A 2nd Hunter Biden Business Laptop Reportedly Seized by Ukrainian Government

A Ukrainian lawmaker claims the government has seized a second laptop belonging to Hunter Biden’s business contacts in the country has been seized in an investigation into bribery and corruption.

Andrii Derkach said in a post to Facebook on Friday to say there is a ‘second laptop’ involving evidence of corruption and connected to the Bidens. That post, it seems, has since been removed from Facebook.

This laptop is not the source of the emails that were released last week, according to Rudy Giuliani.

In the post Derkach says that laptop ‘was given to Ukrainian law enforcement’ and that Burisma representatives were now serving as ‘witnesses in criminal proceedings.’


What's more is that Derkach claims the witnesses are 'ready to talk' about international corruption including the Bidens, and there will be more to come.

He warns: 'But most importantly! These are not the last witnesses or the last laptop.'

This information is coming out just weeks before the November Presidential election, but will it be too late?

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is no investigating the documents related to Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings while his father, then VP Joe Biden, was overseeing those affairs.

Again, this begs the question:

Where has the FBI been?



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91 thoughts on “A 2nd Hunter Biden Business Laptop Reportedly Seized by Ukrainian Government”

        1. As opposed to the Trump family that has been sued over 3000 times, won’t release taxes, praises dictators, refuses to condemn Putin on his interference with our election and his bounty on our soldiers, and got pattens from China while negotiating with the Chinese Government?

          1. Sued? Care to post facts of that 3000 number. Oh, your DemonRAT talking points. Let’s see your taxes.
            By the way, the only Russian collusion was Killary KKKlintos Russian dossier. Boy are you low information.

          2. You know, Jay, you just described Quid Pro Joe to a Tee. People have been trying to also get Pelosi’s tax returns, too. Good luck with that one.

            The thing about Lefties and Facts is that they reside in different universes. With respect to the Delaware laptop, too many diverse and viable witnesses have sprung up corroborating the very thing that leftards refuse to believe. I can understand that; you people put all your eggs in one basket and that basket has an enormous hole in the bottom of it. You can’t be held responsible because lefties are taught from childhood that personal responsibility is someone else’s problem.

            No one said Trump was a choir boy, but he did release his tax returns. That was the episode where Rachael Maddow was so sure she’d struck El Dorado with the “mysterious envelope” only to find out that Trump DID pay his taxes. Since then, that arrogant leftard carpet-muncher’s rating have been plummeting ………. or haven’t you been paying attention?

          3. Enjoy Drinking that democrat cool aide Jay? The democrat ‘hate and discontent” agenda including radical left wing politicians (Biden, Clinton. Obama , Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, “Money Bags” Soros, Marxist BLM /Antia and the crooked FBI/Cia) treachery are now being exposed and thus the start of draining the democrat political swamp. Guess you also delight in China acquiring US stealth technology thank to Bidens traitorous corruption and $1.5 billion in bribes. Go ahead and research Bidens Chinas connection then Jay and eat your (LIV) heart out. Democrats are killing your country Jay, you just don’t know it yet?

          4. You’re a whining Dem puke who, I’ll bet, never served a day in the military. All of a sudden you’re concerned about the welfare of US soldiers. You and your kind couldn’t care less about American military folks, except to fake it during an election cycle.
            Your irrational hatred for the President is so obvious.
            Go back to rioting with your blm and antifa comrades.

          5. The Trump family was not in politics so who cares how mant times his family was sued. People and businesses are sued all the time. Doesn’t mean they lost monetarily. Biden sold our country to enrich himself and his family to the highest bidder. That’s treason! Darkness always comes to light. It seems to me that you can’t handle the truth!

