New FBI Texts: “Trump Was Right”, Exposes Extreme Corruption

Newly released FBI text messages and notes show “Trump was right” about it all.

These corrupt FBI agents were literally trying to unseat a duly elected president and they were so confident that what they were doing was illegal, they went out and bought professional liability insurance policy in case they got caught. They purchased this policy less than two weeks before President Trump was inaugurated.


He wasn’t supposed to win. They got caught. Even the analysts doing the work seemed to figure out the goal was to get Clinton elected, as they discussed over text messages.

The FBI didn’t willingly release these texts, either. They were only disclosed in federal court filings by Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney.

“[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote.

This was right before they pressured the new A.G. Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation. Now it makes sense.


They all knew what they were doing was illegal. They were just so confident Hillary would win that it would never get out. Once President Trump won, they got scared, so scared they needed protection and scrambled to buy time to cover their tracks.

Trump suggested that his first intelligence briefing (Jan 5, 2017 meeting in Oval Office) on the so-called "Russian hacking" was delayed because "perhaps they needed more time to build a case". He was right, as one agent admitted.

And I thought Obama said there were no scandals during his presidency?

You know what, perhaps, the worst part of this is?

The FBI has had these texts all along and refused to release them. This could have stopped they Flynn saga a long time ago. This would have put a stop to the "conspiracy theory" dialogue, 3 yrs ago.

I wrote an article the other day about the utter incompetence or corruption at the FBI and asked which it was. I now think it's likely that it was, and still is, corruption.

Why would FBI Director Wray just sit on these texts and notes. He has allowed the country to be drug through the mud with lies but he knew all along.

Trump was right. This is much, much bigger than Watergate.


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50 thoughts on “New FBI Texts: “Trump Was Right”, Exposes Extreme Corruption”

  1. This seems unimaginable, maybe a screenplay for an “evil government” movie. But this isn’t fiction. It’s our future writ large unless we have the will to stop it.

  2. Professional liability doesn’t cover intentional acts of errors or omissions. It covers neglect and unintentional errors or omissions.
    The companies who wrote the policies had better deny any coverage and file insurance fraud charges against each and every one of the FBI agents who bought the coverage. It’s obvious they colluded to buy insurance.

  3. Treason, nothing short of that, and the sentence is so very clear they need to worry so much more than how to protect the financials, by the time we are just into a 10% info release the Federal Justice centers will be full of so many looking at the worst level of crime we will read of mass executions for many months non stop.

      1. It has been and still should be death. I hope that is what it will be for each and every one of these treasonist Dims.

        1. nothing is going to happen to any of them. don’t you know?

          The #NWO is moving forward, and corruption will be protected.

          There is only ONE WAY to get justice. Just One Way and IF they ever take our guns, there will be No Way to ever get justice.

          Welcome to the New World Order.

          who’s reading as I type? corrupt FBI?

  4. Say Isn’t there a law about withholding Information in a criminal investigation ?… ohhh yeah, Obstruction of Justice…. Say isn’t there a law about groundless investigations ?, Isn’t there a law against violations of Ones right to privacy ?, ohh yeah the fourth amendment…. Having seen his presidency I have never Agreed with the “Scandal free presidency” , but have wondered how criminally culpable, barrack was ?, with these new E-mails (Not just the Ones in this Article but many in the last few weeks) coming to light, It would seem that he was the architect and Ringmaster…. As well as the Enabler of many of these lawless actors from the government…. and his co-conspirator “Gropin’ joe biden”, Is neck deep in the conspiracy as well as Nasti “Crazy Nanci peeloser”….

    1. Don’t forget about All Out Crazy otherwise known as AOC who should be in jail for election fraud. Talib for immigration fraud. And for the the last president – the punishment of treason!

  5. We must stand and fight or we will not be right. As conservative Christians we have to stop allowing godless radicals from speaking without challenging The total lies. Stand up and fight back! When we say nothing we allow evil to infiltrate our lives and society. So when a socialist grabs your drink and knocks your meal to the floor – stand up and challenge them. Do it peacefully and without aggression. If they physically attack you we must destroy them is our response. And when the institutions of government fail to protect the American public – hold them accountable and put them is jail for their crimes against the very people who they are suppose to protect. It treason! All the previous highest level administration Officials including Comey And the first half black president should go to jail. But we know that won’t likely happen so we must fight back. Ok so you know I was fooled too and voted for the first half white half black president also but not the second time.

  6. The extent of corruption in the Obama administration was boundless. AG Barr should go after all of them and put them where they belong !!!

  7. Rotten Democrat criminals. This whole thing has the putrid stench of Obama all over it. My fervent wish is for the Clintons and Obama to be jailed for the rest of their sordid lives. I want to see the complete end of the Democrat party and all of the mental defectives that support it.

  8. EVERY ONE of the conspirators – NO MATTER HOW HIGH UP this goes – need to be put in PRISON as TRAITORS to this Country! Personally, I want them A L L H U N G or S H O T! They have put OUR lives and freedom at bay over their raw lust for POWER!

    Just imagine how much MORE GOOD that Trump could have done in his first term, and just how many SWAMP RATS could have been gotten rid of (put in prison) if this had been surfaced and STOPPED !!!

    I cannot believe that these DEM people WILL NOT ADMIT and see just how big of a SCUMBAG that OBAMA (and Biden) really is!!!

