How Much Blame Does The DOJ Own For This Election Crisis?

The Democrats in charge of elections in these swing states right now are responsible for their actions and should be held accountable.

The inaction of the Department of Justice should also carry some of the blame for this election crisis. We all know what happened in the 2016 election but those responsible have still avoided any type of serious consequence for their actions.

What do criminals do when they get away with a crime and profit from it?

They do it again. It worked.

Kids don’t even stop doing something if they get away with it every time. That’s why we hand consequences to kids when they break the rules. The reason democrats felt brazen enough to stop vote counting while Trump is steamrolling the country is because they knew they could.

The reason they opened the reporting back up with huge dumps of Biden votes is because they can.

The media runs public relations cover for the establishment politicians. They don't call FL for Trump when it's impossible for Biden to win but they do call AZ for Biden in practically the opening minutes of counting.


Because they don't want to give Trump a lead, ever. It helps set the tone for a long night and makes it seem as if Trump was never going to win. It makes it an easier "sell" to the people if Trump 'never had the lead'.

They're actively blocking republican observers from being a part of the ballot counting process. Heck, they're cheering as they're kicking them out.

They're not hiding their fraud anymore. They don't care if you know.

Because they think you can't do anything about it and they're now sure that the DOJ won't do anything about it.

The Democrat party has now actively subverted 2 straight elections (that we know of). If they get away with it, there will never be another fair election in this country. They sure as hell aren't going to quit.

The inaction of the DOJ holds some blame for this. They had 4 years to act. They should have acted. The DOJ decided to wait for any Durham report or indictments. That move itself was political. If we don't have the rule of law, we have nothing remotely close to freedom.

If the DOJ doesn't act, republicans likely will take to the streets. What other option would they have? The DOJ can come clean and restore its image, but they better do it soon or this country will be long gone and something far less attractive and pleasant will take its place.

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30 thoughts on “How Much Blame Does The DOJ Own For This Election Crisis?”

  1. Unless Barr and the DOJ send federal agents into the vote-counting rooms of EVERY state, enforce a total audit of every vote counted, and ARREST any election official that resists, this election will be over; the USA will forever be lost to democracy. We will essentially have become a one-party state hurtling down the road towards totalitarianism.

    Barr’s DOJ. dragging the release of the Durham Report past the election has killed it as an effective tool to expose the corruption of the Democrat Party’s in its attempted coup of the Trump presidency. What good is it to withhold a damning report that could have changed the direction of an election until AFTER that election?? Barr will be replaced soon and the report will be quashed, never to see the light of day. Even if it’s released tomorrow, it is moot the minute Biden is declared the winner of the election.

    1. I’m anxious to know why Hillary has never been indicted for her corruptions. And now what is going to happen to the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal that is supposed to be investigated. will any justice come of that issue that has all the evidence needed to send the whole Biden family to jail. Why are these criminals and actual traitors allowed to get away with their crimes.

  2. Barr was the GHWB AG that sicced the atf/fbi on Randy Weavers Family at RUBY RIDGE, IDAHO.


    I haven’t trusted him for anything since his latest appointment…

  3. Bill Barr has been a totally incompetent human husk, He has done nothing while being given the position but bark with no bite. I have from the start had my reservations about him especially when they start spouting how beyond reproach some of these swamp rats are, they l should be charged with aiding and abetting, these people are nothing less than treasonous, where is Elliot Ness when we need him.

  4. The election irregularities were widespread through mostly Democrat run States and large city precincts.. Poll watchers were blocked out illegally and that allows fraud to run rampant. Some counties had more votes come in than they had registered voters… This election MUST wind up being contested and corrected in the Supreme Court…

    1. ABSOLUTELY! Chief Justice had the GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SET THE RULES IN STONE- HE DECLINED!!! It becomes clearer and clearer that Roberts is being BOUGHT OFF, yes, that’s what we said. Nothing else makes sense. Democrats have long held that the TRUE POWER is in the Supreme Court….we now believe that could never be more true.

  5. This is going to end up in civil war if the DOJ doesn’t not support the constitution. So far they have not.

  6. With regards to counting the votes and not allowing oversite by both parties, WHY ARE THEY NOT USING Zoom or some live stream for the ones who should be overseeing the process? That would keep it honest.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. The DOJ and FBI have been willing pawns of the Democratic machine for years. The whole TRUMP/RUSSIA fiasco is directly on their doorstep. Once a proud law-supporting organization is now a political-driven cesspool. The failures of this election cycle are directly the fault of the DOJ and their refusal to enforce law. Where was BARR, their leader during this fiasco – in hiding. Should Trump survive this fiasco, he should dismantle the whole mess and start over before the real Americans take to the streets

  8. Barr has turned out a total deadness. Has this been deliberate? He should be fired for his incompetence. Ted Cruz would never have allowed the existing mess to unfold.