          6. What you just accused Trump of, has been investigated by Libtards, and they found nothing. Why do you insist on repeating the stupid lies over and over after they have been proven false. Are you that braindead? EVERYTHING you accused Trump of has been proven false because you idiots lie, make up crap and demand people believe you with NO EVIDENCE! You somehow have put into your empty heads that you are so much above everyone else, that the mere thought of Trump doing something bad should be evidence for us above all else. Well, you dummies ain’t all that. Biden is a zombie and Harris is a tramp who slept her way up. Both are endorsing violence and terrorism against America, and we can prove it…with evidence. Bidens are corrupt, and we can prove that too…with evidence. Biden, both, are sexual predators…we have eyewitnesses, police reports and taped interviews and videos to prove it. Not just the word of a Democrat drone. Democrats have been engaged on treason. We have the evidence to prove that now from CIA sources. Hillary and Obama sent weapons to ISIS, including Stinger missiles which led to Ambassador Stevens to investigate in Libya where Hillary posted his location in a ‘safe’ house so he could be killed. Evidence is now coming to light Not rumors. Not wishes. Not made up accusations just to throw dirt. REAL PROOF. REAL WITNESSES. REAL CRIMES! I know it means nothing to you. You have rotted your brain long ago on Liberal mash, and could never care about a free country again. You are all in for Socialism and being coddled from cradle to grave. Thats the core of every failure of a human being I ever met. Ride on everyone else’s hard work and compassion.

      1. Do you see the corruption and abuse of power done by President Trump? Look at facts, not the FOX NEWS BS. Biden has no investments and released all his taxes for years. There is a reason no REAL news source will print these stories, because they are fake. Stop falling for the Russian interference tactics. Stop being a cult of personality to President Trump.

        1. jay
          don’t be a moron biden has no investments?
          D. Trump has been investigated more than any human on earth. No corruption. Russian interference? Good grief get a grip guy. Try being a patriot for a change.

        2. Skru your obsession with tax returns … The IRS certainly monitors Trumps returns and they are the authority , not you nor the democrat party, so give it up on tax returns. Your are the democrat cult member Jay .

        3. Trump couldn’t do half the damage to this country that democrats have done, and continue to do, whenever they are in power. They have always had a propensity for aiding and abetting the enemies of this nation. Ever since Madeline Albright lamented the US’s role as sole superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Democrats have done all they can to “level the playing field,” even with our enemies like Russia.

          The democrat‘s manufactured outrage over Russian interference in the 2016 election is such hypocrisy when you consider the historic alliance that has existed between democrats and the Soviets/Russians for almost 75 years. Whether it was Ted Kennedy asking for Soviet assistance in defeating Reagan or Bill Clinton lending assistance to Boris Yeltsin to win re-election in 1996, democrats have never had a problem with interfering with elections—even in our own country.

          Whats worse, was the fallacious claim that Trump was colluding with Russia when just a couple years earlier it was Obama and Hillary who gave Putin everything he wanted. From Crimea to Ukraine to Syria, Putin would end up occupying more territory since the end of the Cold War. Obamas failure to enforce his own red-line or put an end to ISIS (as Trump did immediately) was an invitation for Putin to enter Syria, putting them someplace they hadn’t been in decades—the Mid-East. Obama’s promise to the Russian president that he’ll have “more flexibility after the election,” seemed to come to fruition, as Obama would also cancel the long awaited Missile Defense Initiative in Europe, to Putin’s delight.

          What was most duplicitous and damaging was Hillary’s Russian Reset, that allowed Putin to acquire previously prohibited technologies that both the Army and DOD warned against. Along with millions of dollars in investment, Russia was soon manufacturing advanced radar and stealth technologies, along with new hypersonic cruise weapons. Skolkovo, Russia was turned into the US version of Silicon Valley thanks to democrats. Combined with the sale of 20% of the US’s, Uranium assets, Democrats helped Putin achieve many of his military objectives, which included putting Russia back on the world stage.

