Utah AG Takes Personal Leave to Help Trump Fight “Compromised Election”

On Friday, Utah Attorney General announced that he is taking personal leave to help the Trump campaign fight the upcoming legal battles in court.

Sean Reyes (R) says the ‘Blue wave’ prediction was false and he’s seen enough.

Reyes will be working in other states, although not clear which one(s) but he says the election has been 'compromised'.

The Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to Barr's DOJ alleging over 3,000 instances of voter fraud.

“Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud,” the Nevada GOP’s official account wrote on Twitter. “We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.”

The Trump campaign also says there are tens of thousands of people who voted in Nevada but don't live there anymore.

Ric Grenell feels confident that President Trump will be the clear winner if only legal votes are counted.

“We are confident that when all legal votes are tallied — and only legal votes are tallied — President Trump will win the state of Nevada,” Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell said in a statement to Fox News.

Seems like a reasonable ask.

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67 thoughts on “Utah AG Takes Personal Leave to Help Trump Fight “Compromised Election””

  1. We have become a “Third World Nation”, they have fixed our Elections, it is obvious , but I think that they have started a battle with the American Republic, that these politicians will never succeed with, they will be ousted!

    1. Agree!! We do not live in a Banana Republic, but obviously, the Democrats think this is all We the People are worthy of or are stupid enough to buy into.

  2. Anyone of reasonable intelligence an see that that they have attempted to rig this election in at least several states, (If not ALL states), and I think that if we can get rid of the illegal votes we may we find that state representatives and senators in addition to the POTUS have been cheated out of their votes. If we can correct this crime against American voters we may just see a republican majority in the house too. The people responsible for these scams need to be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law all the way up to the highest levels. I’m mad as hell! I want my president back, my country back and all these election frauds IN PRISON!

    1. No jail time for Treason, it’s the gallows for them as we once did for treason, that my friend will send a very hard core message to the Communist!

      1. If we ever round up the deep state, we need to hang them all as traitors to this country! They don’t deserve to exist after what they have done to this country & to the best president we ever had. By hanging will sent an example for future mob rule & make this a better country! It is so obvious what the demonrats have done to steal the elections. We need rid of Piglosi, Sleezie Shumer, Nadler, Brennen, Clapper, Schifty Scift, Feinstein,& we need term limits!

    2. President Trump went to Washington to clean the swamp. Our election process has turned a swamp he will clean it up and he will have victory.

    3. If the courts cooperate the election will be overturned for the whistle blowers and ballot counters see illegal votes being counted and other ballots in the trash. It will take time but hopefully by Christmas.

    4. Right on Buddy most of us feel that way, But when I watch the news and weather here in Utah they try to make our President look wrong and stupid, I wish he could come back and fire them all because they are the stupid ones. Trump is a fine President.

  3. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ALL DEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE THAT WERE UP FOR RE-ELECTION BE INVESTIGATED ON THE VOTES THEY GOT. After go in through what the house did to Trump, Kavanaugh, Barrett and the citizens of this countryon stimulus package they wouldn’t give, all Dems in house should have been unelected in the recent election. I THINK FOR SURE THERE WAS CHEATING DONE TO RETAIN THE CONTROL OF THE HOUSE. CHECK OUT THE VOTES THAT KEPT ANY OF THESE DEMOCRATS IN HOUSE. EVERYONE HATED THOSE DEMOCRATS.

  4. As Biden said, “Numbers tell a clear and convincing story”……….. “that we (Democrats) cheated in this election. As what they have been saying since Day 1 of Trump’s presidency: We will oust him one way or the other”

  5. There is a spiritual element in what’s going on in the US. It is too curious that out of about half of us— half is prone to cheating, deception and offenses against the law, while the other half is gladly concerned with the common good if not the greater good. The first half seems to be impatient with religion and only relatively interested in truth and justice. What suits them is what’s right. The great evil to the so called left is inequality spawned by white supremacy, which any reasonable person would have to say is historically half true and of which only a few pockets remain. The division suggests diabolical elements in much of half of the population, those with godlike egos.The others willingly follow the “golden rule” of Western civilization. As a nation of laws not men they see the Constitution as a Providential good, while the others see it as an incumbrance to the will to power.

