FOX News Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany During Election Integrity Presser

In case you haven’t picked up on it just yet, the media is in full on censorship mode of this election. The same press that covered three and a half years of Russian Collusion theories, that are now debunked, says they can’t in good faith cover stories of election fraud without evidence.

Kayleigh McEnany states:

there is only one party in America that opposes verifying signatures, citizenship, eligibility. There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room, and that party my friends is the Democrat party.


McEnany also states:

you don't take these positions because you want transparency and you don't take these positions because you have nothing to hide. You take these positions because you are welcoming illegal voting."

Shortly after this, as the Press Secretary is explaining some of the evidence they have, Neil Cavuto cuts away from her speech and laments the comments she just made.

Alex Salvi, of One America News, caught the moment it happened. OANN covered the entire speech.

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157 thoughts on “FOX News Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany During Election Integrity Presser”

  1. This is the worst Fox News ever! They need to go. When the truth is right in front of their faces and they do not let the administration declare it, they are against the first amendment. We are sunk if Biden is really elected!

      1. So why didn’t they present any IN COURT?
        They had half a dozen opportunities to do so.
        Before one judge after another threw them out.

          1. Is Robert really Trump. Numb nuts, keep them coming
            Guess what? Trump lost in the most secure election in history. He’s just trying to leave Biden in the worst possible position. Trump is a disaster. That’s a more mature word than numb nuts…numb nuts. Everyone’s against poor little Trump right? Everyone is on the take right?
            Pathetic. I’ll bet you don’t wear masks either.

      2. My sentiments exactky on Cavuto. Snake 🐍 OANN reports on things beats FOX by a mile except for a few on Fox Carlson,Hannity,Ingraham Are still straight forward honest

      3. No proof and even Trump knows. He’s the scumbag. Too bad you can’t see what’s right in front of your eyes.
        Keep the name calling going, keep the hatred going.

    1. Agree, Fox is sox and used twitch them all the time. The only journalist with integrity are Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Laura Ingram, the rest are worthless. I switch to Newsmax and OANN.

  2. We stopped watching Fox a week ago. It’s gone Communist. I hope the good people there will jump ship. Shame on you Cavuto I knew he was a traitor months ago. Only watch Newsmax and OAN.

    1. I agree. Cavuto is a lefty. I no longer watch Fox except for Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Jesse and Judge Jeanine. You can see the transition. When they hired Donna B a proven cheater the handwriting was on the wall. Baier and McCallum are going left every day. I have switched to OAN

      1. Totally agree! Fox was the first thing on in the morning and so looked forward to their “fair and balanced”.. They lost me when Chris Wallace did the second debate – arrogant elitist.

    2. The only fair and balanced news reporters left are Dana,Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Jesse and Judge Jeanine.
      Wish they would leave for OAN & NEWSMAX like the other good reporters have done.
      Goodbye Fox News, you suck!

    3. Newsmax and OANN not widely available, though. Fox used to be the only major, widely available network with conservative/moderate perspective. Now they are moving to the left due to Murdoch family dynamics. Conservative dad getting old. Children are stupid. Don’t realize that their conservative perspective distinguished them from all the other major networks who are all leftist. If they continue this move to the left, they will lose their loyal audience and be competing with the herd for the leftist viewers.

    4. You need to watch the others that do report all the news and give ( even the dems ) a chance to speak like Hannity , Tucker, Laura , Gutfeld , Judge Jeanine, Watters, Levin, and Hilton. These are the ones to listen to . That is why they are trying to get most of them fired.

    1. Very well put. They became # one for a good reason. They will fall like a stone , primarily because they are no longer dedicated to honest journalism. You jerks have lost me and so many others.

  3. Wrong, Neil, I am disappointed in you. What she said was and is correct. Shame on you for not listening to her. She’s not talking about the Kennedy assassination that happened 57 years ago, she’s talking about an election that happened last week!!!!

