The Woke Lose

On Tuesday night, the American people spoke. They spoke with millions upon millions of voices to produce the greatest presidential election voter turnout in over a century. And they sent a variety of messages, most of them quite positive.

Voters rejected the prevailing narratives of a media determined to make the election a pure referendum on Donald Trump’s character. Even if Joe Biden prevails eventually, he will likely be faced with a Republican Senate majority and a 2022 contest that will put the House of Representatives squarely in Republican sights.

Voters rejected the pollsters’ overconfident modeling: Pollsters were dramatically wrong in their national numbers and just as wrong in their Senate estimates.

Voters apparently aren’t all that interested in registering their opinions with elite firms who see them as social science subjects rather than as individuals.

Voters stuck to their guns in red states; they stuck to their guns in blue states; they stuck to their guns in purple states. America is divided, and it is not growing less divided just out of the elitists’ overwrought and hysterical mewling about Trump. This is still a country that is one-third conservative, one-third liberal and one-third in the middle.

But one message resonated above all others: the outright rejection of the ongoing quest by Democrats and the media to paint Americans into racial categories and then declare demographics destiny. Donald Trump bucked four long years of Democrats and media members labeling both him and his supporters white supremacists, bigots and homophobes. He refused to be cowed by a media determined to paint him as a racist for refusing the faulty premise that America is institutionally bigoted. And he won an increased share of black and Hispanic voters.

According to Edison exit polling, as of election night, Trump had gained 2 points with white women; 4 points with black men and 4 points with black women; 3 points with Latino men and 3 points with Latino women; and 5 points in the "other" category. In Florida, according to NBC News exit polling, Trump's coalition included a 55% share of the Cuban American vote, a 30% share of the Puerto Rican vote and 48% of "other Latinos." Trump substantially elevated the national share of Latino and black voters for Republicans -- and did so without pandering on illegal immigration or buying into the trite and ugly lies of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It wasn't just Trump. In California, a majority-minority state, voters refused to greenlight the racist Proposition 16, which would have repealed a state constitutional provision banning racial discrimination, paving the way for reparations and affirmative action. They did so by a margin of over 10 points and despite the fact that Prop 16 advocates spent 12 times the money their opponents did.

All of this has sent woke thinkers into spasms of apoplexy. The execrable Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the pseudo-historical "1619 Project," tweeted out that Latinos can no longer be considered a racial category, since some Cubans are "white." Charles Blow of The New York Times tweeted, "We are surrounded by racists."

Actually, Hannah-Jones and Blow aren't surrounded by racists. They're surrounded by people who reject racism and reject the implicitly racist belief that ethnicity ought to dictate voting pattern.

All of this is excellent news. Americans spoke last night. They spoke as Americans, as individuals, not as members of contrived interest groups. And that is certainly worth celebrating.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. 

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11 thoughts on “The Woke Lose”

  1. All I know is if Biden/Harris really did win, I do not want to live anymore. They will NEVER be a legitimate presidential administration and I refuse to live under Communism. If I have to live, I WILL kill any communist that comes near me. I am prepared!

  2. Wake up the woke won! Biden Harris in whitehouse with senate still in play. Harris will invoke 25th amendment shortly after taking office. President Trump losing is huge victory for the wine crowd. They accomplished exactly what they set out to do. Stop trying the spin.

    1. Poor woke Vic.!! Your latte crowd’s ushering in of Venezuela 2.0 will only enslave us all. Never mind the booming economy, bullish stock market, lowest unemployment numbers in history that President Trump gave us. Enjoy your restrictive green new STEAL policies, higher taxes, pronoun usage laws…….

  3. Trump will always be the Greatest President ever it was a rigged election from the go. Pedophile Joe will not be president the corrupt evil money hungry power-hungry Democrats Will put him in a home Obama will finish off his agenda and destroy what all our families fought and died for.
    Welcome to one world order . No more election no freedom of religion or speech . You will eat what they tell you and money you have will be useless in plain Jargon we the people and this country have been Screwed. Enjoy your life till January unless we can prove it was a rigged election only God has the last say and I’m banking on My God almighty.Amen 🙏

    1. Betty, you are not alone … Donald Trump accomplished more for all Americans … white, black, latino, native Americans, men and women than any predecessor. And, he created the best economy in my 63 year life. Sure, Americans can argue about his “style” or “delivery,” but if you focus on results, he is, I think, the best President in my lifetime. Period.

      I will miss his leadership. And China is smiling and breathing easy now because they anticipate a return to the “old” way of doing business. God help us.

      Feel free to contact me.

  4. If either side calls this election a WIN they are sorely mistaken! Biden could not reunite this country with a million miles of Flex-Seal tape.

    The county is dangerously divided and Biden no his administration could buy a clue, while the country remains a ticking time bomb.

    The swing states not called on election day one must perform an EMERGENCY in-person re-vote to settle this election beyond a reasonable doubt.

  5. Sorry but you’re wrong. Biden won’t last a year and the US will have a communist president.

  6. Vic … dear Vic … The President, or the Vice President, of any party, cannot “INVOKE” any amendment of the Constitution. Such action requires the involvement of Congress and YOU ARE AN ILL-INFORMED DREAMER. When I was in law school I was warned about people like you.

  7. Only thing I saw is how corrupt these democratic states lied and cheated their way into office. Two-time loser and first-time loser wanting to lead this country. Terrible joke!

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