    1. More than likely it’s way less than half, who perpetrate crimes against our constitution. It may be 10 or 20 percent at best. The fraud makes it look as though it’s half.

  6. Faith in our election system is seriously injured by this final Coup d’etat, against our President and our Republic. God bless the USA. 🙏🏻🇺🇸

    1. At this point in time, I have no confidence in the integrity of our voting system thanks to the illegal shenanigans of the Democrats. It is high time that these corrupt people and politicians in the Dem Party be made examples of before the people of this country.

      1. Amen. The slow moving unlively movement of people like Durham has had it’s day.
        Enough. Give us people with urgency so that results are pursued and released with vigor. It’s possible to be accurate and lively at the same time. Maybe then we’ll see guilty parties brought to justice. No more snails.

        1. Trumps team and others will do this and make it as quick as possible to prove the illegal votes and the double votes for no Id was required at my poll and with the mail ins did they check the signatures and names of the voters who are dead

  7. As with most of the nation, I believe there was a lot of voter fraud, which we knew was a reality because of the fuss Pelosi constantly made and the comments they made such as, “Biden will be president,” or Biden stating that he doesn’t need voters (the ballot stuffers do their job), etc. There’s no way I’ll ever believe Biden won with more votes than Obama. If it does concede that he is the President for a day (Harris will take over quickly I think), I believe it’s what our nation deserves for allowing so many wrongs to become rights. Anyone that believes we as a nation are for accepting socialistic policies, defunding the police, allowing rioters to ruin cities and intimidate people, having our tax cuts revoked and higher taxes imposed (which it will happen, we all know that), oil fields shut down, etc. are wrong or either we have a lot of ignorant people in this country. God Bless America and President Trump!

  8. Hard to believe such monumental nationwide fraud was con coordinated and planned from the top down. The complete balloting process from falsified ballot requests, to ballots “lost” by USPS, ballots counted late, out-of-state voting, prevention of poll watchers from doing their jobs, hiding the counting process from poll watchers. Now we have tens of thousands of votes mysteriously appearing overnight – they must have been held specifically in case of a losing tally. Who prepared these fake ballots? Why were the tactics from state to state so similar? There was obviously training and instruction as to how to do it and when. This is not some low level clerical operation. It needed high level planning and approval. Someone needs to go to jail, not just have the totals readjusted. This was a major effort to overthrow the US government. The media was complicit as were the fake pollsters. If we are to preserve the American way of life, this situation must be resolved and the perpetrators arrested. None of this “I was just following orders BS”.

    1. all they need is a couple of fraud votes in different areas and the entire area will be recounted and the ones doing the illegal count will be in jail and hung for treason.

  9. Time for Trump to create an Office of Election Integrity, focused on ensuring 100% LEGAL VOTING EVERY ELECTION YEAR. To have unique official ballots, impossible to duplicate, to monitor every election official in every state, to prosecute every voting criminal, whether it is an official or a voter. To clean, verify and triple check every voter registrant in the nation, against registered deaths and address changes. We are very deficient on this area, and it is the very core of our DEMOCRACY. The entire world is mocking and laughing at us, thanks to the sickening trickery from one crooked party.

  10. I’m sure that nearly every election this country has ever had has experienced some level of cheating, but this election of 2020 has been planned for years. I believe there was a great amount of election fraud in the 2008 election, and more in 2012. But I think the Dems cut back somewhat on their illegal tactics in 2016 because they believed the pre-election polls and figured they didn’t have to risk so much effort to cheat. But Hillary’s loss is when the plans went into place for 2020.