    1. How can they not see what is going on?? its been proven in places like Michigan, where the BLM wont let Trumps votes count. and throwing Trump votes away, whats with that???

  4. Harris Faulkner has been breaking away from things lately. Seems to be censoring republicans. OAN is much better at least for now

  5. Who is Neil Cavuto to stop Kahleighs right to speak. Again a crush to our first amendment. Trust me millions of people think they he same thing. If you are hiding nothing open the process. You don’t put up paper to cover the process going on & throw people out. Being 25 feet away is ludicrous. Neil Csvuto should be fired or at least severely reprimanded,

      1. If you don’t watch Fox when he is on , his ratings will go down and they will fire him. You need to watch only TUCKER, HANNITY, LAURA, WATTERS ,GUTFELD,JUDGE JEANINE, LEVIN & HILTON to get the real of what is going on.

  6. In this particular instance , Cavuto has his blinders on. Democrats have for years fought requiring people to have voter ID’s , have continually attempted to want Illegals to be given voting rights in mass, AND in this particular case HAVE been the ones keeping legal observers from being able to monitor ballot counting in Pennsylvania.
    BUT, more importantly, the point she made about them resisting doing re-counts or co operating in the attempt to make certain that only all LEGAL ballots get counted is spot on. Why would there be a resistance by ANYONE to making certain that no cheating occurred in our elections?
    McEnany technically was absolutely correct in what she said and Cavuto knows this. He also knows that gets much more mileage out of saying his lies now. The American public deserves MUCH MORE truth from media AND from politicians also.
    Wanting FAIR and HONEST election results should not be resisted by ANYONE.

  7. Cavuto changed his tune all of a sudden. He has been talking about possible voter fraud for weeks. He talks too much anyways, interrupting his interviewees. Plan on not watching him.

  8. the media has not been a Conservative friend at all and they help with the cover up but anything against this administration they gleefully put on the news without proof DOUBLE STANDARD all the way

  9. Shame on Neil Cavuto!!!! He and some others are the reason we don’t watch Fox any more. They say “fair and
    balanced”, but they need to erase that phrase from their station. It isn’t.
    We now watch Newsmax………..they are the conservative station now……and have been.

  10. You just lost another FOX viewer. You wouldn’t even let her finish to see if she had proof. That’s not transparency that’s control.You’ve joined the ranks of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and all the other corrupt media outlets. It’s a sad day for America.

  11. Cavuto has changed, a lot. You could see his contempt for Trump when he jumped on the HCQ bandwagon, calling Trump a liar and even saying it was killing people. Since then, it’s been all downhill.

  12. Everyone just needs to let this play out. Wow, take a breath people. The evidence is coming so relax. Fox, like any good news organization can’t let their interviews turn into the Geraldo Rivera show from the 90’s. This is a fact based organization unlike CNN or MSNBC.
    The facts will come and the truth will be told. Until then let’s just be patient.

    1. Listen up Dumb Ass Dave, Fox is no longer a “good news organization’, as you suggest. They are now strictly liberal propaganda – except for Tucker Carlson. The rest of their company is full of empty suited wimps, just there to cash a paycheck and write books.

    2. You are right Dave , just don’t watch certain reporters like Neil , you need to watch Tucker ,Hannity, Laura, Gutfeld, Judge Jeanine, Watters, Levin & Hilton.

    3. Since when was CNN or MSNBC a fact based organization? Unless of course you count ‘twisting’ the facts as ‘fact based’.

