The Left Begins Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters.. ‘They’ll be Dealt With’

When, throughout history, have we heard this kind of rhetoric before? What kind of countries compile lists of political opponents to ‘deal with them’ after an election?

We aren’t just talking about left wing citizens. We are talking about members of Congress bragging about having a list of Trump supporters that are ‘complicit in the future’ – whatever that means.

That’s not even the worst of them.

Here's Washington Post writer and MSNBC contributor saying that any Republican supporting President Trump in the investigation into voter fraud should not be allowed into a 'polite' society and be denied jobs.

"We have a list" seems to keep coming up.

These aren't empty threats, either.

The radical left actually started a project called The Trump Accountability Project to never forget those who helped Trump and ensure they're held accountable.

If the left gets away with "the steal", things could become very violent in very short order in the United States of America.

Are you starting to remember, now, where you've seen this before in our world's history?

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133 thoughts on “The Left Begins Compiling Lists of Trump Supporters.. ‘They’ll be Dealt With’”

  1. Lock and load they want any one dead not a socialist sounds like Germany Hitler doesn’t it .destroy and kill all who do t follow .persucution of a society of people no love and hope and peace .so the people has let the devels take over how sick .talk unity but all who don’t follow them destroy them .nothing but hate on the rise .anerica will die sadly to dictators.

        1. Hey Alexandria…….Jennifer……

          Don’t be surprised, girls…….


          When the SHTF, you’d better run hard and fast, because THOUSANDS of us will be after you.

          We’ll be bringing our Second Amendment for the hunt, too.

      1. Sorry Bob, but thats just a pipe dream of you brave conservative wimps…just line up and get ready for your punishment !!!

          1. yes and these bastards will regret ever saying we the people have spoken when they are not the only people we trump supporters are the people also .These Biden supporters are going to regret ever being democrat Biden supporters as soon as their Gods start implementing their plans . They are all gonna say now we didn’t want this it isn’t part of what we were voting for then and only then will they see the light .But it will be to late and they will then see how stupid they truly are,so many will try to say they voted for Trump,that’s how weak those type of people are but inside they will all know who they are and wish they were smarter and stronger people. Truly they are fools

        1. GFY! (1) Biden hasn’t been elected yet! (2) Trump is still president! (3) You have a very depraved mind if you are actually thinking of this (4) Biden is actually calling for unity and this is what you come up with?
          (5) Biden is a lying, corrupt politician and a pedeofile! You have respect for that???? (6) i wish I could say FUCK YOU faster.

          1. Here we go – Dumb up **********. Biden is such a dip shit, he could not control his own bowel movement
            yet he want’s to lead our great Nation – God help us all;

          2. Yes, his daughter has released her diary/ journal where she says she was forced as a child to shower with HER daddy, JOE. She believes she was sexually molested but cannot remember for sure. That is not unusual for children who have been sexually traumatized. Hunter’s computer has numerous pictures of him with his 14 year old niece both of them naked. It also shows videos of Hunter raping and beating little Chinese girls 9 or 10 years old. Democrats have “elected” an incestuous corrupt, criminal who is a traitor to America. There will be NO unity. There WILL BE A CIVIL WAR!

        2. I’ll take care of your weak squawling antifa ass and ill tell you were i am you silly ass cry when the police catch you antifa fool every place you bastards go where real men stop your asses you turn and run and if your so fuckin brave take off the damn mask fool

        3. Just who do you think you are to be so high and mighty as to threaten another American who believe in freedom according to our Constitution. If you don’t like it here, leave and go to a country where you think you can do as you please! Good luck

        4. Hey Andrew you chicken shit mother fucker, you got the fucking balls to come yourself or do you just sit in your mother’s basement jerking off to pictures of little kids? You aren’t anything but a keyboard warrior who likes to sound hard, but would shit your pants if you ever faced a real man. How about you shut the fuck up unless you want to walk the walk in which case I’ll send you my address you little bitch.

        5. Andrew….you are a sad excuse for a human being….God is watching. But it’s plain to see you could care less about how God will judge you….I feel sorry for you….

        6. Yeah, like the McCloskeys. They were real wimps, weren’t they? A cowardly DA is trying to prosecute them for defending their home! You people have to hide behind your cowardly politicians. The McCloskeys will prevail.

