The Question Everyone is Quietly Asking About William Barr

The Trump administration took over in January 2017 and, despite all the distractions and attacks from the left, has had many successes.

President Trump has just been nominated, for a third time, for a Nobel Peace Prize. His successes where all other presidents, in modern history, failed has led to nominations from leaders across the globe.

The Trump administration has tackled hundreds of miles of border wall construction despite continued resistance from the left and even some on the establishment right. His administration has dealt blow after blow to human, drug, and sex trafficking. William Barr’s DOJ has done well, here.

Yet there is one question everyone is still asking about his administration and, more specifically, his Attorney General William Barr.

Will any high-level orchestrators of the 'coup attempt' be punished?

To date, there has been one indictment and guilty plea of an FBI lawyer resulting from Durham's investigation.

That's hardly the guy responsible.

The 2019 OIG report from Horrowitz on the FBI handling of the Russian collusion probe points the finger at many others above him. Criminal referrals have been made to Barr's DOJ and it seems like they have almost all been declined for prosecution.

A new OIG report was quietly dropped late last week that outlined major abuses relating to the FBI granting access to the NSA database to outside contractors. Outside contractors were able to access classified NSA data on Americans.

It was issued as a 'management advisory' and demands to know what steps have been taken to resolve the issues, within the next 90 days.

The FISA abuses, as outlined here, were also dealt with by an almighty slap on the wrist and described as "lack of candor".

Almost every time the FBI is called out and ordered to produce documents to either confirm or defend against the allegations, they say they've been deleted. In many instances by 'accident'. Sometimes they lied even about that, according to Judicial Watch filings.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just declassified a document that shows Hillary Clinton, Obama, and James Comey all knew that the Russian collusion charges were bogus and a concocted distraction from her email scandal.

If Maria Bartiromo's recent announcement is right, it doesn't look good for justice to be served.

AG Barr has said all the right things, but actions speak louder than words and so far the DOJ's actions have been akin to putting a child in timeout for 15 minutes and telling them not to do it again.

Unless, of course, your name is Michael Flynn.

It's clear there have been two very different standards of justice at the FBI and DOJ.

Will that change or are they kicking the can down the road in hopes that a next president will sweep this all under the rug?

It's a tall order for William Barr but the country needs justice.

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46 thoughts on “The Question Everyone is Quietly Asking About William Barr”

  1. this lack of justice is unconscieanable , lacks any relationship to fairness for any obvious coup attempt on Donald Trump. Innocent citizens get locked up for not wearing a mask , rioters shoot police, but no indictments for treason .
    What a travesty.

  2. It’s time to do something, Big Bill. Get off your arse and do something .We all are waiting

  3. It’s game over for the USA. Just watch Comey during the Senate hearing yesterday. He has the look of a man who knows he’s in the protected class. We have descended to third world territory where the political class live by a separate set of rules than the common citizenry.

  4. So what is to be done? Does Barr think he can’t prosecute these people because of who they are? You can bet if it was plain Jane or plain Joe, we’d be sitting in a jail waiting to be prosecuted. They won’t even prosecute Antifah. Our government needs to be revamped from top to bottom. They do not serve the American people.

    1. You’re right about the double standard. If plain Jane or plain Joe destroyed evidence like Hillary and her staff or like Mueller’s team, they would be prosecuted without delay. This is third world justice.

      1. This has nothing to do with “Third World” justice. Third world will put you in jail and , in some cases, take your life for claiming you love Jesus.
        We need to send these Guilty ones to an Alcatraz. They would die without their pampered society.

    2. I honestly believe he has been warned that if he proceeds to prosecute anyone of those people involved, he will be subject to suicide by Clinton’s.

  5. I just pray that he’s got something brewing and is making progress that we are not going to be able to see yet. Just prayin’! Barr seems to have all the right stuff. we can’t imagine the immensity of the pressure he’s under. Everyone wants to see justice now, since we were denied it in 2018, and we absolutely lost because Meuller was able to keep the hoax going long enough to effect the election – exactly what the deep state planned. Are they going to have the same power again this election. God have mercy on this nation. This is no election to even contemplate losing!

  6. Another example of the political (ruling) class being protected: Why is Biden not being pressured to explain why his son, Hunter Biden, was paid $3.5 million by a Russian while his father was Vice President?

