For Real? Harry Reid Says US Gov’t Has Covered Up UFO Evidence For Many Years

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NY) has been covering up evidence of UFO’s for many years.

Reid was among a group of lawmakers who were on a now-dissolved, but classified, program that’s task was to study possible encounters with UFO’s.

Most of the evidence the government has around UFOs “hasn’t seen the light of day,” he said….“We have it — it’s there,” the 80-year-old said.

He said the government “did everything they could” to stop the UFO program and “wanted nothing to do with this.”

In a documentary called The Phenomenon, Reid discusses encounters that the military has confirmed that might raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

The film examines the history of UFO sightings in the United States and abroad, including new details about the military-confirmed encounters off the coast involving U.S. Navy pilots. It also details a 1967 report in which an object appeared over a U.S. missile base at the same time 10 of the missiles became inoperative.

“If they had been called upon by the president to launch, they couldn’t have done it,” Reid said in the film.

Senator Marco Rubio had commented on the matter just a few months ago, saying:

“Frankly, that if it’s something from outside this planet — that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary,” added Mr Rubio.

This is full-on 2020 stuff.

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39 thoughts on “For Real? Harry Reid Says US Gov’t Has Covered Up UFO Evidence For Many Years”

  1. Harry Reid was as corrupt as senators get before he blessedly retired. He was as untrustworthy then as he is now. If what he says is “true”, and even if it isn’t, he is violating an oath of secrecy he took. Harry simply isn’t a trustworthy, on any level beyond distrust, source.

    1. Harry Reid has become dispensable and he can’t stand it. All he did as senate leader was obstruct so why is he coming out with this now. Does he think these things are not being studied if they can be? Area 51 is in his home state in case he forgot.

  2. Harry is tied in with that billionaire that works with NASA and they are selling wolf cookies and they stand to make billions It is all about money for Harry and besides if he is so sure now why didn’t he ever say anything about it when he was in office He would have been have known all about it So why now It is dollar signs

  3. At this point in time…with the election simmering…I don’t care about UFOs. This sounds like a distraction from what’s really important. Later, maybe, but my take on UFOs is…if they are real and wanted to harm us, they would have already done it…if they are not real, there’s no need to worry. Personally, I think the little space critters roll their windows up when they go by earth…like we do our car windows when going through a questionable neighborhood.

  4. In 1956 I and a group living in a mobile Home Park watched an object about 1500 feet above the ground. It was in a stationary position, although it appeared to be hovering and moving in place. It was a large object and as it moved, you caught glimpses of what appeared to be a section on the top.

    It was round in shape and looked like what you might call a saucer on the bottom It was metallic in appearance and as it hovered, it caught the reflection of the sun and took on slight changes in color. This occurred at about
    3:30 in the afternoon

    We watched for a period of about 10 minutes or so; then it moved away from it’s position in a rapid speed. It was
    almost like it shot away.

    That same day there were pilots who reported seeing an object in the sky near their flight position. They tried to
    chase it, but again it shot away from their path rapidly. I know this because my husband worked at Air Force Plant 42 in the town of Palmdale Ca. At that time there were several military installations in the Mojave Desert.
    Plant 42, Edwards Air Force Base and March Air Force Base.

    Just before the object was sighted at the Park, my husband came home from work and was about to tell me about
    the sighting near the Plant, when a neighbor came shouting to tell us about the object over the Park.

    I know it was not my imagination. I vividly remember the incident. I honestly don’t think it was anything any
    earthling had anything to do with. If they wanted to harm us, they obviously had the ability….I think they were
    and are observing. Call me a kook if you want, but I know what I saw. If I would have been by myself I might have questioned if I was hallucinating, but at least 15-20 people observed this incident. I was in good health, my
    eye sight was good, and it was a clear day.

    This has nothing to do with Harry Reid, but I believe people who have witnessed sightings because I was one of them. My husband and I never talked about it, because anyone who did was considered either lying or crazy.

    1. When I was in the Navy, we had a UFO hover over our flight deck of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42 for five minutes. Our ships photographer got photos of it including the aliens looking out the UFOs window. His camera was taken by the ships Captain and destroyed. We were all told not to mention the ordeal for 50 years. But, in 1970 we had a UFO fly up route 114 in Goffstown and hover over a lady’s house. She called the cops they came and also saw it just before it disappeared out of sight. So yes, aliens do exist from outer space.

    2. Your location of bases in the Mojave desert is incorrect. Edwards AFB still is located in the High Desert area of So. California and George AFB was located just outside of Victorville, California in the County of San Bernardino it was closed a number of years ago. March AFB however was located in the Moreno Valley in the town formerly known as Sunnymead located in Riverside, County. One other AFB in this area was Norton, AFB located in the City of San Bernardino. This section of airspace in So. California is also home to Ontario Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport and a number of smaller Municipal Airports. In the almost fifty years I’ve lived here in So. California and all my years growing up on USAFB many of which were home to Missile Sqdn’s and SAC BASES coupled with my Dads Military Occupational Specialties I’ve personally seen some very strange things in the night time and early morning skies. But the strangest was over the Low Desert area outside Palm Springs…never saw lights maneuver horizontally and vertically at the speed, distance and altitudes I did then and I’ve seen helicopters, fighters, bombers, even tactical missiles and ICBM’s launched but to this day nothing to match or come close to that night!

  5. Read the book trip to Serpo or Secret space programs of the United States, another good read is: Solar Warden, it can be found on Google. They will do more than raise the hair on the back of your neck!!!!