    1. The upper proclamation looks very much as foreign provocation.
      Our country is great and strong and we should not trust anyone who wants to bring war to our cities, and destroy the greatest democracy.
      We deserve the fare election and it’s not hard make it fraud proofed.

    2. Germany was fascist, not socialist. If it weren’t for socialists your ass would be speaking German right now.

      You’re welcome.

    3. Sounds a lot like Soviet Russia. These people are Marxists rather than National Socialists. The National Socialists were left-wing but deviated from some of Marx’s ideas.

  2. these are two of the biggest apparent socialist and maybe revivers of the Hitler and Nazi regime by making such one-sided statement. Where are they making the new prisons?

  3. I have said it before and I’ll say it now. They these are evil-as_ed Commie Socialists. Hell-bent to DESTROY America. Have you seen the Movie the PURGE? That is them thru and thru. DON’T LET THESE ROTTEN VILE PEOPLE STEAL THIS E;ECTION OR AMERICA. FIGHT DONALD (AND REAL AMERICANS)FIGHT!

  4. Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.

    — Jennifer ‘the people decide’ Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) November 6, 2020

    Isn’t this exactly the way they reacted when Trump won in 2016? Yet I don’t recall any Republican demanding a list be compiled of all Hillary supporters. And they say Biden is going to unite the country. The election has not been called yet. It has by the media, but that’s it. The media doesn’t get to make the final call.

  5. The Left/Deep State is organizing … We had better wake up and do the same… we need to connect with each other and do it fast

    1. I’m already getting my sites that I watch on my email so that when facebook and twitter are eliminating them I
      have the names. Of course I’m noticing recently my yahoo account is throwing alot of them into spam. So be aware.

  6. Let the blood begin to flow. I will not go as the Jews did in Germany by God I will fight to the end. Will fight on my feet never to kneel. God save this country.

  7. this is a disgrace to god and he will reach out with his hand and deal with the time and situation in a way they would not feel possible. let them ride their vehicle of supposed success just you watch and see what happens. remember one of the commandants is thou shall not steal……………that being said. we will await the happenings. i know in my heart the left is planning a riot of the year procedure if trump wins be that as may however we are prepared to deal with those type of situations despite the left wanting to disorganize policing and laws of obedience . we are ready to fight enough is enough of being a nice guy.

    1. Really Audrey…this was an election of good vs evil…and look who won. EVIL…so tell me where is “God” in all this? Everyone knew the corrupt left was going to steal this election and the whimpy Repubs stood idly by and did nothing to help President Trump..So evil has won and the bleeding will begin shortly.There will never be another presidential election, and the socialists/communist left will become dictators in power..This country will fall in to years.

      1. God answers prayers in HIS time, not ours. If the majority of evildoers do not want to change, then when God sees the time is right, He will take care of them – and may God have mercy on their souls. God gave everyone the choice of following Good vs Evil – and seems to me there are too many who have chosen Evil just so they can have money, power, and forget the people – hurray for me and screw you – that is their motto!

      2. Linda, now would be a good time to read the book of Revelation. All that’s going in the world right, including our election, is taking place to usher in the anti-christ. You think this is bad? Don’t worry, it gets worse. And God’s hand is all over this as He orchestrates everything that will take place in the final seven years of earth’s history, the time referred in Revelation as the Great Tribulation. This pales in comparison to those seven years will look like. But in the end, God wins because all of these things are ultimately pointing to the final judgement and eradication of all evil. But until that time, the Bible clearly tells us to expect hell on earth. It was foretold thousands of years ago.

  8. And are the GOP supporters compiling a list of Dem supporters and Dem lead companies so they can return the treatment? This sounds like the Communists and Nazis in the last century. We are headed into a civil war and Communist China instituted this with the complicity of the DNC to destroy the economy as it was the one major unity pillar this conservative lead country of which no one could deny. The winner will be China as they will become the major super power of the world which is what they have been planning since 1983. China will lose a few million people but the Godless communist have never cared about collateral deaths in their pursuit of world domination. The Bidens and the DNC collectively are the interface to this treason and COVID-19 biological war launched on the US and the western world. Look carefully at the evidence and see it without bias. One may not like the puzzle picture but it is what it has become. We as a citizenry people cannot solve a destructive problem identified by the evidence without knowing what the root cause is and where it is. Seek the truth. It is in plain sight. God is watching us from a distance. He is expecting us to correct the path in life and remove the wicked for the sake of the world. Pray and act with God’s help.

