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Billionaire Promises 10K More Pictures After Biden Sex Tape Released

Wang Ding Gang, a Chinese billionaire who is a harsh critic of the Chinese Communist Party, published a tape that appears to show Hunter Biden smoking crack while engaging in sex acts.

Wang Ding Gang is the founder of Lude Media and the Whistle Blower Movement, both of which are staunch critics of China’s ruling Communist Party. He appears to have been made privy to the contents of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, which he published on his website, (Warning- the contents of Hunter Biden’s sex tapes are graphic.)

I have zero interest in seeing the tapes but if there are pictures of Hunter Biden in compromising situations, that could embarrass his father and country, that certainly puts Joe Biden in a compromising situation as it pertains to national security risk.

The reported hundreds of millions of dollars that have been exchanged between Hunter Biden related business deals and foreign governments would normally be more than enough to disqualify someone from leading the U.S.A. but, according to the media and Democrats, it's "a non-story".

The private sexcapades of a private individual are nobody else's business, in my opinion. However, there's an argument to be made that Hunter Biden is no longer a private individual as he was using his father's Vice President position of power to negotiate huge business deals with China, Ukraine, and other countries around the world.

For example, if the stories about Hunter in engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with a minor is true, wouldn't that be a leverageable issue for, say, China?

Wang Ding Gang has said that there are 10,000 more photos that will be published from the Hunter Biden emails that will be released.

An important reminder that Big League Politics points out is that these were not hacked emails. These were given to a repair shop owner who became the owner of the contents when the bill was not paid.


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53 thoughts on “Billionaire Promises 10K More Pictures After Biden Sex Tape Released”

  1. Seems the demoncRat party is overflowing with horrific issues. They need to straighten it out and shape up. They’ve seen to always have some sort of sexual issues. Remember Monica Lewinsky and Tara Reade-!!! They don’t deserve to win the Presidency nor either branch of Congress. And Omar *and company” need the boot, too. Omar is corrupt. This IS the USA. Omar still puts Somalia first. AOC, Tlalib, and Pressley have become quiet. Then there”s multi- billionaire $ oros who funds them and also the protestors in the recent riots. His goal is a One World Socialist controlled Government and he’s already begun in Europe. He also funds the predominantly single men in caravans through a bank in Venezuela where the caravans originate. He lost billions on Hillary’s loss.

  2. how can people like the biden’s clinton’s schumers and pelosi’s etc keep winning when it is so evident of their fraudulent dealings and breaches of security for the USA and lack of concern for the citizens of this country, and of course the fraud in this election is beyond insane…….they should all be in jail …how about a new candidate should be chosen by wednesday to the discredited Biden/Harris nightmare….and an honest vote on nov the 3rd…districts with over their legal registered number of voters must quickly relinquish the invalid votes…and within four more years this illegal practice must be curtailed…no mail ins and everyone gives ID for voting privilege if legal citizen…i am fed up with the deceit of the democratic party and i want honest elections based on our constitution

    1. You are absolutely right. I’m not sure if the “swamp” will ever be drained. I think it’s too deep. We have reached that place the Bible talks about: good will be called evil and evil good. God is a just God who keeps account. He never gets weary nor sleeps and is never late. In His time all things will be made right.

  3. ​It is Monday, beginning of week, weekday, one week before presidential election, and I see no news item “Joe/Hunter Biden Scandal” !!!!!

    DO you remember when ONE single photograph of a candidate with girl sitting on his lap in an outdoor casual environment totally destroyed a candidacy ?

    NOW selling your country for $millions to your family, son and brother, while in the 2nd highest position in the United States government, (and this sale buys your future integrity and threatens the security of the United States), goes unchallenged. Last time I checked, a girl sitting on your lap is not a crime but selling White House influence is a crime. Without a headline or an indictment this colossal scandal will have zero effect on the election. Can you imagine the books and movies that await our grand-children and great grand-children. Prior history, literary and pictorial, portrayed in “All The King’s Men” and “All the President’s Men,” will be Hans Christian Andersen tales compared to reporting of today’s monumental scandal. However, today there are no more Woodward and Bernstein / Redford and Hoffman. Will we ever see an interrogating reporter again?, or merely liberal editorial? A media controlled by government IS Totalitarianism !

