Trump Doesn’t Commit to Returning Barr as AG.. Should He?

This issue is bound to be contentious as Bill Barr has many supporters on the right and many claim to hate him on the left. Typically, that would spell safety for an Attorney General but we aren’t in typical times.

In many respects, William Barr has done a fantastic job. His DOJ has cracked down on drug cartels and violent gangs better than any I can remember. Human and sex trafficking has been hit harder than ever under the Trump administration.

If you listen to Barr speak, you’d be happy to hear that he’s not playing politics and will prosecute anyone that has committed a crime. He’s repeatedly said he doesn’t care if people like him.

That’s good.

However, human and sex trafficking was being tackled before Barr came in so he can't take all the credit for that. Drug cartels were being hit before he came in so that's not all him, either.

There are still questions about whether he will actually bring justice to the criminal FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Obama officials who broke many laws in setting up an incoming President for treason.

That remains to be seen. Thus far, General Michael Flynn is still being politically prosecuted despite the DOJ withdrawing charges. The FBI Director has allowed incriminating evidence to be destroyed, lost, and withheld from Congress - all conveniently in favor of the coup plotters.

Only a single indictment of a relatively unknown FBI lawyer has been dropped. He was one of the smallest players in the coup attempt but, in organized crime, usually it's low level players that take the fall.

Barr had said there would be more, and bigger actions coming before the election and said that they are not on a political timeline with regards to their investigation.

However, Maria Bartiromo's report turned out to be correct when she said there would be no report and no more indictments before the election. Apparently, so that there wouldn't be an appearance of politics.

That IS a political action. By using a political event and timeline as a reason not to prosecute someone it is, by its very nature, political.

In a Newsmax interview with Greg Kelly, President Trump was asked if he was planning to bring Barr back as AG after the election, if he wins in November. He said "it's too early" to make that call.

When asked about the DOJ investigation into the unmasking of his campaign officials by the Obama DOJ, that found no wrongdoing, he said:

“I have no comment. Can’t comment on that. It’s too early,” Trump said. “I’m not happy with all of the evidence I have, I can tell you that. I’m not happy.”… “I had to go through elections with all those clouds over my head. But they don’t because the Republicans are so nice. Personally, I think it’s too bad. I think it’s too bad, they’re guilty as hell.”

Barr has done a lot of good things since he's taken over as AG. However, there still seems to be a two-tiered system of justice and until the people who attempted to overthrow our government are held accountable, that won't change.

Barr's actions, so far, on what many say is the biggest political crime in our country's history, appear absent. The crooks are getting million dollar book deals and analyst spots on CNN, MSNBC, other news outlets. And, if we remember, Barr once worked for the CIA and was a H.W. Bush appointee. That doesn't ooze confidence in his willingness to prosecute the establishment and Intelligence folks.

Does Barr have the stones?

We simply don't know. If I'm Trump, I'm asking myself that very question.

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61 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Commit to Returning Barr as AG.. Should He?”

  1. Barr should NOT have been made AG in the first place; he’s a Deep State Globalist! Why the hell don’t you think that he has NOT slapped HANDCUFFS on to all of these CRIMINALS?! And, since he HAS NOT done so, that makes him COMPLICIT in ALL of these CRIMES!! #LockHimUp too! AMERICANS are looking at him in dismay!

    1. DawnieR evidently you don’t know much about how law enforcement works so allow me an ex MP enlighten you, in order to bring charges against someone you have to make sure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed because all it takes is one clerical error can cause the case to be thrown out of Court you just can’t go out and arrest/convict someone just because you don’t like that person!

  2. I have been shocked at the depth of the democrat deep state over these 4 years exposed by our President. These deep state people are anti America including this guy Barr which is now obvious. There is so much crap laid out on the table a newly graduated lawyer would run to massive success if he or she brings that to the floor of the district court. Barr and Durham now are exposed as either incompetent and or total leftist democrats that was hidden until recently. They did not want to influence the election, HA! Democrat both of them. Oust these traitors.

    1. Durham has a reputation for being a “do nothing” lawyer. And it certainly seems to be the case with Barr. NOT A SINGLE INDICTMENT OF ANY CONSEQUENCE !!! Is his past relationship to the Bush family part of the problem of his inability to get anything done?

  3. I had been really impressed with Barr up to now, but his failure to prosecute those who were involved in the Russia
    collusion farce. I want to see them all behind bars. Starting with Obama and Clinton and including all the FBI and CIA people involved. They have the evidence so why are they afraid to prosecute. The liberals were sure not afraid to try to impeach President Trump on a lie.

  4. I thought AG Barr was going to get in there and root out all the Deep State and Swamp corruption and treasonous deeds done to no matter whom that was. I also know there are a ton and a half of Ts to cross and Is to dot. That takes a long time. He doesn’t want any of those snakes to get away. There is still hope that he can get the job done in a short time. I would imagine with so many tied to the same things they all have to go at the same instant.

