NPR Defines Hunter Biden News as a Waste of Time

“Public broadcasting” is a comical phrase. Its audience is not the public. It is the left. PBS and NPR don’t care one iota what everyone else thinks … even if everyone else pays a chunk of their budget through taxes.

On the morning before the last presidential debate, Kelly McBride, NPR’s “public editor” — the person who is supposed to bring outside perspectives from the public into the NPR bubble — tweeted, “Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story?” Below a link to her newsletter was a quote in bold type from Terence Samuel, NPR’s managing editor for news: “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

In McBride’s newsletter, Samuel added: “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

This is beyond sick coming from NPR. Nina Totenberg made Anita Hill a legend with sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas that were never proven. It was the very definition of a “politically driven event,” a story leaked to Totenberg by Senate Democrats to sabotage the Thomas nomination. No one at NPR said that was an unvetted waste of time, a “pure distraction.”


Every allegation of sexual assault made against Brett Kavanaugh was a "politically driven event," and Christine Blasey Ford, the most acclaimed accuser, couldn't even define a time or a place to her supposed meeting with Kavanaugh.

This is why NPR's declarations about "pure distractions" look extremely partisan.

The essence of McBride's argument is simply, "Consider the source." If it came from a Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper and two supporters of President Donald Trump, then it has to be garbage. "Intelligence officials warn that Russia has been working overtime to keep the story of Hunter Biden in the spotlight.

Even if Russia can't be positively connected to this information, the story of how Trump associates Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani came into a copy of this computer hard drive has not been verified and seems suspect."

They put NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik on the case -- a man who routinely rains fire on Fox News and who wrote an entire book ripping into Rupert Murdoch. This was a promotional blurb for his book from Booklist: "One cannot, even facetiously, describe this account ... as 'fair and balanced.' It is neither." Folkenflik said the New York Post story was "suspect" and the main reporter worked for Sean Hannity. He scorned it as "speculative partisan advocacy. "

When she became NPR's "public editor" in April, McBride promised, "As I watch NPR, I promise to do so through the eyes of you, the audience -- the core audience, and also those of you dipping your toes in around the edges of NPR." She asked how NPR could broaden its audience. "Although I'm the advocate for the audience that NPR has right now, I'll be mindful of NPR's mission to broaden it. Through encouragement and accountability, I hope to hold the door open for new and diverse communities to connect with public radio."

That's obviously baloney. NPR is catering every day to its "core audience" of left-wing partisans, and its dismissal of any kind of Biden family scandal reeks of a disdain for "(holding) the door open" to all the taxpayers who pay some of NPR's bills. Just like Folkenflik's book, it's easy to proclaim that one cannot, even facetiously, describe NPR as fair and balanced. It is neither.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog 

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45 thoughts on “NPR Defines Hunter Biden News as a Waste of Time”

  1. How can the democratic party do what they want and nothing happens to them. All they do is lie , what about over in Benghazi nothing ever happened and they left those men die,if it was a name like trump they would do all kinds of investigations

    1. Please do not refer to democrats as democratic or progressive. When did fascism, communism, socialism and marxism become “democratic ‘ or ‘progressive “??

    2. Because Barry and Hillary left them there to die.
      They knew about the stinger Missiles that Khadfi was sold by Hillary. They knew too much.
      So those guys died.
      Then Hillary supplied one last Stinger Missile, for the SEAL Team 6….
      Murdering Bitch.

  2. Has NPR never heard of endearing, human-interest stories about Americans who achieved success in private business transactions and were able to live out the American dream in ways that other Americans might find informative and beneficial? Experience, after all, is the best teacher that life affords us. Not to present these kinds of stories is a disservice to the public and, seemingly, limits the proliferation of information which could enable people to make life-changing decisions which might put them on the pathway to fulfilling for themselves the American dream. Just saying……

    1. NPR has always been a total disgrace to journalism. They are just another arm of the Left Wing party and deserve to be treated like a pariah. All government funding should be eliminated immediately. I don’t ever listen to them. I could watch Marxist CNN or MSNBC if I wanted to listen to propaganda.

  3. This article underscores why NOR should not be publicly funded.
    Just another Democrat protecting propaganda machine like all the rest.

  4. “…I hope to hold the door open for new and diverse communities to connect with public radio.”

    She is lying through her teeth. NPR is an echo chamber for the left, nothing more.