          What makes the Russian Reset especially duplicitous is that it is exactly what Hillary and Bill did with China when Bill was president. Clinton would sign waivers and circumvent export control laws that also allowed China to acquire our most advanced and prohibited technologies—against the wishes of the FBI and his own State Department. Instead of upholding sanctions against China as he promised, Clinton removed the sanctions as he immediately pursued permanent MFN status and membership in the WTO. Within a single decade under Bill Clinton, China would go from a “developing nation” to a superpower, with nuclear capabilities that threatened the entire continent.

          For all the BS about Trump being bought and sold by foreign powers or Russian oligarchs, it was the Clintons and DNC who was fined for historic violations of campaign finance laws for taking money from the Chinese. This is why the second time around they set up the Clinton Foundation so they could funnel money from Russian oligarchs as they sold out our interest to Putin. There’s one rule to live by when it comes to democrats—whatever crime they accuse you of, you can bet they are committing it. Everything they accused Trump of doing, they had already done, including colluding with Russia.

          1. PS Jay. Things are only going to get worse since Biden has already been bought and paid for. If you can’t see what these last two democrat administrations have done to both embolden are enemies, while weakening our own military, than you’re just an ideological sycophant.

          2. I have been seeing this for a long time. Everything Trump is accused of is exactly what the communists are doing. I am glad to see someone point that out.

        1. “Biden” … as you say … “always a “HAS BEEN”. Kudos Jay, finally you got something correct. Good night Jay!

      2. …and there is ample evidence to prove it! Unlike the faux Trump accusations that billions of dollars couldn’t and DID NOT prove! Pencil neck claimed for over two years that he had personal evidence that Trump was guilty. He never BRUNG it! Only fools fall for the deep shit state of the lying Democrats in the federal government!

    1. I do believe it, and so does the Biden campaign, that is why they have not denied that this is real. That is why you can’t deny it either, all you can do is say things like Russian collusion for 3 years with no proof. Do I believe a man that impregnates strippers and has to submit to court ordered dna tests to prove he is the father of the stripper’s kid would do something this dumb too? Yes. Do I believe a crack-addicted adult that has been in drug rehab 7 times could get a board position in Ukraine that pays $1MM a year only if his father was the VP of the United States in order to get a prosecutor fired? Yes. Do I believe the same crackhead could get $1.5B in money from a government owned bank in China to invest in his PE firm without having any prior experience in running a PE firm, if and only if his father was a high ranking US official? Yes.

      Jay, you can try attacking an argument with logic or you can take Biden’s side on this one, but you can’t do both.

      1. Well written argument, thank you. Yes Hunter used his family name to get positions and jobs, I agree with that totally. There are no FACTS linking Joe Biden to his son’s actions. There are no FACTS showing he got 1.5 Billion (how could anyone hide that?). In the “emails” it talks about a meeting with Joe Biden while he was VP, there are no FACTS showing there was a meeting (How could the VP of the USA hide a meeting?). Just like I didn’t believe the Steele Dossier I don’t believe the emails, BECAUSE I FOLLOW FACTS, not opinion or political ideology.

        1. Even Joe isn’t stupid enough to put this meeting on his calendar. And, there was a time that Joe actually was a moderate and did actually work ‘across the aisle’. That is not the puppet Joe of today, though. The radical left has control and next in line is THE most liberal Senator. Joe would never make it through even a year. Foreign powers would love Joe because they see the weakness and feel they could exploit that. Those are the facts. Joe slurs his words, forgets many things (laughed off by the media as simple gaffes), doesn’t even know where he is (except his basement), and has flip-flopped recently on several key issues just to get votes. Let’s not forget the real lies of Joe and Kamala, not the Dem talking points of Trump’s, oh what is it up to now, 20,000 lies. C’mon man, get a brain. Joe and Kamala will do more damage to this country than anyone in history. If they get elected I hope you enjoy watching your retirement plan value plummet when the economy flounders.

        2. IF the meeting took place, it appears to have been in Washington DC
          No real need to hide then, no travel involved.