  7. Barr was the AG the orchestrated the RUBY RIDGE ATTACKS on a WHITE SEPARATIST that had committed no criminal acts.

  8. Top people and moneyed people get away with anything including murder and do not get prosecuted. Ordinary citizens commit the smallest crime and go to prison for a long time. Bill Bar is wasting taxpayers money for investigations that are going nowhere. I am pissed!

    1. I totally agree with you. This is a lot of taxpayer money wasted on endless investigations with zero results.

  9. Quiet honestly, I am very disappointed that no further action has been taken in regards to the strong efforts by the left to destroy President Trump. Please go ahead and pursue charges against the responsible persons including Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Just because they are prominent politicians, they are first and foremost American citizens and should be held to the same standards, rules and laws as others.

  10. The more time that passes the more clear it is that Barr possesses Swamp DNA. As do too many Trump appointees. Trump is smart but he’s been too busy all his life to dig into the deeper conspiratorial side of things. Even those who do see still don’t know who most of the Swampers are. Many think it’s Soros and a couple others, but there are thousands more. In summary, no-one’s going to jail over this…ever. There will be no pre-election Durham report. And very likely no Durham report at all. Get used to it. Besides, this is entirely a spiritual thing, big picture wise, requiring a wholesale turning of dumbed-down Americans to the God of Scripture. If they can do it, fine. If not, God will no doubt act like He did in the times of Old Testament Israel. Chosen or not, He was beyond heavy duty in judging them.

  11. Barr and Trump are operating under constraints forced on them by the pending election. High level indictments at this point would be a mistake in that if they lose the election their actions would be overturned or ended with the Dems using them as a political tool. Once Trump is re-elected the gloves will come of with four years to accomplish their objectives and expose the Obama misdeeds.


  12. Yes don’t u all get it! For what ever the reason the libs are owing this one….just hoping Biden will win so YES
    He will sweep it under the rug! But hoping Trump will win that certainly will not happen! Omg what a mess we’re all in! The real problem is that all the lib voters have no clue what’s going on! If they really understood about the lift
    They would hopefully be shocked….but people told me they don’t care….they just want libs in their gov. What a shame!

  13. I swear to God, if Durham and Barr end up soft-pedaling this thing, allowing the perpetrators of this attempted coup to slip quietly into that good night that is the deep state, unpunished and unrepentant, all while treating us like mushrooms (KITD/FOBS…Kept in the dark, fed only bullshit), then I will never believe anything anyone in Washington or the media says ever again, regardless of party, network or administrative affiliation. I’ll just keep my powder dry, my gun loaded and be prepared to do down fighting.

  14. Justice will come but it will be delivered by patriot hero’s and their gun barrels!

    It’s just like the debates our justice system!
    They are talking about turning off the Microphone on the debaters wow more communist tactics!
    The very definition of a debate is banter between Opponents
    Turn off an opponent’s mic and all you have is one sided Rhetoric
    Sure the democrats want that for Uninterrupted lies are easier to sell !
    And the only plan democrats have and are Implementing are lies!
    Democrats can’t have criticism belittling their lies
    And what about , Czar mike Wallace and his communist tactics to sway Americans opinions to the left! He must have been to Epstein’s island doing 5 year old girls and the democrats have pictures!
    Democrats have proven they are liars, murderers, corrupt and communist what other reasons do Americans need to justify their elimination from America!
    Our landfills already stink so there perfect for democrats final resting place as the wait for the short bus to hell

  15. I am praying for William Barr that he finds a way to find justice for the American people who believed these corrupt officials. They must be punished to get America back to where we need it.

  16. If Barr can’t or won’t do his job the way it SHOULD be done, then he ought to be removed from office and replaced by someone that can and WILL Fo The Job!

  17. It’s simply amazing here we are 30 days out from the most important election our nation has had in front of it. Seems the mail in ballot standards the Blue State Governors have implemented is a attack on our next election. We are told that there is no possibility for cheating when in fact we have heard nothing but horror stories regarding found trashed ballots already, military ballots found opened and most were for President Trump. Common sense tells us that these mailed out ballots in the millions unsolicited will be a big problem especially with the Democrats always pushing every vote must be counted blah, blah, blah. President Trump should be a shoe in, but in California they have used harvesting of votes for many years and has turned Republican candidates who won on election day overturned because of ballots showing up one or two weeks after the actual election, always smells to holy heaven and they get away with it because they control the systems. You know what Stalin said many years ago it’s not the vote that counts, it’s who counts the vote! Democrats and thieves and cheaters California is fraught with both.