  13. You reported on Russia conspiracy for 3 years without proof ,just a bought and payed for dossier. I know because I listened everyday. You reported on unnamed sources, without proof, so why now Fox News? I am so dissatisfied with your reporting. Y’all were the only news network that I listened to, but no more . Goodbye 👋

  14. At the END of this horrific game being played on THE WORLD,one can hope they all get their ass handed to them in a jail cell..all of them!!When President Trump wins this again we might be be in for a “Dark Winter” inflicted by these same characters,be prepared because they’re rabid dogs..#fightback

    1. come on guys now we are starting to sound like all the other networks we can not stand.I really do not think Covuto has the control when his program cut away from Mcenany could be wrong. I just do not understand why every show except Tuckers has to have a left wing idiot taking up time like Jaun Williams, Bo Bo Brazil, Marie Harf Richard Fowler, Lesley Marshal( she is a little resonable) and a few others i forget right now. But Jaun is the worst he will never ever give an inch he thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and is never wrong about he drives me crazy with his constant “well the polls say this and the Polls say that” Does every move in his life revolve around the polls.

  15. Fox just lost me. Instead of shutting people down you should be investigating blatant voter fraud.

  16. Cut Fox months ago. All other news channels are free except Fox and CNN. CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC ALL have free internet or Free antenna access. Bill O’Riley, ONA all free and report even BBC, Japanese and Canadian network provide mor balanced and free programming via internet.

  17. I’ll miss Jesse, Greg, Dana and Katy, but I’m never watching Fox again. Not just because of Cavuto but because of the Arizona call, the “Biden wins” call and the little micro shit, Chris Wallace.

  18. No Fox for me anymore. Will watch NewsMax. It’s amazing what money can do to change people and companies. All of the so called journalists at Fox should have trouble sleeping at night but I’m sure that won’t happen

  19. FOX is turning more Left everyday. Their strong suit is Mark Levine,Hannity,Tucker,Jessie, Gutfeld and Ingram. Although their overall coverage is still Conservative, some are obviously not Trump supporters like Chris Wallace, Bret B. To some extent I blame FOX for their part in contributing to Trump’s loss by letting Chris Wallace be the moderator in the first debate. His back and forth with Trump was predictable and even Trump later said going into the debate that he didn’t realize before the debate that he would be debating Biden and Wallace.
    Since we get enough Left from mainstream news media, we really don’t need any Left spin and reporting from FOX. Why do they need to be fair and balanced when none of the other mainstream news media is totally anti Trump and Left leaning and totally unbalanced.
    I also think to,whatever measure, FOX contributed to Trump’s loss in the election if indeed Biden is confirmed after all the suits are filed and cases heard. As a result I no longer watch FOX and have turned to Breitbart News ,One America and Newsy for news on TV and other sources accessible on line on INTERNATE,

  20. Democrats as in the last four letters “RATS” Are hell bent to destroy this country. I do not live in another Country, I live in United States of America. I have nothing to apologize for, or feel I need to travel the world to apologize for the great free life I live. I like many in my family have over 80 Years in the Navy protecting This country, I will be dam if that does not mean anything. There are thousands who lay in rest for protecting this freedom. Every politician running or in office should have been in the service before running for office. THE DRAFT is something we need to bring back. In my days the country with the draft was a lot more discipline. I have always said “IT IS HARD TO LOVE A COUNTRY, YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEFEND”.

    1. If one has not paid the price for the freedom they have, they can at least respect the ONES who have. I’m 80 years old, raised as a CHRISTIAN by Christian parents. They demanded respect for all who served and paid the price for the freedom I now treasure. I’ve visited graves of our soldiers – prayed for the families who lost their sons and daughters, so that I could live free. I fear for America if we do not return to serving God and living by HIS WORD.

  21. Neil Cavuto will never again grace my TV room with his biased garbage. I was watching and was irate at his stupidity. Not much to be watching on FOX. I’m still trying to figure out why Harris Faulkner interviewed John McCain’s widow yesterday. What they heck does she supposedly know should be part of our daily news feeds.

  22. Without integrity, FOX is a worthless shell, just like the other MSM. FOX has no value for most of us now. Loyalty was never given to the channel name; it was given to the programming integrity. GONE! No integrity, no loyalty.

  23. Fox News is now down in the gutter with CNN and MSNBC. What has happened with fair and balanced?
    I will watch only OAN and Newsmax from now on.
    Chris Wallace and Sandra Smith are terrible!. Cavuto is now officially no longer fair and balanced but using censorship blocking free speech. This is a discussing low for FOX.

