The Great COVID Lie

Until COVID-19 hit, President Donald Trump was on a glide path to reelection. On domestic policy, Trump’s tax and regulatory cuts spurred the economy to heights unseen in 50 years; his Department of Education cracked down on the star-chamber courts applied on college campuses in cases of alleged sexual misconduct; he has appointed scores of well-qualified constitutionalist judges, including three Supreme Court justices. On foreign policy, Trump is the first president of my lifetime not to enter any foreign wars; he has brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and Arab countries; he has stood up to Chinese predations in unprecedented ways.

If this election had been held in February, Trump likely would have won. And he likely would have won rather easily. That’s because Trump’s often-terrible rhetoric would have taken a back seat to his actions, and Americans’ pessimism about Trump’s character would have taken a back seat to their optimism about his agenda.

Then COVID hit.

The economy, thanks in large part to overwrought lockdown policies, collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died. And Trump's rhetoric blunders took on renewed seriousness as Americans looked for steady leadership and instead found the usual Trumpian stew of bloviation and exaggeration and ire.

COVID has become the Democrats' chief electioneering ploy. Their argument is patently wrong and immoral. It is an argument repeated ad nauseum by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as their allies in the media. The argument, expressed by Biden, is this: "220,000 Americans dead ... Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America."

But, of course, Trump isn't responsible for those deaths. Trump should have spoken sooner about wearing masks; he should have acted with more alacrity in developing testing. But COVID has spread throughout the world, killing hundreds of thousands, and is now spreading nearly unchecked throughout Europe, where lockdowns and masking have been prevalent for months. In fact, Democratic governors praised Trump for giving them the ventilators and personal protective equipment they sought; the White House's Operation Warp Speed has accelerated the development of a vaccine in historically unprecedented ways. The hardest-hit states in terms of death per millions were nearly all states with governors who did not follow Trump's preferred anti-lockdown policies.

Just as important, Democrats have never provided an alternative plan with regard to COVID. Biden's stated plan -- to accelerate a vaccine, to socially distance, to mask more, to create local authority for targeted lockdowns -- is no different from Trump's. Biden was holding packed rallies into early March. Democrats have repeatedly condoned or celebrated massive rallies of millions of people during the pandemic, so long as those rallies meet with their political approval.

The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID'S death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. It is reliant on a perverse view of the universe by which Trump is responsible for all evil, a miasmatic orange Satan haunting the land. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand.

That's nonsense. The pandemic will continue on Nov. 4, no matter who is elected. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price. And the so-called Party of Science will continue to promote that anti-scientific lie all the way up through Election Day.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. 

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43 thoughts on “The Great COVID Lie”

  1. Hey, Ben? The WHOLE ‘Big, Bad Virus’ is a LIE!!!! It’s JUST A FLU!!! And, here we are……going into our 2nd FLU SEASON!! FLU SEASON………happens EVERY YEAR!! It’s…….JUST A FLU!!! There’s NO ‘pandemic’!! It’s a PLANNEDemic! And the FACT that YOU are going along with it…….makes YOU just s much as a LIAR as the LibTards!

    1. And now Fauci is saying we MUST wear masks, after the report he published in 2008 where he said that most of the deaths by Spanish Flu were found out to have been from bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks, NOT FROM THE FLU. He is simply trying to kill us. This proves it.

    2. Fauci WAS the one who went to Wuhan to finish developing the virus after it was seen that the NCU lab was doing studies against International Law, but China (of course) did not care, so it was all moved to Wuhan and finished. Fauxi is a better name for him — he has worked with the Gates Foundation since Gates was 26 (a LONG TIME).

    3. Ben’s article is about the political implications of the virus, not the scientific facts. In politics, scientific facts are only considered when they can help promote the politics of the issue. Even then the facts would likely be distorted beyond recognition.

    4. The question is, if you had a plan that would save people from dying and you held it back? Who would be responsible for the deaths you or the leaders? Well we have to wait and if Biden is elected we will get his plan to save people from dying. AS it is obvious he has no plan he is just BS another lie.