    1. Orange peel, I have heard that bs for several years now and I see absolutely NO evidence of the brave , loud mouth conservative wimps doing are just social media hacks who hide behind fake names to spout how brave you are and ready to start a civil what you have done for years, tuck your tail between your legs and run like hell…You are all talk, Nothing more !!!

      1. Frank-some of us don’ talk about civil war, Be we will be ready when it comes.

        5th Group Special forces 1968 to 1977.

    1. Darlene: Don’t worry about brain dead Biden!

      Trump and his lawyers have everything under control!

      Biden and the DemoCraps will soon be shut down for good!

  9. If the Left had hopes of Trump conceding, they’ve squandered that with these comments.
    Just to protect his supporters alone, he’ll continue to fight.
    We owe him our loyalty and our public support. We must stop playing shy. Speak up. There’s one thing a bully cannot deal with, and that’s a proud out spoken supporter.
    They’ll run away like the cocktail roaches they are.

  10. hey all you idiot communist fools you aint gotta look hard to find me i voted for President Trump i will vote for him again as many time he would run

  11. Hate to say it, but the animals on the left are going to be stacked up like cordwood. Nobody wants this, but when they’re threatening us with Nazis like tactics, nobody’s going to sit around and wait to be hauled off to God knows where. At least not the 50 million people or so who own weapons.

  12. Ocasio-Cortez continued…. “We don’t like to use the word ‘Gulag’….they’ll be more like ‘Reeducation Camps’… although…you never really, ever, graduate…. “

    1. All we would have to do is to get their list and anyone that isn’t on their list is more than likely one of them.

  13. As I have stated many times before, there is no difference between communists and Nazis and fascists and socialists and progressives and liberals and today’s so called democrats. Keeping lists of political opponents and punishing them is what Hitler did and Mussolini did and Stalin did and Mao did and Castro did. Now the communist-democrat party in the United States of America is doing the same thing. Well, they had about as well put me on their list. I am proud to be a Trump supporter and if they don’t like it, they can just go to Hell as far as I am concerned.

  14. Wow, Hitler reigns! This is terrible and is scary. When they round us up we’ll all be in a concentration camp! Can this really be the future for America? Someone needs to stop them before it is too late.

  15. Good Morning, I’m a Independent and have always voted who I think would be the best candidate for the post he or she is running for.

    I do believe that this election has been stolen by the Democratic Party by their pushing for mail in ballots.

    I also feel that President Trump is correct in filing law suites to ensure that all ballots cast we legal.

    Once that is accomplished, and if the results still reflect that Vice President Biden has won, President Trump should just say.

    I do except the results of the election with some disappointment, however, I will see you back in 4 years to correct, adjust all the negative changes that the Biden administration has done in the past 4 years.

    Respectfully; F. R. VERRIER, LTC, CA, USAR-R

    1. Fernand, Why would you think the Left is every going to have an honest election ever again? If they win this election, there will never be another “fair” election. The time to fight is now!

  16. Please put my name at the top of the Trump Supporter List, No One intimidates me, nor do I live my life in fear. That’s just the United States Marine inside me . I’m a proud and honored Trump Supporter, since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS.

    1. Can put my name on their nothing list to, I am 68 yrs. old I have never in all those years ever voted for anyone running for president in the past because I didn’t like what they were about, I have voted/supported President Trump since day one and, will continue to……..

    2. My family has served this country from World War ii through today in the Army, Air Force and Navy. We are right behind you all the way. Locked and loaded.

  17. This is where plans are made to replace legitimate law officers with thugs from ANTIFA and B.L.M. the Democrat Crime Organization’s Khmer Rouge. Those who oppose the Biden/Harris Tyranny will be placed in concentration camps for brainwashing and if that fails elimination. Welcome to The Soviet Socialist Democrat Union of America.

  18. Germany’s Hitler and Russia’s Stalinist and Marxist regimes. There are others as well, but those are the two that stand out to me.

