Democrats Say We Should “Just Move On” From Russian Hoax, Stop Investigations

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) suggested, at Wednesday’s Senate hearing with former Director of the FBI James Comey, that we should just move on from the Russian Collusion scandal.

She seemed annoyed that we are talking about something that happened in 2016 and 2017. She wasn’t alone, either.

“Most people think we should be talking about other things, except maybe President Trump,” said Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

But the remnants of the Russian Collusion hoax are alive and well today. The Mueller team invaded the lives of anyone associated with Trump. There are still a large number of people who think President Trump ‘colluded’ with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

It’s all they heard for 3+ years.

And it’s all because of the hoax. It was the major driving factor in building public support for an impeachment case against President Trump. Even Joe Biden brought it up during the Presidential debate on Tuesday night.

Michael Flynn is still facing prison time for 'lying to the FBI' even though those agents didn't think he lied. He was facing $5 million in legal fees over a year ago and it's still ongoing. Democrats have called him a traitor.

Imagine if Trump, and whoever else, hadn't caught them in their scheme.

They were accusing President Trump of treason. That means he could have been executed or likely spent the rest of his life in prison. Democrats were accusing his son, Donald Trump Jr., of treason as well.

This is not a game.

This was an attempt to undermine the democracy of the United States. Our country would no longer be a democratic republic and voting would likely just be an illusion of choice. This is what countries like Syria and Venezuela look like, not the United States of America.

And Democrats think we should just "move on".

Of course they do. They're the ones who got caught.

Paul Sperry, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor's Business Daily and Hoover Institution media fellow, says the GOP is done if they think we can just brush this under the rug.

There's no going back to normal after this. You cannot just sweep a coup under the rug. Republicans wanting to move on or seeking "reform" instead of punishment and accountability are sadly mistaken. The GOP is over if Barr & Durham don't deliver. Over. Done. Patriots won't abide

Is he right?

What would keep this from happening again if there aren't very serious consequences?



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69 thoughts on “Democrats Say We Should “Just Move On” From Russian Hoax, Stop Investigations”

  1. Of Course now that their nuts are in a vice we should just walk away and forget about the elite plan to institute a take over of government because they can’t stand the people taking their country back

    1. Nothing will happen to any of them as always. Had hopes Durham would do something but that’s look unlikely now. After the election he says. What damn good is that and it tooo will never happen. No justice.

  2. Oh no. It’s too easy to just let them slide for what they did to President Trump and the American people! They need to be investigated and jail time needs to be given to those who perpetrated the hoax…ALL OF THEM. They are NOT ABOVE THE LAW! They owe Donald Trump a SINCERE APOLOGY. They owe the American people the MONEY THEY SPENT on their witch hunt.
    No…they don’t get a pass on this…no way!

    1. Barbara & Marlene, you are entirely correct. Accusations amounting to TREASON against the president are not something to be brushed aside. AND – Why is Hillary still at large when I would be serving years in Leavenworth for a tiny fractions of her “carelessness” as there did not need to be intent to convict me. (She was informed of the SAME restrictions as I was before assuming that post.) She DEFINITELY had INTENT, not just “carelessness”.

      1. She’s still “on the loose” because those who get in her way or are a threat to her seem to vanish. The list is quite lengthly.

  3. I bet they would like that! Criminals! We won’t forget! I can just imagine how “forgiving”they’d be if the roles were reversed. NOT!

  4. I would move on. Move on to bring all the lib criminals up for sedition. Starting with Obama and Biden then you have many other miscreants including Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, COmey, Schiff, Pelousy, Nadler, Page and many others. The biggest crime in US history and they want us to move on………..I sure as hell don’t think so.

  5. I agree most heartily with Mr. Sperry. The democrats tried to run the President out of office illegally. They were unsuccessful, but they did manage to undermine Trumps presidency and the media damaged his public image it would appear irreparably. Many still believe the lies. There should be aggressive criminal legal action and people need to go to prison. Just because Trump is unbowed and defiant it might appear he wasn’t injured by the withering false accusation by the fake news media who were complicitous. Trump was injured and so were the American people. A lesser man would have crumble under the pressure of his office.

    We hear talk about the lack of unity in our nation. The democrats blame Donald Trump. Any person with half a brain can see that the cause is the evil relentless false accusations and personal attacks on the president and his office. It was a crime against the American people and the people need justice. This can never happen again. Baseless lies alleging treason by our government are a heinous crime that undermines the rule of law and the constitution. Let the prosecutions begin!

