Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Orders Separation of Ballots Arriving After Nov. 3rd

Friday night, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered election county officials in Pennsylvania to separate mail-in ballots that arrived after the November 3rd election day, according to CBS Philadelphia.

Alito handles emergency appeals for the state of Pennsylvania and made the order in response to the Republicans’ claims that they cannot confirm that election officials in Pennsylvania are complying with the previous order by the Democrat Pennsylvania Secretary of State.

Pennsylvania is one of the swing states that stopped counting ballots late Tuesday night as President Trump was taking a commanding lead in the state. When they re-opened their counting process, early in the morning, Biden had benefitted from a large dump of ballots that seemed to all go in favor of Biden.

Now, the problem of whether the election results can be trusted after days of non-compliance will be too great to restore confidence in the results.

President Trump has warned that this would happen if these states mailed all of these ballots out to all people on voter registration rolls, which are widely known to be inaccurate.

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97 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Orders Separation of Ballots Arriving After Nov. 3rd”

  1. Pennsylvania election officials have had a frickin’ week to commingle those late or fake ballots with valid ones. It is; therefore, impossible to separate them.

    The only option is to demand that Pennsylvania invalidate the entire election and force them to start over but this time, the Court should oversee it through every step. Maybe then Pennsylvania and other states will learn a lesson!

    I know, I know, the chances of any effective correction of this crooked election being rectified are slim to none.

    The US sends people all over the world to monitor elections to eliminate corruption. We should start at home first!

    Montana Bob

    1. As I see it, what will put the fear of God in these officials and subalterns would be unending peaceful protests on the streets in the thousands (no less than 50K) until what you suggest happens. The left uses this effective tactic all the time to intimidate the greater population. Why can’t we use this? We need our patriot leaders to call all patriots to action NOW!

      1. I would love to see that happen as well, however most conservative have job and families and it is more difficult for them to do that sort of thing. It looks like the majority of those that do the protesting on the left as flocks of young kids with a few older adults but mostly what appears to be older teens and early twenties. I surmise few of them have jobs, maybe some are in “school” but have not problem skipping classes to perform in the streets.

        1. I like this idea too. And since most conservatives have jobs, we do it in shifts. Night workers protest during the day, and day workers protest after work. We could even have conservative- owned food trucks and carts sell meals so that we could go straight from work to the demonstration. Also, even though I’m a huge 2nd Amendment guy, and I carry almost every day, I think we should leave the hardware at home, otherwise something bad could happen to damage our cause.

    2. Receive this history lesson from a friend :
      “This is going to the Supreme Court. Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional
      mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote. This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote and 30 States are held by Republicans.and 20 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar even will take place. This is The law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President I have researched all of this and it is Fact!
      Another fun fact, they call Gore the President Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of that decision was none other that new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed.”

        1. Hillary,

          I must respectfully disagree. WE MUST NOT SIT TIGHT! Let’s do as the democrats and make our voices heard speaking out on websites such as this, speaking with our friends and associates, contacting our State and Federal representatives, to make it loud and clear that we are vehemently against the illegal behavior of these rogues in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, etc., and that WE WANT THEM TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

          No dis intended, Hillary. Just my opinion.

          Montana Bob

    3. Right on Bob. Actually, they should scrap the whole election day scenario and have a new election where EVERYONE votes in person. We knew this would happen.

    4. Did ya hear the OFFICIAL ballots have not one but THREE SECURITY MEASURES BUILT IN? A watermark being one of them. The democraps walked right into this. It will be extremely simple to see the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL ballots. Sit back and relax and watch this play out… and pop some popcorn while you’re at it.

    5. Actually there is another option, Bob. The PA legislature is Republican controlled. The U.S. Constitution specifies that the states’ legislature is solely responsible for appointing the members of their state’s Electoral College. So, if the PA legislature would grow a pair, they could agree that the election results are compromised to the extent that their citizen’s true and legal votes are disenfranchised. Then they can justifiably appoint Republican electors to their Electoral College, and Give PA to Trump. This could be done in any state that Republicans have control in the state legislature, where extensive election fraud is believed to have occurred.