    1. We still have Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two leftists who regularly appear on the unhinged, hair on fire, CNN shows of Cuomo and Lemon. And MSNBC. Woodward just released his book on President Trump called, “Rage”. It contains the interviews that Trump had with Woodward and that’s how it came out that President Trump downplayed the severity and lethalness of the Chinese Virus because he didn’t want to panic Americans. This has been the top story on CNN for over a month…it’s all they have. I don’t understand why Trump agreed to be interviewed on a consistent basis by Woodward. I think that I heard that Lindsey Graham encouraged Trump to do the interviews. In my opinion, it was a pretty stupid thing to do…

    2. Do you remember when talking about grabbing p*ssies and having sex with porn stars would destroy a candidacy?
      No? Me neither… 😄


    1. I believe that it is the Demonrats that have raised the art of October surprises by THEIR OWN ACTIONS, and the Republicans by their own ACTIONS as well. Sadly the Demonrats have 95% of the press on their side therefore by default the dems should win hands down. The corruption runs deep on both sides and this is why one man with a known bombastic personality can get elected (when we needed him most). Cognitive dissonance is the resulting condition of the electorate with the horrific moral decay of career politicians and the POWER MONEY BUYS. Human trafficking, pedogate, pizza gate, andnrochrome, underage immoral sexual behavior, illegal drug use, bribes and general moral decay is not reported by an equally immoral press corp. We call evil good and good evil. Make way for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    2. I didn’t see Trumps name mentioned when the existence of Hunters laptop was exposed by the NYT. And the Chinese billionaire promising more stuff has nothing to do with Trump either. It’s now a case of so much Biden crap coming out from all over that the DemocRATS, MSM, Facebook and Twitter can’ keep up.

  5. It is a terrible shame that everything our President does, gets knocked down or made 20 times harder than it should be, but he getis it done. If this Hunter story were of the Presidents family, it would be world wide news of the decade. If Biden were to surprise us by being elected, the dummycrats would get ride of him quickly and put Kamala as President and Crazy Aunt Nancy would be Vice President. I think that is the plan. Then they appoint someone else as Speaker of the House. God help our Counrtry..I hope this is not what my Brother gave his life defending.

    1. So sorry for the loss of your brother. I thank God everyday that my son made it thru his many deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He lost a few of his good friends. Hugs to you and your family.

  6. This may be the stone that broke the Biden’s backs. If t=you are going to volunteer for a job of treason, be prepared to get it shoved up your ass.

    1. WE CAN ONLY HOPE!! Now if we could just get the information OUT to the public!!! But the MSM has chosen their candidate, and it’s the Biden Crime Family and their graft and gratuity, all the way!!

        1. Fox is getting as bad as the rest of them and have you seen all the Biden ads on Fox in your viewing area? EVERY commercial break!

  7. You Just have to read the book by Peter Schweitzer titled, Profiles in Corruption” to understand how Democrats think that they are above the law.

  8. I think the whole situation involving Hunter Biden. His father, the usage of AirForce 2 and the whole Biden family is a disgrace to our country and also our national security, The blackout by mass media is an embarrassment to the country as i shows we are no better that those that hide the truth from their people and paint a false narrative to protect wrongdoing where we do everything to uncover it.

    1. Our media is so corrupt and it’s truly amazing how many people only watch the MSM shows and believe everything they say. It’s brainwashing and they don’t even realize it. The blackout of the Hunter Biden laptop escapade proves to me that our media is no better than Russia’s Pravda.

      1. The American people are going to have to make the decision as to what they want the MSM to be. What we have now is pure liberal communist propaganda. There is no reason whatsoever that we must allow the blatant one sided political bias lies and garbage to be dilivered as journalism. And social media is just an even more blatant extension withmajor censorship thrown in in purpose. This was Zuckerbergs agenda all along.