  6. They want to FORGET ABOUT IT now, after their attempt to de-rail THE 45th PROTUS, FAILED and now their friends and family are getting called out on it. from the top down to the low man on the ladder, it is a ” OK LETS BE FRIENDS NOW ). NO NO NO, time to pay up for your CRAP.

  7. The hoax was an done with INTENT, and intent is a condition of committing a crime, therefore everyone involved has to be held criminally liable. Not to do so would be a total destruction of our system of law.

  8. Democrat wants to move on from the Russian Hoax, but, they pounded for almost 4years with their accusations. In my opinion it should b investigated n the instigators prosecuted

  9. I was a registered democrat for 57 years when I got tired of watching the democrats give away everything to welfare and pork barrel projects. Now at 83 years old I have been a Republican for the last 26 years and was relatively satisfied until the last few years. My dissatisfaction is due to the
    lack of inactivity on the part of the republican politicians concerning all they have let the democrats
    get away with. They let Hillary get away with erasing her emails on her private computer, Benghazi,
    I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point, and now they want to just forget about the
    “HOAX” . I think they should all go to jail, starting with O’Bama, Hillary Comey, Brennan and all
    the rest.

    1. Stanley, yes there are some R’s that are weak…Lindsey, mitch….but others HAVE triesd HARD to do something. But IF there are more bad ppl higher up preventing investigation….WHAT ARE THEY TO DO?? I blame all of us ppl that were lazy in not staying on top of our Congress ppl to hold them accountable. Stanley….this CHANGE of our American system has been in the works for decades!! This plan/change included the public schools. They needed to change how individuals thought about the U.S. and the world! THAT TOOK MUCH FORTHOUGHT!! Many yrs ago! Our gov is ROTTEN DEEP within!!

  10. Simple for you to say, Amy, you weren’t the one that had your first years as President screwed up by Hillary the Witch and her horde. I guess that included you too! Well, the American people will not let it just go on by, we would like for the horde to pay for their crimes and the shame you wished on Trump hanging around your necks.

  11. It’s too late Baby, your bunch started all the crap, so now President Trump and his administration will finish it! Take all of the guilty parties down!

  12. “Just move on” No way! … accountability required! Democrats forced a fictitious impeachment, sought to disenfranchise 63 million voters , ruined lives and actively obstructed a legally elected president for 3 3/4 years Further, the FBI is complicit as are other democrats and we are just supposed to move on . We will move on when the perpetrators of this coup d’etat including Hillary Clinton, Obama and Ukraine “quid pro quo Joe “Biden) are indicted and sent to jail. This democrat style of destructive and hypocritical “party first” politics must never happen again. Jail time is the only remedy.

  13. Imagine for a second if this happened to a Democrat administration. Really let that soak in. The BLM riots would seem like a school yard tussle between 3 year old children.

    No, we cannot let this go and move on. I do not care who was involved or how “important” they are. EVERYONE who participated in trying to remove a legally elected President and ruin the lives of many in his administration, need to be punished! Especially since there is now ample proof that they knew there was nothing to the case from the very beginning. This was a pure, pre-meditated, attack on the very foundation of the political structure of our Nation.

    A strong enough example needs to be set so this will never happen to ANY future administration.

  14. Yes the crooked Democrats would like for us to drop the Russian crap, everybody that had a part in the Mueller
    💩 show should go to jail for lying to the American people.
    You damn Democrats need to pay back every nickel they received, for the entire time the lying Mueller worked
    on one of the biggest hoax in the History of America on a President.
    The Democrats will do anything to win. I can’t stand any of them.

    1. It NOT a Requirement to show your Tax Returns, most politicians do… but it’s NOT a Requirement…. But true fully most of you wouldn’t know what you where looking at or even how to read it and interpret what it says ….if he did release it.. it’s not like it’s a Legitimate Birth Certificate

  15. If the GOP cannot hold on to this issue as the main inter-party controversy of the era, then it has ceased to have a reason for being. The series of hoaxes aimed at President Trump, the lawfully elected 45th chief executive of the United State, posed an existential threat to our republic. If Pelosi and company (including Schiff, Waters, Schumer etc.) are to be taken at their word, some elements of the travesty still do at present and post-2020 election also. If Republican congressional leaders and administration executives do not have the stomach/heart to continue the investigations and follow ups to their logical conclusions, then such deadwood must be defeated in primaries or dismissed from their positions.



