Deported Parents Decline to be Reunited With Their Children

We’ve heard a lot from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats about the awful separation of children and parents when caught trying to enter into the United States, illegally.

“545 families have been separated because of the Trump administration”.

Joe Biden called it “criminal” during the debate last week.

President Trump said they were trying very hard to find the parents and reunited the children.

Surely they have been able to locate some of the parents by now, right?

Well, they have.

485 parents of those children have been located and not a single one has shown interest in being reunited with their children.

“The simple fact is this: after contact has been made with the parents to reunite them with their children, many parents have refused,” he said, noting that “out of the 485 children whom plaintiffs’ counsel has been able to contact, they have yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country of origin.”

But the ACLU lawyer, Lee Gelernt, says it's not that they don't want to be reunited with their kids, it's that they don't want to be reunited with their kids in their home country.

They're holding out hope that the U.S. will let them back in and they can be reunited in the country they tried to enter into illegally.

“The parents overwhelmingly want to rejoin their children in the United States,” he said. “That’s why they fled together in the first place.”

Should there be a reward for entering our country illegally?

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118 thoughts on “Deported Parents Decline to be Reunited With Their Children”

    1. That is your surmise; you do not know that for sure. It appears these parents are not unloving but are prepared to let their children go rather than make them return to the hell-hole they left. I write this as one who believes a stout wall should be built to deter those from central and southern america rom even trying to enter the US illegally. A poor border wall merely tempts them, but can you blame (at least some of) them from trying to escape to a free country and leave grinding poverty behind? Would you and I not do the same in their situation? There, but for the grace of God, go we.

      1. Richard.. I agree with most of your post, except for the part about me doing the same thing in regards to keeping myself separated from my children.. They could have applied for temporary visas. applied for citizenship at the consulate(s) in Mexico.. There are other legal means of gaining entry, and yes, some do take time, but I would never trust my children into the hands of any stranger(s).

    1. Boppen, what a Novel idea. I hope the President is listening to ideas of what he can do with them. My first thought though is, the parents are located, we shouldn’t be asking them if they want to be reunited, we should demand they take their children back, no exceptions.Simply knock on their front door and when the door is answered, walk away.

    2. excellent suggestion, DHS should go for it. They have found the parents notify them that are going to be given up for custody to the Mexican Government.

  1. President Trump should send them ALL back to their homeland ( Mexico, etc) and force their own country to take response to regime these children or face big fines!!

  2. No, there should not be a reward, if they want to enter our country, let them take the proper steps, and their children should be sent back to them, that is where they belong, and this is what I call a cheap shot to get her illegally

  3. So now we know!
    When sleazy Joe tried to get over on our president with that accusation, at the debate, my first reaction was: why aren’t the parents finding the kids? Were the parents deported, were they released to disappear into our country, are they even the actual parents? Seems like it would be easier for the parents to locate the kids, IF THEY WANTED THEM BACK
    And btw breaking in to our country IS A CRIME! If you or I brought our children with us while committing a crime. we go to jail, our kids go someplace else. No question.


    GO HOME KIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACK TO SOUTH

  5. Children born to illegal immigrants should themselves be illegal. There would not be any separation of families.

  6. OUR PRESIDENT IS WRIGHT ! THEY can go home to poppy and mommy not here home . And then come in legally . That the way it was year’s ago and you had to have a trade we can use . But if your going to act like a animal and jump over our borders then this will and can happen . Face it the parent our no good . in your country not here .

  7. No! . . . send them ALL back – PERMANENTLY. They BROKE the law They’re CRIMINALS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. When one enters the United States illegally, you are a criminal. We do not and should not reward criminal behavior in any circumstance. There is a process to legally enter this country, let them use the legal process. It may be a slow slow, but they are or have been criminals so why have mercy upon them. Freedom is not free, let they go back to their home country and change things so they do not have to or want to leave. Literally all of these illegals are trying to come here for the freebees they think we will provide them. The garbage they try to use that they are oppressed, or threatened, let them go back and make the changes at home, fight their own wars, kill or remove the tyrants at home. They are political cowards that do not want to confront their dictators and establish a safee living environment with jobs, and security. “AGAIN FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”!