      Of course the most important part of this is… they have to grow a pair and stand up to the lying, cheating Democrats. Sad thing is, if the Dems are not stopped this time, their methods will be used in all elections at all levels, until they have the power they need to abolish our Constitution, write their own, and make this great country become the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

    6. Whar ever the results are on Wednesday at close of counting should be the only totals taken bc the election officials violated election law. They should have complied with the Supreme court.

    7. I wish that would take place. we need to find a way to punish wrong doers, not let them get away with this. I’d like all votes in a state caught cheating, deleted.

    8. Maybe we need the US military to monitor the election at all polling places like we have them do in foreign countries so our own fraud can be rooted out. Make every voter stick their finger in the ink well so they can’t vote twice. Put fraudulent voters and poll workers diectly in jail, …no $200 for passing go! We need to clean up our election act!

  2. Someone outside the two parties needs to put a stop to this farce of an election, investigate the charges of fraud and either establish it as official or call for a new vote with proper controls, period.

    1. Ed,

      I agree wholeheartedly but who or what entity is “someone”?


      Montana Bob  

  3. Please allow our suspicions to be investigated by ordering a recount in the contested states. Right now it appears that the media and money have bought this election! Mail-in balloting process must he investigated and legally fixed.

    1. Prison time or fines sufficient to pay back all the wasted money on the false accusations which took place during the four year attacks on the President by the Democrats.

  4. All of USA should all vote same process & same ballot for national offices. States should operate oen elections not federal.

    Constitutional amendment for 6 yr term for president would eliminate multiple problems i.e. campaigning time from office, paying back favors during first term etc.

  5. All mail in Ballots after November 3rd should not be counted. It’s time for the People to behind with the President;

    President Trump is fighting for out grand children.

    Its time for the people to stand firm.


  7. Declare vote irrevocably corrupt due to crooked voting, renegade governor and courts usurping LEGISLATURE.
    File charges under 18USC242

    U. S. Constitution Art 2 para 2 says LEGISLATURE selects electors.

    Grassroots rise up, give RINOs backbone! Override corruption.

  8. That’s the democratic party for you, they’ve been known as the party of treason sense the 1850. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a group of chicken little’s

    1. Absolutely! The Democrats started the civil war. They supported slavery then they have the nerve to call us racist!
      Corrupt, no integrity, no character, only lies and deceit…….

  9. The sad truth for American’s : “the problem of whether the election results can be trusted after DAYS of NONCOMPLIANCE will be too great to restore CONFIDENCE in the results!” Well that pretty much sums it up folks. I am not generally a “conspiracy” thinker, but after what I have been seeing, hearing and reading about over the last number of years of the very dark ways in which the Dem’s a top levels have been speaking and acting, and then add in the similar dark ways in which the Media has been speaking and acting, I am at a point where MY confidence in the entire DC machine is at maybe just above zero. The Dems somehow thought the LAST election was stolen and their behavior and their PLAN clearly shows that they and all their allies and the megaphone of the complicet MSM, once again has found a way for revenge. What they are forgetting is that their revenge on Trump is also a blatant attack on ALL conservatives. I now believe that they not only planned their shenanigans and illegal activities, but they are so desperate and arrogant that they did this out in the open and if the courts/SCOTUS do not call this out for what it is, then another blow of injustice further weakens the nation, which by the way is the WHOLE point of the things the Dem’s do. They are counting on this being such a complicated mess that the courts will either NOT try to untangle it to get to the truths or that it is already such a mess that it cannot be untangled. That is what they have engineered all this to do. I am NOT a sore loser, but I hate people who CHEAT in order to win. So if the Dems thing this attack on elections is going to unite the country, they are even more insane they I thought. This is far far worse that putting up with eight years of a President we did not agree with, THIS is a crisis on epic proportions. There will be no “unity” come from it, mark my words.


