Hillary Clinton on Supreme Court if Biden Wins?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough suggests that, if Biden wins on November 3, Hillary Clinton will become a Supreme Court Justice.


Joe says Republicans gave him the idea since they 'taunted' Hillary over the nomination on Hillary's birthday.

However, Hillary just complained, in an article published Monday, that President Trump stole the election from her in 2016.

“I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” Clinton said.

Hillary added that Republicans did this to steal health care from Americans and that they need to be voted out.

Senator Chuck Schumer says the GOP will regret confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Well, if Hillary were to become a Supreme Court Justice, Schumer would be right.

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35 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton on Supreme Court if Biden Wins?”

  1. I don’t think that Biden will win so I don’t think the situation of a Hillary Clinton nomination for SCOTUS will occur! But, theoretically, if it did my objections would be: 1) she has NO qualifications 2) putting her of the SCOTUS would be politicization the court [it wasn’t designed to be a political body] 3) she is BRAIN DAMAGED [ a) she received a documented concussion b) she wore DR prescribed light filtering glasses at the Benghazi investigation and said glasses are prescribed for BRAIN DAMAGE]

    1. Damn, just like the dim-wit dems. We finally get a real female Supreme Court Judge we can look at without barfing and then they are going to throw Hillary the Hag at us.

  2. How can she be on the SUPREME COURT if she was in FEDERAL PRISON for 45 THOUSAND years for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution? she’s NEVER been qualified for the SUPREME COURT or POTUS – WAY too INEPT and CORRUPT. One HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. I thought she lost her law license? I feel one of the first requirements needed to be on the Supreme Court would be a law license, wouldn’t it?

  4. Joe is out of his #%*! Mind! But we already new that! Never Hillary! Biden isn’t going to win! The Dem.’s may steal the election? but Biden will never win!!

  5. HILLARY for WHAT ? Even if your question were “could she be submitted for DOGCATCHER”, that would be absurd. The info on her in now coming in a rapid pace. She not only let our Ambassador & Staff DIE in Benghazi, she committed acts that, while Secretary of State for the US, threatened to put our Nation in great peril.

    I hope the rest of the voting public gets its hands on this Article as quickly as I did … it is clearly DOWN WITH CROOKED HILLARY !!

    In fact, I highly recommend that BOTH CLINTONS get as far away from the public eye and the spotlight as they can, for fear of digging up new allegations of criminal activities.

  6. Why would anyone want Hillary on the Supreme Court? Her law license was suspended 18 years ago because she was caught being corrupt during Whitewater. Last year, 2019, Arkansas Law re-instated her license, not because she asked for it or had been reformed from her past corrupt ways, but because she turned 70. I wouldn’t trust her to run a bake sale. She would run off with the money.

  7. Hillary Clinton is an evil, self-centered, narcissistic blight on the ass of this nation. She would give away our country to foreign powers then ask how much do we owe you.

    She and Nancy Pelosi are downright dangerous.

  8. She lost her Law License years ago if that matters? The only thing she knows about the Law is HOW TO BREAK IT!

    It is too bad that we do not have a Court of Inquisition then we could Burn this Witch on a Stake!

    The democrats have NO REDEEMING QUALITIES…..PERIOD!

  9. Wow!! Would that not be like setting a fox free in a henhouse???
    One of Americas biggest criminals to become a Supreme Court Judge??
    What about her record of lying in court when she was a Solicitor?? Have
    we all forgotten how evil this creature is??

  10. Why would anyone want to nominate a deranged, person of crimes and can’t speak the truth for a seat on the Supreme Court unless you yourself is deranged.

  11. Fine. Justice Killary can serve virtually from whatever penitentiary or prison for the criminally insane into which she is placed. Same for Justice Obummer and Justice Pigliosi.

  12. All the possible nominations by a Biden/Harris administration are frightening. this is just a nightmare in both waking and sleeping hours. Biden selling the country to our enemies. Harris doing whatever it takes to giggle her way into more & more power. Walking on air as she believes soon she will be Presidfothe ent. Pelosi already has the plans in effect to remove Biden via the 25th Article for incompetence. And the people that are proposed for positions in this administration are all America haters, Citizens haters and lust after power & control. Being dictators is right in their wheelhouse. This ids the United states of America, NOT CHINA 2.0

  13. A typical emotionally reactive move given her AGE , idiots. She might get 4 yrs @ most. Meanwhile , Barret , Kavanaugh. et al , get 40 yrs of ” payback ” for dems rottennes. I’ll be enjoying it from beyond my grave , sort of a preview of when Trump appoints 3 more next term.
    Wanna buy a red hat ?

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