    We are ready for the worst and hoping for the best. God protect us..

  19. It is the demorats and far left that, will be dealt with when the ballots are corrected and TRUMP wins, that’s why their trying everything to beat him, whatever it takes. Their the ones whose job/freedom will be over, their just talking crap trying to scare anyone that’s stupid enough to buy their bull….

  20. Comrade Rubin, the devoted fake conservative or maybe she’s referring to being a conservative Jew. Hard to tell with this Judas of op eds. Her secret Holocaust revenge on us. Her love of hating with all her heart and mind. This is real! She, like all her comrades of hate, living in the land of the free reaped and still reap the fruits of the labors of the Trump Administration. Commies, Islamists and Nazis have a genuine flare for stealing all the best of a country to destroy it.

  21. Maybe God allowed this to happen to see if the silent majority will finally be silent no longer, God has been taken out of all of society. They are killing our babies in the womb, sixty million by surgical abortion in the United States. Then our children are being brainwashed in our public schools and at our universities. Things we can do right now: GET OFF FACEBOOK! Parler is the fastest growing app right now with the likes of Bongino, Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich and more. Do the switch and get your family and friends to do the same. Get off TWITTER. These people censored us, our President and the news. Hit them where it hurts them the most, what they love, MONEY AND POWER. Get your kids out of public school! They are already being homeschooled with the lock down, might as well do it yourself and spare the brain washing, Home school has associations that include sports, study groups, dances, etc. Support your President and the elected officals who share your positions. The President cannot do it all himself! Go to your precinct meeting. conventions, work for a candidate ! Get involved. We can no longer sit at home, work, and raise our families, worship our God…It is time to do more.

  22. Let them try to come after me, I dare them. I have rights, I have a LTC. I will take a few down with me.
    I will leave my Trump signs up always. This election is a fraud, the Dems know it, they never campaigned, the
    election was rigged, they knew it was so all they had to do was wait. There was NO WAY Biden could win without
    it being rigged. The Biden voters I spoke to said ; ” I just didn’t like Trump”. They knew nothing of what Biden
    said he would do if he got in office: open borders, defund police, socialized medicine, no more gas or oil, how is anyone to heat their homes, drive cars to work, there goes our standard of living, and the taxes go up, wages go
    down. What were these morons thinking. So sad what has happened in this country, I do no recognize it anymore.
    The socialist have completed their goal through the Dems.
    PS We have a list of our own, they will be dealt with

  23. In my experience out on the shooting range, nearly all the folks out there are Conservatives. Although the leftists may have purchased their first gun during the Trump Administration, that gun is in a closet or a safe. There are three ingredients necessary to use a gun:
    1. Ownership.
    2. Proficiency (practice on the range).
    3. Psychological Readiness (mindset necessary to pull the trigger on a human target).
    The Right / Conservatives / Libertarians possess all three ingredients. The Left / Socialists are lacking in the complete gun-ownership-use suite of factors; rather, they count on The State to defend them. However, 2/3rds of the active military and police are Pro-Trump. The calculus of a ‘civil war’ favors the Conservatives / Libertarians.

  24. Nothing new. It was done and still is by every Communist country. After usurping power the list is used for kangaroo courts from death sententences to long slave labour camps. I should know. My uncle got 25 years of labour in concentration communist camp. Died after enduring 7 years and his last words were if anybody can tell him what he is locked up for. They just needed to confiscate his money and natonalize his business with 300 workers.

  25. From the Climate Warrior: “If you know anyone who supported Trump, please add their names to our database. They will be dealt with in due course, once the appropriate legal framework can be put in place.”

    From a Christian, a 73 year old Army Brat: And from which playbook will that “appropriate legal framework” come? No less than the playbook of WWII Nazi Germany where countless millions of people were murdered because the Nazi’s wanted complete dominance and control over the entire populous of world.

    “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, slanderers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,”

    1. My name is Billie Ansley and I dare you to try to come after me because of my support of President Trump! I am 71 years old but I will still kick your butt!

    2. Who going to do your fighting for you? We have all the military, police and militia on our side. You come after us you are going to go up against this fighting force!