  9. These children should never have been separated from their children. The deportation of the parent(s) without their children is a clear indication that our government was not in control with the process. Stupid!

    1. They’re separated so the kids aren’t put in holding areas that is the equivalent of general population. It’s for the safety of the children. The parents are to blame for putting their children in danger in the first place by bringing on an illegal crossing. If my kids were were being held at the border I would be standing at the fence until I got my kids back. But that’s just me.

  10. These children should never have been separated from their children. The deportation of the parent(s) without their children is a clear indication that our government was not in control with the process. Stupid.

    1. Too often the person with the children is NOT the parent but someone using a child as a way into the country or being paid to transport a child

    2. If the dems had not fought Trump, the wall would have been built, and this conversation would not be taking place. If the dems wanted them here to start, they should have been forced to adopt them, and therefore be totally responsibly for them, without gouging the American citizens through the pork they demanded for cvid-19 relief funding. Use the money they have pocketed from socialists contributing to the undermining of our constitution and freedoms.

  11. If these ” parents ” do not want their kids back, then we should begin the legal proceedings for ” termination of parental rights “. This is done all the time in most States when parents abandon or mistreat their children.
    These children would then be able to be adopted by American families, or be repatriated to the countries the came from illegally.

  12. The children should be sent back to the parents that abandoned them here and not used as pawns in the demoncrats political game!

  13. Some of them have said it is because they do not feel it safe for their children in their own country.
    They feel it safer for them to stay here.

  14. Please inform the public of this situation, so we can dismiss the Dem’s accusation of the Republicans being the reason these children are not reunited with their parents. Another case of the Dem’s grasping for a situation to discredit the Republicans. Americans should be tired of this tactic, but we all know it won’t end.

  15. There are laws that have been designed to enter and live in a country legally.
    These laws have been broken in the US. It is not our job to make sure that these immigrants are here while we pay for them being here. Yes, our country in the beginning allowed immigrants to come into the country but we are now at a population that we need to protect and aid our own citizens. No longer can we afford to allow those to enter illegally and then expect that we monetarily bail them out.

    Return the children to the Mexican government and let them sort out where these children can live.

  16. There is a legal way, and an illegal way to come into the country. If we let people come into this country illegally, then
    why not guns, drugs and everything else. The point is it’s all illegal.

  17. Parents should be forced to take their children back. The Mexican government should be charged with that job. It is their citizens abandoning their responsibilities to their own children. It should not be the responsibility of the U.S. taxpayer to support their children nor should we support and encourage their demand for illegal citizenship.

    I came to this country the legal way and they should too!!!!

  18. What a bunch of slime and ignorance in this “article” and comments. The children were taken from their parents in the US. We seem to be offering the children back if the parents will return to the country they fled. Maybe they will need to do so but now the main issue is that the children should be with their parents wherever they are. Deportation of the family may come but only after legal requirements are met.

  19. no there should be no reward. If you cannot obey the law coming in why will you obey the law when your here.

    also our forefathers risked life, liberty, to fight to the death for their freedoms. People in South America may have to do the same if their countries do support the spirit of liberty.

    also illegals should not get more benefits while poor americans in poor areas suffer and go without.

    Lets take care of own first

  20. it’s not that hard have agents travel to their country of origin and return them to their parents. In the long run it would be cheaper to return them to their home country. They do not deserve to allowed to stay or return to the USA. Return them.

  21. When is Trump going to suggest a cogent solution to deal with illegal immigration? The idea that we’re going to deport 11 million illegals is insane. There needs to be a path to citizenship for law-abiding, hard-working illegals. The criminals need to be dealt with. The vast majority of illegals living in this country are making a contribution.

    If Trump really wanted to impact illegal immigration he’d crackdown on those to employ them. When the message to someone willing to risk their lives crossing the border illegally is that there are no jobs, they won’t come.