  16. Democrat party can eat crap and die. They are the ones who are corrupt and got caught. So Hillary Clinton and Obama administration can’t go to jail. Joe Biden is right in the middle of this corruption. He is the one who called for the Logan act against Flynn. So sick of this crap. All of the Democrat party needs arrested and hung for treason.

    1. We the People have rights
      Look at the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, 2nd Amendment, plus many more
      We need to have a backbone and rise up in unity
      If all other can rise up, protest, force others to submit to an alternative, BURN DOWN THE CITIES, KILL, MURDER…
      In return we should STAND
      Not theirs to destroy and bring up destruction

  17. A democrat wanting to stop hoax investigations they started?
    Could it be they believe their going to jail if it continues?!
    America knows their going to jail!
    They are so insane they just now are considering the consequences they now face!
    One democrat learned how to spell treason thus allowing their smartest democrat to look up the definition by American law!
    Their dumbest democrat then as all the others one question!
    Doesn’t treason charges mean they will hang us??
    And then they decided dropping the rights investigation should stop!
    Consequences is. Very big word!
    Democrats are about to find out just how big a word consequences is!!!!
    Patriots can’t wait to watch them hang
    Isn’t consequences a great word!

  18. no moving on after the treasonous crap them dem commies pulled need investigations and PROSECUTIONS followed by, after having been found guilty, IMPRISONMENT !!!

  19. love to share this, but hitting the facebook insignia just takes me to fb, and when I cut and past fb doesn’t show a preview. They said they were clamping down on conservative pro Trump articles/comments, and it appears they are.

    1. Copy and paste the URL and put over at or They don’t sensor! Any videos should go to we patriots must have a way to communicate after the election! Fb, Twitter, and others will have all of us blocked. They have already stated this. Get moved over to the new locations.

  20. Rarely see the guilty welcoming investigation. It is pretty apparent the investigation early on was found to be groundless. Never-the-less it was continued in hopes of hamstringing the President for another three years and a cost of only $10,000,000 a year. No harm no foul? Hardly. Heads should roll.

  21. GOP must not leave this alone. Its time to find and punish those that tried to usurp the authority of an elected President. The American people have a right to know what happened and who made it happen. It MUST BE COMPLETED…

  22. In other words dems are saying their worried as to who all heads are going to roll, so they believing their above the law is saying, to let them sweep the investigation under the rug and everyone just forget it, when these are the criminal that have been trying to destroy innocent/respectable people lives with their lies just to take more power, they all belong in prison….

  23. I don’t think so. There is going to be hell to pay for somebody (a lot of somebodies!!) starting with Bararck Obama. What these sick people did is really really bad. I have never, in my lifetime, seen a crime committed in the political arena, as bad as this is. The crimes committed here should certainly have people in prison for the rest of their lives – at the very least. A lot of people. FORGET IT??? I think not!!!

  24. I agree! These people , all of them, should be held accountable! The Clintons especially. I believe people are afraid to say or do anything against them because of all the murders that have happened which people suspect they were involved with. It is simply not right, they are evil people. Yet, they have never had to pay for the evil deeds they have done.


    1. That would be a joke if that ever came into reality
      Remember NO demorats can be held accountable PERIOD because they are too greasy
      We the People, the Taxpayers should wise up and really first vote the party out as what it represents NOW
      Then we all really need to read the Constitution, worthy to be upheld
      Legal immigrants who go through the steps of becoming AMERICAN Citizenship have to learn to READ it along with learning English
      Anyone joining the US military or other federal sectors are given a booklet with the Constitution to be upheld
      Where are the rest in understanding that PIECE of the Constitution that our founders drew up?
      Our forefathers: were some atheist, anti faith, different faiths, so on BUT they UNITED in drawing up that with the Bill of Rights among the many as our FREEDOM from religious persecution…which the generations here in Americans forgot because it is no longer under persecution till now
      Look at Gov lordie Newsome

  26. Hang them all in time square for everybody to see that there are consequences for actions against our country.

  27. Yes, do move on however, throw the Politico criminals In JAIL or with the military tribunals, the firing squad
    That is a very poor excuse as demorats avoid punishment but the commoners do not get those free ticket to skip jail
    no matter which party or affiliation label that is carried abroad
    Follow the laws, ethics, then will you get your party’s name back
    But for now you must pay the piper, clean up your own back yard and face the music
    Next time you will not have those rights to abuse us taxpayers
    We the People have a long, long memory!