  24. It appears Fox has moved to the Dark Side. The last bastion of truth left on TV seems to be the weeknight lineup of Tucker, Sean, and Laura.

  25. Treason and democrats and their media
    Are the same words
    Everything democrats have said or done have Been lies or corruption for the past 12 years!
    All has been proven to date of democrats coup
    Why would America believe the media or democrats now???
    Liars cheats and thieves never change or stop!
    The harder democrats struggle to cover their crimes the more guilty they are!
    Civil war is here fellow patriots and so far we are the only ones not participating!
    It will be a bloody and terrible war
    America will only survive by bloodshed
    If we get their leaders their media and their money men the snake will die quickly!
    That is our task!
    Patriots unite and save our country NOW!
    Our freedom and children depend on it!

  26. No one has a RIGHT to lie on national TV and spread PROPAGANDA.
    Kayleigh like Sarah Huckabee, lies 24/7. As did Sean Spencer.
    FOX is positioning itself for the POST TRUMP future.

  27. Neil has lost his Cool in more than one way I’m thinking of not watching Fox News ever again let Neil find another bone to knaw on …,,,,

  28. Fox is dead. OAN and Newsmax are real journalists, not propagandists. It would be nice to see those who are still honest leave FOX for an honest network.

    1. Why has it ALWAYS been so important for Fox News to feel that they NEEDED to be FAIR AND BALANCED??
      What other network gave us the same respect?
      Oh wait for it ————/other than OAN and
      NEWS MAX ———- NONE!!

      Cavuto. Has been a turncoat for quite some time. He’s a Hugh Trump hater!!!
      I let Fox a few months ago. I pray that Tucker, Hannity, Laura,Dobbs,judge jeanine, leave soon!!!!

  29. Cavuto is a has-been. He would fit better on CNN.
    FOX doesn’t know how to say ‘legal’ votes count.
    Try Newsmax.

  30. Who the hell gave Cavuto permission to decide what the press secretary can or cannot say, and what the American public can and cannot hear. It is more than evident that improper and illegal activities took place in various if not all states. It will take investigators, prosecutors and finally the courts to reach the level of proof Cavuto apparently expects from the press secretary. But for three years we listened to proven lies night after night. I am so sick of these arrogant asses protecting my delicate ears from hearing what all Americans should be very open to. The authorities should be looking into any and all voting irregularities. Once we are allowed to follow the evidence we will see who, if anyone encourage or embraced illegal voting. Then and only then will we have the proof Neil expects. We know voting laws were changed in an illegal manner and who did that benefit, the Dems. So Neil, I wonder if you see smoke pouring out of your house. You call the Fire Department should they wait until there is proof of flames before they send the Fire Engines?

  31. How can they not see what is going on?? its been proven in places like Michigan, where the BLM wont let Trumps votes count. and throwing Trump votes away, whats with that???

  32. Fox News carried 100% of the Russian Hoax, 100% of a Hoax impeachment, 100% of Adam Shifts LIES against President Trump, Fox News you are not fair and balanced, you are biased towards the Democrats. I will be leaving Fox News because of it’s unfair tactics. Good Bye Fox News and I hope you see your ratings drop.

    1. Oh Dear!! And WHO was behind the Russian Hoax, the Hoax impeachment, Adam Shifts lies, Hilary’s illegal dealings, Hunters very questionable employment, etc. etc.??? How can that be bias when it’s the truth??? Fox was one of the last holdouts for true news, not fake news.

