Melinda Gates Warns America of “Reckoning” if Censorship isn’t Increased

You’d be hard pressed to find a family more influential than the Gates family. One of the richest families on earth with unmatched influence on tech companies and their behavior.

A few years ago, Bill Gates became the single biggest donor to the World Health Organization if you don’t count the U.S.(not anymore) and the U.K. Some say he basically bought the W.H.O.

In an article that halfheartedly joked about Bill Gates being the world’s most powerful doctor, Politico stated:

Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a United Nations health agency in Geneva.

But Gates has no medical degree.

That doesn’t change the fact that his advice on medicine is taken over almost any doctor on Earth and it’s almost considered blasphemy to disagree with his medical opinion.

Bill's wife, Melinda Gates, has also become a source of 'trusted expertise' on virtually any topic. That's the kind of power money can buy, I guess.

Melinda Gates recently spoke with Axios, where she warned that America is in for a "reckoning" after the COVID pandemic is over because of the lack of censorship in big tech.

She's worried about the misinformation that circulates around tech platforms and says it needs to censored.

“I think it’s up to society to start to figure out, ‘OK, what do we do about that?’ How do we think about disinformation in a society or how do we think about political ads and where they should be placed and what they do or don’t get to say?” Gates said.

The problem is that we are seeing censorship on an unbelievable level in the United States, when it comes to social media platforms and tech companies. It seems to be affecting conservative content and beliefs at a very unbalanced level.

Then she went after Trump:

Gates also blasted the Trump administration for neutering the CDC, politicizing basic health knowledge and pulling funding from the World Health Organization amid a global pandemic.

If anybody handled this pandemic poorly, it was the W.H.O. and the CDC. They were wrong on almost everything from human to human transmission, masks, casualty predictions, infection rates, death rates, travel bans, etc..

It's easy to see where she's going with this. She wants certain views censored, not the correct views. That's where this all leads. This is the kind of policy you'd expect to hear in a place like China, not the kind of free countries.

Perhaps we should consider 'censoring' any vaccine ideas that the Gates family is a part of, given that their latest efforts have caused a polio outbreak across Africa.

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31 thoughts on “Melinda Gates Warns America of “Reckoning” if Censorship isn’t Increased”

  1. So now, after having “Piss Christ” and “Shit Mary”, and its ilk in a continuous stream since then, shoved into our faces, while being told to GFYS in reaction to our actually “peaceful protesting”, you want to censor us ???!!! The only pissed you are going to get from me, is to you.

  2. The Gates need to be run out of the country
    along with Soros. The are dangerous to the
    American Society. The only people who politicize
    True reality are the crooked lying,cheating,idiot
    democrat, elite. The Gates’ are full of shit

    1. Amen to that! What we don’t need is another China or North Korea. We fought for our freedom and now we have people with so much money they want to rule the USA.

  3. Sooner or late the Gates will have their own day o reckoning. Censoring people is taking away their freedom of speech. And who are they to be giving out medical advice? Anyone else would be in prison for it. I have no respect for them whatsoever. They are frauds.

  4. Melinda Gates and her Husband Bill Gates deserve to have their citizenship removed as well as all of their bank accounts frozen. They have proven to the world the Biblical passage “The love of money is the root of all evil”. They are people who it seems have forgotten who made them untold Billions of dollars.
    I wonder if North Korea would take them in broke and stateless?

  5. Melinda. There will be a reckoning but not of what you are talking about. That day of reckoning will be when we all stand before Jesus Christ and answer to Him. Please consider the cost of your answer. Praying for you and Bill

  6. Who died and left her boss? Where is the DOJ or any authority that should have begun to break up these monopolies a long time ago? BREAK UP THE TECH MONOPOLIES.

  7. It sounds like this Gates bimbo wants censorship and the ability to determine what she thinks should by allowed and what should be censored. Both she and her husband seem to think they walk on water and can do no wrong. Neither one is competent especially in areas they have no knowledge such as medicine.

  8. Diversity of opinion has been the hallmark of our free society and one should appreciate the opinions of others as it is antithetical to to the elitist megalomania of “I’m right and you’re wrong”. I have forty hours of biology out of almost one hundred hours of science and do not tout an opinion on matters of medicine but I can discern real from fake medicine most of the time. Censorship of dissenting opinion and worse , real data , is the bane of our present situation of pandemic disease ( evidently a phagia recombinant virion of man made origin – just my opinion – of which we have little knowledge ). Check your Webster’s ( Noah or Merriam ).