    1. Do you understand the meaning of illegal? It is not the responsibility of the US to care for the world. We are a country of laws and they need to be obeyed.

      A path to citizenship is not the responsibility of the President or the Supreme Court, it is the job of congress. They get $174,000, plus, a year to make laws and what do they do, nothing.

      Maybe you should take some time to read the constitution.

    2. Don’t clog the legal immigration system with all these “path” illegals at the expense of law abiding immigrants who are doing it legally. Their wait should not be lengthened because they have to wait in line behind the illegals.

  22. Under no circumstances should these parents be permitted to enter the US to reunite with their children. These children should be sent back to wherever.

    They are being used to illegibly gain entrance to the US. If the parents refuse to care for the children, they should be placed in child protective custody in Mexico or wherever.

  23. If the democrats respected our immigration laws we would not have had this influx of issues in tge first place because they harbor the illegal crossings like most of them got here themselves, or they have bias readons to support illegal immigration. These children have their families here illegally and they are risking their childrens’ health , lives, and self-esteem; but it is their patents resoonsibilities and some day they will be too late because they can lise their chikdren permanently.

  24. It’s hard for me to believe that they are in fact the real parents of those kids. Those bums will do anything to get here for all the “free stuff”. Those kids probably don’t even know who brought them here. Just another one of Obama’s many, crooked schemes to break America.

  25. Just like any other country, there is a process to enter the United States and become a citizen. I have friends who have gone through the process and are now LEGAL citizens who live in the USA, work in the USA and have their family with them.
    If we, the USA, have made becoming a citizen so impossible, then we MUST review the process. We need people who will come to our country and be contributing members of our society.

    Illegal entry is still ILLEGAL ENTRY no matter what nomenclature you attribute to this act or those entering illegally.

  26. Don’t they have orphanages in those other countries, I say send the kids to them and let the parents decide then if they want their kids. If you’re an illegal you’re a criminal , I agree with whoever said let the parents rescind their rights to their kids and let an American family adopt them.

    1. They don’t have orphanages in those countries. The orphans just run the streets begging for food. Have you never been to Mexico or South or Central America?

  27. America beware of a cultural invasion that will ultimately radically degrade the highly successful Anglo-Saxon-Northern European culture that still dominates in America. Still, but perhaps not for long. Want the Latin American cultural influence to increasingly influence and eventually dominate ours? Why do you think these poor people try so hard to come here? To escape their culture – and all that it implies. In real estate, it’s location, location, location – in assessing civilizations, it’s culture, culture, culture.

  28. There is no way that any of them should be rewarded! What they tried to do was illegal. Let it be known that the parents want their children back, only if they can be reunited here in America! We have to stick to our guns, on this one! If we let this happen now, it will continue into the future. President Trump has done an excellent job protecting our borders. I am praying he gets another 4 years to do even more.

  29. More kids that end up in DACA. The parents should never be allowed back in the US. Pretty low refusing to be back with your own flesh and blood. I’ll bet that makes these kids feel wanted. We can’t reward these dirtbags by letting them come back. That would be a kick in the teeth to every American citizen who waited and came here the right way

  30. In my opinion, if the parents really had their children’s best interest at heart, they would have
    have attempted to come in legally however long the waiting list for legal entry.

  31. They are using their kids as “pawns” to leverage their criminal activity. What kind of people would do that? Not someone I would want to live next to.


  33. Their ‘kids’ are just $ signs to these POS! They have no SELF-RESPECT or MORALS. They have NO RESPECT for another countries LAWS. So, WHY would we want these types?? ANSWER: We would NOT want them! ZERO respect for AMERICA & AMERICANS!! STAY wherever you are! Ship the kids back to the governments! They will just grow up here in the US and become gang-bangers!


