Huge! Biden Business Associate Details Bribes, Corruption, China Deals at Press Conference

A former business associate of Hunter Biden presented details of alarming claims of Joe Biden’s involvement in Chinese business dealings.

Tony Bobulinski is a former Naval officer and says he was placed to be the CEO of a company called “Sinohawk” that was assembled by Hunter and James Biden (Joe’s brother).

Bobulinski explains when he met Joe Biden in 2017 where they discussed the Biden’s history and family business dealings with the Chinese.

“10% held by H for the big guy” – Bobulinski said there’s no doubt that ‘H’ is Hunter and ‘the big guy’ is Joe Biden.


Tony says the Biden family was paranoid about people finding out that Joe Biden was involved and advised that his involvement could only be talked about face to face and not in writing.

He also says he is turning multiple devices that contain the evidence over to the FBI. Hope he made copies..

Watch the full press conference here.


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40 thoughts on “Huge! Biden Business Associate Details Bribes, Corruption, China Deals at Press Conference”

  1. Hopefully Tony B. will have made copies of everything he is turning over. Surely he has learned that in light of everything that comes in that favors President Trump will “go missing” somehow.

    1. Hopefully he does not “commit suicide” or have an “accidental death” because of this as all who oppose the Demon Rats seem to be affected with.

  2. Why haven’t we locked up this SEPTIC TANK of a DEEP STATE yet?!? . . . It’s about TIME! One Wary And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. It’s the common Americans fault for having blind patriotism to their corruption and listening and obeying the anti-GOD / Anti-American democrats tools for hate and division of America the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Also Americans propping up celebrities and politicians as better than us, also just being idle and allowing the likes of them and even the America hating squad like AOC, Rahed, Ohmar as politicians ever trying to destroy America from within, Americans today lack the guts to go against domestic tyranny, unlike our for-Americans going against foreign tyranny like the British in the 1700’s! Americans do not have guts to do what the good people of Iceland did to rid their government of corruption as in surrounding the castles and dragging them out and making citizens arrest from top to bottom! Americans the medias and the anti-American democrats are the fault of America’s destructive course if not properly resisted and punished those of the guilty parties! Liberalism is also a cancer of America the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! Americans be vigilant on both foreign and domestic tyranny! GOD Bless America!

  3. I’m shocked that there wasn’t wall to wall coverage. The absence of major media coverage gives this unusual creditabity.

      1. The media doesn’t get “part of the action” I’m a retired television news ca,cameraman. The news divisions are now all owned by much larger corporations, like Disney, Comcast, etc. They can afford for their news divisions to lose money now, in order to be able to buy Democrat politicians and some Republican politicians to pass bills that they write for the most part, that are favorable to their much larger corporate interests than what they lose on their news divisions.They need to get rid of Trump, because he poses a threat to their “business as usual” ownership of our politicians.

  4. You have to wonder, how these life long politicians made their big money in office and if you would do a bit of exploreing you will get answers. Joe Biden has had almost 50 years and is a malti millonare now you don’t get that kind of money just by salary, no you get that be deals under the table. You have to ask yourself what is the party saying it will do and look and deciede where they came from. DJTrump is a billionare comeing into office Biden has been on the give me give me for 50 years Trump doesn’t need the money neither does Biden but look what each party offers. 1 Democrats want to take away our 1 amend or 2nd amd the right to self defense Republicans want to preserve those rights Now decide!

  5. I hope he keeps copies of these items they will all disappear once the FBI gets them. Also, he had better bring a lawyer when he talks with the FBI. If at all possible they will prosecute him for speaking. NO one should trust the FBI

    1. The biggest issue is did he have a fiduciary responsibility to the owner of the laptop? Probably not as it was abandoned according to law.
      Regardless, as he was doing a job he came across evidence of a CRIME, therefore state and federal laws should exonerate him of any wrongdoing…Whistle Blower.

      Next, WE ALL MUST MAKE AND PURCHASE SIGNS NOW, regardless of WHO wins.

      Impeach V.P. Biden
      Democrats for Equality and Justice

      Place the sign. Remember that Biden can be impeached as impeachment removes all federal benefits, stipends, retirement etc. and allows for prosecution without immunity.

