Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed, Democrats Toss Out Threats

Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by a Senate vote late Monday night. The vote of 52-48 sealed her fate as the next Supreme Court Justice and the first conservative woman on the bench.

Barrett was then read the Constitutional Oath by Justice Clarence Thomas on the White House South lawn.

Susan Collins (R-Maine) was the lone Republican who joined the Democrats in saying that whoever wins the next election should decide the nomination.

Democrats acted out at the idea that the controlling party would fulfill their duty under the Constitution.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), declared from the floor that “today…will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.”

One of the darkest days…

Virtually all Senators agreed that Amy Coney Barrett was qualified and of impeccable character. But, this was never about qualifications. It was about winning, and Democrats didn't win.

Schumer then threatens that Republicans will lose their credibility and the Democrats will not work with them next time they're in power.

"You may win this vote... But you will never, ever, get your credibility back. And the next time the American people give Democrats a majority in this chamber, you will have forfeited your right to tell us how to run that majority."

In the last 4 years, when have the Democrats worked with Republicans? Was it on the transition into the White House? Was it on the first impeachment attempt? Was it on Kavanaugh? Gorsuch? Border security? Election security? Did they work with Republicans and Trump to stop the violent rioting?

Perhaps they'll cooperate with the Biden files that have recently come to light... (Kidding)

If Republicans had cowered, like they have done so many times in the past, to the Democrat media narrative, Democrats would have used every trick in the book to get their own pick in there and they would have laughed all the way to the bank.

Let's hope America never gives these people the majority again.

Republicans did everything by the book with Justice Barrett. Democrats wanted to change the rules and are now throwing a fit because they didn't get their way. They're threatening to change the rules because President Trump and the Senate followed the rules, and they don't like the result.


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23 thoughts on “Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed, Democrats Toss Out Threats”

  1. ” and the Democrats will not work with them next time they’re in power.”
    Let’s vote straight MAGA supporters to make sure the Corrupt Establishment Elite are never in power again.

  2. Since this giant fit they are throwing started before Obama was in office it isn’t much of a threat anymore. They have been bitching about not getting their way since Clinton left office. No body cares anymore.

  3. The democrats are acting like spoiled brats? So now we have a more conservative court. Nobody says a thing about the fact that we have had a liberal court for over 12 yrs! The problems Dems use the Supreme Court to make laws. Schumer making threats is so over the top and truly disgusting being made by a US Senator . You know you would have done the same thing !! Be honest if you can!

  4. Democrats are disgusting immature little children!

    I’ve never seen anything like it!!!

    They are too immature to hold public office!!!

    We don’t want Socialists/Communists/Globalists taking away Our Freedom!!!

  5. When in he## has Senator Schumer worked with the Republicans on anything. How can the people of NY vote for anyone who goes public stating that they will not work with the other party if his party gets into power.Under Polosio the House has been a do nothing body. They only moved on bills that they were forced to move on.BUT come election time lies flow from their lips like water over a waterfall.They paint a pretty picture but their brush is dipped in sh##. Wake up voters, “ vote em out“

  6. The DEMOCOMMUNISTS have not “worked” with the Republican since President Trump was elected. It was all about pushing schemes, scams, FAUX “impeachment, as 13,000 communist chinese were “sneaked ” across the U.S border during the said FAUX “impeachment” as the American people were distracted (as reported by Dick MY opinion THEY were the democommunist bought and paid for “bio-weapon” (plan “V”) after all the other schemes, scams, failed to remove President Trump, and any deaths of American citizens were going to be considered “collateral damage” as long as the DEMOCOMMUNISTS regained their POWER and CONTROL. Too bad the chi-coms, saw how “well” their bio-weapon worked to shut down OUR roaring economy, and “decided” to further spread it around the globe to make THEMSELVES the #1 economic power in the world…Think about it…. BTW, How is that the democommunist scum declare “dark days” ALL because they cannot get “their way” and push their “liberal” COMMUNIST agenda on the American people to regain that STOLEN, POWER and CONTROL they LUST for “USING” a “judge” they could rely on to continue to PUSH their corrupt communist agenda.
    Thanks to President Trump and REPUBLICAN Senators,We NOW have a Justice that will go by the U.S Constitution, and Rule of LAW instead of kowtowing to the democommunists, and will refuse to ‘legislate from the bench” to shove THEIR agenda through.

    1. Correction: The stupid leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIE party hasn’t worked with the republicans since bush the 1st!! Probably even before that.

    2. Where I work, I saw a large influx of non English speaking Chinese “tourists” a few years ago. We even had to take Chinese culture accommodation courses. I wondered about that. What you say makes sense now. Beware of “tourists” in sheep’s clothing.

  7. The controlling party of the house voted to impeach (shampeachment) President Trump along party lines earlier this year and are now surprised that the controlling party of the Senate followed through on the conformation of the President’s nomination for Justice of the Supreme court?!

  8. It’s this kind of thinking that’s diving us. What can we do to unite us. If we don’t, the wrath og our Creator is something all of us will face. Who is more elite than billionaires ?

  9. It’s this kind of thinking that’s dividing us. What can we do to unite us. If we don’t, the wrath of our Creator is something all of us will face. Who is more elite than billionaires ?

  10. Collins Loyalty to Schumer is amazing – if there was ever better evidence of being a RINO – it’s Susan Collins

    1. Collins is just as much of a disappointment as the Democrats. and Gideon is just as corrupt as a seasoned politician. Maine has no real choices between those two.

  11. While The Democrats toss out threats, The Republican will simply toss them out . . . It means NOTHING to the Republicans – and RIGHTLY so. the Democrats are MORALLY BANKRUPT.

  12. No one in Congress could find any fault with Barrett becoming a Supreme Court Justice, so they played games wrongly claiming that the timing was wrong. The president did what he was elected to do in nominating a replacement judge. It was nothing new. Both parties did it before.

  13. As an Independent voting Republican in Maine, Susan Collins has turned out to be such a freakin’ embarrassment as a politician.

    She pulled this same stunt with Kavanaugh in order to garner Democrat fence sitters and, well, here we go again.

    She knows she can afford to bail on the home team because no one will be opposing her from the Right, so instead, she panders to the Left while trashing whatever personal integrity she might have had.

    Jeez, Susan, grow a pair of ovaries, will you?

  14. By her own rule, an analogy: Since Collins said Pres Trump couldn’t act until after the election, then Collins by her own rule would not have been able to vote on the SCOTUS nominee. Or anything else in the Senate during this, her last year of term.

  15. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), declared from the floor that “today…will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.” Well that is since the day he was elected to the United States Senate>

  16. I am so glad she was approved I think she will make a fantastic Justice. The dems. will never work with a republican president. They won’t even discuss anything he president wants They just vote against him or try to impeach him. This has been a sad time in American history. I have been through several presidents, so I know. God bless American and God bless the President.

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