  35. I would think that the ACLU would be find legitimate ways to bring the parents back into our country. At first I thought it was because they were not their children. Now if the parents have been deported for crimes other than entering the U.S. it’s going to be harder to unite them. It’s not the president’s fault the children in containment. Until we can process them with their parents, that is where they will stay. The A.C.L.U could find foster homes for them until they can find and bring back their parents legally.

    1. Lots of these kids were pushed across the border without parents. Obama didn’t know how to handle the kids without stents.

  36. Well then I say send the kids back to their country and unite them with their parents. To me this is called Blackmail. As a parent I would want my child back. What a sick game these parents are playing.

  37. These two scumbags, like all democrats don’t mind Killing Children in the womb or even after their born but our concerned about the children of the criminals invading Our Country!

    By the way, they are not concerned about harvesting and selling those aborted baby parts!

    The Party of Hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me! May they Rot in Hell!

  38. These parents are disgusting. They want to hold us hostage to let them back into the country to be united with their children. They don’t give a rat’s ass about their kids. If they did, they would have come through legally through a port of entry.

  39. There shouldn’t be a “ reward” for entering The USA illegally. Although they’ve been getting one all along. In the form of our tax money being spent on their many needs and services, education, housing, food ….etc

    There are ways to enter the USA legally or to be a legal citizen. True the system is not the most organized but it’s the best we have at the moment and we need to work with it., somehow.

  40. The parents made their choice now abide by it. Apparently they’re satisfied where their children are so honor their request. I want to know who are taking care of the children? Are they with family/friend members or are we raising them? Hopefully if they finally realize we’re not caving to their blackmail, they’ll want their children back with them, where they belong.

  41. The other 60 parents managed to get back into the U.S. illegally and won’t make contact since they may be deported.
    Actually this is what I suspected all along. How could the parents not know where there kids are if they were separated by U.S. officials at the border. Easy for them to find their kids just by contacting the U.S. Govt. On the other hand the poor kids have no idea where there parents are.
    I believe all those parents should be neutered so they can’t have any more kids.

  42. Notify those parents and put all those kids back on the other side of the border for the parents to deal with. If they abandon them, it is the parents’ own fault.

  43. Blame this on Obama and Biden. They made it so easy to come into this country , so now they don’t want their children thinking they can get a new start on life. WRONG, you, the parents, are leaving!!!

  44. Should there be a reward for entering our country illegally?

    HELL NO.
    But the children should be returned to their home country ANYWAY because it’s a burden on taxpayers.

    Question: When these immigrant children reach “adult” status (“age of majority”) what will the U.S. do with them then??? Release them in to the U.S. populace as if they arrived “legally”????

    I’d LOVE a factual answer by the government on that!

  45. Amazing. I would want my child wherever and wouldn’t be holding him for ransome. Adopt them to American families who would provide them good lives. Disgusting decisions by parents. How would you feel if you were their child?

  46. Why yes, the reward should be to be returned to the country of origin (and charged for the transport) and tattoo them with a mark that will prevent them from legally entering any time in the future.

  47. These children are continuing to be used by their parents to commit illegal immigration acts. The parents are basing their decisions on Progressive politicians in the U.S. who are using all illegal immigrants for their political gain. The entire issue is too despicable to even think about. U.S. politicians who create such situations need to be removed from government office and banned from ever being able to commit such human atrocities again.

  48. Ship them back now and turn them over to the equivalent CPS in their country! And be done with it! It is ultimately the parents responsibility to claim and care for their children, not the US!

  49. These so-called parents broke the law and then left their children in a foreign country, alone.
    There is a correct way to enter the USA, and it takes time and processes, but it is legal. Not the illegal way
    that these people have crossed the border.
    The children should be repatriated back to their homeland, and that homeland should then deal with the
    parents abandonment of their children. It is not a problem for the US to solve.
    Send the children home to their parents now.

  50. People have probably forgotten that Obama put those kids on “closed” military bases for a period of time. Then, Obama quietly bused those kids all over the USA to communities that were burdened by the non-English speaking kids that were forced into those schools. The community schools had to hire Spanish-speaking people to assist the children. Some of these communities didn’t have Hispanics living there. Obama did lots of creepy moves we may never know about.