      Nobody could help with past plagues until it was understood so the same applies today we do the best we can with the science we have.

      1. It won’t make any difference what Biden’s “plan” is because if (God forbid) he is elected, he will be out of there so fast your head will spin and Harris and Pelosi will be running what will be our new Marxist country.

    5. I think you misread this article. Ben is not going along with it. He is explaining what happened because the Covid was China’s gift to the liberals. China concocted this virus, send infected Chinese people throughout the world esp to America, because they knew it would tank the economy . Biden played the Covid game well, saying he was implementing everything that Trump already did. Trump did everything right. All the European countries did the lockdown, masks, social distancing and what happened? Another viral breakout! Trump has been correct on every account.

  2. Trump is RIGHT, he is merely being BLAMED by those who are GUILTY of the crimes against the country (and the world) as they try to hide from their perfidy and actual TREASON. Interesting to watch now, Trump DID activate the Marine Reserve MONTHS AGO, over the attempted coup and outright trteason he was facing — last time was by FDRT, and about 1,000 problems were terminated, I have the popcorn ready.

      1. It’s a BIDEN VIRUS not a Trump Virus.
        Biden sold us out to China. Period!
        Why did he hide in his basement? Did China tell him to?
        Did he know something about the flu and did not tell the World as he filled his pockets with millions of dollars?
        Someone should ask him By the way where is Hunter?
        Why isn’t he campaigning for his DAD?
        He represented in China but not in America!!
        Weird! Explain it???

        1. Wow! This man is a saint to you guys…. As far as you’re concerned, he’s “the Great White Hope”…. Hunter is not in the political arena by choice. Biden doesn’t use his kids to push HIS calling and choice of service in life. He does have other children besides Hunter, and none of them are out compaigning like Trump’s offspring. As long as the poor stay poor, Racism is put on the back burner, and Black and Brown people never get ahead in life, people like you will always support this crazy narcissistic egotistical maniac!

    1. There is a patent on this virus issued in 2003 to Fauci at NIH and it was revoked because nature can not be patented soooo the patent was re applied for in U.S. court a few years before “Pandemic” aka planedemic..get it 😁 the joke is on the world..# TECHNOCRATS so smart they need to control EVERYTHING💀

  3. The single biggest lie is any claim of what we ‘didn’t know’ about Covid-19 from day 1. As soon as it was determined to be a respiratory virus, the ONLY things unknown were how it differs from EVERY respiratory virus known to man. 90% or more of what we have been told has been learned are things we already knew about respiratory viruses in general for decades. The rest is actually fairly tame.

  4. The BIGEST COVID-19 Lie was and Is still Trump. Beginning with him forcing the CDC director out, a Obama appointee and the top scientist in his field helping to improve the G.W. Bush program to deal with this type of epidemic. Then he destroyed the department and throughout the program. Then he refused to work with those who counseled him on the best way to combat the Health risk to the nation. He Fired them and insulted their work. He then prevented States knowing the truth about the epidemic. Trump would NOT help provide PPE, training and equipment to combat the problem. He went so far as to try and prevent States from getting the PPE and equipment and even confiscated some States supplies. While doing this. Hospitals were filling up, people were ding, mortuaries were overwhelmed requiring refrigerated trucks as morgues eventually having to buried the dead in mass graves. Health care workers were falling due to the virous and many died from it.
    Trump process in claiming that a cure is around the corner, well he has turned the corner so many times we have circled that block 100’s of times like a dog chasing their tails.
    Trump resent accused the Medical profession and Drug industry for “Profiteering” from the virous. Really? My daughter is a Respiratory Therapist and they are NOT making a bundle. Unlike Trump Profiting by requiring government employees and others to use his properties.
    Trump keeps denying that “Propper” use of facemask and social destining saves lives. As a result, he encourages his “Sheep” followers to discard their mask. The results is that Trump IS the modern equivalent of Typhoid Mary. Every ware he goes, the virous flourishes and people die. Already Trump IS responsible for the needled death greater than those Americans killed in wars dating back and including WWII. We need to do with Trump like was done to Typhoid Mary, locked up in isolation so they can’t infect others causing more deaths.