  11. This whole election was a joke and the Democrats new ballot harvesting will take place that people would be about their signatures and dates would be forged just like California when it flipped blue due to balance harvesting.

  12. The same shenanigans are likely going to take place in Georgia for the two Senate runoff races. I’ve contacted my two senators and let them know they should be doing everything possible to keep the Georgia runoffs fair. If we look the other way the Democrats will steal those two seats and if they get the Senate this country is in bigger trouble than it has ever been. Contact your senators and house representative and keep contacting! I will be calling them as well. Chuck Schumer has already said that “once they take the Senate they will change the world”. Notice he said “take”….not “win” or “earn”. That tells you what they have in mind and I’m sure they already have boots on the ground in Georgia.

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about. Justice Samuel Alito was appointed by Bush and is an active Supreme Court Justice. Maybe you are thinking of Justice Anthony Scalia? There are plenty of sources to verify this.

  13. We need to press in and press on. We are at a critical juncture in our country’s future. The patriots’ sacrifice of their entire lives for the birth and establishment of this great country cannot be in vain. We need to turn to God for His intervention….that the truth of the election votes and fraudulent activities of the perpetrators and their names be exposed for prosecution. My President, Donald Trump, deserves our support for all he has promised and accomplished for the USA. Despite opposition from the Media Mob and Big Tech sensors since he was sworn in, he’s done so much more for this country in a short time than any President that I can remember. He is not a politician nor a great orator….but he is a great leader and God has raised him for such a time as this!! Arise oh Lord and let your enemies be scattered!!

  14. The Democrat Party is a rogue criminal organization posing as a political party seeking to seize this government for it’s own enrichment. The members of this criminal organization seek to establish themselves as a tyrannical aristocracy which forces the citizens of this nation to submit to their will. The fraud in this election cycle on the part of this vile criminal organization is so obvious Helen Keller could spot it a mile away. If they are allowed to prevail in this treasonous coup on our nation, it’s citizens and our Constitution, the nation is no longer a United States and by certifying the election for Biden voids our government as it will be Unconstitutional and therefore illegal. The only end result I can see is the government will be void if this fraud goes through and as a citizen of Texas I believe we will have to secede and reorganize our Republic. The state of Texas should not and cannot be a part of this Constitutional travesty.

  15. This is one corrupt swamp. I will say this. If President Trump loses because of the fraud. I will never vote for a Republican again. Those POS are in on this. Republican’s are useless POS. They hate the President as much as The Democrat’s, and are willing to see the United States destroyed rather then do the right thing. All Repuby should have a target right in the middle of their foreheads.

    1. Michael Groves: You are just as violent and unthinking as those you are accusing! Re-read what you wrote. It is vehement. It is passionate. It is not well-thought out!

  16. Definitely mail in ballots should not have happened. The democrats knew that they cheat very easily. There should be only voter ID or absentee voting to be fair. The USPS could not handle the mail in ballots as they were in garbage bins especially Trump ballots as USPS didn’t like trump. He was proposing to replace the USPS.

  17. i registered to vote online and received my voters registration card in the mail, then i got 2 more applications in the mail saying someone in my household requested them, i live by myself, no one else in my household, i tore them up and put in garbage??

  18. There is one issue with the ongoing riots month after month and excessive blue states lock downs. One of the goals which not a single pundit on both sides either seen or or acknowledge, “ the mass migration from blue state cities”! This was foreshadowed as all things are, from what I’ve read oldest Christian community in the world, from time of inception of Christianity. Obama , Biden administration in Syria “they set the table for the return of yes Putin, Russia. If I recall correctly President Reagan dismantled and collapsed their sea power reach in yes, Syria. The Obama administration created the genocide of this Christian community and the world stood by…. what was the goal you ask? I’ll suggest “mass migration “, which of coarse were filtrate with a radical element. If you think, nay that isn’t so, take a good look at Europe “one person with his foot soldiers of coarse not our military, same agenda folks. It appears to me there just wasn’t enough of those (our city) migration left leaning folks to tip the scales in this election. So they changed voting laws in blue states. Which if enacted by their courts that would signify exactly how they operate , courts illegal or non lawful just doesn’t concern them. My question is is it legal when the voting laws were put in place by their legislative body? If the Supreme Court does not intervene this will be the crossover with a crumbling bridge “for no return”! For those that are clear eyed, “don’t let an opportunity go to waist”!