  51. Fine. Find eligible parents here, and adopt them out. No loopholes, no you can’t change your mind. They are abandoned.

  52. If the parents have been found then ship the child back to the address where the parent resides. NO, NO REWARD FOR COMMITTING CRIMES. Entering the U.S. illegally IS a crime.

  53. Send the kids to the parent’s home country and let that country worry about them. And if that country won’t take them, CUT OFF ANY AIDE TO THEAT COUNTRY.

  54. The immigrants hope that Joe will be elected president and he makes their children citizens (because we own them!) and then the children, since they are not citizens, can have their parents, grand-parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and other “relatives” join them in the U.S.. Of course when Joe was ask about this, the said, “Hell Yes, come on man!”.

  55. No, there should not. Kids should be sent back to the country, where they came from anyway. They are not for us to support and let them become, DACA kids.
    Sending them back, will show that the children are also illegal. We are not their parents.

    At a DHS in Oklahoma, were 2 older adults, with 3 young kids, that would not behave themselves. And they didn’t speak any English. Or the fact that illegals, come to this country then start having kids, so the kids are born in the United States, that makes the kids legal, so they can stay.

    On thing is wrong, with any nationality, that is illegal, but just here so their kids can BE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Trump tried to stop it, but the Democrats, stopped it.

  56. Why isn’t the media reporting THIS-? S0~~ IF Harris and Biden get in— are they planning on opening up the borders and welcoming those ‘Illegals’ with open arms-? I cannot believe people cannot see what will happen to America if Kamala and Joe are allowed to do their ‘Thing’- God Help Us All.

  57. There should be no reward for breaking our immigration Laws !!! Send the children back to there parents

  58. We currently have people from all over the world that want to immigrat to the U.S.,many are doctors,engineers and people of all walks of life.They are trying to get here properly,their backgrounds and medical records are being screened.They have to be able to support themselves financialy.So why are we willing to allow someone to cross the border illegally,announce their presence and demand that the them and their families on our nickel.

  59. No they should not be rewarded for entering illegal. That said, I can understand they want a better life but do it the right way. We have people in this country that have come the right way and are sitting here for years wanting to become a citizen and are working under green cards and providing for a family but have to come up with exorbitant amount of money, learn our laws and everything it takes to become a citizen and we are not helping them at all . It is time to get our priorities in line. Open borders mean we will no long have a sovereign country, Are we, to be governed by the UN or Natio or some other government? It is time the citizens of this country wake up and quit listening to radicals such as George Soros and his minions

  60. The other big problem here is this adds to the DACA problem. I always felt that the Dreamers Act would solve the problem but would make it worse. Word would get out south of the border that if your kids get in they will be allowed to stay with DACA.

    So now we have these kids here staying as their parents hope they become the next DACA recipients. The Dreamers Act would not solve the problem but would increase the number of dreamers ten fold. Sending the kids back prevents more dreamers from coming in.

  61. If the parents came here illegally with their children,they should both be sent back.No rewards for coming here illegally which dose not happen in any other country.

  62. I believe these “illegal aliens” used someone else’s children to assist them in entering America and, now that they have accomplished that task, the “real” parents of the children will have to come forward and claim them. That, or deport the children. They have no real purpose any longer other than aiding their “real” parents in coming to America because their children are already here… (or as some people feel, lost, alone, hungry and homeless, and wandering the streets like frightened little puppy dogs

    Another you PAY so they can PLAY scheme.

    Regardless, you know the American taxpayers are supporting most or all of these people. Those children are being supported, too. Where that money goes? I would imagine to whomever claims them as their current parents or caregivers.