    1. Dying not ding. Bury not buried. Everywhere not every ware. Proper not propper. Needless not needled. Virous (x3) means possessing poisonous properties, charged with virus. So virus would have been the proper usage in your sentences. I’m not even going to comment of the excessive capitalizations, incorrect punctuation and odd sentence structures.
      People pay more attention to rants if they can actually read them without wanting a red pencil. Just a thought.

        1. Thank you for putting this idiot in his/her place. Obvious that he/she doesn’t know the facts.

    2. You have a right to your opinion but you do NOT have a right to your own facts. Everything you have written is false.

  5. Of course, it is all a lie. We had, and continue to have COVID. Via the fault of the Chinese. I am not convinced that Obama did not have a hand in this. It sounds very much like a plot he would cook up – to have COVID arrive in the US at the time it arrived. To keep it a secret for a few months. Then let it destroy as many of our senior citizens as possible (you know, he has always wanted to get rid of the senior citizens (remember when he kept denying that: he was “not going to ill grandma??? He protested this so much that it was obvious that was what he would really like to do – to kill off (somehow legally – remember his euthanasia theme / scheme !!) as many grandpas and grandmas as possible. Then he wanted to get rid of the family unit and the children. All this in hoping to create his vision of a new world / globilization government!!! AND, he actually thought if this could come about – that HE would be the head of it all!! So, yes anything he is connected with or touches becomes bad, bad, bad for America. So, please, please stop stop with all of this COVID nonsense. President Trump has done much to stem the flow of this hideous disease and he has done a lot to stop it. BUT, this has been allowed by God – for whatever reason I do not know (I am not privy to God’s plans, nor is any other human person!). AND, it is God who will eventually stop it – and His timing will be perfect. Obama, and Joe Biden, have brought so much harm to the American people, and Obama has used the Democrats (in their blind following of him) to creat his desires for America – AGAIN, all bad desires for us; but in his view – wonderful desires for himself!!!

    1. Did any of you Trump loving fools go to school? I doubt it because you are just believing the all lies that Trump I feeding you! He is in this for himself, he doesn’t care who and how many die, lose their jobs and homes! If he did he would have hurried up on passing a stimulus bill faster than he got a supreme judge sworn in. Then he blames the Democrats, because they didn’t want to pass a bill that Trump wanted billions to bail out his corporate friends. Listen I know you are thinking 5hat I’m a Democrat but you would be wrong…I am a republican who reads and digs up the true facts!

      1. How many die annually from regular flu/cold season..more than died of covid you don’t see the truth and we all know idiots with degrees 👉👌put it there dummy!Send us a pic of you crying when it’s TRUMP 2020

