Chinese Company Gave $5 Million ‘Forgivable’ Loan to Biden Family”: Emails

For some families, ‘public service’ pays very, very well. One of those families looks to be the Bidens.

According to an email sent to ‘Sinohawk’ CEO Tony Bobulinski, that has been provided to U.S. Senate investigators, a top official with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company CEFC, offered to wire $10 million into an account. $5 million of that was to be designated as a non-secured, forgivable loan to the BD (Biden) family.

Peter Schweizer says this gives the Chinese significant leverage over the Biden family.

“In a way, this would give CEFC greater leverage over the Biden family than simply giving them a gift or bribe because if they were dissatisfied with what the Bidens were doing they could ask for their money back,”


The email explains that $5 million is 'interest-free' and discusses whether there should be more loans like this to the Biden family once it's used up.

Sean Davis, Co-Founder of The Federalist, pointed this out on Twitter.

How could this be? Just Thursday night in the debate Joe Biden swore he has never taken a dime from a foreign interest.

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16 thoughts on “Chinese Company Gave $5 Million ‘Forgivable’ Loan to Biden Family”: Emails”

  1. I predict nothing will ever be done about it. The FBI has had that computer for nearly a year, The republicans are making lots of noise but it is too close to the election to bring charges and after the election it will be forgotten. Just like all the other socialist corruption in the District of Criminals.


  2. That is what you call a fuck job of the American people
    Lying Fuck Head Dick Joe and the fucking Hoe

  3. The deep state ensures that time works in the democrat’s favor. As time goes by it causes memories fade, but more correctly evidence disappears. When X number of records are requested not only does every delay tactic get used, but who really knows if all relevant documents are supplied! So when Joe or Hillary or whoever claims that a thorough investigation has been completed all that really means is that based on documents discovered this is the conclusion. That doesn’t mean that the conclusion is correct. It doesn’t mean that if more documents are discovered we should just look the other way. This laptop and all the evidence it contains should be investigated to the fullest, no matter where the chips fall. Joe Biden seems to be corrupt and he should never be elected President!

    1. What I really can’t understand is how Barr could allow Durham to sit on this. I don’t understand why Trump, a businessman didn’t give Barr an ultimatum or kick his butt out of the DOJ. Yes, all of these whores should be in jail. Not until justice is done can there be any confidence that this is a country that is based on law and not on who you know. In that case, why get mad at BLM and Antifa for rioting and destruction. Sure they are criminals, but worse than Biden, Hillary, Obama, McCabe, Brennan, Comey, Holder, etc. and the other low lives in Obama’s circle of criminals? Trump needs to do something quickly in his next term and he must provide good jobs for the DC Criminal Defense Attorneys, otherwise, America is in deep doodoo, and that is regardless of whether Biden is elected, which is a nightmare not contemplatable. How could Biden possibly deal effectively with people with whom he is in bed? It is not conceivable.

  4. Why is a foreign energy company loaning money to a U.S. Vice-President? In other words, except as a bribe, what possible legitimate reason could you even imagine?

    1. Barr can charge Biden now. why is he not doing his job???? so much corruption in dc and we the taxpayers are footing the bill for this. it needs to stop and now.

  5. It must be a duck! It quacks, it waddles, it smells and it looks just like the duck Biden said didn’t pay him a dime.

    ……….. Oh, I know… Hunter paid him for the Chinese… that’s it.

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