    There are approximately 7.63 billion ( ) humans occupying this planet. The “dreamers” are the same 7.63 billion.
    We all dream of improving our lives and have the right to put forth those efforts which we believe will improve our lives, providing those efforts don’t violate the rights of others and law.
    There appears to be great difficulty and confusion regarding a particular group of dreamers who are the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, which is a program which became effective on August 15, 2012, as the result of an Executive Order (EO), which may have been illegal.
    An EO is to be used by a president to facilitate existing law, not to make or change law which is the purview of Congress, and can be modified or abrogated by a subsequent president.
    In September 2017, President Trump canceled President Obama’s EO and admonished Congress to pass appropriate legislation that would clarify the confusion.
    Many view President Obama’s EO to have been a nice action to have taken and many perceive that such action was not within his authority.
    Simple trespassing: You commit a criminal trespass whenever you enter onto property which you know you do not have the right to enter, or remain on property after learning you do not have the right to be there.
    Trespassing can occur on both private and public property, and you do not have to receive a verbal warning that the property is off limits.
    Trespassing into another nation should be a more serious infraction than simple trespassing.
    It has been said we are a nation of laws, not of men.

    There are regulations, protocols, and laws for those seeking asylum. Asylum seekers must be required to seek asylum from the consulate of the nation that the seeker desires to emigrate.
    Anyone, including those seeking asylum, whether legitimate or not, should be denied entry if not having permission to enter or if having entered without requisite permission and subsequently located, be deported without any necessity for judicial review.
    QUESTION NO. 1: Assuming the so-called DACA was codified into legislation, what would happen with the parents? Would they be allowed to remain? That would appear to be inequitable, i.e., rewarding them for violating our law.
    CONCLUSION: It appears this situation may be a classic Catch-22, and if that is valid, and assuming the validity of “We are a nation of laws, not of men”, we may have no choice other than to rip off the bandage and disallow any form of amnesty.
    Rhetorical question? Absolutely.
    Problems don’t bother me; non-recognition of a problem is problematic, at best; even more important is the provenance of the problem, i.e., what are the causes of the problem?
    The primary cause is “ECONOMICS”.
    I prefer the characterization, “unauthorized visitors” rather than illegal immigrants.
    We utilize the pervasive concept of “minimum wage” which twice in the early 20th century was declared to be unconstitutional. We use this concept, again, because it seems nice.
    Assumption #1: If legislation were passed to increase the federal minimum wage to $25 per hour, how would that affect high school graduation rates and our perceived unauthorized visitor problem?
    Many students would opt to leave high school for the $25 per hour.
    South America might disappear. Jesting, of course, but it would stimulate a substantial increase in the number of unauthorized visitors.
    Assumption #2: If legislation were passed to make ANY minimum wage illegal, how would that affect high school graduation rates and our perceived unauthorized visitor problem?
    High school graduation rates should rise since students would be stimulated to increase their abilities rather than work for $2.25 an hour.
    The unauthorized visitor problem would disappear since the lure of higher earnings would have been diminished.
    If the foregoing were valid, why would Congress have passed ANY minimum wage legislation?

    NOTE: I have separate articles on Minimum Wage and Unauthorized Visitors. If interested, please e-mail me.

    I will appreciate all comments which offer alternatives to the above which should improve this analysis.

    Thank you,
    michael zitterman
    June 17, 2018

  64. Return the kids to their parents whether they want them or not. They are here illegally and have no right to stay here. We are not responsible for them.

  65. Why is it people from all over the world want to come to the USA,maybe not after this election and Dirty Joe Makes it. This country will be going down hill faster than you can imagine and NO ONE WILL WANT TO LIVE HERE !! Ill be moveing to Canada if that happens. We will know in days now. But if you want to come do it the right way like our parents did in the old days,get in line go thru the legal way and have a happy life like never before. WAS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD better wait and see.

  66. Should we really take this administration at its word? The DHS statement simply says that the “narrative has been dispelled.” They don’t offer any evidence for this claim. I have not been able to find any evidence for this claim, other than the DHS insisting that it is true. This administration has insisted that any number of things are true that have turned out to be unsupported by evidence.

    Do you know of any evidence to support the DHS’s claim? If so, I would be glad to see it and have my faith restored.

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