Biden to Institute National Mask Mandate as Top Priority

If Joe Biden ends up being our next President, one of the first things he will do is to put into place a national mask mandate.

Biden intends to work with governors to put the mandate in place but says if the governors don’t comply, he will go to the mayors and county representatives to get the mandate in place.

A Fox News contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel, thinks masks should be worn both indoors and outdoors but has some concerns about the mandate.

“I think masks are quite useful, but they have a place and they’re not the be all and end all,” Siegel said. “I’m worried that mandating this with fines and such may actually lead to more of a rebellion against it.”


Dr. Siegel also says he believes that social distancing is more important than masks.

"I think physical distancing is more important than masks," Siegel argued. "If you're 10 feet away from someone, you're not going to get the virus. If you're one foot away with a mask, you might."

All the people saying that COVID would magically disappear if Joe Biden was elected seem to be very wrong. This mask mandate may prove to be a power that the Democrat party doesn't want to give up.

How will Americans react to a national mandate?


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27 thoughts on “Biden to Institute National Mask Mandate as Top Priority”

  1. The mandate should go over perfectly. Biden said he was going to do this before he was elected. Based on his popularity, this edict from our Ruler should be embraced by the people!

    1. You said it right “Ruler” not President. Voter Fraud is what has him were he is at. Obama’s second term was heavy with voter fraud. Killary, they thought had it won and the Dems didn’t worry, not thinking she could lose. With Biden the Dems went all in this year knowing his handlers, once in, will be running the country.

  2. Creepy Joe can take his mask mandate to Hell with him. He probably won’t be President anyway. He is a liar, a traitor, on the take, and a scoundrel among the dregs of humanity. May he be overthrown to rot and burn in Hell. .

  3. Creepy Joe can take his mask mandate to Hell with him. He probably will not be President anyway, and that is good. Like most of the other Demo’rat scum, he is a pathological liar, a corrupt politician on the take for many millions of dollars, a traitor, a subversive, and a general fiend of Hell amongst the dregs of humanity. May he be overthrown to rot and burn in the depths of perdition!

  4. If this is truly a “national mask mandate” why will Biden go to the governors and then to the city officials if he does not get the response that he is looking for from the governors? If he wants to demand a national mandate why doesn’t he just do it?

    1. I saw this coming if this man became President. Our Country is in trouble and no one seems to care.

  5. I don’t think it is practical to implement a nationwide mask mandate. There aren’t enough police officers to enforce the mandate. Biden may make it financially difficult for States to refuse. Likely he will try withdrawing any Federal funds being received by States who don’t comply. I also see this creating a huge constitutional issue.
    Here’s my thought…if Biden thinks he can force me to wear one, he’s quite short sighted.

  6. He is a true Dictator. A Power hungry bastard that hates all Americans. This is his way of clamping down on our freedoms and to get us used to the communist way!

  7. First of all he was not elected. Only the electoral college can crown his majesty Biden. His brain is short a few synopsis. Not to mention he is a chronic liar.I can not imagine any with a complete brain believing a word he says.

  8. Let’s BURN our MASKS in Washington D.C. IF he is elected POTUS (which he WON’T – this is out of a Josef Stalin playbook). Biden has NOT been lawfully signed into OFFICE. There is WAY too much FRAUD going on. He and the REST of the DEEP STATE should be in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION AND TREASON. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And ANGRY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. I think they should mandate condoms also. “Data” shows that condoms are just as effective as masks in preventing the spread of Cronovirus. To be fair they’s also have to mandate diaphrams. Same “Data.”

  10. No way are masks healthy – quite the opposite. They create health problems, including dental decay and bad breath. Many people absolutely cannot wear a mask – they reduce or eliminate oxygen going into the lungs which we all need to breath – oxygen! The masks also create health problems in the lungs as people inhale fibres from the masks. There is NO NEED to wear a mask nor be isolated. The WHO, CDC and Dr. Fauci are all extremely compromised and have consistently created false and harmful information which was spread by the fake news media.
    Masks have no place in ANY society and the health problems they cause are alarming to anyone interested in mental and physical well being. Masks also cause a vast majority of the people to experience panic attacks, hypercapnia, depression. There is NO need to wear a mask when 99% of the population are healthy people; this virus has been overblown, over-hyped by people with an agenda to control and manipulate, to destroy America in the process, Biden is 100% wrong and 100% controlled by drug companies and others.

  11. You people can’t be serious, and this by people who congregate indoors with their cohorts without masks, they can’t be serious, now there is a stressor if I’ve ever heard one.

  12. It’s all about the money and you can bet there will be some heavy fines attached to anyone caught without a mask on, probably even driving alone in the car or riding a motorcycle down the highway. One size fits all as usual.

  13. Biden is a senile idiot. He didn’t win this Presidential election, and I’m not paying any attention to the two idiots representing the class of idiots.
    Buck Fiden

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