A Focused Trump Can Still Pull It Out

If Donald Trump loses the election, history will attribute his defeat to a pandemic that killed 200,000 Americans during his reelection campaign, and a historic depression deliberately induced to put the economy in a coma as the nation suffered through that pandemic.

But despite the worst hand dealt a sitting president since Herbert Hoover in 1932, Trump is by no means cooked.

Since the conventions of the DNC and RNC, Trump has narrowed the gap in several battleground states that will decide the winner of the Electoral College. One Florida poll found that Trump had erased Joe Biden’s margin and pulled even.

Trump’s denunciations of the riots that have gripped U.S. cities since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd have already forced Biden to come out of his basement to deplore the violence. And the contrast in their appearances has been dramatic.


Trump speaks out in the open, before huge crowds, in arenas and airport hangers. Biden, a socially distancing septuagenarian who is sheltering in place, looks more like an applicant for a retirement home residency. This may explain why Trump has made marginal gains among African American voters and more impressive gains among Hispanic voters.

Biden is also hurt by the mental and verbal lapses he seems to experience with every set of remarks, reinforcing the impression that he has lost more than a step to Father Time.

But Trump has had his problems as well since the GOP convention, beginning with book-length attacks on his character by his niece, Mary Trump, and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

This month brought an Atlantic article by editor Jeffrey Goldberg alleging that Trump had disparaged the sacrifices of dead and wounded U.S. soldiers from World War I, Vietnam and the Middle East wars.

Though Goldberg relied on anonymous sources to carry out his takedown of Trump, more than a dozen Trump staffers and advisers present at the meetings where Trump allegedly demeaned America's warriors denied Goldberg's allegations.

The Atlantic article was a kill shot aimed at the president by a hostile media. While it did not succeed, it drew blood, and the White House recoil testified to that.

Comes now "Rage," the latest book by Bob Woodward, to which Trump contributed 18 interviews. The book is damaging because, at the least, a national debate about the issues raised by Woodward distracts massively from Trump's campaign imperative -- taking down Biden so that he is seen as an unacceptable alternative to Trump.

Biden's strategy remains what it has been: Turn the election into a referendum on whether the American electorate wants four more years of Donald Trump. As Trump's approval rating has been underwater since taking the oath on Jan. 20, 2017, such a referendum should result in a rejection of Trump and, de facto, a victory for Biden.

Trump must instead present this election as a binary choice: Which of the two, Biden or Trump, has the leadership capacity, the superior ideas on the critical issues, and the ability to carry out his agenda?

Trump needs to convert a Mr. Congeniality contest into a decision of whom you want to lead the nation in this perilous hour. Whom do you want in the Oval Office dealing with the current crises: Mr. Nice Guy or the guy who showed he could get the job done before the pandemic came ashore?

With seven weeks left in the campaign, Trump's agenda of issues appears more appealing than Biden's.

Trump wants to secure the border against any new flood of illegal migrants from the global south while Biden's party is pro-amnesty and open borders, and favors sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE.

Trump wants to extricate America from the forever wars of the Middle East, as do most Americans. Where Biden is going to raise taxes by trillions, Trump is a proven low-tax and less-regulations leader.

Trump has appointed 200 federal judges and two Supreme Court justices and sought to elevate constitutionalists to the federal courts. Biden has thus far declined to engage on the issue.

On putting down urban anarchy, Biden is playing catch-up. His convention did not even address the issues raised by the Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis riots and the soaring murder rates in Chicago and New York.

On abortion, Trump has proven solidly pro-life, while Biden wants all taxpayers, including fellow Catholics, to subsidize what his Church teaches is the cold-blooded killing of the innocent unborn.

Trump needs to stay focused on the issues where the divisions are clear and compelling. The debates will show whether Joe has lost it and cannot be entrusted with the destiny of the republic.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever." 

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8 thoughts on “A Focused Trump Can Still Pull It Out”

  1. He HAS pulled it off! . . . He WILL win by a LANDSLIDE. But, we MUST keep it POSITIVE, and CUT OUT the NEGATIVITY, sounding JUST like the FAKE media. Let’s talk VICTORY. What you CONFESS, you will ultimately possess as per the WORD of GOD. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. You forgot: Joe does China’s Biden
    Biden wants to remove school choice, our guns, and give 1st Amendment rights only to the MSM.
    He would create 5 million government jobs to spy and regulate everything you do.