  9. The funniest part is that there is NO INSURANCE that will cover willful criminal acts. Not even legal insurance can do that.
    Insurance can ONLY cover perosonaly unforeseen events of known kinds. What they are talking about is a SECOND CRIMINAL CONSPIRATORIAL ACT that is a FELONY in most states. Just the INTENT of purchasing to insurance to cover one against willful criminal acts is illegal in every state that I know of.
    This means that those that purchased such can be PROSECUTED and IF they take about it and referred each other it is CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to defraud.

    1. Stand correct
      Now didn’t a senator order a rail road of boxed cars carrying gillitones??
      For who?
      By whom was it ordered, UN rat representative loving elected rep .

  10. Obama, Biden, clinton(both), AOC, Talib, Palosy…. they should ALL BE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW! If it were you or I doing this we would be behind bars aster then you could blink an eye!

    1. your right get rid of palosy and biden and how did obama get so rich did he take some of that money that they sent to iran ill bet he took a big bit of that money he now has a multy million dallar place in marths vinard the need to look ans see were all that money came from and dont forget hilary clinton ill bet she got some of that money to

  11. If the common human being gets caught, they pay through the nose
    Anything in federal, state level..there is always slippery greasy pig(s) who really get away with a lot more
    Just laughing toward the bank within their world
    It is high time those rats will be a REAL prisoner role model to show the other human beings that it is not worthy of your name to be in mud!
    You chose the forked road choice

  12. The entire “game” needs to be exposed and all the “player” prosecuted and sent to prison or a firing squad.

  13. If God will give Trump four more years as President just maybe he can get the investigators to start charging some of the Democrat crooks and put them out of business.

  14. Obama the only Nigger in America
    His treason and anti Christianity agenda
    Shall place him in history as the sole reason blacks will remain oppressed for eternity
    Osama Muslim Obama the poster child proving you can’t educate out the corruption born within a black man!
    Obama has solely solidified racism in America back to 1860!
    I bet his mother is so proud!?!?!?!?!

    1. Steve, I hope you’re not representing Christianity with your racist rants.
      Vengeance belongs to God. They will all be exposed and be judged.
      God bless your soul.

      1. Why would any real Christian hope another Christian not represent God?
        My comments were not racist at all !
        Truth is not defined in any way as racism
        Racism is a term used by intolerance of those without wisdom or facts to support their narratives a now fashionable label believed by liberals to justify their crimes

  15. Wray is part of the “Deep State” and protecting his crony buddies. He should be jailed for various crimes, the “Peckerhead”

  16. When I was young the Democratic Party was for the working man, now since the Clintons and Obamas their all about corruption and power. Why has Christopher Wray no been fired and replaced? When is William Barr going to start prosecute them? Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff not been impeached yet for collusion and conspiracy? It’s time to clean house and get rid of them. Also we never had this racial tensions and unrest since the very racist Michelle Obama started all of it. God bless America, and Donald Trump!

    1. do we forget that michelle obama this was the frist time shelike the usa is when her husband took some of the money that he sent to iran now she likes this country she is as gilty as her husband

  17. Law enforcement officials should be the most transparent with all their business with the people. Should there be a conflict the people shall prevail. There should be no doubt with any disclosure of evidence or proof of event. The people need to trust what is presented by law enforcement.

  18. It’s a shame that the once-esteemed FBI was ‘turned’ into a political tool by the Obama administration for the sole purpose of taking down a newly and fairly elected President who was never a politician. People can cry all they want to about the Electoral College, but it did its job in keeping Hillary from being elected by the Big Cities in democrat-run states. And now this treasonous act by the once-esteemed FBI, again, thanks to the Obama administration! It appears that the democrats/socialists/Marxists actually DO want a police state of their own choosing. My trust in the FBI to keep our nation safe has been totally trashed. Now who can We, The People trust in big government? If we are to be a nation of laws, then the FBI and members of the House and Senate should most certainly NOT be above the law. All who were involved in these treasonous acts should be arrested, charged, tried, and hung…or at the very least, jailed forever. Though many people think President Trump is crass and unfiltered, I like the fact that he calls things as he sees them, and the less politically correct, the better! He is not a swamp-dweller. Almost everyone else in congress is, especially most of the democrats. I love our country and the freedoms our Constitution affords us. I do not love, nor trust, our government, who wants to grow themselves out of our control at our expense. Who do I trust in our government to do what’s right for our Republic and it’s citizens? Right now, it is President Trump and a handful of Conservatives and Libertarians who are the only people in our federal government who want what’s best for this nation and our freedoms. To bend a most recent phrase I read, my ‘fervent hope’ is that the “silent majority,” no matter if they are in America’s heartland or in small pockets in large, democrat-run cities, vote to reelect President Trump. It’s the only thing standing in the way of The United Socialist States and the ‘fundamental change’ that is Obama’s vision.

  19. There is enough evidence to sink all of dem’s in the fbi, congress, senate, obama, biden his son, brennan, clapper, both of obama’s ag’s, pelosi, shummer, schiff, hillary, comey, rubinstien, mueller, nadler, and on and on… They were all involved, and everyone of them belong in prison…

  20. The corruption at the FBI it would seem is top to bottom. Barr has had plenty of time to bring charges. The election will be stolen via mail in ballot fraud and Biden will become President. This will all go away after that. It will be business as usual for the deep state. Sad and corrupt times we live in.

  21. This is only the beginning! Unfortunately corruption is not only deep in Washington DC, it’s here in Florida too! I agree something has to be done, the penalty for treason is death. They all need to be held accountable. The reality of it all is that won’t happen! Let one of do something like this, justice will be swift for the average citizen. The dems want to take our guns, BLM wants to rewrite our history and get reparations too! They have gotten that with Welfare and Food stamps and other social programs! God bless America!!!

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