Project Veritas Exposes Colorado Leftist Group: “It’s Truly Killing..”

Project Veritas went undercover once again and exposed a Colorado Democrat Executive and “Our Revolution” Chair, Kristopher Jacks. Jacks is the chair of the Weld County chapter of Our Revolution, a far-left democrat group that seems to push for anarchy in the streets and promises a bloody revolution.

Jacks says they will lie, cheat, and steal in order to win in November.

He also says they will need to institute guillotines and possibly even start "stabbing motherf#$%ers".

Project Veritas continuously exposes groups like this, such as the Biden campaign official who promised Wisconsin would burn if Bernie didn't get the nomination.

It has many people questioning: Where is the FBI?

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16 thoughts on “Project Veritas Exposes Colorado Leftist Group: “It’s Truly Killing..””

  1. Yeah, where is the feeble FBI?????
    And how much longer does Trump put up Chris Wray doing nothing??????

  2. The FBI is still corrupt at the top. Wray is doing zero except covering up for their foibles and he will go right after the election. Time to bring in the bulldozers for the cleanup. Durham has to get his ass in gear and start with many indictments for Brennan, Comey, Strock, Obama, Biden and many others.

  3. This guy reminds me of a skinhead. As you can see Demon C’d rat party maintains a hold on violent ethnic groups no better than the KKK of Black panthers.

  4. I’d like to know where the FBI etc is in verifying these accusations. Oh that’s right the lettered US government agencies are controlled by the Deep State and Swamp beings.

  5. It is way past time to get rid of the moronic Wray and Haspel who are Deep State terrorists!


  7. To answer the question: “Where is the FBI?” The FBI has been busy in Michigan setting up a phony kidnap plot against Governor Whitmer.

  8. Anarchy in the streets and a bloody Revolution.

    To some countries POWER is essential.

    We are not China, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba to name a few.

    The USA is a free country and we need to keep it that way at all costs and not allow some individuals to spend billions of dollars to lie and pay people who will take away our first and second amendment rights.

    This is why history is no longer taught in schools and are taught only what certain individuals want taught and why we are ignorant of past atrocities that communist countries have done and now control their people and all aspects of their lives.

    There are EVIL people in the USA who would love to control all Americans.

    1. You have that absolutely correct. I know a couple retired California teachers and they are really Pissed off that they could not teach real history to younger students> IMy 1st cousin in Lancaster Pa is also a retired teacher and they would not even let her teach real world skills to be make it on their own. She majored in Biology. What is this country coming to??

  9. Remember; low information citizens, still need to see for themselves, what the criminals in government offices, have really been doing. They have been running criminal enterprises while in government positions. Time for the regular msm watchers, to be exposed to the truths, so they have “the rest of the story”. It is happening, as people are seeing with their own eyes. A population awake, will stand with Truth, Justice, And support The American Way, that established this nation, as the leader of the free world. But the people all have to be able to see for themselves. That IS happening now, as more and more of these anti-American people, rear there ugly heads to shout about corruption.. All projection, as they are guilty of the offenses they spew at others….

  10. If the FBI dont act and punish these criminals then I think the officials of officers who are the heads of department ought and should step down or resign from their posts

  11. When President Trump first took office, he should have fired EVERY Obama left over in all these gov’t agencies that he had the power to fire. That would have have done much to rid us of all this corruption and help fulfill his promise to “drain the swamp”.

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