        3. Jay — It’s obvious you follow what “facts” the left-of-Stalin media and social media claptrap serves up. The emails on Hunter’s laptop deliver a open-and-shut case for a felony charge of corruption against then-VP Joe Biden. If you were at all interested in the TRUTH of the matter, you’d find a different “news” source. Double-dog… no wait, I TRIPLE-DOG DARE you to watch the next episode of, oh say, Tucker Carlson (Fox News Channel) and dissect his contentions. Don’t just bounce them off the NY Slimes spin, or the DNC’s counter-punch (please don’t report me to the Department of Redundancy Dept.). The truth is out there. Stop making a DNC parrot out of yourself. You’re being played.


    2. You can’t make these things up when there is proof!!!! And proof
      is there, so yes, I believe they are true!

  1. You believe Hunter dropped off a computer at a random store and never went back to pick it up? You believe printouts with no electronic tracing available? You believe Rudy who spent more time in Russia and the Ukraine in the last 6 months then the USA? You believe President Trump who has lied, cheated, and owes millions to foreign investors? Truly sad. You are like a German when Hitler cane to power. You can’t see the forest through the trees.

      1. I’ve never done a drug and don’t drink. Stop projecting. I have degrees in math and physics, I follow facts, not a political party or a cult of personality

      2. Why are you afraid of a women in power? Why call her a “ho”? Try arguing facts and stop slandering people.

    1. Hunter was probably high as a kite and/or refused to pay the bill to get his computer back. Either way, he is as dumb as a rock. Can’t put anything past him or his father. Try looking up Joe Biden’s congressional record. He has been in the pocket of the bank industry and the credit card industry for years as well as Coca Cola. He voted to tax social security not once but twice. He help craft the Iran Nuclear Deal which also gave Iran 150 billion dollars. He also voted to invade Iraq and voted for the Iraqi War. He voted against school busing during desegregation. He voted for higher taxes 32 times. His voting history is not something to be proud of.

  2. Uh oh, not sure who is risking more, Hunter and Joe or the media in this country? None of them seem to care how foolish or awful they look however, so does it really matter if none of them have no shame?

    1. No shame? That is the definition of President Trump who has cheated on wives, slept with a porn star, bragged about grabbing women’s private parts, said he would marry his own daughter, and so much more.

      1. You are the one that says you rely on only the “FACTS”. Where are you facts about who he slept with?

      2. I didnt vote for Trump in 2016 bcs he’s a nice guy. I voted for him and will again bcs of the results he’s achieved. He has kept more campaign promises than any president in modern history. I am a patriot, I believe in the Constitution, I believe that the USA is the greatest country in the world with room to get even better. I believe BLM is a communistic, organization that clearly states in their manifesto that the want to destroy our government. That makes them a domestic terrorism organization and a domestic enemy of the Constitution. I took an oath to defend the Constitution which is why I’m voting for Trump.

  3. It is no surprise that the FBI is idle. The FBI is and has been corrupted for at least 15 years but who knows how long it has taken to get the FBI, State Dept., DOJ and intel agencies to this anti-American point. President Trump should fire Christopher Wray immediately. We need to abolish these agencies and rebuild only Trump ca do this.

  4. They’d better talk quick. There’s a news blackout by the MSM, and although what Biden has done is an impeachable offense, if he wins either nothing happens, or he gets removed and we’re stuck with a President Harris.

  5. I’ll say it one more time for clarity; You can’t rise in D.C. without being part of the corruption.
    And like the Mafia, you can’t rise without “making your bones”. Once that happens you are as guilty as rest.
    Turn on them, and they will use everything in their power to silence you.
    Biden is being protected by the swamp, to keep the whole “House of Cards” from collapsing.
    Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, Did Jefferey Epstein kill himself? Or, Seth Rich?