  33. Mr Cavuto—-is it untrue that it was the Democratic Party that is against voters needing a drivers licence or
    other picture ID to vote. PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’ts ”circumstantial” that urban centers that voted OVRWHELIMNGLY, some 100% Bidden, had an 88% turnout !
    88% ??!!!!!!! Only CIRCUMSTANTIAL—-where has there EVER bn an 88% turnout before !!? Has there
    ever bn an ENTIRE district that ever voted 100% Republican. Yeaaa—circumstantial

    I’ll stop now as I don’t want to exhaust your attention span. BUT you know there is MUCH more—

  34. This is censorship. There are now several Republican AG’s who have joined the lawsuit at the Supreme Court to combat the fraud in Pennsylvania.

  35. FOX sold their soul to Satan’s minion George Soros and has become what they were originally against FAKE NEWS! Who the hell is FOX to cut off someone’s FREE SPEECH, but then again they did it to Judge Jennean by canceling her show. FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, WPIX, Twitter, FB, Yahoo, and Youtube need to have their licenses pulled. America is no longer a free society.

  36. “God Damn the Democrat Party” From the tombstone of a Union soldier who died in the Civil War. True then. True today.

  37. Use your POWER to organize seniors, have them “Deputized” and assigm them to all poling places that need Counting done.

    Most of us are “itchin ” for something use0full to do..

    I am READY TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I will never watch Fox again. Newsmax and OANN is the new go to source. It is outrageous that FOX cuts away just as she’s starting to provide evidence and then accuses her of making claims without evidence. This is like attaching a cinder block to someone’s feet and throwing them into a river, then accusing them of not being able to swim!

  39. I noticed months ago that Neil Cavuto was questioning his quests in a negative way to prove Trump in the wrong. Chris Wallace, Neil, and others are not representative of Fair and Balanced. Thank goodness for Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Lou, Jeannie, Maria, Varney and Early morning guys. Really only watch them. We have moved to NewsMax for most of the day. Go Trump!!!!!

  40. The Democrats and their complicite news outlets are in denial, if not denial they are outright lying. The truth is the truth and it is obvious. Democrats are totally responsible for voter fraud.
    I lived in CA for 70 years. The voter fraud is overwhelming. I wish CA would be investigated also.

  41. What did she say Neil that was not true? I can’t in good countenance to watch tour program. Time for me to find a news source other than Fox news.

  42. Caption is very disappointing!! Obviously not a real conservative !!! I guess Fox News true colors are coming to light

  43. Harris Faulkner also cut away when talking to Newt G. I only watch Tucker, Hannity, Laura,Jesse, Judge Janine. Fox is looking at the next 4 yrs if Biden is declared Pres. I’ve never watched Chris Wallace . When Sheppard Smith left I felt like Chris should have gone then . I know we don’t all like the sane people but I stay with the Conservatives & don’t watch those who aren’t & someone else who likes liberals can watch liberals . Everyone didn’t like Jesus

  44. For several years now my husband and I have watched pretty much no news except FOX. That changed with the coverage of this election. We have not missed any of you (except Tucker) Newmax is our go to for news now and Facebook and Twitter are also gone. Our nation as we have known it for nearly 70 years is gone! Tears shed, angry moments wasted, consoling with many people like ourselves but never doubting that GOD is still in control of all of our exsistence and so Faith wins. You will see…..

    1. Great, Great, Great – I love the fact that God will never leave or forsake HIS people and your comment is great – God is Faithful and America can stand on HIS promises !!!

  45. I had slowed down watching Fox News for the last few months when I could see bias against the republican party. I refuse to watch any time Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, Jessica, or Chris Wallace is speaking. Why in the world would Fox hire Donna after her criminal act of supplying Hillary with the 2016 campaign questions. I still love and watch Hannity, Laura, Tucker and Judge Jeanne. However, It took the cake when Neil refused to continue showing Kaylee speaking of voter fraud because it had not been verified. Well you sure showed 4 yrs of “Russian Collusion” when there was no proof. I also love Maria Bartiromo. These are the only shows I will watch on Fox. I have switched to OAN and Newswatch.

  46. Fox News’ domination of ratings is over. They have jointed the ranks of liberal networks and now they are just one of many. Fox is no longer a station that will give you the news straight up. We are done with it after watching for many years. What dopes.

