  33. If everything is on the up & up as the left claims, way are they so upset? What are they afraid of ? Do they know that if we keep going we will uncover all of their cheating? Do they know that if we keep investigating we will find just how bad the cheating was? Do they know that we will find out that Donald J. Trump is truly our President, & not Joe Biden? What do you think is going on with the election? God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans

  34. I would guess that there is no basis for this threat of cease and desist relative to the report, video, or audio of this vote counting location or personnel. I would suggest that this report become part and parcel of the daily reporting in Michigan and in the rest of the country. I would suggest that this information be provided to the DOJ for further investigation. Further, I might suggest that the news station hire counsel to pursue action against the AG of Michigan immediately for intimidation, fraud, and corruption. This is the transparency that the Democrats keep talking about. Not sure they can spell that let alone understand what it means. These people need to be taught a lesson.

  35. Stop the fraud !! It is obvious that there is something going on, as there always is with Democrats, from the 1960 election on to today. They simply cannot stand to lose, and use every means to falsify voting records in their favor. This cannot be tolerated as it is ruining the honesty of the American Electoral process.

  36. TRY HIM FOR WHAT??? Now freedom of the press does not mean anything? I guess only for marxist like her and the rest of the Democratic party.


  37. Seeing PeloXi and Fraudstien appear to be involved in the voter election fraud, who is investigating their roll with the voting machines that gave them the confidence Joe China Biden would win?

  38. What more can you expect from DemocRATS? They are a law unto themselves and will do as they please, including faking votes for Biden in order to win this election by hook or by crook, and it is mostly crook.
    Anyone who questions this will be faced with prosecution, and made up extra charges, just to add to their threats and
    keep all dissenters silent.
    This is NOT democracy, this is DICTATORSHIP! A la the Soviet Union, Communist China and Communist North Korea. DemocRATS have never hidden their admiration for these three dictatorships and their leaders, as they model themselves on them. GOD help America, because the DemocRATS certainly will not.

  39. Pray that God Almighty will intercede on President Trump’s behalf! Let the Truth be known that President Trump actually won the 2020 election by a significant majority; but the crooked democratic machine working in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have attempted to steal the election from him! As a true believer in God, I know in my heart that He will not allow this theft to occur! Pray that God Blesses the United States! Allow the Truth to come forth, and declare President Trump as the winner of the 2020 election!

  40. To the Commies, freedom of speech only applies to what they allow you to say….and this AG should be sued and prosecuted!

  41. This fake news article will not succeed, but it can stir suspicion for one who can’t fact check.
    (1). Fact checking is an easy process requiring a Google search for key terms in 1-2 minutes.
    (2). Obviously, it is very hard for die-hard Trumpsters, lacking motivation for self-education.
    (3). Let’s pretend that Trump won Georgia & Pennsylvania. Is THAT enough for him to win?
    (4). The Supreme Court is performing a drama to appease Trump World’s wildcard fruit loops.

    1. Any Democrat who has the gall to talk about fake news is a hypocrite! You should be thanking any publication that is willing to publish both sides of a story.

  42. Now Igor’s new name is Steve. Irena’s nickname is Sharon. Good ol’ Jenny is Anastasia. Different names, same game.
    GOP states are painted red as are the worst Covid hot-beds. As technology gets higher, the average American gets dumber. That clearly allows easy manipulation of naive fake Christians. The Bible gets boring fast, so Christians long for conspiracies. It’s either Deep State, Pizza-Gate, Illuminati, or Fair Elections. A tiny dog can reveal the fake wizard.

  43. Nothing what so ever will be done about this documented dishonest presidential election and the American people know it because just like 4 yrs of Russia Russia And impeachment and not one ounce of evidence or proof of a crime and not a single person has been held accountable for their crimes and the American people know no one will be held accountable for the greatest presidential election fraud in the history of our great country.i fear so much for the future of my children grandchildren and great grandchildren because their America is headed down hill rapidly into socialism so we can end up just like Russia Cuba Argentina Portland Seattle New York Chicago and GOD only knows how many more are coming into the cesspool of socialism. GOD please Bless America. JGB

  44. Civil War coming to america. Get your rifles and guns ready! This is the reason we have the 2nd Amendment because of abuse of power and tyranny of the DEMS using Main Stream Media and Bribing specific people for a GAG so they won’t say not say antyhing. Thank God for the Whistleblowers we have to protect them like Snowden.

  45. We need a Federal election law starting on Oct. 31 thru Nov. 3rd, till 8 PM that day. 4 days of voting, With a voter I.D. card & No mail in voting, just absentee votes from who meets requirements & request them, that are legal voters & the military. ITS THAT SIMPLY on all federal positions a person is running for in a election & states can handle there own state elections the way they want by there cities & state laws.

  46. I think that our rights as Americans are under attack by demoncrats. Slowly they are indoctrinating our youth through the education system with liberal educators imposing their ideologies. This needs to end before America becomes a third world shithole country.

  47. There is no question that Republican observers were restricted. You don’t have to be a genius to understand why. The only questions is: How many Democrat votes are invalid? and how many of those are fraud, not simply mistakes?

  48. It’s sad a Great state as Mich. the state I used to call home has become the communist/socialists have taken over and I would bet that the Governors threat to the people about not voting for pedophile joe is one reason for the way the vote went in Mi. just can’t believe there are so many communists in Mi.!!

  49. Where is the link to her video? She is claiming to have evidence of a crime, as well a libeling campaign workers of Michigan. Unlike public figures like TV personalities, candidates for office and government officers, those campaign workers are only temps and like most American only require a lower standard to win a libel case against her. I believe the standard for public figures is publishing something they know to be false, vs. publishing something they can’t prove is true about private citizens.
    Will she sign sworn affidavit and face criminal and civil juries to support her statements? Throw her in the slammer until she is willing to testify and provide evidence of the crime. If she still won’t provide evidence, the elected officials of the people of Michigan should treat her like the Chicago 7 in 1968.

  50. Dana Nessel is begging to be prosecuted, herself. For complicit obstruction icw national election. And for denial of free speech. It is apparent she is beyond incompetent and relies solely on her political cover to function as the Attorney General.

  51. And you wondered how Joe Biden could sit in his basement and do basically no campaigning, and the Democrats still being confident that they would win. The (win)corruption was set in stone with poll workers and computer programs. Never thought America would ever come to this. God help us!!

  52. I don’t care which party one chooses to vote for but regardless of the party, every citizen should be concerned if, in fact, any kind of voter fraud did occur. If you are part of or agree with any form of fraud just so your side can win you are the problem. I may not like the outcome but I firmly believe the process should be honest and fair for both. I will still be an American First and I will always follow the Constitution as written. When we fail to follow our own Constitution or attempt to change it in any way we as a country will be destined to fail.

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