    In no particular order, her are some reasons I believe our election process has been seriously compromised, and how it’s been planned for years for this election in particular.
    – Tens of thousands of fake picture IDs caught coming into this country, presumed from China – how many came in undetected?
    – Constant lies, distortions, spins and false charges against our duly elected POTUS from politicians, celebrities and the media – all to make it appear there is good reason he doesn’t get the votes he needs to win.
    – The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was formed, and 14 states have passed legislation making it law in their state. More are considering it.
    – Months of riots portrayed by the media and the left as peaceful protesting, and nothing being done to stop it – blamed on Trump.
    – Covid-19 released on the world, and soon the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are intentionally falsely inflated all over the country – all so we could shut down the strongest economy this country has ever seen.
    – A second wave of Covid-19 just in time to push mail-in voting as the only safe means to cast your vote. Still pushing mail-in voting even though states have been reopened.
    – Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.
    – Some states simply blindly mailing ballots like junk-mail to every name & address on their registration lists, with no vetting to know whether the person still lives at that address, or even lives at all. (The latter should have been a major concern given the number of deaths reported from Covid-19 this year, alone.)
    – Some states no longer requiring signature verification on mail-in ballots – all while insisting there’s no such thing as voter fraud and mass mail-in voting doesn’t allow for fraud.
    – Ballot harvesting schemes, run by and for democrats, uncovered in MN and TX – nothing in major media about it.
    – Days before the election, Pelosi announces she has no doubt that Biden will be sworn in as POTUS on January 20.
    – Biden hides in his basement and rarely holds campaign rallies, but when he does, he can barely pull-in 20 supporters to attend – while Trump campaigned all over this land to a packed house everywhere he went.
    – Hundreds of thousands of votes being delivered for counting 6 to 10 hours after counting was done – in states having Dem governors, but being held strongly with Trump votes – all most if not all of the mysteriously found votes were for Biden.
    – A man who just 5 days ago couldn’t remember his own grand daughter’s name (and introduced her as his son – who has been dead for 5 years), wins more votes than any other president in our history.
    – Legally present Republican vote-counting observers purposely being kept from observing the count in MI and PA.

    These are just what came to mind this morning – I’m certain there are more examples of election fraud exist, some I can’t recall at this point in time, and many, I’m sure, I haven’t even heard of yet. And it seems nothing is ever done about it.

    Cheaters will cheat, that’s inevitable. But the more they get away with, the more emboldened they become to up their game. I think part of the reason they get away with it is that most people, and yes politicians are actually people, too, most people don’t want to believe that our system is seriously compromised, so they turn away from it. That’s their choice, for now anyway. Those who are in on it publicly discount it as conspiracy theory.

    But if something is not done to stop this illegal activity, it will spread into every election at all levels and we will be nothing more than a banana republic, with elections held as a mere formality to portray an appearance of our once great constitutional republic. When that happens, there will no longer be any individual choice. Elections will be decided by the likes (and money) of Soros, Bloomberg, Gates, etc., long before election day. Honest caring self-thinkers will realize their vote doesn’t matter and they’ll stop casting a vote. We will be a socialist republic, never to see conservative leadership again.

  11. Now really….did anyone expect the left and the democrats to conduct an honest election….the entire media shut down and censored everything Trump and replaced that with fake news and lies….the left wing news media promoted 24 hour anti Trump news….fraud and corruption now seen and proven at the polling centers…and the voting process itself has been ruined….Washington d.c. has become the most corrupt body of government seen in 100 of years with corrupt anti Trump officials in positions of power ignoring laws and the constitution for their own power….and the health and security of the American people have been set aside by the democrats for their own greed.

  12. Good for him! In 2022 primary any candidate who did not support this fight of the President. Trump will always be my President. I am not going away and neither are millions of other Americans! Keep the fight going!

