Lies: Hunter Biden Emails Show He Used VP Father to Leverage Burisma Cash

Joe Biden has claimed that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings in Ukraine during the time Joe was Vice President of the United States.

Hunter Biden’s emails that were recently releases show that to be a bald-faced lie.

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to e-mails obtained by The Post.

Hunter Biden was given a board seat at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm, in 2014 for a salary of $50k/ month despite having zero experience in the energy industry.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about his son’s business deals and there is no reason to look into it.

An email that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Bursima, sent Hunter Biden an email in 2015 thanking him for introducing him to Joe Biden and discussed how to best use his influence on the company's behalf.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the e-mail reads.

The emails were obtained by a repair shop owner who said the MacBook was dropped off in Delaware in 2019 but never picked up again.

The FBI has apparently had this laptop since December 2019 when the shop owner alerted them to its existence (so, the FBI had this information when the House impeached the President).

It had a trove of emails from high level individuals as well as a 12 minute video of Hunter Biden smoking crack and engaging in sex acts with a woman.

However, the shop owner also gave a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani's attorney, given it seems that the FBI is where evidence of high-level political crimes go to disappear.

Giuliani gave a copy to the Post on Sunday.

Richard Grenell says this needs to be reported..

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23 thoughts on “Lies: Hunter Biden Emails Show He Used VP Father to Leverage Burisma Cash”

  1. What would happen to one of us everyday tax payers, that pay the politicians salaries, if we did something like this??????????????????????? Prison for treason, or just out right miss use of political poser. I would say life in
    prison at the least. Politicians should not be held any higher above the law than the people that elect them and
    pay their salaries. It’s time for someone to get their head out of their but, grow a set, and do something about this!!!!

  2. When does the dishonesty matter to the Democrats in Washington . Hillary Clinton has been caught in BALD FACE LIES, JOE BIDEN has been caught in BALD FACE LIES about his CORUPT SON. MRS. PILOSI has twisted the truth even before the election in 2016.YET, to a segment of the population it doesn’t seem to matter.I can’t understand this.IF you hate AMERICA get out.

    1. I’m lost for words when it comes to the media…..why are they so one sided?…… . Do they hate the President too??
      Are they being paid off from someone?

  3. We all knew this…. at least those of us who watch FOX News.
    Otherwise, democrats, who watch their beloved (and biased) news suppressing outlets of cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, bcc, npr, NYT, Wash Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, etc. WILL NEVER KNOW.
    But what is most despicable is that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!
    Why can’t all Americans break laws and get away with it?????? It’s unfair to the rest of us who get bilked by worthless lifer politicians who suck us dry.

  4. If the media or tech media squelch this story; then the result is blood is shed because of this failure to properly report this crime and hold the culprits accountable–wouldn’t the media and tech media essentially have blood on their hands?

    1. It is time for assignations to begin! If the politicians are unable to charge, indict, find guilty, and hang those guilty of treason, they are the problem! Term limits. Institute the Insurrection Act to arrest them and force them out of office. We the People have had enough. They deserve hanging or sa firing squad, no incarceration at taxpayers expense. They have already used up all their credits. Freeze and take all their assets, investments, ill begotten monies, to be applied against the National Debt.

      We the People have spoken!

  5. Joe Biden / 47 years as a career criminal, also known as democrat politician.” Wake up America “ if this Disgusting self Loathing roach is who you are lead to believe by the left Propaganda promoting so-called news media, Should be Elected by the people to run our country, God help us! We the American people Deserve justice and accountability for the corruption of the Obama administration has done to our Democracy! This Election is Paramount to stop this Disgrace to our country! Please look at the level of Deception that is going on,big tech blocking of the 1st amendment of this story is as big if not bigger than what Joe Biden , then Obamas VP was when this took place! This is what true Corruption looks like! Power and control, this is Joe Biden’s campaign, “Socialism” it’s what Benefits us in power over you ! Our vote for Donald Trump puts you and me the people in power! , not the over lords and a Corrupt government in power. Trump/Pence for God and county! Amen.

  6. This story could not be verified as person who said it, couldn’t keep his story straight. Story is not true! Bidens are not criminal. Trump and his Republicans are criminal.

    1. In my opinion, Democrat politicians have been covering up for deeds of other Dems for over fifty years. Way back to Ted Kennedy taking the life of the young woman in a auto accident and quite possibly the death of JFK in Dallas. I was a Democrat back then, but I realized the corruption of the party, and changed to a much more conservative view point. They were always blaming others or making lame excuses for their actions. A path of deaths follow many of them including HRC. They get away with all their criminal deeds because they surround themselves with like minded people and also have many marriages within their circle to insulate themselves. In my 78 years I have watched many criminal deeds be committed and swept under the rug without any repercussions. They lie, cheat and steal without punishments, but a similar lie by Martha Stewart put her in jail. There is no justice ever imposed on Democrat politicians, they just slide away with their ill gotten wealth to live a wonderful life or are given cozy job with a lobbying firm whom they approved beneficial legislation while in office.. Donald Trump is not perfect, but he is an outsider who was elected to shake up the Washigton D.C. mind set and expose the swamp of crooked D.C. politicians for the American public to see the corruption running rampede in the Capital. I will be voting for him again because it’s necessary to continue to expose the fraud of our officials. We need term limits on all elected offices now as a Constitutional amendment, not just a law they can change.

    2. Where have you been the last 12 years? Come out of your hole! There is a world out there and so crooked the crooks lie for rest of the Crooks! What has been proven that Trump did that is not Democrat news!

  7. This news should eliminate Biden from even running for President, he is a liar with everything he says. He is not competent, he has dementia and doesn’t even know he is running for President. He and his son need to go to jail for this if proven true. God help and bless America if he wins the election. America will be the loser if that happens.

  8. WTF why are these criminals allowed to walk free Hillary Obama Comey the CIA head Why aren’t all of that conspired To rig the election itself and also their bid to try to get the President impeached That is treason anyway you look at it They all knew the whole thing was a lie Obama’s worthless ass should be sweating pretty hard right now It is going to be like dominos Misery loves company and the demoRats will be jumping ship So they can lie until they turn to dust but the evidence is all there and then they will want to make a deal and then I would say Obama must be sweating his and then I thought No Balls Barry would have to settle for his cheeks sweating He better start working out keep those big guys off him He will have to hire AB for protection Thank God that we as a country have finally found the proof that from Obama down were conspiriteres in a crime that dwarfs Watergate and that is why they can’t let Trump be reelected and DO NOT rule out assassination He they steal my fucking Trump signs out of my yard twice These morons think if you can’t see Trumps name you won’t vote for him


  10. Lies, Lies and more lies. All what Bidens were doing they blamed on Trump. Polosi’s son and John Kerry’s sons were employees by Burisma. The very same people that did their fake Impeachment of our President! (Was this because Trump found out what they were doing and stepped on their toes?) Their way of covering their Butts? Now this is loosing ground with cover ups and the election! How many people in this United States even knew about this with the left fake news?

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