  28. Each and everyone involved should be exposed and held accountable for their part in this abuse of power. The leaders of this hoax should receive punishment as if they were not politicians. Surely citizens receiving long-term jail sentences did mot do the monetary or moral damage these politicians have done!

  29. move on? are you kidding me? you politicians need to be arrested for treason for spying on Trump’s campaign…you politicians needs to be held accountable for that….I, for one WILL NOT move on until all players are in jail

  30. Oh! Really?? Did they stop investigating our president on false charges and lies for two years ?? It’s your turn, Honey. The real truth will be known. Can’t wait to see your butts in jail.

  31. You can bet the Democrats want to “move on from Russian Collusion ” after three and a half years of FALSE accusations and defamation of character endured by the President Trump…..They sure wanted it on the front pages of all the media while it was going on…..BUT now it is being “linked to Killery and the DNC”….And the REAL TRUTH is coming out, they just want to forget about it….RIGHT

  32. NO…you don’t just walk away and forget. Just like Hillary wanted “What difference does it make now, just forget it”..Sorry..NOT HAPPENING

  33. I agree but those involved should do /10 to 30 years in prison, no Presidential Pardons, no early release from prison, loss of licenses, loss of benefits, and when released from prison they can never work with any business that does business with the government!

  34. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is one more wicked Democratic woman not a lady at all a foul-mouthed b igot who deserves Minneapolis and Black Lives Matter communists.
    Amy reinforces my claim there is not a single decent Democrat man or woman watch the Supreme Court hearings and you will agree they are all bigots and raping taxpayers with their foul antics at our expense. Please vote them out and Elect Trump to save america from the Black LIves Matter thugs, Antifa children living in their patients basement being paid to riot by Soros and oust all Democrats so Trump can make America great again ,again. Democrats hate America and want total control just like Hitler and Soros.
    Has Hunter Biden ever claimed his daughter out of wedlock for The Bidens self-proclaimed “great family’?

  35. Time to get this Russian fiasco aired out. The FBI and CIA have been carrying water for the Democrats for 4 years. Where are the hidden classified documentation that is finally identified after being hidden for 4 years by Democrat operatives. If heads do not roll, there will be total disillusionment with the whole Washington legal system. Clinton and Obama must be publicly exposed for what they have done, along with their agency lackeys. Too many investigations and conspiratorial leaks. Lets get a front page statement of facts. Put names to charges and publicly identify the culprits. OR JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The Democrat Idea of “We should move on” Is analogous to taking a dump in Times Square then moving on. The mess and perpetrator needs to be cleaned up so it doesn’t happen again.

  37. I agree, we need to punish the guilty so no person or political party will ever try this again.

  38. Yeah they want to move on! Not so fast you ignorant communists, this abuse of power by the leftists must be addressed or the rule of law is DEAD in America. Take this matter to conclusion and proscecute the guilty parties who have made a mockery of our justice system.

  39. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could commit violation, and ruin innocent people lives and sale out are country to make millions of dollars then, just tell everyone to forget it and move on, NO but these demorats think they can do all these things and expect us to, During this time President Trump has been elected the low life dems have pulled many fowl stunts cost us 40+ million $ on witch hunts and, promoted many people to be hurt badly, killed, property to be destroyed woman raped the rioter go unpunished, people arrested for protecting themselves their family their property, in other words exercising their legal rights. Nothing but lies, decievement. treats funding criminal, defunding the police, THEIR NOT HIDING WHAT THEY STAND FOR ANYMORE, yet they expect to take back the WHITE HOUSE and the SANET now their riging are election, if TRUMP loses due to fowl play I believe their will be a civil war, this time it will be for WE THE PEOPLES RIGHTS/FREEDOM and we will win we have GOD on are side….

  40. They started it.
    We will finish it.
    Never stop investigating it and the corruption surrounding it.

  41. Of course they want to move on. Would you expect anything less? They were caught and the major actors in this coup attempt ought to spend a good long time in jail.

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