  13. If Democrates have been able to infiltrate and eventually to control the Intelligence Community including the CIA and the FBI, throroughly dominate the speech and conduct of the media, and the tone and content of our education systems, then use these powers to conduct a criminal Russia Hoax impeachment, the impossibly nasty Kavanaugh confirmation process, avoid answering legitimate questions of Joe Biden’s role in his son Hunter’s financial gain from foreign powers, what makes any sane rational person think that the mail ballot system was going to be kept clean by the Left? Every single mail in ballot must be confirmed legitimate or thrown out. Only way to do that is to audit the authenticity of each and every one. Make no mistake about this. Ballot fraud is real and this is a battle for the future of America. A coup to overturn Trumps 2016 election was started by Obama as early as 2015, continues by the Left every single minute of every single day.. Never give and inch and never give up.

    1. If the computer changes your vote how do we know which, or how many votes were changed? After the mail-in ballot is removed from its envelope there is no way to know which is a real, fair, and correct vote. The only correction is a completely new election and that is not going to happen.

  14. I doubt there is a single adult American that didn’t understand what pushing for mail-in-voting would do to this election. The length to which the Left has gone first to overturn the 2016 election, all which failed, is unconscionable. I will never understand why the majority of American citizens sat by and allowed one minority political party to totally corrupt and destroy the integrity of our election system in ways unimaginable. Think about all of the changes made to our system that were created and put in place under the disguise of “vote suppression” not by legislation but by using activist Federal judges to legislate from the bench. The only really necessary change being “voter ID” was opposed by DemocRATS for decades and fought in the courts until it was proven Constitutional in every sense of the word. After that the only way to manipulate and corrupt an election left was “mail-in-voting” where complete “chain of custody” which is imperative was totally destroyed. Without verifiable”chain-of-custody” no election will ever be secure again. This is exactly what the Left has wanted since forever. Either we tighten the rules and actually prosecute the offenders or we dissolve the nation into total socialist chaos. There are no other choices.

  15. If we are to be a “fair and just” nation, here and in the eyes of the world, this blatant injustice has to be exposed. Now we will see if the Judges will respect our system or just wave a wand and say “Sorry, Joe won” when we all know he didn’t. Thank you for helping our President.

  16. I don’t understand why we don’t get to use the popular vote, instead of Electoral votes. We the people have spoken and that is the way it should be. WE THE PEOPLE

    1. The answer is very simple….if you live in a very populace state like New York or California you would have undue influence on the outcome of the election and states that were sparse in population would have no influence and thus be overlooked for federal projects. No we need the electoral college. We have a republic, not a democracy. Reread our constitution and the federalist papers for more information on why it was set up this way.

    2. Frankie,

      The reason the founders set up the electoral college was so that one or two highly populated states (e.g. CA and NY) could NOT impose their will on the entire country. I doubt if many (most) of the other smaller states would have joined the union (USA) if it were not for the electoral college. That is why we don’t, and should NOT, use exclusively the popular vote.

    3. Hi Frankie,
      The reason is that a pure democracy is the equivalent of mob rule. Take the example of 2 wolves and a sheep voting for what’s for dinner. The smaller of the original 13 colonies understood that they would be controlled by larger states unless they had some sort of equal representation. Thus we have 2 legislative chambers and an electoral college) Without some safeguards they would not have ratified the constitution and we would have no United States of America. This election is the perfect example of why we don’t solely use the popular vote because without checks and balances it is just too easy to stuff the ballot box in order to win. If you like Biden and the course the democrats will put our country on then it’s easy to say “never mind” the legality of how it’s done. If “We The People” accept this result without due process then it is important to understand that we will never again have a free and fair election that YOU will someday long for.

  17. Go get em Sean! WHERE are all the Republicans that we got elected? They better ALL get behind this fight or they will be NEXT

  18. The fact that the Dems are never held accountable for their crimes emboldens their behavior.
    They always believe that their desired end justifies the means. We play by the Rules. They don’t.
    What has Barr being doing about the stuff he has already supposedly been investigating forever?
    If they get away with their election fraud, EVERYTHING will be swept under the rug.
    Every single person that voted twice or in a state where they no longer live should be prosecuted,
    but it will never happen. I echo the comment about being a Third World Country. We have
    been headed in that direction for quite a while.