  26. Democrat party is the reincarnation of Hitler. They want Republicans in concentration camps and death

  27. We are not like the unarmed Jews in World War 2, or like the unarmed Slavs during the Stalinist purges. If they give us an excuse to kill them all then they should know that we will be happy to oblige them. We traditional Tsalagiyi see revenge as a virtue, and consider mercy toward one’s enemies to be a weakness that is only found in people with major character flaws. All of you cutesy little Christians out there would do well to make your peace with that as the only way to win a war is to kill enough of the enemy so that they are unwilling to fight anymore. Take no prisoners unless you need some intelligence information, and then dispose of them after the interrogation. If you keep them then you have to feed them.

    1. Your just as bad as them. Yes we fight but God will be the reason why we will win. Because we are an immoral Country infested with Abortion and pornography He will leave us to our on devices. As a Country we have turned our backs on God. Until we realize that it is Him who we owe our lives and our very existence then we deserve what we get. Case in point. People voted for Biden even after the evidence was mounting about his criminal dealings with our enemies while he was Vice President along with his son Hunter’s involvement. He should have been removed from all ballots. He is a compromised President if these results hold up which I don’t think they will.

      I’m a Catholic but don’t make the mistake of thinking myself and other Catholics won’t defend our Country.

      “If you keep them then you have to feed them.” that’s what the Japanese thought when they committed their atrocities. Google Bataan death march. That’s why we have the Geneva Convention. To provide humanitarian guidelines during times of War. We can’t get in the gutter and become what we are fighting.

  28. Does this ridiculous statement of making a list not show you that these people are evil? They need to go live in China or North Korea or wherever their friends live. This is unbelievable!

  29. You know what….make your lists….I would rather be dead then live under a communist leader….or live in a country that has been taken over by demons….

  30. Why can’t the Republican states succeed from the union and start our own country..??? elect Trump as our President and see how much better our Republican states do then the evil dem states….???

  31. Why can’t all republican states succeed from the union ???? Start our own country with Trump as our President ??? our Republican states will prosper and the devil democrat states will fail…….and we won’t care….

  32. We have to stick together as the left does. We can combat people who make threats like this. Lets make sure that they find their list consists of all of us and dare them to start coming after us. I know history. All the left has done is exactly like Hitler and the Nazis. They gain control of all media, they make false claims, turn segments of society against each other so that they can break them down into little segments that won’t support each other. I guess you can say “Conservative is the new 1930s-45 German Jew”. They see freedom as something that they must get rid of. They use every segment of life to convince the left that some race, educational background or wealth is unfair to the rest. Please, lets join forces and try to encourage all good people to stand with us.
    God Bless America.

  33. The minute Caligula Cortez + 3 were elected into Congress, I knew unless Patriots collectively demanded they all be ousted, the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse would stomp all over America. Over 70million Americans voted for Trump. We’ve all got kids. Do the batdookey Communists really want to take on a 3rd of the nation? This will not end well.

    1. Don’t tell them, I want them to be surprised.
      I already sent my name in so I don’t miss out on the fun.

  34. Nothing new . . . Progressives embrace and celebrate the concept that they can do whatever they wish (whether it adheres to social norms or not . . . OR, whether it violates the law or not) . . . ALL with impunity.

  35. Hmmmm…the rise of Hitlers Third Reich comes to mind here…and Idi Amin’s regime…and Robert Mugabe
    Is this what America has descended to?? These Liberal DemocRATS are nothing but Communist Rats and
    Rats end up in a trap at some point. President Trump, while at times a little scatty, is, deep down an ethical
    and conservative leader, with only the safety of Americans at the core of his program. He makes promises
    and keeps them. Can anyone say that about the DemocRATS?? They promise utopia, but once in power
    will go to sleep until the next election when they will trot out the same promises again, having done nothing
    during the previous 4 years.
    The list should be of DemocRAT supporters who lied, cheated, and robbed America of the chance to regain
    respect in the World. It is they and their “Superiors” who should be “dealt with”.

  36. We, the Trump voters, are on the right side of history. If Dems. propose any kind of penalty for being the opposition, the Dems. who voted for their party as a rebuke of Trump will begin to see the light. This was an election against Trump’s personality and aggressive nature. Trump over his 4 years has rubbed the oppositions noses in it to help enforce their hatred. We should expect the new administration to propose some outlandish moves. Eventually the bulk of both parties will compare Trump’s sterling record of achievements against the left’s spending and power grabs. If that doesn’t work, don’t register you guns and keep them close.