    On another note, the military complex, alliances on both sides of the isle, and the corruption marches on because it’s about power and earthly greed, control of the masses and of coarse “an one world order” Which my fellow Americans is called, Idolatry – false God or Gods. Sadly I’ve seen the infestation of evil in the Democratic Party for several years. Our President mentioned it a few times as well as our AG, on Mark Levin a couple months ago. However I’m not for certain if the masses don’t think evil is present or fear to mention (out of fear toward the word )…?

    In closing I’ll end with the words often spoken by B.O., “ don’t drink the Kool-Aid”! In my view the most transparent with truth of what is happening behind “the curtain “!

    God Bless and may God Bless our Republic,

  19. If these Ballets are not keep Separate from Nov. 3rd ballets, All the votes in those county Should be Voided & not counted in the state totals. Fair is Fair.

  20. any ballets received after 8 pm tuesday should should be thrown out , there is no excuse why the mail in ballets didn’t arrive by then and should have bin counted and locked up , they had plenty of time to mail them in , if they waited that’s their problem , and this is the reason the whole election smells of corruption


  22. I think we need to go back and hold the election again with walk in votes only!

    With the exception of those who have been voting from home for at least 4 years.

  23. Here’s my two cents on the election”
    Whether you voted for Trump, or Biden is none of my business. But regardless of whom you voted for, what’s happening right now should concern you equally. Do you think it’s coincidence that they just “stopped counting” ballots on election day? When has that EVER happened?
    Do you think it’s coincidence that in Fulton county, Georgia a water main broke that prevented them from counting?
    Do you think it’s a coincidence that in Pennsylvania, 18 counties didn’t upload their votes at all?
    Do you think it’s coincidence that in Pennsylvania, there are 2.6+ million mail-in ballots that haven’t been counted or received?
    Do you think it’s coincidence that people are being given Sharpies to mark their ballots in areas where the machines can’t read the ink?
    Do you think it’s coincidence that in key battleground states they found hundreds of thousands of ballots overnight while everyone was asleep?
    This tells me ONE thing. The voter fraud IS real. This means that your legal vote is being hijacked by illegal votes.
    When they realized that their candidate was losing, they stopped the election until such a time as when they could see just how many votes they need to win/steal the election….they’re undermining the election process. This should be concerning no matter who you voted for!! If you’re a great candidate, you should be able to win in a FAIR and FRAUD FREE election!

  24. We need to start over. Match the envelopes up with the ballots and start again. This should never have happened and it concerns me this is not the first its happened. Where has integrity gone to/

  25. All ballots postmarked after 11/3 were already being set aside BEFORE this Alito pronouncement.
    This piece means nothing, it’s not news. Aren’t you people aware of what has been going on in the last several weeks?

  26. ——Attorney Rudy Giuliani has valid case against Philadelphia’s
    cheating-vote-count-folks.It is not only as Supreme Court Justice Samuel
    lito ordered on late ballots. Also that cheating is in multiple forms:
    thousands of dead folks votingg from the grave with illegal balotts, blankk ballots
    filled illegally by the vote counters all over the polls in Philadephia,
    the legal poll watchers attorneys not allowed to exercise their duties of
    inspecting the ballots in question for legality, double ballots unchecked,
    etcetera, etcetera.
    —– Therefore it is treason advise from Jared Kusner for President Trump to
    concede and allow the insane democrat Joe Biden to take over the White House.
    There is no legal reason from the courts orSupreme Court for the real winner of
    this election (2020) President Trump to concede because in fact Trump is the
    real winner, for Trump has done great for America in just four years.
    —–Crazy Joe Biden says wrongly, “God loves us all.” God is also a consuming
    fite. But what God has to do with crazy Biden cheating, not winning?
    Nothing at all.