    Here is to hoping it gets done. We need to take care of the traitors in our country. Soros, Clintons, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Presley, Newsome and way too many more to mention. They need to be gone from our society. There is no room for their kind in this world. That is the problem. Their kind no matter where they hide they are always trouble.

    1. With all of the evidence already leaked /exposed it seems like the old saying “Politics is the most corrupt business in the world is true”. If any of us little people did even the most minorof these offenses, we would have been in prison immediately.

      1. That’s totally true! Trunp should already be imprisoned!
        I fought and was injured for my country, pay taxes, and avoid groping women.
        I guess he’s right… I am a loser and and sucker. Only rich assh0le politicians get away with sh!t.
        What a world…

    2. You are correct. If all of them are not held to account and punished for their crimes, it will be the end of our country as we have known it. I do not say that lightly but it is becoming more and more apparent to me that there are the Elites akin to royalty made up of Tech giants, Billionaires, rich Politicians, indoctrinated press, academia and Communists and then there are the regular Americans…
      I also believe this whole mess is because of the lack of Christian principals in our country people no longer fear anything because they do not believe in God. Secularism is destroying not only America but the world and we will all pay the price for the Elite believing they are God.

    3. Waiting is a calculated move. If Biden wins, all of these investigations will stop and the evidence will magically disappear. Barr knows this.

  5. At this point in time the question to be asked ? How deep does this conspiracy go ? Apparently, so deep that even Barr and the investigators are afraid to go “deeply” into it .

  6. Bush Boy Barr has no intention of prosecuting his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal. Mission accomplished, no one has been prosecuted or even mildly criticized under his watch. They are all safe and happy knowing that they have a friend as the Attorney General.
    At 11 pm on November 3rd, Trump needs to appoint a new Attorney General and FBI director.
    Bush Boy Barr is one of them, a complicit part of the ongoing coup.

    1. Well Frank, That remains to be seen. Some people are just plain blind and I think you are one of them. Can’t see the Forrest for the trees.

  7. He has shown that he is a RINO that is more interested in retaining, maintaining his position than tending to the affairs of this nation. The whole lot of leftists should already be behind bars, some should be hanged for treason. He has done nothing about the crimes that we already know about. We don’t need any more evidence at this time, we need ACTION!

  8. While I love everything Trump has done as president, he has the patience of a 3 year-old. Her was disgustingly nasty to Jeff Sessions. I only hope he doesn’t do the same thing with Barr, who is the finest AG I can remember. He’s scrupulously honest and is known to be scrupulously honest. He has the guts to stand up to anyone when he knows he’s right. If Trump gets a second term, he’ll need Barr to finish all the stuff that has been started. The delays frustrate me as much as anyone, but if you’re going to start prosecutions that are this important, you damn well better get it all right from the start. That takes time. If Trump doesn’t keep Barr, he’s an idiot.

  9. Barr has turned out to be as useless as Sessions. He can’t even control his own agencies especially the DOJ. It is full of Swamp Rat crony’s.

  10. That’s entirely up to the President if he feels that AG Barr has been a great AG then he’ll keep him!

  11. If Barr doesn’t indict one of the top coup people by next week, he should be removed and replaced with Trey Gowdy.

    1. Great idea! Trey Gowdy would be a fabulous choice. This has gone on too long, these more crooked people in DC need to be brought to justice.

  12. I think Burr should tell what he has and get it out before the election. If Trump loses we will never hear of it again!
    It needs to be public so people will know before they vote, but it is already too late for many. The Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and all the rest will get away with all the laws they have broken. It is not fair to the citizens not to release the info, and it is not fair to President Trump either.

  13. Sounds like Barr lost his courage. I guess he can’t see how working for himself or writing a book will be his next chapter if Vice Pres Biden wins. Typical politician. I am very disappointed with his spine or lack of it.

  14. I think Barr is doing okay. He wants to make sure things are done right and deflecting a lot of pressure off those actively investigating the major political crime this country has ever seen! The suspects (traitors) have been throwing EVERTHING along the way to hamper the investigation. Yes, maybe we wanted to see faster results but when you think of EVERYTHING thrown at them (ALMOST EVERY PREVIOUS INVESTIGATORS “WIPING” THERE PHONES CLEAN, ETC……) you can understand it may take some time AND make sure it sticks!!!! The AG is fighting a deep and well entrenched enemy! If you study how Dien Bien Phu was won, you’ll understand the patience and drive that is needed in this case!