  6. The evil in this world is Democrats
    Every thing they do is a lie
    Their corruption is sickening
    They are uneducated narratives are moronic
    Their existence is hate
    They have murdered
    Committed treason
    Destroyed the states they control
    Their pedophiles
    Grandparents and baby killers
    They are sick inhuman trash
    The best example in s Muslim Obama
    What did he do?
    Well foremost he proved the black race genetically inferior to all other races he proved without a doubt educating a black man only increases his corruption and crime tendencies
    Black people were on this earth 10000 years before other races and by that alone should be dominant
    However the opposite is true
    Blacks only remain due to welfare
    Without it they are so lazy and stupid they would starve
    Democrats are of all races however they are very similar to the black race
    Just look at their actions and conduct
    They live off of welfare or are corrupt thieves, murderers and treasonous crime waves just like the black race
    It boils down to that in this world their are two types of people
    Morons like blacks and democrats whom are chastised by their own actions
    And humans whom go to work try to be good people and are against treason murder arson and crime
    Now the question is why on earth have humans not euthanized democrats and blacks they are burdens to humans due to their actions and worthless existence
    The answer is the problem
    Humans have empathy toward morons
    Morons always believe their geniuses even though the opposite is always reality
    Take black football and basketball players as an example
    Overpaid gorilla morons that have pissed on their paychecks by alienating their fan base who pays them !
    They disrespect Our flag and white men for being the successful avenue that pays for their overpaid sports so called jobs!
    Black people are not the majority in the stands and they don’t own the teams
    Even in today’s times isn’t it funny blacks with money are still slaves to white men in sports and to stupid to know that’s where their millions come from
    Take Obama as another example
    He is and was a white man’s slave as president he was in killer Hillary’s pocket along with Nazi Soro’s
    I realize Hillary isn’t a man
    But she is pissed off about not being a man that’s why she wears North Korean janitor suits and eliminates all who has evidence against her crimes
    Why the world hasn’t killed Nazi Soro’s and his entire family only Satan can say
    Should Humans want to survive we must fight fire with Fire and fight this treasonous coup as if our lives depend on it
    Because are lives do depend on it
    Once we destroy are enemies, then and only then will humanity survive
    Fellow humans it’s us or them
    You choose!

  7. Why does everyone forget that we lost over 300,000 Veterans (our greatest natural resource) on Obama, Biden watch and nothing was done

  8. Ben Shapiro lives in Nashville, TN jwith his wife and family having moved from California, the chaos of the West.

  9. Regarding Masks. See this interview with Dr. Fauci (see YouTube video linked below), Trump was just following Dr. Fauci who said in May people should not be wearing masks. Shapiro’s statement “Trump should have spoken sooner about wearing masks” just adds to the lie and misinformation. Everything Trump did and said from the beginning was following what the experts like Dr. Fauci said. There are numerous statements all on TV by Dr. Fauci in February and March saying Americans have nothing to worry about and should go about their daily lives. To blame Trump is a total outrage and lie. People that should be blamed are Pelosi and the Democrats who wasted the countries time on impeachment which distracted Trump and the whole government. The Democratic governors such as Cuomo and Wolf and others who caused the deaths of thousands in nursing homes by their actions forcing nursing homes to admit Covid patients returning from hospitals. In addition, Biden said Trump was xenophobic for not allowing Chinese citizens to enter the U.S. at the end of January.

    Europe’s Covid cases and deaths are now rising faster than the U.S. Is that also Trump’s fault?

    1. Dr. Faucie didn’t know how bad it was in February, because Trump kept the info given to him by China to himself as “not to scare the American people” Trump knew back in February how bad and contagious it was, but he decided would rather save the economy than American lives!! Wake up people!! Dr. Atlas is a radiologist he is not an epidemiologist, the reason Trump hired him is because he is a puppet that will say anything Trump wants. Now Trump is inciting fear about the election! US is becoming the laughing stock because of Trump. When someone shows you who they are believe them, Trump has shown you over and over, his sister, his niece have told you…believe them!! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself!

  10. I was a republican until this year. The Republican Congressional Party has turned into a bunch of spineless liars! You have turned on yourselves thinking that all republicans are as dumb as your base and will believe anything you put in front of them, well think again! When Donald Trump loses don’t blame anyone but him, his ego, and yourselves for not standing up to him!,

  11. Everyone seems to forget that OBAMA GAVE Millions to get the Wuhan lab …. this is all a planned effort from China and the democrats are part of it. It was a bioterroism effort . China was loosing economic power after finally the US stopped the one way profiting of China. To control the other contries economic benefits and surging economies….they let this loose. They could cared less about loosing chinese citizens … they have million and can loose millions an not see any effect.
    It is shameful that the political people are so power hungry they are using US citizxens as pawns . LYING about every thing and lining their own pockets as this country’s and citizen’s economy plummet.
    There is no more morality nor honesty in the government and the judicial system I.E. CIA & FBI
    If it were any other citizen, would be in jail now.But not Biden nor his son for having done what they did and there is so much proof