  9. Hang them all
    Convention of states can close down our government lets do it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Politicians need to fill our prisons but not by putting innocents in jail
    America needs to fill our prisons with treasonous corrupt politicians and weld the doors shut

  10. China , Russia , and the Precious Democrats win again . How much are the Dems going to pay foreign factions?
    God help US! Truth and Honesty have left the room!

  11. During my lifetime, democrat election fraud goes back to 1960 with the JFK presidential election. The DOJ did nothing then or since.
    What we se now is another orchestrated effort for democrats to follow thru with Obama’s “Fundamentally changing America”. agenda. After his presidency In 20016 “O” continued his resistance movement in concert with his sponsor G Soros, who has purchased the democrat party, media, BLM / Antifa and lots more all to forward an agenda of socialism which is in modern terms : globalism .
    Today we see the “Reds v Blue” political parties in the streets .
    We are , without question, a divided nation . In 1917 the Russian Revolution it was the “Reds v Whites”.
    Today we see both of our political parties in the streets engaging in similar “culture war”. The fuse on the powder keg is alight and History repeats.

  12. We send our military to ensure our Freedom, some never make it hone alive and some come home maned for life, yet they go and they put on their uniform and fight for our Freedom !! We have people like the GOP and DOJ whose sole job is to ensure that rules and guidelines are adhered to and not be compromised in any way!! Yet, they allow it”WHY”? Are they being paid by organizations that want our President out of office? Why are they standing by the sidelines and not doing anything !!

  13. this country is over. get over it! you people sat on your ass for the last 4 years while Trump and I fought like hell. Nothing will change.

  14. Fire everyone in the D.O.J. and put them in
    jail with for all the crooked things they have
    done. They are responsible for all this voter fraud
    that is going on, they are doing nothing to stop it…

  15. 50% he they could have PROVIDED the whole sorid bulchite & because Barr is Muellers good bud and Bushs AG, the lies will be buried. Barr is an empiedient Richard

  16. The Democrats have always interfered in ALL elections because no one ever had the balls to try hard to stop them.
    The Press is useless because they have been bought and paid for by the really big money

    The days of Huntly- Brinkly and the others of that ilk are dead and gone.

    Even voting for Republicans is just about useless because the named and unnamed powers at the top still have the power to buy all the people they need.

    I’ve been on the scene since 1935 and watched my Country go – pretty much- down hill since the fifties.

  17. It is past time the DOJ acts now, or let our great Country go down in flames. It is simply disgusting to watch the democrats laugh and get their evil ways working after the election.

  18. It is patently obvious that the Dems are willing to destroy our constitutional republic, and replace it with a Fascist- Communist dictatorship, through any means possible… or illegal.
    They’ve used their storm troopers (BLM & Antifa) to disrupt our society and the election process, and the corrupt Press to cover for them.
    They’ve used the corrupt tech giants to silence our free speech opportunities, and George Soros, who funds most of this behavior. He should have been thrown out of our Country long ago for Treason and Sedition.
    The leftist slime oozing from our Colleges and Universities, continues to feed illiterate leftist graduates into our Government bureaucracies to deepen the swamp to inhibit our ability to respond to this evil, and we support all of this with our tax dollars.
    What a mess!

  19. Is Anarchy the solution to Anarchy?
    How much difference does it make if the “lesser of evils” are elected?
    How much chance does Trump have of turning this country around if most Politicians are corrupt?

    Only Jesus can save us.
    Make America Godly Again or face the Tribulation.

  20. I agree, an absolute DISGRACE as to what has been allowed. Deep STATE needs to be cleaned out, corruption needs to be dealt/prosecuted ASAP.
    The PRESIDENTIAL Election needs to be judiciously monitored by both parties.

  21. Four years and not one Democratic arrest for leaking, lying, or treason. Congratulations Mr. Barr, nice job.

  22. Burr put off his job on another to handle, that should have told us something about him. If I had ben Trump, you better bet your ass in wouldn’t have had a job right after it was known the bastard wasn’t going to do anything. He is just as crooked and probably paid for the Democrats not to pursue anything. Kick his ass out of the white hose now, he isn’t for the American people, he is as rotten to the core as any of them. He ought not to ever be allowed in the running of any government or to represent and American public again.

  23. Bill Barr has proven he’s just part of the Deep State. Trump should fire him, along with Christopher Wray of the FBI. To refuse to indict and prosecute the criminals who set the Russia Hoax in motion and perpetuated it for almost 4 years is to virtually elicit more criminal behavior. Now we’re seeing it.

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