The Biden Videos, Photos, and Files Take a Sick, Dark Turn

The level of international corruption that is being exposed from the hard drive of just one of Hunter Biden’s laptops is larger than anyone predicted. From emails revealing that millions were privately paid by foreign countries in order to avoid sanctions by the U.S. to billion dollar deals with China, it’s safe to say this is outlining the largest corruption case in the history of our country.

And it’s not fake news.

DNI John Ratcliffe, the FBI, and the DOJ have all confirmed that this laptop is real and not a part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign to stop Joe Biden.

Rudy Giuliani has now revealed that he has turned the laptop over to Delaware State Police due to sexually explicit photos of minors.

As if that's not bad enough, one of the minors in the explicit photos is said to be a 14 year old family member.

And Joe Biden knew about the relationship between Hunter and the minor girl, according to text messages between Hunter and Joe.

Giuliani explains his decision to turn the hard drive over to the police:

“We’re very uncomfortable with this. We’re very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected. If you were to look at the photographs on this hard drive and didn’t report it to the police — well, if you were a law enforcement officer, you’d be guilty of a felony. If you were just a normal citizen, you’d be a horrible human being. There are numerous pictures here of girls that are being, I mean, they shouldn’t be there. That I can tell you. If the Delaware State Police don’t do anything about this, it would be really a tragic thing.”

Still question whether to believe Rudy and the messages he's revealed? He's not the only one who's seen the photos and had extreme concerns.

This is getting very dark.

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74 thoughts on “The Biden Videos, Photos, and Files Take a Sick, Dark Turn”

  1. I’ve tried to share this on Facebook by using your FB button and it won’t post! It’ll go to my FB page, but this article isn’t there.

    1. nope, fb, google and the rest of the anti-American propaganda arms of the anti-American democrats/bidens are banning this news. Not only is this the biggest corruption story ever, the fact the fb et al are meddling in the election is also big news. LOCK THEM UP.

        1. I totally agree. These companies are not in business for any reasons except nefarious ones. Zuckerberg, Schmitt, Bezos and Gates are all anti-American communists like Soros. They all need prosecution.

      1. We Americans MUST do something to STOP these monopolies…. our country was founded on free speech n multiple views but was NEVER meant to tell the people ONLY WHAT THESE COMPANIES WANT US TO KNOW…ARE WE LIVING IN RUSSIA UNDER THE KGB??? sure feels like it…wake up u politicians inWashington n STOP THIS CENSORSHIP…as for Joe Biden why is the public so amazed…these practices of becoming rich by selling political positions is the NORM IN WASHINGTON FOR DECADES…wasn’t Hillary on the take in 2016? Sleepy Joe got caught because of his depraved son…did Joe profit…ABSOLUTELY !!!! how do u think that most of these politicians get rich ???? The videos of Hunter w/underage girls MUST BE PROSECUTED…ITS DISGUSTING N THE FACT THAT THIS PERSON IS A DRUG ADDICT N PREDATOR HE NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL !!!!! As for Joe ur Dem mentality that u would never be caught because for decades Dems can do what they want n never be held accountable well now the tide has turned…no more lies from u….stand w/Hillary as NEVER becoming President n I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT WAS OBAMA’S CUT???

    2. If you want to share it with people who will not censor you, try Parlar. It’s like Instagram for conservatives.

      1. Got me suspended from FB. As a conservative, to be suspended two weeks before the election is not only an infringement on my 1st Amendment rights but also Election Interference by Left wing, communist perverted Liberals.

  2. No you have it all wrong. How can this be? The terrific folks at the New York Slimes, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC all swear on a stack of bibles that this is all a massive disinformation campaign on the part of the Russkies to malign the sterling reputations of Hunter and Joe Biden and the rest of their crime family. The sky is falling, Schiff , Shumer and Pelousy wouldn’t lie to us would they?? Let’s just cover it all up until after the election.
    Kinda reminds you of the Bill Clinton sexual escapades on a much larger scale. Even Hollyweird could not concoct such an incredible story.

    1. Hey mister “ patriot “ your leader was a draft dodger with bone spurs. Glad it hasn’t affected his golf 🏌️‍♀️. How’s that wall coming down there in Texas.

      1. Where did Bill Clinton, Obama, Joe Biden, Sanders, etc serve? Did YOU serve? Whether by draft or volunteering ALL had opportunity to serve.

        Google “Bill Clinton draft board letter”

      2. So you are fine with Hunter Biden having sexually explicit converstaions and pictures of underage girls?????????

        1. Have you seen or heard anything? Of course not, just Fox and OAN. Why doesn’t Rudy show it to all of us? Instead we know we have your pathetic pervert on audio BRAGGING about grabbing women between their legs. How did you break that news to your daughters? Now we got Rudy on film trying to hit on a teenager.This is who the evangelicals pray over. Pathetic

      3. I’ll take a draft dodger with a bone spur that a corrupted pedophile family that are draft dodgers too. Any American that condone and tries to insinuate that the President is worse because of his personal coarse demeanor and vote for Biden it’s not better than Biden and probably doing the same heinous crimes Hunter Biden is doing just saying . Birds of the same feathers flock together .