  12. I think we can all agree the virus itself is no hoax; it is killing people.

    But there are hoaxes surrounding Covid-19:

    HOAX: The narrative that this was “accidently leaked” from a Chinese Lab.
    HOAX: The timing of this accidental release.
    It appears China was aware of this well before the end of 2019, and it’s no coincidence it was released just as the election process was entering full-swing.
    HOAX (more a media narrative): Trump didn’t react quickly enough.
    Never mind that the day after his China travel ban Biden called him Xenophobic for doing so. Four weeks later, Pelosi is strolling mask-less around China Town inviting everyone out to the streets, as if it’s no big deal.
    HOAX: The number of reported deaths.
    The very minute the government offered financial incentives to hospitals/medical facilities to treat Covid patients, the numbers lost all credibility. Take for example the story of the Florida man who died as a result of a motorcycle accident, but because he tested positive at the time of death it was ruled a Covid death.
    HOAX: The early predictions and doom and gloom spread by the first “experts”.
    They weren’t just “kind of wrong” they were “way off wrong” from the beginning, but many on the Left still want to use those early, fallacious predictions as guidelines.
    HOAX: Dr. Fauci is the “Top Expert on Infectious Diseases”.
    No, he’s not. Do some research into his “career” and see how many times he’s been criticized for being clueless, and for claiming work someone else did. Dr. Fauci IS NOT the “Top Expert on Infectious Diseases”, and not even close. He is the top man at the agency that handles this type of issue, and that’s all.
    HOAX: Trump is to blame for all Covid-related issues for the entire Country.
    Actually, it has been up to the States to make decisions that affect them. And it’s no surprise that the list of the cities who are having trouble and/or are constantly whining that the Feds need to do more are run by Democrats. In their lust to try and make Trump look bad, they have willingly sacrificed their own constituents.

    FACT: After Trump’s victory on November 3rd – when politicizing the virus will no longer benefit the Democratic Party, you’ll see a huge drop in the Covid “panic porn”, as it has been called. The only people who will still be trying to propagate the lies are those Dem leaders who believe it makes Trump look bad, and the people who stand to profit from treatments and vaccines.

    FACT: It’s tough to be lectured on science by a Party that believes there are more than 2 genders, and that life does not begin at conception.

    The choice on November 3rd is as simple as it is clear. You can vote for America, or you can vote for the Democratic Party.

  13. I think we can hold this conversation over for the next 4 yrs…starting w/the assasintion of Kennedy… & all the terrible evils of the deepstate, since…We will even have our Nuremburg trials…& our Spandau at Gitmo is waiting to receive!!!

  14. Covid-19 is just the last pathetic attempt by a corrupt, despotic political party to undo the 2016 election since EVERYTHING they previously tried has failed. The most disgusting thing is the democRAT communist party colluded with a rogue country and enemy of America and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people all over the globe. THIS IS THE WORST CRIME IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION.

  15. Wonderful, all true but it’s hard to stop haters. My friend told me, “I knew him in New York when I lived there 20 years ago and I still hate him”. That is their logic. I don’t argue with them. My other friend said “Trump caused 200,000 deaths” No need to argue with haters. Haters will hate with unreasonable ideas. I am 84 years old. I was raised to respect the President of the United States. I even respected OBAMA. Dear God please keep Donald J. Trump in office.

  16. Progressive Socialists are hateful people who believe they somehow should have the right to dictate to others how we are to be allowed to live. President Trump has been working to rid the nation of much of what hateful Progressives have done in order to control the masses. Because President Trump is such a positive influence on the lives of American citizens, Progressives will literally do whatever they can conjure up in an attempt to get President Trump out of office. He may crass, and he may at times be an ass, but President Trump is exactly who we need at this point in time.

  17. Your comments are right on the mark. With half of americans, all of the media, big tech, democrats, and never trumpers the President didn’t have a chance. Hope these people didn’t cut their nose off to spite their face.

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