        1. And Jack Dorsey’s agenda too! President Trump uses Twitter to get his message of love and unity out to the American people without going through the disgusting, amoral, pedophiliac media, and they try to censor His good word! Unbelievable…

  9. It is truly Amazing the double standard when it comes to President Trump and Joe Biden, I can’t believe the Man is still being allowed to run for President, Not only has He lost His mind to Dementia but The Corruption is so Obvious you have emails, witnesses etc…that the Biden’s sold the vice Presidency to our Enemies, what else have they sold, how many Secrets, our technology etc.. The Man should be in Prison Awaiting a firing Squad for treason instead of running for President. It’s Insanity, the whole Damn system is Corrupt. Why has the FBI been sitting on hunters laptop all this time, why didn’t they at least bring it up when the Democraps were trying to Impeach President Trump. That could have been stopped dead in it’s tracks, but no they just let the Democrats drag President Trump threw Mud over and over. As a matter of Fact the Democrats have done nothing else since Trump was elected but try to remove him from Office. That is not what they are getting paid to do, they are supposed to be working for the American People, but I Honestly believe they have completely forgotten that. Every Democrat seems to have their own hair brained Agenda and should be made to return their salary’s dating back to the Presidents Inaugural because they certainly have done nothing to earn it. Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Obama, Harris, Feinstein and the rest of the Demorats should be stripped of their citizenship and wealth and flown to Another Country of Our Choice, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia you know, some Place nice where they would fit right in. Then the whole damn System needs to be Overhauled starting with terms for Senators and Congress, Every Political Office We have should have Term limits, No more life time get Wealthy Politicians. And then It’s on to the Media. There needs to be some Guide lines and Enforcement in regards to the Mainstream Media because the way they typically handle these situations with the Democrats is to sweep it under the Rug, a Total Blackout, It’s Russian Collusion. I’ll tell you what it really is..It’s a Complete and Total DISGRACE on the part of the Mainstream Media and they should be Ashamed. Their job is to Report, To Inform the People Truthfully of everyday events as they Occur. Not to with hold or Suppress Information from the Public. And Certainly not to make it up as they Go! If they can’t handle that then they don’t deserve to be there and should be removed. If any Part of this B.S. had been done to Obama when He was in Office it would have been World Wide News and an Uprising of the People. If the Democrats had stepped up and put their Prejudice and Hatred aside for President Trump and done their Jobs that they have been Paid well to do it Probably would have been amazing what could have been Accomplished these last 4 years. Just look at what the President has been able to do all on his own with no Help from the Democrats at All.

    1. This is what happens when democRATS don’t get their way when even their croney media friends promised something that the media could not make happen.

    2. It is just deny, deny and deny so many times that they get away with all the shite that they get away with. Just a side note: when the hell is the Rev. going to be made to pay all of those back taxes? I don’t anyone of us would get away with that.

    3. Мне нравится, как ты думаешь, товарищ. Я желаю, чтобы все мы, патриотически настроенные американцы, думали так же, как вы. мне нравится расстрельная часть!

  10. The corruption we are witnessing in these final days was well planned by the liberal “deep state” socialists. They just don’t planned to be challenged because the media has bought into a liberal agenda for America funded by the George Sorros, hollywood celebrities and obamas! America is on the brink of a change I pray NOT! Marxist socialism has been working on our childrens education and this past summer George Floyd ignited the movement for socialistic change witnessed by the protests rioting and carnage that occurred. Open your eyes this plan was layed out in the days before Obama left the White House! Russia was the first stop and China was no accident with covid 19! Load your guns the war is about to begin. Remember the American Revolution! Give me liberty or give me death!! I am a patriot!

  11. He promises, Rudy promises but we do not get to see them. If true upsetting and creates real issues, but Republicans did not care about any of DJT sexual dalliances and payoffs. Interesting.

    1. What Pres. Trump did 10-20 years BEFORE being President is NOT of interest because it was LONG BEFORE he was our President. These Biden incidents happened WHILE Dementia Joe was IN OFFICE as our VICE PRESIDENT!! And THE PRESIDENT, OBLAMMY, was ALSO INVOLVED AND KNEW ABOUT EVERYTHING, as did the FBI AND CIA!!! TALK ABOUT COLLUSION?!?!? Our President was IMPEACHED for crimes that the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY DID, but nothing that he personally did!! What part of that don’t you understand?? There WAS no Russia Collusion from the Republicans – it was ALL A MADE UP STORY BY KILLARY, OBLAMMY AND ETC.!!! The impeachment needs to be REVERSE AND REMOVED from Pres. Trump’s record!!!

      1. That’s so true, JMac! Whatever President Trump did before is IRRELEVANT! He has made up for his sins by being the best president ever! We have never had such a Christ like figure as our leader. Not even Christ himself! Christ turned his other cheek. President Trump calls people out on their jealous lies and turns his cheeks so’s people can kiss his A$$!