  19. DOJ needs to investigate Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania votes counting at both night while everyone is sleeping, how the the blue votes came in both at nights. They also need to investigate the Arizona, Nevada. While the vote is only 80%, there are still have a lot of votes are coming, Joe Biden’s leading reducing to only 20,000. They already give the electoral college to Joe Biden. That’s so wrong!

  20. Why are we not hearing of new lawsuits being filed with specific regard to the now infamous so-called computer “GLITCH ” ??????????? The damned computer software was verifiably PROVEN to have rgistered Republican votes as Democratic votes !!!——-and this happened in ALL frontline, contentious, Democrat-controlled states ?
    This alone is ground for a total RE-ELECTION,at he very least in the 6 or 7 critical states .

    By now, we all know that President Trump indeed won his re-election. The theft of votes at the ballot counters, and the manipulation of votes by the skewed software cannot change the actual voting of the actual people !
    Trump WON !
    It is now the absolute DUTY of the supreme Court to enforce an end to this Demonrat circus——–to force a re-vote ( NOT just a “re-count” ! ) in at least the 6 or 7 most criminal states, and to allow the PEOPLE to have their way !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SCOTUS???? You can count on Breyer, Kagan and Sotomeyer to fully back the socialists/Democrats and rule in their favor no matter what the case is. As to John Roberrts, we saw his treachery when he declared that ACA was a tax. NO ONE had even hinted that they claimed it was a tax. So Roberts will be a traitor too.
      God have mercy on \him. But I pray that God will take him out.

  21. They were determined to win So they made sure that they cheated in more than enough states to be overwhelming. Anyone wonder why the media chose these states to NOT declare a winner. North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada. It is because they ALSO knew of the massive voter fraud that was set to come down after the poll watchers had been sent home. There should be criminal charges filed. So where is BARR? No, I don’t expect he will do anything either. He is just like the rest of the SWAMP He is compromised. Either by bribe, real threat or blackmail.

  22. Democrats and their IMMORAL AGENDA will do anything to take over this nation and turn it into a 3rd world hell hole and it is so hard to understand why any sane individual (rich or poor) would vote for a party who will DESTROY YOUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED GAINS AND POSSESIONS AND GIVE IT TO THE WORTHLESS AND SHIFTLESS AND PUT YOUR HEALTH CARE AND LIFE ITSELF TOTALLY AT THEIR DISCRETION


    1. Folks, it is evident that our current government is not by and for the people. There are entities that are behind our representatives and own them with election and reelection funding. They are the only ones that have the power to undo our legitimate vote. I call to rebel against them, and not against our ill-informed americans.

  23. A total fraud was pulled on the American people. We need to threaten long prison sentences for anyone who doesn’t “come clean” with what is going on. Anyone who is caught trying to tamper with legal ballots or install phony ballots should be given life sentences for attempting to tamper in an election for the Presidency of the United States of America.
    How about the AG announces that anyone who may have contributed in voter fraud has 48 hours to give sworn statements as to what they did or have seen. After that, anyone who doesn’t comply will face severe punishments.
    Also, is there any way to check the hundreds of ballots that came in magically, in the middle of the night in all these swing states? Can there be any way to check for ballots having the same DNA on them? Not only human DNA, but the possibility that some machine or template was used to create these hundreds of thousands of ballots?
    God bless the United States of America.

    1. We need to offer million dollars to any person who was paid/hired to do vote fraud and give all of those who come forth with documented proof and names etcetc offer immunity also..get it done …Lots of little lacky’s would take that dealeo

  24. I do so hope that this works and only the legal votes are tallied, because the way all of this has panned out, Biden’s
    cronies will be in the White House under false pretences. How can they expect normal people to believe the dead
    have risen from their graves to vote for Biden?? DemocRATS are pure evil..they would sell their souls to the Devil
    and appear to have already done so in this instance. Their attitude of a God Given Right to Rule is all wrong. They
    will turn a Great Country into a Dictatorship if they are allowed to continue with their lying treasonous ways.

