Blacks Give Trump 46% Approval Rating in New Poll

The Democrat’s stranglehold on the black community may be coming to an end according to a new Rasmussen poll.

It appears many African American voters are no longer buying into the Democratic Party’s campaign inciting racial tensions against President Donald Trump, as a daily tracking poll found on Friday that 46% of likely black voters approve of the job he is doing heading into the November election.

Many other polls are not showing the same lift as the Rasmussen poll, but the poll shows a jump from 25% on last Monday, before the final Presidential debate, to 46% on Friday – just one day after the debate.

The Hill also released an article, last week, that corroborates at least some of the poll's findings.

In an article titled "Black male voters are tired of being taken for granted" the Hill supports the poll's findings among Black males.

The study showed that 18–30-year-old black swing voters view Democrats more negatively and Republicans more positively than their older peers, as even though they believe the mainstream media’s anti-Trump narrative that his is racist, unfit for office and has bad policies, they look up to the way he “shows strength and defies the establishment.”

The real poll that will tell the story is on November 3rd but this is encouraging for the Trump campaign.

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4 thoughts on “Blacks Give Trump 46% Approval Rating in New Poll”

  1. I am a white female. There is a southern lady I know who is kind, loving and a joy to be around. She happens to be black. When I am with her I don’t see black. I see a wonderful friend.

  2. As Trump said the first time round, “What have you go to lose?” He’s been there more so for them then any other president before him. Parents should have choices where to send their child to school, prisoners get second chances, black colleges don’t have to beg for money every single year, theres Opportunity Zones, etc. No one can touch
    his record when it comes to this.

  3. They admire his directness and strength. It’s nice to see that the Black community is finally seeing through the crazy “you ain’t black” is you don’t vote for them thing. I think Trump’s record proved himself with the younger generation – higher employment, opportunity zones, his popularity with some entertainment figures in the community. Meanwhile, it’s depressing to watch the young white community get brainwashed at liberal arts colleges and fall prey to cancel culture, making themselves miserable in the process.

  4. Before the lockdown I travelled for work frequently, coast to coast. Mostly in the South though. I stopped renting cars and started using Uber. Almost all of my black drivers talked positively about Mr. Trump without me bringing the subject up. My white drivers tended to not bring up politics.

    I had a fasinating conversation with an Uber guy who came from Venezuala. He could only speak in broken English, but he was clearly trying to learn and assimilate.

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