  9. The communist Gates regime!
    The most prominent wealthy tech family in America made purely at the hands of capitalism now promoting communism, Mis – information , human tracking and more censorship!
    What trash!
    Peelousy where Cranmer calls her crazy Pelosi a very accurate statement now being pressured by political correctness a practice never practiced by a democrat in history to apologize for saying the truth!
    America is upside down at the hands of democrats
    They owe the apology to America with their worthless lives being given up as a peace offering for their vial coup and for what ? to cover up their crimes of treason!!!!
    It will come out that thru subliminal advertising by their media that they have brainwashed Americans not all just the stupid ones the morons and the uneducated the week easy to manipulate with Subliminal hypnosis or food addictive’s from democrats supporters thru Sysco are largest food supplier possibly.To mind control the mullets of society, add in millions of illegal aliens get their illegal vote by promising them free healthcare free education and social benefits all things few Americans get or more correct only Demscum get then throw in unequal justice for all and what you have are Muslim white niggers that once again have thrown the black race under the bus now calling them the new slur blm! To point thevuse of nigger out and it’s true definition is necessary for I know how stupid Democrats really are the word nigger is a vial slur placed on the criminals of the black race for their violent criminal actions and their fatherless families and their abuse of of the welfare system a perception by all other races of the conduct of the black race as a whole for the actions of a minority of black people committing Heynis crimes not the color of their skin !
    How else can you explain the treason in America
    It can’t be orange man bad!
    Trump has done more under constant attack for this country then every democrat combined in history
    If you ask them why theyhate Trump they can’t tell you !
    All You here is he’s a liar
    He can’t do anything right
    When the exact opposite is the case
    The liars are the democrats their politicians and their media
    Make no mistake America
    This is a civil war and coup headed by the democrats their elites and the only nigger left in America osama Obama the Muslim activist formed from the sweat dripping off the devils balls! Satan’s redeemer
    Wake up America
    Stop supporting
    The media
    Their advertisers
    Vote out democrat politicians and the fake conservative rhinos
    Vote regain control of America
    Let’s prosecute the guilty
    Their are so many it will take years
    But let’s get the bad powerful ones first
    Obama Hillary Bill Biden Harris peelousy nadler shitt waters all democrats positions federal and state
    Hollywood their media their tech companies the fbi their old doj
    It’s the only way to save and heal America!!!!

  10. So the answer is more censorship from Melinda Gates??? Do you lose the ability to hear how stupid you sound when you have that much money?

  11. It’s more than time to break up Big Tech. They’ve gotten too powerful and rule as tyrants over what we can read and/or post. Melinda and Bill Gates are the worst kind of people, the self-crowned “Super Elites” who think because they have an obscene amount of wealth that this makes them the decision-makers over our fate. Bill Gates and his fetish for depopulation goes against our Creator who decides when each of us lives and dies – not the lowly Bill Gates. Melinda and Bill Gates are not medical experts – they’re not educated in that field, and any remarks they make in that regard shows them to be common quacks.

  12. To the Gates’, As far as a large population goes, most of us don’t give a crap about what you two say! You think that money buys all! Well it can’t buy everyone! The W.H.O. is a Chinese commie outfit! Maybe some on the Left want NWO but most real Americans don’t! We like our freedoms!
    IMHO, both of you, Bill and Melinda, should stay out of politics and be content living your gilded lifestyle! And as for censoring anything you shouyld consider censoring your mouths! IMO, you both are out of step with real Americans. So kindly STFU! and stay out of medicine!

  13. Bill Gates is an evil man with an evil empire built by stealing another person’s idea. He is a danger to society.

  14. Well, it is painfully obvious that Melinda and Bill are dyed in the wool Democrats and support the movement to socialism or communism, where opposite opinions, correct or not, bring not only censorship but death to many
    If you are planning to vote for Democrats, doesn’t this even give you second thoughts?

  15. The Gates are a very dangerous couple. First they want to use blacks as guinea pigs with their new vaccine and now they want to be able to sensor anything they don’t like.

  16. Does being filthy rich suddenly give one superior intellect? How dare these overcompensated, moniterialy, arrogant people have the nerve to look down on everyone they suckered into making them billionaires? Lady, run a soup kitchen, help leper’s or whatever hard charity is available nowadays, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if anyone else thinks you and your husband are as special as you perceive yourselves., or is your money they prefer.

  17. Why do they think they have the right to censor anybody? Wanna do that? Go to Russia, China, Venezuela or any other shit hole country that’s socialist or communist.

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