  25. They have put up their Evil Flag and flying it proudly!!It’s as if they want us to know what they’re doing,maybe they think they are or have been above the law so long and we know “Them There” life long politicians think the 🌎/Americas are stupid.Let us put our hands together clap 3x stick our right foot out do the hockie pokie and SHAKE THEM DOWN..Lock um up throw away the Keys 🎉 p.s. Fauci has a RATS FACE,has anybody noticed that besides me 🐭

  26. After I received TWO mail-in ballots, I decided to vote in person and return the two ballots at my polling station. I’m wondering how often this happened, and how the recipients treated these duplications.

  27. Why didn’t we act proactively knowing they were openly planning cheating schemes? We should have gotten the court to deny mail in ballots. That was clearly the biggest part of their cheating. We should never have allowed the elections to go forward with mail in ballots with zero verification. The Demonrats have bern cheating in elections since the days of Boss Tweed at Tammany hall. We have to stop just reacting to their crap, and instead get out ahead and stop them before they get their schemes into play. We need to be out ahead of them and just cheat better than them.

    1. Trump tried all that you wanted. He lost in the Democrat-controlled courts. The President has been one man against the swamp with very little help and has been rebuffed at every move. We are lucky he was able to do what he has. I just heard on the Sunday News Shows that on the first day Biden will reverse Trump’s Exec. Actions. We do not have a bright future.

  28. I’ve read lot of people wanting a recount. That makes no sense to me. Ballots need to be VERIFIED as LEGAL and there are many that I’m afraid can’t be. How can we tell if the postal stamp was GENUINELY stamped by Nov 3rd when compared to the ones the USPS worker admits were stamped with Nov 3rd’s stamp but were actually done on the day after on Nov 4th?? How would a recount verify legality, registration, ID verified, signature matches?? They all need to be VERIFIED, than do a count. Throw out all ballots that can’t be verified. Also, here in NV, I’ve got lots of people, neighbors, friends, family who stood in line, got all the verifications done when checking in to vote… voted and later checked their ballots on BallotTrax only to find out they supposedly didn’t vote or their ballot was invalidated and they have NO idea what happened. New elections????

  29. I can not have much hope for a fair outcome of this election. Common sense shows that Trump had a landslide. There doesn’t seem to be any denial that he picked up Black and Hispanic voters. Down ticket Republicans rode his coattails into office on local and state elections. Republicans picked up seats in Congress because of his coattails. His coattails got cut off by the ballots that had Biden ONLY votes with no down ticket votes. Without a complete re-do of this scam election, there is no hope. I hope we can survive 4 years of Chinese control.

  30. Good for you General Attorney Reyes. We need people like you in your high position to back our most treasured President Trump. I thank you personally for you efforts! God Bless America!

  31. These people dont get it. You can prove fraud all you want and even that certain people voted but were ineligible but you CANNOT link any specific vote to those persons so there is no way to correct the vote tally! In counting , once the ballot is separated from the envelope you can no longer link the ballot to the fraud, only the envelope. THAT is why they are carrying out the counting in secret. Even Alito’s order, on FRIDAY, for observation is irrelevant at this point since they have already stolen the vote tally for Biden. You cant change the votes already counted! It’s like closing the barn door after the cow got out, it serves no purpose but to look good! There would have to be a new election and orders requiring armed federal agents to observe and challenge all vote counting or else they will just do it again, including not letting observers in!!

  32. Yes, you can see Joe Biden on YouTube saying “we have put together the best voter fraud organization.” It was highly organized. Americans will no longer have any faith in our elections unless all corruption exposed now and the guilty are put in jail! We demand a re-vote!!! Everyone in person on election day only, except, as usual, only persons requesting mail in ballot for legitimate reasons.

  33. Thank you AG Reyes for standing up and further legitimizing the need to fight all of the fraud that has occurred during our presidential election. The American people deserve to know the truth and our President deserves to be
    continue another 4 years with his reclaiming America for the People and not the career politcians, high tech billionaires, and the fake news media. May God see this fight through to victory !!!!!!

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