Malkin: MN Rep Who Witnessed Omar Voter Fraud Went to Veritas After FBI Seemed Uninterested

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently testified to the Senate that he wasn’t aware of any major voter fraud existence other than a few local issues in the past.

Perhaps he missed a few recent examples in the last couple of weeks.

In fact, the Minneapolis Police Department is looking into the explosive voter fraud video that Project Veritas released that caught a campaign worker engaging in ballot harvesting ad exchanging ballots for cash.

A former Minneapolis political worker told Project Veritas that Ilhan Omar’s campaign deputy district director Ali Isse Gainey was coordinating ballot harvesting from elderly people as well as had paid women and young people for their ballots in the primary.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Michelle Malkin dropped another bombshell about this on Monday night.

Michelle Malkin reported last night that the Minnesota Representative who uncovered the voter fraud scheme went to the FBI first but because of their “languid” response, decided to go to Project Veritas.

Surely something of this magnitude would pique the interest of the FBI, right?

If the FBI won't move on this or the violence plaguing Democrat cities then what exactly is their function?

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37 thoughts on “Malkin: MN Rep Who Witnessed Omar Voter Fraud Went to Veritas After FBI Seemed Uninterested”

  1. Our country can put men on the moon but cannot set up a qualified one person one vote honest system? I hope the American people don’t believe this. We have systems for protecting identity for every type of business systems, but
    cannot protect from voter fraud?
    How about each county in each state have people register to vote by mail or in person by deadline date with card. On
    that card will be 1. Are you a citizen of the United States of America?, 2. Current primary address in county you are
    voting from., 3. Photo of voter., 4. Finger print on card of voter., and 5. Social security number of voter. {one number, one vote from live people.}
    Each county records will go to state for recording, each state to federal government for match up.
    With the computer systems we have to day, this would be a small project to accomplish.

      1. Best plan that I’ve seen….only problem is DEM would not let it pass….they want illegal aliens to vote

    1. Yeah, it’s called Voter Registration.

      What is needed more are STRICT LAWS THAT INCLUDE DECADES IN PRISON, Loss of Citizenship, permanent Expulsion from the Nation AND THE DEATH PENALTY for cases like this.

    2. I would add: How long at present address? Previous address?
      That’ll help keep the commies from busing themselves from state to state in order to poison the whole country….

    3. Unfortunately your ideas make sense, which means the Government will NOT use them, as they do not make exceptions or give extra privileges to ‘special interest groups’ (to be polite). Besides it would ensure the possibility of there being an honest election at least once a century.

    4. No need to turn over that data to the feds. States control election procedures. Just put conservatives in the office in charge of elections so the leftists can’t screw it up. West is a deep stater. Should never have been appointed. Flush the hangers on from the Obama Admin and most problems will fade away.

  2. we need an FBI director who is looking our for America, presently we do not have one. I am now wondering about the whole FBI bureau.

  3. From everything that’s happened within the FBI during the last election and their lukewarm response on voter fraud in this election, I think the FBI AND the CIA should be restaffed from bottom to top! Dump them all and start over with people who can be trusted!

    1. Just like the Police, a few bad apples spoils the bunch.
      I am sure there are lots of good FBI agents that could be trusted.

  4. The FBI is nothing more then an extension of the Socialists Democrats who they serve exclusively. The FBI has proven this more then once and it started when they started spying on the Trump campaign and then provided a trump up dossier on the duly elected President of the United States of America.

    Most Americans already know that the FBI is part of the SWAMP!

  5. It’s us the common citizens against the government bureaucracy, period. They dream of total control where elections are no longer necessary and just a pony-show. The FBI is beyond redemption and should be completely “reimagined”. Even Trump is along for the ride. Look at all the bureaucrats forced on him by the corrupt Senate. Including Sessions, Mattis, Christopher Wray and yes, even William Barr. And, notice how Trump has never laid a glove on the IRS in 4 years, despite the corruption unmasked with the Tea Party and Lois Lerner scandals? What’s worse than all that is independent voters and suburban housewives who will vote the country into communism just because they don’t like Trump personally. Total ignorance. Of course he brought this on himself. The only President in history who had a second term in his pocket and was able to mouth his way out of it. His debate performance was horrendous. Republicans are not much better than the Demoncrats. It’s just a “good cop/bad cop” routine played on us all.

  6. The FBI hierarchy must be cleaned out. The agency is a shell of it’s former self. What an absolute disgrace.

  7. I totally agree with Maulkin. She does not deserve to be in the House. Send her back to Somalia or as her to resign, the commie!

  8. FBI needs more house cleaning obviously if they aren’t interested in protecting the citizens right to vote,

  9. Get RID of CHRISTOPHER WRAY! . . . Replace him with a REAL FBI Director. Problem SOLVED. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Given that FBI Director Wray is of public record stating that there has been no evidence of national voter fraud, HELL YEAH, a conscientious law abiding citizen should take necessary steps to assure that a significant violation of the law should be addressed by the appropriate law enforcement agency . . . Even if it embarrasses the responsible law enforcement agency.

  11. The only reason to push for universal mail in balloting is to allow room for fraud. Other countries require IDs, some require fingerprints when you vote, it’s that important.

  12. A couple of takeaways come to mind.

    Wray is long overdue for termination. I hope Trump will dump him after the election, if not before.

    The FBI is has lost its luster, its competence, and its public trust. It has become just another liberal bureaucracy, i.e., part of the swamp it is supposed to cleanse.


  14. Wray doesn’t care about the voting or republicans. He is a deep, deep state operative. Mr President, I sincerely hope you fire Wray. He is your worst enemy! He wants you to lose the election. He is tied into the politics of the deep state and they want you gone! Wake-up Mr President before it is too late….enough said!

  15. GOOD QUESTION. Yes, just what is the FBI investigating these days? That is not just a rhetorical question… I, and many, many more Americans would really like to know just what is the FBI doing? It appears that they certainly are not looking into the riots, looting and burning … are they? Shouldn’t they be? Exactly who is funding those things? Surely by this time the FBI has had plenty of time to figure that out.

    1. Never lied about PP. The videos spoke for themselves. Trafficking in body parts is clearly illegal, but the videos were made in CA where truth doesn’t matter so Kamala Harris decided to try to put them in jail for it. Typical leftist. The woman in a evil and so is her successor, Beccera. CA…home of Satan’s Army

  16. Corruption on our government is deep (state).
    We need to elect public servants instead of self serving politicians to do something about it.

  17. Here is how the liberals get two votes for one (in addition to the massive leftist agenda on stuffing ballot boxes with dead voters and dementia-home seniors, because fraud doesn’t count when it’s against Trump). They fill out the ballot that is mailed to them, and drop it in the mail box on election day. Also that day they go to their polling place and vote in person. Since the mail-in ballot won’t be seen for a couple more days, their name will still be on the roster. By the time the mail-in ballot is counted, everyone will be in such a rush they won’t look carefully at the mail-in ballot, and definitely will not have time to check the names against those who have already voted. Voila! Two votes for one.

  18. Of course the fbi is not interested. They are as crooked as omar, hillary and 99.9% of the demorats.

    Thank GOD for this man and for Project Veritas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This has to be dealt with and prosecuted! Whom are we to go to
    in order to see this is dealt with? I agree with the comment about
    the FBI

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