    We need to elect MAGA supporters in all levels of government to usher in an era of freedom and prosperity.

    Make America Godly Again!

  3. The generations of lies and liars
    Millennials and x generation know nothing!
    Given their brain by OZ aka the tech companies via the so called smart phone is the democrats platform
    The brainwashing tool preferred by and for:
    Lies , misinformation and liars
    It’s been easy for them to brain wash our kids after all they took control of our schools and colleges preaching Islam, communism , supporting rioting and suppressing free speech! how you ask? By idiot women who are trying to be something their not, men! To become relevant in their little brains and do good for after all they have been telling men what to do and how to do it for 100’s of years !
    Now that they got their wish , jobs and leadership in our government and businesses just look at the progress they have made on society!
    Our Country with women’s involvement is in crisis and quite possibly beyond repair! Communism and Islam at the precipice of taking over our government, Americans freedom all but gone, what stores can open oh and don’t think about not wearing a mask!
    Do gooders whom believe getting their Mrs’s degree in college made them smarter than all others!
    Men and Women are Far from equal , oh both genders have elevated skills but both also have moronic lapses of idiocy as they attempt to make decisions beyond their learning!
    Women have proven particularly inept when it comes to decisions requiring abstract thought for you women that means making a decision based on real knowledge of a subject considering ensuing consequences!
    It’s not women’s fault entirely for they have unwavering knee jerk reactions driven by their hearts not their brains!
    An example they adore kittens for their cute but the consequences is they let them in your house and in a week your house smells like the cat box , your home becomes a cats urinal!
    That is the basis of women’s thought patterns ! None!
    And that’s how democrats took over our schools!
    Giving everyone a trophy and removing consequences with time outs ! Even a kid know time outs are nonsense with no redeeming consequences!
    Women were given to man as a companion by God!
    Not the bread winner or decision maker they are the Womb of our children without them our children are raised by the media, Hollywood and their cell phones!
    Stop just look around !
    Our cities are burning!
    Their is unrest in the streets
    Look at the make up of the rioters
    A handful a paid thugs with bricks and thousands of women in the streets looting and killing their own children’s future!
    Men are bulls in a china cabinet and certainly are not perfect ether but people wake up women are the unrest in society they were not wired to handle the consequences of decision making! Just look at what they have done to America in the last 100 years ! They got the vote and created the mafia by out lawing alcohol they got in government and now you can’t drive a car or own a business unless you pay an insurance company for the right! They got in government and corruption, greed and the need for a woman president has destroyed the very fabric of this nation , The family unit!
    There is no better example of what I am saying then a tv talk show called the View!
    A women’s revolution toxic brain washing hate promoting one sided terrorist group of women trying to be something they are not ! Humans!
    The threat to America is communism
    Women are promoting communism to force the notion they are equal or better than men !
    Key word is notion!
    Just look around
    Now that women have forced equality are we anymore equal?
    Are blacks better off or have consequences set back racism for Blm’s vial actions to the 1860’s
    When was the last time America from within was this close to a communist coup?
    When was the first time America was this close to a communist coup?
    Now is the correct answer
    And what’s different?
    Women in politics!
    Women in our schools!
    Women rioting!
    Women promoting multi genders!
    They couldn’t be equal to men so they invented partial genders to level the playing field!
    Men haven’t done a perfect job running America ‘
    However it was a safer place for our kids and freedom then it is now that women are involved!

      1. No I tell the truth
        Prove me wrong
        I’m not saying men are better or greater than women
        I’m saying both have their purpose
        I can prove women don’t belong in politics with one word
        If you don’t like that word
        If you don’t like that word
        Do you see the pattern now

        1. I agree with a lot of what you say, but I do not believe that most women are not intelligent and in fact there are many women in the government that do a great job. There are also many men in the government that are not doing a good job at all.