    2. Presidents have been having sexual dalliances for years. So have some of the most despicable members of Congress. Think about President Kennedy and his brother with Marilyn Monroe. Kennedy had women swimming naked with him while the Secret Service served as look-outs. Then there was Billy Jeff Clinton with his many sexual assaults and dalliances while he was the Governor of Arkansas up to POTUS. Democrats think that Kennedy and Clinton were two of the greatest Presidents. Clinton was reelected after it was known what he had done. The media hid and refused to report on Clinton’s many dalliances. Hillary stood up for him because of her future in politics. She actually threatened one of his victims. His voters said that as long as he was doing a good job, his personal life shouldn’t matter. But, the MSM has gone after President Trump for stuff that he did long before he was elected. Look at it this way, Trump was involved in consensual sex, Being married, in my opinion was totally wrong. Clinton assaulted and took advantage of women. That’s the difference.

      1. Then there were many trips on the Lolita Express by Bill Clinton. Epstein even had a portrait painted of Clinton in a blue dress and red high heels, lounging on a chair, holding a rose, that was hanging on the wall of his penthouse in NYC. The media also hid that as well as the story that there are 23 instances of Clinton on the Epstein plane’s log of passengers.

    3. Hey, martin… you liberal troll, you’re right! I did forget about Trump’s skeletons out of the closet. I won’t list them all, because THEY”RE LIES! Trump never did any of those bad things people say. In fact, nothing anyone says about him is true! If you want to know the truth, just give yourself over to the One who always tells the truth… TRUMP!!! Just listen to him and he will explain it all. Trust…

  12. Unfortunately it was well said that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

  13. What’s concerning is Rudy Giuliani is a former US Prosecutor for Southern District of New York and he cleaned
    up crime and filth has a honorable life Taking down criminal’s. Rudy reports Biden’s crimes @ Delaware State Police. So far DSP sit on this under age deplorable filth. DSP is abetting CRIME & CHILD ABUSE. “Come On

  14. Ex VP Biden, if this is a ” non-story ” , as he ,NPR and other democratic media outlets claim, should demand AG ( non-action Barr ) William Barr or, a special counsel investigate what looks like a misuse of power. The Delaware State Police, FBI ( again ) and others could be complicit.

    1. The FBI had the contents of that laptop since last December. I’d have a lot of questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray. POTUS should get rid of him, he’s a part of the deep state. The story of the laptop wouldn’t have come out if not for the bravery of the computer repair shop owner. I honestly think that the FBI had no intention of investigating any illegal money laundering schemes set up by Joe and Hunter Biden when he was Vice President. Call me crazy.

  15. With the election only a week away, I wonder if you really have evidence that might change some Democratic voter’s minds, what are you waiting for?

    1. Millions have already voted in states that permit early voting. I don’t understand how anyone can vote until at least after the debates. I heard this morning that some early voters wanted to know if they’d be able to change their votes to Trump after the story of the Biden Family Laptop escapade got out. I also know people who never even heard of this story, that’s how well the MSM can deceive voters to throw the election in Biden’s favor. They also say, that if it’s not on the news, it must not be true. That’s how much trust older people have in the main stream media.

  16. I’m so disappointed with media, the media won’t investigate. The media is so corrupt from the moment the media don’t say anything they are part of the whole scandal.
    I’m from Mexico and I’ve been in this country for about 30 years, I love this country but I never thought that I would start seeing this kind of corruption on this country.
    Same with freedom of speech.
    I hope people start opening their eyes, Biden is really bad news and everyone around him!
    President Trump has brought something back, and it is putting the American people first.
    Biden has the media and very bad powerful people behind him, but Trump has the American people regardless if you are Republican or Democrat voting for Trump is voting for bringing back this country to it’s true American values.
    God Bless the USA!!!!!

  17. Money talks. If you have to be a traitor to your country or kidnap children to have sex with its all about money greed.

  18. ” Trojan Horse Biden” won’t last long as president. Harris is the intended presidential figurehead that and will carry out democrat policy decided by the Deep State Swamp all of which is funded by Geo Soros and his wealthy globalist supporters. Dark days ahead for the Republic, Liberty and the rest of the Western world.

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