  6. NOTHING. I mean absolutely nothing that Harry Reid has to say is of interest to me.
    He was and is a mormon and that is a cult that denies that Jesus Christ is the ONLY begontten Son of God
    He tried to sell a bunch of land to China for a wind farm. That he and his son would have made millions on.
    He went nuclear on judge approval but that turned out to be good as now we have NO problem getting past the vile, bigoted Democrats.
    Will he face God???? Yes. Will he get into heaven? No, in fact mormons believe that they get their OWN planet where they become gods and have hundreds of wives. So when he faces the true God, he is in for a BIG surprise.

  7. My mother in 1950’s saw a Long cigar shaped vehicle hovering over a corn field in our south facing kitchen window at our home in North Tonawanda NY. She worked as a private secretary to owner Larry Bell of Bell Aircraft in Niagara Falls at the time. She also did work for the Test Pilots and Engineers who were developing specialized Rocket fuels and the Bell Rocket aircraft back then. The UFO that she saw was seen by many other in this NY region. I remember her telling me this back then. I believe her to be a reliable observer of that sighting.
    Perhaps, the craft was investigating what was being significant Scientific research at Bell Aircraft’s rocket research?

  8. I believe there are UFOs visiting our planet. Probably have been for centuries. As far as Reid goes, who knows if he’s telling the truth. He is a democrat. Sooooo…..

  9. It’s more than about time that the US Government opens about with the truth about UFO’s and Alien encounters!
    The public can swallow the truth and not panic! Concealment has led to public mistrust, conspiracy for far too long.
    As we reach out to space with telescopes, radio dishes, satellites and planet viewing robotics we are discovering more earth like planets revolving near there solar suns in the vast universe and we are only looking at a small portion of the observable sky! In the archeology of our planet it is believed that Ancient Aliens visited our planet thousands of years in the past and may have seeded mankind on this Terra Firm called “Earth” The evidence is certainly there in visual proof!

    1. Surprise! Surprise! Most of us believe that the UFO thing is real, Big deal Harry, running short on cash, had to write a book about it, contrary to the Liberals being idiots, the rest of us aren’t.

  10. With over 18,000 hours of fight time as an international pilot …20 in the AF and 25 with Delta… I never saw anything I considered a UFO. A few ground to air missiles in North Vietnam, a few odd weather formations, nothing unexpected.

    If there are visitors so sophisticated as to visit our planet,
    I wish they’d help us get rid of the Democrats.

  11. There’s NOTHING “outside this planet” . . . UFOs have had their start before, during and AFTER WWII. The Nazis under HITLER started investigating different types of POWER SOURCES (say, ZPE energy). LOOK up VRIL series 1 thru 7 and HAUNEBU series 1 through 4 (both Nazi in ORIGIN). and, I’m SURE our nation, as well as others have them as well. Some of these craft have crashed due to their inherent unstable properties (which I think have been solved by now). I wonder what ELSE “AREA 51” has besides “green aliens from MARS”? (pun intended). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Actually, YES! The rest of the world HAS covered it up. Government’s do NOT want us to know our TRUE HISTORY. They do NOT want you to know about the Ancient Ruins on the Moon & Mars. They don’t want you to know that the Asteroid Belt used to be a planet that was blown up, long ago, due to a (LITERAL) War in space. There is SO MUCH MORE that they don’t want you to know. (about Space)

  12. Ummmmm…..DUH!!!! Don’t we all KNOW THIS already?! But, Reid is part of the TTSA CIA PsyOp. The next BIG PsyOp will be that we are being ‘invaded’ by ‘ET’. And they have the Tech to do it too. With their Holograms, they can project into the skies, over major cities, HUGE ‘space ships’. So, when this DOES happen, and IT WILL, do NOT ‘freak out’!! It’s just the CIA and their latest PsyOp! One has to be DEAF, DUMB and BLIND to NOT see it coming!!





  14. I wonder How long it would take to get to a planet in another solar system… A large number of years. I have no idea but maybe 250 years.,,,I hope someone with knowledge of other solar systems will respond and agree or correct me.

  15. It’s logical to assume DNA-like cellular entities exist on many worlds, but, organisms built from dividing cells are very rare. Far unlikely are the rare evolution of larger creatures. The probable evolution of a space faring civilization is almost vanishing small, but, not impossible. If such a civilization did arise, and survived itself, in a stellar system a little older than our solar system, it could have had the time to spread to other stellar systems. Their technology would be very much in advanced of ours, if it had the time to evolve in an older star system. It’s likely their means of travel wouldn’t be inside of a craft, but, some sort of unsupervised AGI software. And, probably driven by a technology we are unable to understand, today!

    1. I am curious as to how you came to your conclusions. According to most scientists, alien life is probably quite abundant in our galaxy and the universe. And I suspect you are only considering the possibility of carbon-based life. It is very premature to state things like that. Since what we know of the universe is exceedingly tiny, no reasonable conclusions can be reached in regards to life elsewhere.

  16. No surprise here. I have been following this phenomenon for over fifty years. My younger, deceased, brother was abducted several times. As a teenager I saw things that was impossible even today. It isn’t a big thing until they land in your front yard. Remember our 34th President Eisenhower? If you follow it close enough and don’t listen to our government, you may learn something.

  17. I can not understand why anyone would question the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial crafts. The evidence is overwhelming. People from all walks of life have seen and reported them. Even expert military observers have done so.

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