          1. I did not say women are not intelligent
            I am saying women belong at home raising our children!
            I own an international first in to disasters for corporate America service company
            I retired after 25 years at 57
            Not because I wanted to
            Because I could not staff the company any longer
            The millennials and x generations were simply to stupid to hire , I utilized thousands of personal on hurricanes, fires and floods world wide each year!
            Why I stopped is are kids brains are a cell phone given to them by OZ aka tech companies
            Because no one was home to raise the kids they have no values or trade skills which are the foundation of a work force! Women also typically lack trade skills!
            Without them how can you manage your staff who perform trade skills. Many women can’t read a tape measurer today!
            Women were all committing child abuse abandoning their kids over a career! Women desire to control, run and do jobs designed and created for and by men! Requiring abstract thought not their heart controlling their actions as women do!
            They don’t believe raising are children is as important as their desire to be men !
            Well it’s the most important job on earth that is women’s purpose on earth our children and nothing is more important and they are excellent at it! Family values are underestimated in importance
            Just look at our children their all morons
            Here is an example
            We put the pieces back together for the largest corporations in the world after a disaster
            When we would go into a disaster area and working for a company with a woman in charge we loved it !
            Why ?
            Because we new we were going to make twice the money had a man be running the project !
            Because women always had to think about what. They wanted us to do , that’s right discuss and think about operations! That’s nonsense!!! We always took twice as long to do a project when we were working for a woman!

            We were hired because we know what to do!
            When anyone male or female takes a position of importance they must know their job not think about what todo!
            Not once in twenty five years did I meet a woman that new what to do !
            The very definition of unqualified!
            Women say they are equal but I personally have never witnessed that to be true ! Women want the job and say they are equal however if that were true it would not have been necessary to change a thing in the work force once they Entered it! The changes to accommodate women in the work force costs billions of dollars a year!

            Women have changed our work force both directly and indirectly with our kids !
            They wanted the job and immediately without years of wisdom driving their decisions have changed their jobs activities to Suit the women’s view of their duties !
            Women desire change without consideration of consequences!
            I made millions working for women who had no idea what they were doing or why !
            Women make decisions on it being the right thing to do as guided by their heart not consequences
            Men make decisions based on experience numbers and past consequences!
            If you really look closely at the problems within our government and politics and you trace back to the rooted cause within the explanation 9 out of 10 times you will find a women has had their hands in it for someone’s own good because she knows she is smarter and knows best for all others this is key here not best for the project , to her it’s always others!
            And that is the definition of a mother not a business person!
            Hell without women raising our children, our kids don’t even know what gender they are!
            Women are not equal to men they are far more important to our children and society then men !
            Without mother’s what happens ? just look at America today and you can clearly see what happens chaos!
            The most important gender is females as mothers
            Men are just the work force that build and repair
            Women make the family
            And just look at the price America is paying for women to not be fulfilling their God given roles as family muse!
            Women are now prominent in the news
            Look what has happened there it’s no longer news just political narratives
            Women are now prominent in both state and federal government just look how screwed up it is
            Hollywood wow just watch the view it will make a human vomit
            What made America is and was the family unit
            What’s tearing America apart is the destruction of the family unit and are enemies know that!
            Women and blacks are the tools are enemies are using to tear apart the family unit!
            Of coarse their are always exceptions and their are great women I am sure in politics but for the life of me I can’t think of many!
            Candice Owens
            Ms Makeneny
            That’s my list is yours much longer?
            You could say it’s not fair it forces women to marry to succeed
            What about the women that don’t marry how do they succeed
            I’m not saying life and the world is fair it is not
            God made this world and he designed it with great care for a reason
            I as a man was incomplete and unfulfilled until I married and gained my partner for life and beyond
            I believe women are as well incomplete without a husband
            And partner
            That again is the basis of America, Religion and life’s purpose!
            It’s not a job or money of things
            It’s life and purpose
            It’s not fair
            But it is wonderful for those who except life for what it is , the Birth of Gods Children!
            We must believe and strive for our eternity with God for without it living working and being on earth has no purpose at all

  4. We need Trump He’s one who take care of America
    Biden needs to go he is not good
    Biden will bring America Down
    Please people open your eyes
    And Vote for President Trump !!!
    He’s better President he loves his country
    Trust him he will bring America up
    Give him time
    People jealous from day one !Trump takes good
    care for Americans people
    We need Trump Vote 2020 !

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