    1. Please continue the investigation into the validity of ballots cast wherever there is a question.

  27. I trust Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito will bring order in this chaos with the ballots because it has been shown that there has been a lot of BIAS and there is no way on earth, but in the United States of America that such disturbing and unofficial comments have been circulating against President Trump from the day he won the Presidency. If one will recall when Gorge Ramos from Telemundo asked a question to President Trump, Mr. Ramos asked the question with Contempt and Disrespect leading to display Negativity of our country, when he had bias reasons to behave in that manner; President Trump used his natural open articulated words and replied in a disparaging manner ordering that he be removed. However, any Judge or Justice would have done the same thing in a Court of Law for Contempt. Based on that incident with Mr. Gorge Ramos, being in the news media, he took advantage in launching attacks at our President and he maliciously bad mouthed our President to all the Legal and Illegal people to try to start a Crusade of Hatred, including using all the news media, and other American Political people serving in office, especially on the Left, who joined him for BIAS reasons and the ATTACKS have not stopped since then. Therefore, since all these attacks against President Trump and against the American people, against our country, initiated by adding that Gorge Ramos abused his powers as an Television Anchor, in anger for being thrown out from President Trump, as well as the left and the right who also had an agenda joined forces to try to destroy President Trump and our country by attacking our Commander in Chief. The manner that the Ballots have been circulating with apparent Fraudulent suspicions and by not having the ballots properly protected showing on the social media people tampering with the ballots, it has to be reviewed by the Court System. Totally, it has to be reviewed by the Supreme Court of the U.S., not by the News Media, or BIAS agencies.

  28. Here comes the BOOM! Time to let America know the communist cult has conspired
    to rig the all elections in the states that permitted this criminal act!!

  29. Sad to see the mailed ballots of the military were dumped again. Shades of Pres. George Bush & Al Gore election,. We’re supposed to be civilized & truthful at election time but it looks like a third world takeover. Sorry there’s no one to trust in this election and no integrity to be found especially in the Democratic corner. I’ve lost my faith with this system as it appears there was a lot of cheating at the polls. If you’re doing nothing wrong…why wouldn’t the polls in Pennsylvania count the write-in ballots with someone overseeing it? If you’re doing nothing wrong …what are they trying to cover up?

  30. I am still praying. This is so wrong. I never thought that I would see something like this in my life.

  31. So, not only did Sleepy Joe allow his son Hunter to skim millions in both China and Russia,
    He is now trying to get people to believe that he won the election legally.
    The man is a complete disaster.
    The last time we had a weak president was George Bush.
    Since the presidency can’t allow a vacuum of power, Dick Cheney and his gang of 5 moved in to run things for Bush.
    If Biden is allowed to be president, what shady characters will come in to ruin our country.

  32. The states in question for voter fraud should be thrown out and a new election held with in person only voting. It’s time to deal with this underhanded corruption and eliminate this tainted vote. Bring in new people to run these elections who have scruples and a sense of duty to their country. Get the career politicians out of it totally.

    1. Supreme Court….Rule that due to widespread mail-in ballots ….we must throw out this election…re-vote next week, only voting at on site allowed….no write-in ballots.

  33. Live in Texas. Biden sent me a mail in ballot request but I have never registered as a Democrat. I have always voted Republican except for Jimmy Carter which was a mistake. My first election was Richard Nixon who was wronged by the media.