  47. Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson and Newsmax…dig to get the facts and, then make up your own mind and support Captain America ( President Donald J. Trump ), he does not take his Presidential salary while the frontmen for the power brokers , Zuckerberg, Soros, Besos etc, Obama and Biden buy 12 million dollar mansions in Martha’s Vineyard, enrich themselves and their families, send pallets of American taxpayer dollars secretly too Iran and work to change the greatest country the world has ever known into a ” banana republic “.

  48. They won’t cover the fraud without proof but they sure covered all the accusations over the past 4 years that were all found to be false. Fox you will go down if you keep going in this direction. People are already turning to Maxnews. And Neil C. you showed your true colors by badgering people “where’s the proof.?” Well if dead people are voting and they know from records they are dead how DEAD don’t you understand? That is breaking the law. The person that did this needs to be prosecuted. You know they would go after a Republican if that happened by them. Double standard.

  49. “Unless she has more details to back that up”? Well, Neil, perhaps if you had let the woman talk, she would have explained that she did indeed have more details!

  50. Last time I watch Cavuto and more move away from FOX. The truth is our democracy is at state here
    and there is LOTS of evidence!! I guess Fox is okay with competing with the other scumbag media cause you are losing your long time followers!

  51. It is not Neil Cavuto’s job to censor what is being reported on the news, we have all the other i.e. CNN, NBC, etc to do this. Fox is getting worse and worse. I find myself muting More and more of the Fox Anchors. I enjoy reading historical books and this pre election, election and post election is too much line the rise of Nazism in the 1930’s and 1940’s. God help us all. We will persevere but at what cost to our great American nation.
    Mr. Cavuto, you owe we, the American Fox viewing public and Mrs. McEnany an apology and not just your non American censoring.

  52. Fox has hired plenty of leftists as contributors who make outrageous charges against republicans/conservatives; hires such as Williams, Tarlov, Harf, Brazil, Marshall, etc.

  53. I’m through with Fox. Cavouto had a barely concealed hatred for President Trump and both he and Brett Baer are now showing the truth to us all. Fox has gone left. Now ill have to give up Tucker Carlson and Hannity because i will not give the viewer time to Fox and i hope they go bankrupt like all the other fake news channels. Some people are too stupid or brainwashed to realize what’s being done to our country thru the media. I’ll watch News Max and Briebart on the internet. If Hannity and Carlson have any sense they’ll leave this two faced channel and go with an on line show and make their souls clean from the travesty that Fox has become. Hiring a certified liar, Donna Brazile told us that the ship was sinking. And now, it’s SUNK. GOODBYE FOX.

  54. Cavuto, Wallace, and several other Foxx representatives are clearly concluded before they hear all the facts what the truth is. They are suspect and reporting with arrogance over integrity. I am leaving Foxx news since it is being so highhanded. And Cavuto, you must be dense not to know the difference between saying that allowing certain behaviors obviously opens the door to foreseeable fraud vs. actually accusing someone of perpetrating that fraud. You are not linguistically skilled enough to not be transparent!

  55. Pathetic and cowardly response after the Democratic Party has tried to trash every effort to bring accountability to “one person, one vote” for years.

  56. For four long years everything hateful about Trump was carried by FOX, Russian collusion, impeachment over a phone call, Shifty Schiff’s daily lies, no proof ever, even in the end but we tuned in and listened. Well this family has now tuned out. I believe you are all reacting to the fact that you called this election, albeit it, it’s not your position.
    There are a few who remain honest, those are the only ones we will watch going forward. Sad time for FOX News.


  58. But Neil you don’t cut the dems off when they why, why cut Kayleigh off for telling the truth. I don’t watch your show any longer because of this kind of crap.