        1. Trump DID go to a Military Academy in upstate NY before college; not the Service but at least he got training, organization, and a HISTORY of our Military and strategy WAY more than Plugs Biden (now a new sign says BUYDEN, I saw that on Rush Limbaugh’s website today). He also forced governmental protections to FIRE bad or corrupt VA employees, and finally put in some Private Dr’s Choice options for delayed or underserved Veterans. Also he pumped in 3 times 700 Billion$$$ to rebuild what Nobama and his minions HOLLOWED OUT of our Armed Services in the previous administration!

      4. Hey George,

        Looks like you missed your fentanyl dose today. BTW – Joe Biden, the avid sportsman, football player, little girls like to rub my harry legs lifeguard-, received a “cough-cough” deferment for asthma.

  3. I think that an additional investigation should be made for Pelosi’s son Peter and his involvement in Ukraine’s businesses.
    Also, I wholeheartedly agree that Hunter Biden should be held accountable for his sexual predatorness on underage girls. He has to be a sicko to have involved his own family member in this indecent set of videos. In Texas we would hang him up by his “quevos” until they detached from his body.

      1. They investigate and try to impeach a duly elected President . Now it’s their time for all of them to investigate indict and convict them of what they were trying to cover up . All of them in the Democratic Party are complicit and even Mitt Romney is part of their crime otherwise he will not be so cozy with them . They know each other they hang together and they keep covering for their heinous crime . Dear God let the “ truth come forward “ and let you convict them and destroy them and all those who condone this type of aberration.

  4. It’s fixed by Zuckerberg that no Biden comments allowed but you can trash Trump. Zuckerberg should be held accountable.

    1. WHAT IF? yes? What if all those lying, thieves were arrested on FEDERAL CHARGES, face a GRAND JURY, and tried for TREASON? THEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can seize ALL their estates, bank funds, investments, ETC. Then ALL their funds become cash in the Federal Reserves and remember, those monies would go a long way toward paying off the national debt.

      1. I like the way you think…these wanks always yap about social justice, let’s let them pay some “reparations” for all of their thieving over the last 200 years (Democrats). All of these “leaders”, Clinton (x2), Obama, Biden and an exhaustive cast of characters (Brennan, Rice, Comey…), all need to be in prison. As an engineer, I’d happily design something in the Arizona desert for them. I bet I could find a nice location in the Goldwater Range (Federal land, so…it would be a “Federal” prison), if the Air Force happened to get a little close on a bombing run, oops, Hilary would just say “collateral damage”.

  5. The other question about the Biden Syndicate is how much Barack Hussein Obama was paid to turn a blind eye to what Joe Biden and minions were doing? And the next question is how much money will be spent to build a new wing to house the Bidens and possibly the Obamas at Guantanamo Bay!

  6. I just Hope American women DON’T vote for The Big Guy because they think his son (Hunter) is handsome….or they feel “sorry” for him!!!!
    (All strong driving forces in how American women vote.)

    1. As an american woman I take offense to that statement. There are some women who seem to have lost the brains they were born with, but I still have mine and they still work. I have already voted, already taken it to the county clerk’s office and waited at the window while they verified the ballot #s against my ID and verified my signature. My husband’s signature didn’t pass as he’d registered 25 yrs ago and his signature was a little off (I updated mine 4 yrs ago). They made him verify himself and his ID and made him fill out a new signature form. So FYI, if you registered quite some time ago… update your signature form or your ballot might get discarded. Also VOTE RED (Remove Every Democrat)

  7. Do people really believe this garbage. Rudy the warrior getting this crap from his Russian agent. I notice only Fox and the other wacky OAN are the only news stations throwing this out. How pathetic and low in a last ditch effort to get the bone spur general re-elected. Go back to Tara Reid and Hillary. The party of Qanon and proud Boys are going down in flames led by their crotch grabbing buffoon in his golf cart🤪🤪🤪

    1. With all due respect Mr. Floyd,

      I bet you didn’t have a problem with draft dodging Clinton. The liberal Hypocrasey has no bounds. You believe the false Trump Russia Colluison but not the real Biden / Obama / Fake News interferances, quid pro quo’s and coup attempt against a duly elected President, crimes that are Treason. If you were a true American you would not dismiss this, but in true liberal form you believe the end justifies the means. You probably even think MSNBC and the rest of the fake news tells the truth. If so why never a a good word for some of the undeniable achievments of Trump.