  37. Let them come get me. I’ll be ready. F these degenerate Demtards. Unlike their sheep voter base, I’m not scared of a flu or their empty threats.

  38. Here’s hoping the DemoCrap Party in soon gone forever and all
    the people in Congress that are DemoCraps gone with it!

    Come on Trump, get rid of the illegal votes and WIN THIS ELECTION!

    That brain dead Biden could NOT RUN A LEMONADE STAND!

  39. Anderw, you dumb fuck, I will give you my address and I won’t show up. Your like the rest of those pussys just talk a good game but can’t back it up. We got some game for your ass.

  40. Hey Alexandria…….Jennifer……

    Don’t be surprised…….


    When the SHTF, you’d better run hard and fast, because THOUSANDS of us will be after you.

    We’ll be bringing our Second Amendment for the hunt, too.

  41. Yes, AOC, it’s time to start the CHINA 2.0 plan. All whiteys need to be removed from society and locked up in re-education camps until they’re ready to kneel before ALL others. And DON’T let them NEAR other humans, they are so deplorable, ugly, chumps, they’re cultists who smell, are sub-human nazis and have “lizard brains. (Yes, the democrats think Trump supporters have lizard brains.) Well, this disgusting sub-human will NEVER kneel before anyone other than my Lord in heaven. You’ll have a long time in trying to re-educate me, my husband, my kids, my grandkids and probably the worst time with my sons-in-law. They kinda like their independence, freedoms and take the job of caring for their families VERY seriously! Good Luck!

  42. Sounds like Nazi Germany. But, what do you expect? The Democrats gave accused President Trump of being Like Hitler but, as usual, Democrats always accuse others of what the Democrats are, in actuality, doing themselves. Democrats are right, “this ain’t over yet”. Stay prepared America, God Bless America.

  43. i will add my name to the list as i’m ready for them to come after me.thankfully i was able to stock up on ammo after weeks of being in short supply!i say if they want some come and get you some!

  44. Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and China come to mind. They would be making a big mistake if they tried. Remember the reason Japan never attacked America is because behind every blade of grass there was a gun. Today there a 2 guns behind every blade of grass. That’s why they will try to take our guns and they will fail.

  45. I am a born-again Christian and pray that my life will be evidence of that. I also hope my life is evidence that I supported Donald Trump. God save our Great Nation… and if not, may I go down with it.

  46. Yes, but the stupidity of most Americans would jump to the totally wrong conclusion, and say it was Adolf Hitler. Actually, this entire charade is Bolshevik communism – overseen by, financed by, and ideologically derived from Jews. Just as it was in Bolshevik Russia; where 100 million people died under communism. It’s time to stop using the JEWS’ perception of reality – their “Finkelthink.” The one man who stood up to them, was Adolf Hitler – and look at the reality. Their hatred for him still lives. It is the left. It is Marxism. It is Bolshevism. It is Jews.

  47. This is absolutely scary that a once great nation,known a the.”United States of America”.Could come to this and become brain washed first by a man named Barrack Hussein Obama,now by Joe Biden.
    Oh he smiles but also forgets he looks like a kind grandpa which I’m,sure he is.But are this people in America especially 70% of Jews so stupid to vote for this man.Who cares nothing about them only wants power to destroy them.
    Take away freedoms and everything else and now being told,that Trump and the.People who supported him.Will be dealt with because they will not accept the outcome due to fraud in the election.
    They just think that this should be ignored.


  49. Sad but true this will not go down well! I seem to recall Kamala saying some very vengeful words to this affect! It will not go down well in my opinion! democracy is dead!!!!! Thanks to socialism running rampant! What a bunch of sickos!

  50. The fact is following the money trail Biden among others the call the swamp have been influenced by foreign terrorists and communist countries. They been getting very very rich outsourcing American jobs, representing foreign entities rather than their constituents best interests for over 25 years!! This was the same atmosphere that Europe had pre-WW II. If Americans don’t wake up they’ll drain the economy, take away all our freedoms just like Hitler did. Wake up people their intentions are not honorable.

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