    1. You are absolutely right Robert Iverson. So don’t pay any attention to them PERIOD. What most people can’t do is to turn their TV sets off when it comes to news and commercials. I do it all the time. No commercials and No News except for Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Hannity on Fox news. I get that through ROKU. The news on the regular TV networks are coming from nothing more that a bunch or TURDS. They smell just like the swamp. Help ELECT Donald J. Trump in 2020.

  5. The Democrats, each and every one of them, are HYPOCRITES. What’s good for them is not good for the Conservatives; conversely, what’s good for the Conservatives, doesn’t work for the Democrats.
    Get you head out o your tush, and let’s do what’s good for the county. Not for the Democrats.
    You can’t really believe that opening the borders is good for our country. We just about clothe,feed , educate, and heal our own citizens; And if you do away with cars and Airplanes, that should go for members of Congress also. And if you make government controlled health plans, that too should go for members of congress.
    Just one question…how is it that the majority of members of congress enter congress as a middle income person, and leave after a certain number of years, a multi millionaire? Think about that


  7. Who said it was a waste of time? NPR? which is nothing but a left wing lying radical mouthpiece for the Democratic Party?

    1. Please do not refer to democrats as democratic or progressive. When did fascism, communism, socialism and marxism become “democratic ‘ or ‘progressive “??

    2. NPR is a far left program for the socialists .Please do not refer to democrats as democratic or progressive. When did fascism, communism, socialism and marxism become “democratic ‘ or ‘progressive “??

  8. That is NOT how NPR and PBS handled / talked about the Brett Kananaugh situation when the democRATS were trying to destroy him. I’m writing my reps demanding PBS and NPR be de-funded. This is no different than being forced to pay union dues that went straight to the communist DNC.

    No abortions paid for by all taxpayers and no tax money to NPR and PBS to pay for liberal biased propaganda phony news programs. Judy Woodruff , Christian Amanpour and Jane Travalian are all CNN operatives.

  9. These messages from NPR is bad enough showing their BIAS but covering up the Biden blackmail to other Countries while he was vice president is a very bad sign of what our Country represents and on top of it the media either condones it or hides it. A good portion of the Demo-rat Party should go to prison for a number of laws that have been broken including promoting insurrection, anarchy, rebellion, sedition and last but the worst is TREASON for a COUP by promoting a fake narrative which included impeachment against a sitting President of the United States. If these people are not prosecuted then this Country will eventually fall into the hands of a Communist regime masquerading as the Democrat Party.

  10. NPR is a shill for the Democratic Party. Always has been, still is. Can’t report actual news that will affect Demo’s, but hangs around like ghouls, ready to pounce on everything Trump says or does. NPR needs to do what it and all the MSM used to do, Report On The News, without self indulgent commentary and stupid questions.

  11. Why don’t bannon and giuliani just release the hard drive themselves? Why wait for not to talk about it?
    Who cares if they cover it?

  12. What if they covered the huge scandal from the BLM perspective – Biden’s Laptopa Matter – would that make a difference?

    1. They use the twisted Psychological Projection or reverse blame psychology. Kamala Harris praised the Marxist BLM, while Tide’s Center, in Oakland, CA (Kamala’s territory) spent 170 million of taxpayers funds to finance the Global MBLM. If you research, there are many of our industries financing the Marxist BLM founded in 2015, since the Obama/Adminstration dealt heavily with Communist China. Obama, Maxine Waters and Pelosi, encouraged the riots, but they still blamed President Trump.

  13. But Socialist Democrats spent 48 million dollars on twisted impeachment, attacks on Pres. Trump, or Psychological Projection of the Ukraine-Joe Biden criminal offense. Prosecutor Viktor Shokin had filed a criminal complaint against Joe Biden, not President Trump. There were phone calls between Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Poroshenko with leaked details of Biden’s billion dollar “Quid Pro Quo” to fire Burisma Prosecutor, if he didn’t stop investigating his son, Hunter. Now we have Hunter’s laptop with incriminating pictures and emails sharing their contacts with Communist China leaders, and their flight logs verify schedules and deals. But bias liberal media with Socialist Democrat leaders don’t believe in Free Press. Thank God, President Trump has been taking a stand for America. Communist China is becoming a leading empire with hooks in American economy and education. China dominates about 25% of our industries, and has paid many of our government leaders, including Joe Biden. China finances 680 billion to 87 schools with Marxist propaganda, while Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations are funding many of of other schools at all levels. How do we get them to withdraw without shaking our own system, while Liberal Media ignore the issues?