    1. You forget that we are the assholes But you also have to remember that They are are the TURDS and they’re just passing through.

  18. It is puzzling that Barr seems to be not only dragging his feet but also throwing the whole investigation into the trash bin. Why is this happening? You’d think that Trump would be on top of this and demand much more out of Barr. Maybe, the two of them are on to something big and just waiting to spring the trap door. Then again, maybe Barr isn’t serious about putting away some of his friends and colleagues. If this is the case, then the President should fire him and put Barr’s name on the list to be investigated. I hope the reason we’re not hearing of more progress is because Barr’s team is really onto something big and is getting the evidence that can not be disputed. Fingers crossed.

  19. STILL waiting!!!! We’re ALL WAITING for the HANDCUFFS to come out!!!


  20. It is far past the time for justice to be given for Americans and America. Obamas, Clintons, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, deep state, Hollywood elites, Silicon Valley, and the media to answer for their crimes. All of the above qualify for treason, dirty money, trying to throw the election and too much more to discuss at this time. I thought Barr was going to get to the bottom of how these people have betrayed their country and fellow Americans.
    Apparently Barr isn’t any better than the rest of the swamp. It is about time Americans stand up for what they believe and start striking back at these degenerates.

  21. No more Charges to date huh!!! I guess the Rich Elite Swamp dwellers of Washington can get away with everything except maybe Murder (but it can be done for a price) and selling out to Chinese/Russians for wealth.

  22. The Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists keep saying that No One is Above the Law and yet it is obvious to just about anyone with at least one active brain cell that the law is NOT enforced to all evenly. Pelosi has stated on many, many, many occasions that the President is not above the law so why does obama and his Socialist Regime get a pass? Unless the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists have changed the Pledge of Allegiance, doesn’t it state that there is “Liberty and Justice for All?”

  23. I agree too and have been wondering what Mr. Barr has been doing since he started. Clearly not much.
    It seems we have a lot lacking in our system of government and are currently watching some Democrat governors run over our voting laws (if we have any) to handle this next presidential vote as they please !! Seems attorneys general can perform miserably as well.

    We need loopholes closed permanently and someone strong enough to fight for that.

  24. I’m beginning to think Mr. Barr may well be a member of the DEEP STATE. What in the world is this man waiting
    for to prosecute those that have been proven to break a myriad of our laws?

  25. I had great hope that Barr would have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and hold Comey Hillary, Bill, & the rest of that group of criminals’ feet to the fire, but it is beginning to look like he sold us out just like the ones before him. If that is the case, President Trump will have to clean house himself. BARR SOLO US OUT TOO!!!

  26. If there are no indictments in the next 10 days, then both Barr and Durham should be charged with obstructing justice. There is enough evidence, and before an election, the American people deserve to know that Biden participated in a coup to take down Trump, as president.
    HUNTER Biden should be brought to testify about his dealings.

  27. I am so sick of the two tier justice system. There is no one in Washington DC that can tell me all these people under the Obama administration are innocent and if they were “real people” they would not be in jail for a long sentence. I am so disgusted with this country. The powerful, Barr, being one of the swamp have turned this country into a third world disgrace. Where is the justice?????????????????????????????

  28. William Barr and Christopher Ray of the FBI both need to go and right now….
    they are part of the Good Old Boy, Deep State Network, and nothing will ever be accomplished of the past bad deeds of the Dems…..

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Where is justice in this country. Only the non-elect get punished. God have mercy on us. My hopes are wearing thin. I had high hopes that Barr would do his job.

    2. I would ask for Wray’s resignation, immediately.

      The President must ask for an interim report without redactions.
      If it is not received within 72 hours, I would fire Durham and put
      a team (sparing no expense) on the project, using Durham as a consultant. This report
      is critical.

      michael zitterman

  29. We need TRUTH.
    It will be embarrassing but cleansing.

    AG William Barr, Durham et al have the critical opportunity to
    take, perhaps, one of the most important set of actions in our
    nation’s 244-year history.

    We, the People, desperately, need this collective shower to rid
    ourselves of the filth we have subjected to during these past 4

    Please Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham, do not rob this nation from
    the TRUTH.

    Yes, even an interim report

    Thank you,

    michael zitterman

  30. When this election is over, President needs to fire Christopher Wray. In addition, AG Barr should be instructed to do a better job of directing his department to complete long overdue fair investigations immediately. Indictments
    should. be forthcoming promptly or he needs to be replaced. A good replacement would be Sidney Powell.

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