  6. The mainstream media is silent; so the reality of all these disclosures concerning the Bidens must surely be credible. They should all be charged with as much serious crime as possible, and either be sentenced to long prison time or put on the next misson to Mars spaceship.

    1. The FBI has already started a slow walk. I guess they are still busy trying to cover their tracks from protecting Hillary and persecuting Trump from 4 years ago.

  7. And to think he could be the next President. All those that are voting for him must not know that democrats never do what they say they will if its for the good of the country. It’s a shame. They are never punished for their wrong doings.

  8. Yeah, I hope he made copies too. It’s not unusual for stuff like that to disappear. Biden dropped out of a previous presidential race due to corruption. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had to drop out of this one. People don’t change.

  9. I wouldn’t trust giving anything to the corrupt FB, Haven’t they had the computer for going on a year. I would advise the person that turned it in hire some body guards because we know what the FBI can do to people they want to get rid of. I do not trust the big boys in the FBI Remember Waco?

    1. You would have thought that at least ONE (1) working “street agent” would have come forward by now with the truth!!!!!

  10. We hope they will persist on the facts found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and those on Anthony Weiners to convince some of the Democrats of the scheming corruption, including Joe Biden. He sure has wavered a lot on issues The Socialist Democrats won’t care, unless they experience a tinge of remorse for their own corruption to destroy America, with the Marxist BLM. Americans should not give 170,000 million of taxpayer’s money to provide funds for the national or global Marxist BLM, but it has through the Tide’s Center of Oakland, CA. ( former area of Kamala Harris) She praised the Marxist BLM as brilliant, but many think it is criminal deception. That money should be returned to the destroyed cities for restoration.

  11. His whole family is involved in one way or another. Taking any part in this makes Joe a traitor to the U.S. Even if he only had knowledge of what Hunter was doing and didn’t report it…that, also, makes him a traitor. I don’t trust the FBI in handling this. They keep showing, time and time again, that they appear to have been bought and paid for. If this goes the way it should, a lot more people will be exposed as having had a part in all this. Remember…there is a very prominent Dem from California who had a Communist Chinese spy as her chauffeur for 20 years. Nice arrangement for possible lucrative backdoor dealings with China…and of course he was vetted by this same democrat, too. ‘Any’ government official involved in personal, financially lucrative or other types of personal deals, with any foreign government is guilty of treason and if found guilty should be executed immediately after sentencing. If their family was involved…they can ‘swing’ right beside them. It would be fitting…after all…they do this in China.

  12. Note how they have their sleeves rolled up in the photo op??
    Trying to make you think they’re real “working men” ready to go to work for YOU.
    These bureaucrats haven’t worked a day in their freeloading lives!!!
    what a scam they all are!!!
    keep Washington DC politician free…… vote Trump 2020

  13. This gentleman should 1. Get a bodyguard, he now has a target on his back.
    2. Make several copies, stash them in many different places and tell people he trusts
    just where they are.
    3. Pray to Our Lord for protection, because he won’t get it from the FBI.
    The Biden family have been proven to be traitorus criminals, but hell, they are
    DemocRATS so nothing to see here hey?
    America is going down the drain unless we can keep President Trump in office.
    Biden and the Dems sold out to China years ago.

    1. Doug, you’re showing your age, I haven’t heard the expression “on the dole” In over 50 years. If Jared and Ivanka are on welfare/“ on the dole“ I will be applying this coming Monday😂.

  14. Boy it’s damn disgusting when you need to copy any documents before you turn over documents to the FBI or any other intelligence or police agency . I used to think it was just s few top personnel at the FBI or CIA or NSA etc, but now I think they are all corrupt from top to bottom. Better burn them all down and start over with JUST TWO !!!!!!

    1. Please Watch newly released documentary THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. it gives a step by step timeline of who, why and how The swamp dwellers in DC created the phony “Russian collusion“ investigation in an attempt to unseat the duly elected president Donald J Trump. It give the names, dates, photos and undeniable evidence that proves the Russian hoax was instigated by Hillary, the CIA, the FBI, Members of Congress etc. it also shows how the media covered up and try to give credibility to the hoax.
      Now they are doing it again trying to make believe the Biden family have not been conducting unscrupulous and Possibly illegal business with America’s enemies led by China and Russia.

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