  59. I also found it despicable that Fox called Arizona so early for Biden. Arizona still had a lot of counting to do. On the other hand, they still refuse to call North Carolina for Trump when 99% of the counting is done and he has a much larger margin than in Arizona.
    There needs to be a thorough investigation on the Voting machines that changed votes in Michigan conservative district from Trump to Biden votes. Luckily they caught this in this district, but voting machine from this company (Dominion, I thought) was used in many other states. Must be investigated before they can cover it up!

    1. Fox has been my # 1 news information for a number of years but they have changed more to the left in recent times and now it is not my favorite. Neil has to go and management has to get back to Roger Ailes direction.
      GOOD BYE!!!!

  60. I have to say that I am very disappointed in what Mr. Cavuto did to Kayleigh. I think that our whole world is caving in to the evil that has been taking over the demoncratic party. Praying for justice for the people. I hope that God would give strength to the President and that the republican party would get a backbone finally and stand up for what is right. We can’t give up now. Regardless to what happens here, God IS still in control. In the end the followers of the one true God/Jesus prevail. Read the bible especially the New Testament books like Revelation. We who follow Jesus win! Satan will be forever banished and all who follow him will be too. Believe in Jesus, repent now, He died to save us all from sin.


  62. Neil, dance monkey dance. I would like to have heard what evidence she had to support her statements but since you were told what to do like a monkey ( since you didn’t know what she was going to say) we didn’t get a chance to make up our own minds — you are one of the reasons why so many of us have left Fox.

  63. I stopped watching Fox when they called Arizona for Biden. Prior to that, they were giving equal time to Biden’s speeches and his campaign. Fox just joined the propaganda media machine that is brainwashing the sheep. Newsmax and One America are my sources if I want truthful journalism. Epoch is another possible source.

  64. This change in Fox News is not new. I have noticed and commented on this for quite some time. My wife and I both watched Fox diligently for many years. NO LONGER. Neil Cavuto was always on the top of my list of Fox News personnel who have sold out to the left and protecting his backside. SHAME ON HIM and FOX NEWS.

  65. I truly don’t understand what motivates the liberal media, but I stopped watching Fox on Wednesday the 4th, and haven’t turned it on since. I’ve been a fan of Bret’s for a number of years, always thought he was relatively neutral, and I’ve watched their other personalities for years…….three to four hours a night. Fox has no shame at this point, and has officially come out of the closet and shown their true colors, and I’m done. Alternatives will, and already are, filling the vacuum. I believe that Fox will rue the day.
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  66. Neil was out of line, but what can one expect from him, a liberal at heart, who doesn’t like Trump. I previous wrote an email to Fox News informing them I am through with watching their programs.Neil showed much disrespect to an honest and classy woman. He needs to resign and go to CNN!

  67. Neil is caught up in the “group-think” of the Fox people in New York. He is not the only one. I am learning to watch other less-biased programming. However, Shaun and some others are still fair-minded and not biased. Where is Bill O’Rielly when we need him?

  68. Fox News is just another propaganda arm of the treasonous Democrat Party. Traitor Cavuto is the best liar & suppressor they have. He is a disgrace to American Journalism.
    In fact..Fox News has gotten so OBVIOUS about it’s anti-Trump bias that I don’t watch them anymore. The only people I watch are Tucker Carlson, Hannity & Laura Ingraham.
    Soros & Democrat controlled Mainstream Fake News Media Jackals are brainwashing Americans.

  69. Neil, You POS. There is ample evidence of cheating and it will all eventually come out in the courts. You butt holes have taken a once respectable news organization and turned it into just another CNN. Well, I refuse to play your games. I am strictly a Newsmax watcher now and Fox can go to hell!!!

  70. George Soros, has kept his word. He has even gotten to FOX NEWS. SHAME ON YOU. NEWS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, no more.
    NEIL CAVUTO, there is proof and you know it. That says right there, YOU LIE, and probably paid off by SOROS, too. You have turned your back on the American People. You were trusted, but you are delivering FAKE NEWS just like everyone else.