  14. This is the same BS that Trump pulled when he was awarded the presidency in the last election. A last minute smear about emails. Four years later Trump is crying about Clintion’s emails that have never been verified. Now we have a laptop that was supposedly left for repair with someone that Trump’s personal lawyer knew. No verification that it was Hunter”s laptop. No verification that the email on the laptop came from Hunter Biden. The information came from Trump’s personal lawyer who was sent to the Ukraine find dirt to smear Joe Biden. Two Congressional committees have not found any validity to the allegations and they were chaired by Republicans. The FBI has found that Giuliani has been working with Russian operatives to influence the election. The evidence against the Biden’s is so questionable that the author of the Post article refused to put his name on it. When we know that last minute rumors can be used to influence an election it would be irresponsible journalism to publish them unless they had been vetted.

    1. How do you explain the fact that the FBI was in possession of that laptop since December 2019? It’s only because the FBI wasn’t responding that the repair shop owner sought out others to make sure it wasn’t being suppressed. Sure can tell you’ve only been listing/watching the main street media — if there was nothing damaging to Biden with this story, why have they blocked The New York Post for the past week? It’s censorship on steroids!! You should be concerned for the country that it is being controlled by the big money people and media.

  15. MPR: Don’t you trust the American public to be able to think for themselves? Your job as a public funded entity is to report the news — all news — and let the people decide for themselves. Guess we should take away public funding for you if you suppress news. The FBI had Hunter’s laptop since December 2019 — why didn’t you ask them why? There are so many other stories blocked by the media (and including) you that Public Radio is a “misnomer.”

  16. That is funny as most of us have written off NPR as a real waste of time! Reporting the news is not supposed to be based on whether or not we agree with something, or if it is a questionable story. The latter applies to these media sources which seem to report more of this type of news than “actual” news. And save your opinion for the opinion page, not “here is the news” page.

  17. We should all be familiar by now with a truth about political operatives that orchestrate the Democratic Party. “You can tell what they are up to, by what they accuse you of doing”. If they say YOU are in collusion with the Russians, it means THEY are in collusion with the Russians. If they say YOU are obstructing justice, it means THEY are obstructing justice. If they say YOU are tampering with election results, it means THEY are tampering with election results. ETC. They are smart. They commandeered the press, and academia. They want the courts next. If you put two republican voters in a room, sooner or later an argument will begin. The Democratic voters however, are perfect little mindless soldiers that do what they are told. Being a liberal Democrat is a religion, not a party affiliation.

  18. They have all sold their souls (if they have one) to Satan. Truth and Honesty are two words they do not understand
    and likely never heard. Come Judgement they are in for a huge shock. People like this have no right to breathe the
    pure free air of the USA!!

  19. NPR is pure Communist Propaganda.
    Why am I forced to pay for the Propaganda that makes my own Liberal Brother hate me?
    This crap is sick!
    Defund NPR. Make them hate us for nothing!

  20. NPR is a communist network like the other democrat-sponsored media. Since NPR is government funded, the funding should end immediately!

  21. I find NPR News a complete waste of time for their non-coverage of stories that they disagree with. News is news. It is a decision to be made by the public what is important.

  22. Why does the left continue to spew out hatred, lies and criminal acts by publishing such crap and the Socialistic public that thrives on their crap believes it and THEY ARE NEVER prosecuted. Which of our so called government agencies are sucking up to the Democrats in the effort to make us a Socialist country? Who are these people and when will they ever be brought to justice so we, the Americans that work hard and love our country, can laugh in their faces and see them rot in jail?

  23. Tass and Pravda got nothing on PBS. The left has indoctrinated our youth for many years now. Almost all our children have been poisoned by the water in their well. The social correction camps are next I think. Probably similar to the gulags in Russia. The “elite ” in our universities know better than the average blue collar worker how to survive and how to rule a country they think. They need to come up against reality soon or we are destined to go to the third world basement they want us in ( it probably will have shower heads affixed to the ceiling ) . when they get the vote and the majority in government they will eliminate all dissent this time. Already the law is what they dictate and not what the courts interpret from the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Bible, And the Magna Carta that King James had to sign giving the commoners rights spelled out such as the right to the “High Road”. Using the ” Epidemic ” to lock everyone down but the Bolshevik Left Antifa. and other radicals has weakened this country. They can not show their faces due to our censure so all are mandated to wear masks while , like in Rome , Windows break, stores are looted by vandals, and churches and courthouses and Police Stations, and stores are burned — people are shot and the left wants to “defund the police ” while partisan leftist judges pardon many of these crimes. A day of reckoning must come one way or another just as Marx describes since we will never get along as Rodney King wanted in another era in Watts folks.

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