      1. Fake news? Check out the videos from Fox about Hillary and Uranium 1. Whinnying for years, and let me know what became of the investigation from AG Barr. Tell everyone here because Fox News won’t tell. I will be waiting for all your responses.

    2. George wake up !! Do some research, learn about what
      Is going on! Even Europe and Japan are talking about corrupt Biden and all the dirt on Hunter! FOX is rated number one for providing the truth! CNN is none rated
      because they do not provide the truth!!

        1. Nice try David. What planet do these idiots live on to think the wall is going just fine. Hope you gave a lot of money to the Steve Bannon build the wall project. It’s time for all of you to show your loyalty so take off your masks and get in line behind the Proud Boys, Qanon and the other wackos and follow the orange face buffoon in his golf cart.

  8. Looks like Hunter may be spending a little time at the graybar hotel. Dems can forgive a bunch of stuff from other Dems but the #metoo era has at least changed their minds on statutory rape, for aesthetics only of course. Gone are the carefree days of lauding and rewarding the pedophiles of the past; Polanski, Epstein, Maxwell, … I am sure the Dems are sad to see those days go, but there is always CA where they just signed a new law that says as long as the age difference isn’t more than 10 years, oh that won’t work, they need to change the law to like 60 years difference is the max. Sean Penn is good now with only a 32 year difference with him and his child bride, but if they measured age in brain development it would be a perfect match for him.

  9. I wonder how many years it will be before anything will actually be done about this. The allegations against all the Bidens will take months if not years to sort out, then arrest anyone for the crimes, that is if they don’t overlook all of it and let them go free. As it is, any time crimes have been committed by the top people, they always get off-free. The Democrats and Rinos have committed major crimes and are still committing them and nothing happens. Congresspeople cannot be arrested for any reason except for high treason and murder. Otherwise they cannot be touched. That’s one reason why Omar has not been stopped. Congress has it fixed through bills they passed to keep them all below the law so they cannot be accused of being above the law. An election will happen in two weeks. Joe may still be on the ticket because he hasn’t been arrested. Hopefully, he will be pulled off the ticket, then what happens? Will there still be an election? The Democrats cannot put another idiot on the ticket in less than two weeks. I say-Damn the Democrats to hell!

  10. If the old man was aware of his kids business deals, and by some of the emails between them, it appears Joe was right in the middle, this alone it enough evidence to start an immediate “Special Prosecutor” investigation. On top of that comes the pictures of what appears to be minor children. THAT IS REALLY SICK AND WARRANTS SERIOUS INVESTIGATION AS WELL.

  11. If arrests are not made then revolution needs to be next..because it is very dangerous when such high ranking govt officials are treated as untouchable and above the law.If the CIA..FBI..DOJ and even local police do not enforce the law..then we as a nation are doomed..national security becomes threatened by compromised politicians

    1. Because Rudy the warrior is not letting anyone see the supposedly hard drives except the go on Fox and the other wacko OAN and tell you there will be more coming soon. Just like that great health plan the emperor has been talking about since last year. Whinnying for years about Obamacare, Uranium 1 . At least Rudy has a future in films, like he did in Borat’s movie. A pathetic pervert just like his crotch grabbing boss.

  12. So…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We’ve all seen photos of Creepy Sleepy Joe, sniffing kids! This election cycle has unpacked so much. Why doesn’t someone ask Joe if he intends an outright take over of US Corporations? Basically, he’s going to tax them out of existence, tax capital gains at a rate that would make it stupid for anyone to save and invest…where the freak does he think capital comes from? If I were a CEO, and Biden won, I’d pack up my company and bolt for a Country with reasonable tax rates for business (Trumpy brought ours down to levels that are on par with countries like Sweden!).
    Look, the Democrat Party is evil! They’re goal is make America socialist, which means the State owns/controls property. At best, we’ll be their surfs, at worst slaves. Wake the F-up people!!!!

  13. You know I’m so very angry at the fact that these people can do as they Please and get away with it. I know I’m or shouldn’t judge however if it was you or ure neighbor they would already be in prison but no they’re out there running for office and covering up w/same blanket it’s just plain pitiful I’m very ashamed to even think that he’ll get away with it
    God help us

  14. Present Trump may not have the best background. but he is doing his best to drain the swamp and while facing all the corruption and seditious activity from the anti-American Democrat’s. The deep state in deep indeed. Have you ever asked yourself why did EX-president Barrack H Obama stay in D.C. after he left office.

    I guess someone has to stay to make sure the socialize party does what is required to try to take down the Republic that was created with God’s help by our Founding Fathers who that had more brains and honor then all the Democrat’s together.

    We all are not as dumb as the party of Democrat’s thinks we are. The media has also had this opinion of us. The American people are not as they think we are! We will fight for what we believe in, liberty and justice for all. This is true freedom! Just like the warriors that fought in all the wars that the politicians sent the people to die while they sat on their fat cushions in D.C.