  71. Why dont all states have the same voting regulations for a national election , Need a photo ID and a bill of residency to prove who you are and where you live. I heard horor stories of some voting spots that found out that someone brought an absent tee ballot from someone that had died weeks earlier.

  72. I am DONE with Fox News. Will not forgive them for calling AZ for Biden when counting was not (and is still not) completed. Tucker, Sean, Laura, Dana, Jesse, Gutfeld, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, Steve Hilton & Mark Levin are about the only ones worth watching. Neil Cavuto has forever lost my attention.

  73. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? We don’t want “opinions” of others to be spoon fed to us with the expectation that “WE” will go along without questioning the source or without doing further investigation of our own. True JOURNALISM gives ALL SIDES to the story (including speculations) and lets the reader/viewer reach his or her own conclusion. What ever happened to THAT?

  74. My husband and I agree with all the other
    Comments. We are now at Newsmax.
    Don’t forget who is on the Board of Directors –
    Trump hater and Swamp dweller Paul Ryan. What a coincidence!

  75. Cavuto’s been a not so stealth “Progressive-in my opinion-for quite some time; he and the rest of his ilk on Fox”News” can all go to Hell as far as I’m concerned !

  76. Done with Fox and done with Neal, as is any free thinking American. When Trump starts a new Conservative network the Murdoch boys will be yesterday’s news, not fair and balanced news.

  77. Neil Cavuto’s major and overtly rude diatribe IS NOT a defensible blunder, NOR IS IT a display of his momentary faux pas; IT IS an expression of his egotism and prideful self-esteem that his opinion MUST supersede and supplant Kayleigh McEnany’s RIGHT to express the feelings of the majority of conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump. And as such it is doubtful that he will be able to recover from this arrogant display. He has succeeding in damaging his personal and professional reputation beyond his mere comprehension. He should move his anchor chair over to CNN where such antics are routine and acceptable.

    Mr. Cavuto has exposed himself to be just another left-leaning autocrat who demands the right to censor the free expression of ideas and concerns. With so many of us abandoning Fox news it would seem that he would have had enough sense to filter his mouth before he spoke.

  78. Events like this are why we, along with many other viewers, are turning to NEWSMAX for accurate and unbiased reporting. I am sorry about that because I have enjoyed FOX for many years,but no longer.

  79. Yea, I noticed that I don’t think he’s to fond of president anyHoo , but he’ll have that bitter old Clyburn on yapping his his behind off and any other Democrat that’s not to fond of Trump. Wondering why he won’t concede it’s like we called it you ppl outta except it awful

  80. I am so mad at Fox News! I have always said “Thank God for Fox News”. Not anymore! I don’t understand?? Are they all of a sudden afraid of losing their jobs?? They are reporters. They know the truth. I can’t watch it now. I am disgusted with the same people that I used to trust.

  81. I’m 80 years old – only watched Fox News – went to NEWSMAX when I saw what Fox was becoming. Viewing what California and many others are doing to America, Churches and Christians, I fear what is coming upon our great NATION that once had true “God and Freedom” loving true Loyalist American conducting the People’s Business. We must pray and return to the beliefs of the Founding Fathers of our Nation – God Bless America !

  82. Neil Cavuto is a total scum bag. Who the f—k is he to limit what I can see and hear. Fox is loaded with scumbags, like Cavuto, Juan Williams, Bret Baier (snake in the grass), Donna brazille, McCallum, ugly Wallace, Harris Faulkner, Marie that blonde weasel with the ugly glasses, Jessica with the winey voice. Get rid of those screwball at the decision table. They have their heads up everybody’s asses and don’t know what the hell they are doing. Typical Jews.

  83. Neal Cavuto has always been a closeted Trump hater. Now that he believes Biden will be President, he’s completely out of the closet. He’s another liberal hack with a cable news program. Fox is going to hell in a hand basket quickly with the boys running it.

  84. This is horrific! The four years were not enough? Seriously
    You lost another viewer.

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