  6. I’m not sure to laugh or be scared that people actually think the way the people who write comments here think. All you have is FOX News and insults. The lemmings following President Tump and believe his 20,000 documented lies are scary. Please get info from some other sources, TRY to think for yourselves. You all sound like Nazis in 1940’s Germany. Also, for a group of people who refer to Democrats as “snowflakes” you are all VERY sensitive to the truth or as you call it “fake news”.

    1. Get a life and go somewhere that people want to listen to you. Seems to me that no one wants to hear what you have to say here. But like the dimwit party you obviously belong to you want to force yourself on everyone here. Just like BLM and Antifa , here you are running your mouth about crap no one wants to listen to whether they want to hear you or not. Well stick it in your ear and get lost. No body here wants to hear you. Not that I have seen anyway and I totally agree with them. Just go away!!!

  7. I’ve always suspected that Joe Biden is as corrupt as they come. Democrats were not smart enough to not use what they were doing to accuse Trump of it. Whenever you want to know what the dems are doing just look at what they are accusing Trump of doing. It’s the old bait and switch. Democrats have been lying to us for many decades and they are right to think the ppl are not smart enough to see it because clearly many have not. This is going to be a socialist society whether we like it or not if Biden wins. Not enough ppl are smart e ough to see this. It’s so scary for those of us who do.

  8. Hunter Biden proves it is never a good idea for a parent to counter sign with the promise of favors to permit your child to play with oligarchs in their multibillion dollar sand boxes. Joe and Hunter can now make the sequel to “Dum and Dummer”, while spending time in the Biden Family prison compound.

  9. jay
    don’t be a moron biden has no investments?
    D. Trump has been investigated more than any human on earth. No corruption. Russian interference? Good grief get a grip guy. Try being a patriot for a change.

  10. We all KNOW where the FBI has been ( IN THE TANK ) and they’re still there. How this “democrat apologist” Wray ever got control is beyond me. He should have been given his ‘walking papers’ long ago — and an HONEST Director appointed. Comey and Wray — two crooks in a row !!

  11. Drip, drip, drip. October surprises raised to a new lever. Twist, twist, twist in the wind – Biden’s just reward for a lifetime of corruption.

  12. The FBI “leadership” is complicit with the crooks. They are under the same perverted blackmail schemes as with Epstein, Maxweell and the Chinese as well — all undert the same Globalist/satanist (Lucviferan) cults, andc ALL MUST BE PROSECUTED AND ENDED!

  13. I despise biden, but this smacks of international shenanigans. Someone corrupted them, or used them because they were corrupt and now sees no further use for them so cutting them loose with prejudice and taking our intelligence agencies along for the ride.

  14. This is a load of shite. It’s all manufactured by Rudy & Bannon and why the HELL isn’t anyone complaining about the rotten trump family corruption & nepotism, and 20,000 + lies we’ve been told over the past 4 years. It’s well documented that trump and his business are a criminal organization that cheats on their taxes, stiffs contractors, cheats trump university ‘students’ out of their money, grabs women by the genitals without permission, cavorted with a known pedophile (Epstein), has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women, cheats on all his wives, and doesn’t defend our military from Russian bounties, and abuses his position as leader of the country to push his own re-election and personal enrichment, believes that Qanon conspiracy theories are fact.

    If any democrat did ONE of these things you would all lose your tiny little minds.

    Why did I even receive this low rent POS newsletter in the first place?

  15. I think if President Trump gets re-elected he should fire FBI Director Christopher Wray. I thought it was a bad idea for Pres. Trump to hire him in the first place because I thought Wray would do his best to protect what was going on at the FBI during the end of the Obama administration since he was likely part of that culture!

  16. “Where has the FBI been” try Joe’s back pocket. Trump is a whole lot wiser and smarter then me, but I would clean house and start over on the FBI



    1. It is the Left-wing that has brainwashed all you Biden supporters. I only wish we could get the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth from our Government and the bought and paid for News Media sources.

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