  15. Hell No, I don’t want Barr back!
    He’s had plenty of time to charge lots of people that seem to have committed crimes and hasn’t. I don’t have faith that he will.
    Get rid of Barr, Wray and Fauchi to start…

    San Antonio, TX

    1. George, YOU ARE 100% RIGHT, don’t matter if Barr did @ fear job allwas are sameone else who can do BETTER, in @ busneess you fire any one til you find the real one almost perfect

  16. I don’t think that Barr operates like the opposition on the Democratic side. They use flimsy or fabricated evidence and intimidation along with partisan judges to create show trials much like the Communists do in Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba and any other country they take over. They still may take the majority here because of our laxness in allowing socialists, Liberals, and outright Marxists and Bolsheviks to teach their brand of hatred to our very children in school. The Nazis could not have done better with Goebbels ” the more you tell a lie the more the people will believe it”. Barr just does things the old fashioned way and plays the gentleman’s game trusting in the law. These legal tactics do not work with the One Worlders who spout climate change , LGBT, Roe VS Wade, EPA, OSHA, NAFTA, and a plethora of other deceits to take over the bureaucracy and dictate without elected officials controlling them. Don’t bet that Barr can unseat these Deep State people. I think that he does all he can but it is the people who suffer with this and must bear the responsibility for change so vote for the guy who is doing something about it namely POTUS Don Trump. We have no one else!

  17. He is fighting an uphill battle, he is doing his job. Justice moves slowly, injustice moves fast.
    I don’t know of anyone in Washington that could do what he is doing.

  18. I believe more should be done to release all information from Durham report and more people indited , enough said.

  19. Yes, I’m disappointed in Bill Barr’s investigation and Durham’s, on the Democratic crooks with no indictments until after the election, are you kidding me??? You both are weak men that don’t have the courage President Trump has. I look up to him because he’s everything a man should be. You both aren’t doing the job you were supposed to do! I hope he fires both of you!

  20. Barr and Durham don’t seem to have the energy required by the President for their jobs . I agree with him , patience isn’t a virtue where justice is concerned . Not bringing HEAT to corrupt politicians like the Clintons ,Obama and the Bidens leaves them free to continue their crimes and witness intimidation .
    Trey Gowdy is the man for the job . He’s a former prosecutor and already hates the Washington establishment insiders . He’d LOVE to burn some political butt .

  21. Barr seems to “have the stones” when it comes to those outside the government but he turns into a “big sissy” when it comes to the crimes of the previous administration and all his goons in office….can you say a two tier system of justice…..AS ALWAYS….the same goes for Wray.

  22. ABSOLUTELY. MR. PRESIDENT, Secretary Barr has been completely loyal and honorable toward you. You will be making one of the biggest mistakes of your political life if you do not keep him on staff. I you have advice otherwise, you are being poorly served. Mr Barr is an AMERICAN PATIOTIC OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. I HONOR HIM.

  23. WHAT IS WRONG W/ALL OF THESE PEOPLE RE: BARR. I find him to be patriotic/intelligent/fair and totally loyal to our President. YOU ARE ALL WRONG. SHAME ON U.

  24. Barr must be reminded he works for America and Americans, not anyone else!
    We must light up the phones to Washington and Barr as patriots and demand he do his job or he will be held accountable as complicit to the Demscum’s coup!
    Call him
    Twitt himface book him
    Send him letters
    This problem will not fix itself
    Only Americans themselves can fix it with demands
    Trump and Pence so far are the only trustworthy politicians in America all others have yet to do their jobs

  25. AG Barr is doing a great job. He is collecting the evidence needed to produce airtight cases against these deep left operatives. A rush to prosecute w/out this is a rush to disaster. Give the man time to do his job. I am a lifelong Republican, but I agree with his decision not to politicize these indictments. I fully expect Trump to be reelected and the indictments to follow.

  26. Dep State? Red State? Blue Stare? State Stre Star. You people are so obsessed with conspiracy that “There is No a truth in Anyone in Any political party. They are All bought and Paid for by Lobbyist. When Politician get voted out what do they become? Lobbyist!! When Lobbyist want in, They become Politician . POSPOTUS has been a pyramid building/University, LOL, Con man all of his life. Read! Educate yourselves. Read the past Bankruptcies he has filed. Look at his dealings in Malta, Siberia, Russia, they are All Crooks. The only Hoax is the people supporting g these Criminals, Qanon, Deep State. All!!! NetFlix should buy these but jobs Thoughts and Conspiracies! These Gullable idiots would sit in front of a TV Set for not 4 more years, 400 Years!!

  27. Barr has the stones, ability, knowledge to take on the out of control beaurocrats in the government. He is trying to “Drain the Swamp” elites and our law enforcement agency(s) that have gone awry. t
    The BEST AG ever.
    Keep him on!!!


  29. Despite the commendations from Deep State Trump advisors and the “talent” at Fox News, Barr turned out to be no more effective than his predecessor. What had he really accomplished before this appointment? Nothing!

  30. Barr has had an overabundance of time to use the evidence he has against the guilty persons and has just sat on it. It is as if he, like Comey, is afraid Trump will lose. Barr should go if he doesn’t act to prosecute the rogues he knows committed terrible crimes against America and the Trump administration.

  31. Barr had all the information he needed to destroy Obama and all his cabinet including Hillary and he said he didn’t have enough. I thought he was going to really tie them down. I didn’t like he put it off on somebody elese and they were afraid and so was Barr to follow through. I would fire his ass and get somebody in there that ain’t afraid of putting these corrupt and evil people in prison. I wonder how much they got paid?

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