If They Get Away With It, It Will Be Worse Next Time

Washington D.C. is preparing for the worst. The 90% Democrat city is boarding up buildings, shutting down businesses, and acting like a war is about to hit.

It might.

But if you’ve noticed anything about the riots and destruction over the last year it’s that it’s almost solely confined to Democrat run cities. And the violence and destruction is happening by democrats.

The riots and destruction aren’t being done by Trump supporters. They’re Black Lives Matter and Antifa folks – all leftist organizations. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden campaign bailed the rioters out so they could continue.

It’s their plan. They’ve been throwing a tantrum since 2016.

They're trying to pound the people into submission. They want to hear, "Fine! Please just stop and we'll do whatever you want."

What happens when a bully finds out he can get his way by bullying?

They don't stop. They do it more often.

Will it work? We're about to find out. If it does work and gets Joe Biden elected, you can all but guarantee it will happen again and with more force the next time.

But they wouldn't be preparing for riots if they thought Joe Biden was really going to walk away with an easy victory, as the media would have you believe.

America has a choice between a future of prosperity and restoring our Constitution, or we can choose to hire the same people who created this chaos and violence to get their way.

Don't fall for it. Vote for freedom no matter what. Your own freedom depends on it.



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8 thoughts on “If They Get Away With It, It Will Be Worse Next Time”

  1. You bet your sweet ass it does!!! I voted for DONALD J. TRUMP this morning just minutes after the polls opened. May God help us if the Dimwit Turds get control of our Country. You can kiss the Constitution goodbye if they do and this country will be just like Venezuela. They were a thriving country until they were taken over by a bunch of commy Turds just like the thieving corrupt Biden and Harris bunch of democtats. If you don’t see that you have been listening and watching to much MSM. All they do is to constantly LIE to the American People 24 hrs a day.

  2. Leftists are bullies. They’ve been trained to be that way in their indoctrination centers from kindergarten through college. It started with “zero tolerance” rules that punish BOTH the bullies and their victims.

    Victims are denied their right to self defense, so bullies have less to lose from punishment than do their victims. The victims get pummeled by their bullies AND are punished by authorities. On balance, the bullies win.

    Leftists carry this regimen through self defense in adult relationships. They are against stand-your-ground laws or the use of lethal weapons in self defense. They punish those who defend themselves and allow violent criminals out of prison before their sentences are completed.

  3. If you sleep with the dogs you will get fleas. They deserve the full wrath of the rioters for supporting them

  4. If you wanna support the left this is what you get! They get paid by the taxpayer to serve the taxpayer as public servants to protect and serve and they’re failing to do their job because they’re looking to those on the demonically evil side to push their agenda, and threatening intimidate people so they can take power. You’ll get worse than this if you ever let them have power because this is why communist operate, and you should be removing these people from power because they’re not doing their job and you should be prosecuting them for dereliction of duty!

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