  15. Just how much lower can the Bidens go???
    If this is not dealt with by the Authorities, then I will be
    gobsmacked!! They are no better than Geoffrey Epstein
    and the Maxwell woman.


  17. With this information/evidence, Joe Biden should be removed from the candidacy of President of the United States. He is morally corrupt, and is not fit for service. His dementia seems to come and go, but indications are that he is not mentally fit either.

    The total leadership of the Democrat Party is morally corrupt. The MSM is their propaganda arm; therefore, the truth of the situation is not being presented to the American people.

    Voters must understand that the censorship now being used on all news and social networks is fascist/communist. They want/demand control of the nation, your lives, and especially your money.


  19. I was reading about this person who has been on the public dole for almost 50 years. I think his nicknames are too many to remember but, how is it that he has so many???
    “lyin, Crazy, hidin, basement dwelling, sleepy, Creepy, hair sniffin, 1/2 to Poppa, Burisma dealin, Ukraine callin, “Big uckin Deal, Hairy legged, Joe Biden ????????

  20. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Martian outer space Republican disinformation. Hey! Look at that shiny Russian object over there!

  21. So, why is NONE of this being reported by ANY of the National News services?

    I am NOT trying to start any kind of fight ot atguments I just think the American people NEED to see and hear about this.

    1. Good point Bill. Exactly what I have been saying. I wish people would use half of their brains. All this “damaging “ info and no one has seen it. Oh that’s right a reporter from OAN. I predict we’ll see Trumps tax returns before anything from the “Hunter smoking gun”. Speaking of taxes didn’t trump say he would release them. You think he may have 🤥

  22. Anyone not having “friends” and relatives in power would be secured and awaiting trial, with the possible sentence of execution.

  23. If there is NO justice in this case the American people will have lost any and all faith in ANY of our judicial systems. The corrupt politicians and their counterparts have been breaking the law for soooo long without consequences. There has been actions by the obama administration that make Watergate look like a child’s birthday party. It’s BEYOND time someone in power did something. (can’t stand all the corrupt lawyers, but many times wish I was one so I could at least try to respond.) It’s GOT to STOP!!!

  24. Presuming shat Joe Biden chose his words correctly (big presumption) Could he still deny that he had taken money from foreign governments or organizations by having it channel through Hunter. Hunter’s not a foreigner, so its not Quite a lie. What has happened to journalism in this country I am just a dumb hick, and I can see that

  25. Democrat leaders at both state and national levels have proven themselves to be enemies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are power hungry and seek to gather personal wealth , many of them quite successfully . Their track record provers they will stop at nothing and do anything to acquire absolute power including encouraging and financially supporting domestic terrorist (BLM & Antifa) while striving to defund police. What we see today is a repeat of history; it has all happened before . Anyone knowledgeable the history of the 1917 Era understands exactly What transpires today. It is more than a culture war; and a serious , well financed movement to transform our Democratic Republic into a Globalist Utopia ( aka : socialist /communism. In a nutshell you are seeing nothing less than the Second Coming of the Bolsheviks.

  26. We all suspected that Biden would not last more than 3 months if elected.
    Now it looks like Harris has lost her chance to be President.

  27. Poor old Joe can’t remember any of this! Hunter did not either. You do not have your computer repaired with this stuff on it. But then again you do not put this on a computer! I guess if you are stupid or drugged enough you will do anything!

  28. Well the anti American communist Biden’s and democrats are proving how despicable they really are. It’s time Hunter and daddy are arrested for treason and now child pornography and please throw away the key. China has got their fingers and money in our government not to mention our election. Why is Biden still running for president with all this evidence against him not to mention Harris who’s now linked to China and then you have crazy Pelosi and god help us all obumer is now involved. If people haven’t figured this out the commie democrats are pushing Biden so commie Harris can prove him unfit for the job so she’ll take over and crazy pelosi will move up to VP. If you people want to live under communist rule the go to China but for the people that like their freedom and America all I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA and pray Trump wins

  29. A few days ago I posted on here challenging anyone to give an update on Fox News whinnying about Hillary and Uranium 1. I haven’t seen any response, just the crickets. Enlighten me how many years did Hillary get, maybe l missed it. Didn’t Hannity give you any update? Even you idiots here know that Bootlicker Barr couldn’t find anything. How come no one has mentioned the great job against the pandemic?the bone spur general tells us we have turned the corner while we had 83,000 cases in 1 day, the highest ever. But don’t worry you can take the hydroxy if you get it, just like he did. Oh that’s right he didn’t take it or maybe he shoved a light 💡 up his butt. I will be waiting for the Uranium 1 update. Maybe OAN came up with something after all if you’re stupid enough to think another country would pay for a wall then you’ Believe he is one of the smartest geniuses ever. LMAO!!!

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