  34. This so-called election has been one big fiasco! This ‘Mail-in-Ballots” was a deliberate attempt to derail the process. . I believe Pennsylvania should lock up or destroy ALL the received ballots. then, hold a legitimate election under the truly watchful eye of the government – state or national – whhichever ha the power to tep in and halt it it there is evidence of dishonesty or other foul behaviors ! Biden is strutting around like he won….which he has not!! American citizens are the ones who will pay dearly – as usual for – in loss of property and basic rights – for the greed and carelessness that has obviously been committed.

  35. As I clearly seen as well as other before Obama was sworn into office. “This propped up President was in our highest office for one thing”, the overthrow of our republic. All the pieces are in the open now, decimating of religion, family, free thoughts and thinking, changing definitions of what they say words mean, realignment in the west, east and throughout the world, Libya, Egypt, Iran expansion and standing to Russia, Syria, mass migration throughout the world, implementing policies and undermining our military to create low moral and devision (selecting yes boys and women for star military promotions) deportation to certain nationalities to of set the appearance of favor for a radical realignment of citizens with anti American agendas, tea party take down through our IRS, (which was allowed by both sides of the isle) FBI, CIA, Justice department all working against the opposition (Americans), depleting our treasury through intended dumping and corruption with massive pay offs foreign and demotic , Trillions … , spying and the attempted take down of a dolly elected President by millions of yes Americans, after all theses and many more attempts for a total takeover and depletion of resources (treasury-military-cities-states and country). My optimism is the numbers of free thinking women leading the charge today and the great undertow of our youth to middle age with open eyes that either see or feel something is not right!

    This massive corruption in this election at many levels is being implemented by not just the evil, corrupted power monger dems there are other elements, “military industrially complex”, which I refer to as war mongers With no concern for the massive cost they left just take this last fiasco, destroyed family, 1000s with massive torment to body, mind and soul.

    I watch for 20 years and could not understand why they Bush… Obama .. allowed Iran to continue its proxy wars that disabled so many of our veterans…. Well it took a non politician President Trump realignment and move to offense through compassion and strength. Soleimani removed from the battlefield which of coarse sets the “piece table” for a true realignment in the region. Why wasn’t it executed before President Trump?, simple answer war mongers both dems and republicans and of course our “mighty Pentagon!

    If by chance after reading many of these comments which looks to be by an awaking force to insure our republic lives on! A few total fax based shows of corse there are more, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham , Rush…..

    Please inform yourselves with knowledge not hatred, if your a Christian highly recommend the rosary.

    God Bless keep up the open communication, speak your mind! Where is our justice department, FBI?

  36. I live in Ohio & for a long time not a week went by when a politician in the Detroit area was exposed for being corrupt. It is a culture.
    Given the videos circulating showing the state of the Convention Center where counting was taken place-boxes and boxes of open ballots on the tables & floor, Dozens & dozens of people walking everywhere. Nothing secured, nothing remotely methodical being done-Any person with eyes & ears would doubt that mayhem & mischief was present. Much more to that story but moving on to my main point.
    According to the 2020 census, Michigan has a 10 million 45 thousand population. Of these at most 78.5% and 72.8% at least ( hard to tell if under 5 yr olds were counted w/ the under 18 group.)
    So that means between 7,885,325 (most) or 7,312,760 (least) could be registered voters IF ( big if) every eligible person signed up.
    NOW read this— a google search showed that 8,127,040 are registered to vote!!!!! So every Eligible person PLUS an additional 241,715 at least or 824,280 at most could have secured a ballot to vote if they wanted it.
    Of the 5,435,173 votes cast how many do you think were truly from a valid Michigan voter?

  37. I rode to my polling place and voted and wearing a mask. The way it is supposed to be in al cases. The covid excuse and mail in ballots was totally wrong.

  38. Democrats in Congress spent over three years cramming impeachment down our throats instead of doing what they were elected to do!

    They allowed Robert Mueller to spend thirty million dollars for taxpayers money, trying this undermine our President!

    President Trump stands up for what’s best for all Americans and we should stand up for him!

    America First!

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