Big Tech May Censor Entire Trump Movement Without You Knowing

Voter turnout will be a huge key to victory for the Democrats and for the Trump campaign.

But another big key that many don’t think about is the independent vote. You might tell yourself “but no sensible independent voter would vote for Biden, given what we know” but you could be wrong.

You could be wrong because they may never see another positive article or accomplishment from the President. They may only see positive and tailored articles in support of Biden/Harris and negatively toned articles about President Trump.

Allum Bokhari, author of the book “DELETED” warned that big tech platforms are already using manipulative algorithms to flood undecided voters with propaganda aimed at shifting their vote toward Biden.

Bokhari says he's interviewed workers at the big tech platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter and they all have the same level of anger and guilt that Trump won and they didn't do enough to prevent that.

They vow to not let that happen again in 2020, he said.

“This is really, really powerful and threatening. We’re going to be in a future, very soon, where … everything you post on the internet is going to be scanned by these algorithms and used to either suppress or promote you. So, if the algorithm sees so-called hate speech in your post, you’re going to be buried down in the search results, you’re not going to appear on trending topics, you may even be banned.”

I can attest to the banning. I was banned from Twitter for sharing an article about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine.

“Imagine you’re an undecided voter and you’re using the internet… If every conservative is being suppressed for hate speech, those messages, that might persuade undecided voters, might never actually reach them.”

Bokhari says they're not worried about either establishment taking a victory lap, but any new movement that shifts power away from the neocons and neoliberals.

That’s what all of their efforts over the past four years – and if you read my book, you’ll see sources inside these companies confirming this and explaining how it’s happening – all of their efforts on ‘election integrity,’ and ‘misinformation’… all of these efforts are focused on preventing the emergence of new movements that are genuinely dangerous to the establishment, and keeping politics controlled [by] this old battle between neoliberals and neoconservatives, that has been going on for 30 or 40 years, and doesn’t offer any real change to the voters. That’s their endgame.”

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13 thoughts on “Big Tech May Censor Entire Trump Movement Without You Knowing”

  1. We have already been banned from commenting on the 24/7 negative articles the media puts out multiple time every day. America is doomed to the Communist Agenda.

  2. Those 2 year olds working for Big Tech and the media can stop ads from Trump all they want and only put out the lies from Biden/Harris. What they don’t realize is WE are smarter than all of them. WE already know who we are voting for and it isn’t brainless Biden.WE KNOW who is going to win the election and it isn’t brainless Joe. I am voting for Trump. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

  3. The big tech companies are in a bad spot their base is just children without values, a real education or a brain !
    Anyone under 40 is useless in the real work world and information all a tech company has is useless without a strong America to support it!
    Tech companies are run by children
    They have no idea what consequences are
    They have played OZ and given are youth cell phones for brains gone against the laws of nature and made fag’s normal they are not!
    To allow the idiots, morons and our kids yes our brain washed kids form democrats institutions of depraved learning to reproduce, vote and participate in America is the act of idiots,morons and kids!
    There is no future for the world under the above described insanity tech companies are supporting!
    It’s the act of morons to stupid to know they are destroying everything including themselves!
    It funny the rich won’t even benefit from this insanity for the world will be such a shit hole all that survives will just be a frying turd!

    1. I disagree with that, I have two sons under age 40, they work hard and don’t believe the lies being fed by the left. Most are like you describe, but please don’t put all people in that category. Many of those in Young Republicans are under 40 and they don’t believe in the leftists agenda either.

      The biggest problem with what is going on with the so called BIG TECH, is they have gotten by with this type of garbage since they came into existence. We need to STOP the propaganda, by countering what they are saying and doing. I am not a believer in lawsuits, but Trump’s campaign should be suing every tech company that censors him, it is the only way to counter what they are doing. They are using the page out of Hitler’s reign over the Jews and Germans.

      You can tell your representatives at the state and federal level that they must reign in the Big Tech and leftists media propaganda by putting regulations on them. Yes, regulations on a group of idiots who think they can do whatever they want.

  4. Big Tech Censors most of the pro Trump stuff I put online myself. They should be sued for billions. I’m pretty sure they do the same to the entire Republican party.

  5. The sin of omission is regularly practiced by all the news except Fox and most of them also LIE about everything else! “ALL THE MUSE THAT’S PRINT TO FIT.” The entrenched appointees in the government in Washington, D.C. are all against the POTUS and probably on the take from foreign and domestic lobbyists just like the Congress. Show trials are becoming commonplace just like in Russia! The FBI (KGB) and CIA (Cheka) are going to put dissenters in the Gulags very soon when they take over the whole government. “I SEND YOU TO SIBERIA !! ” Oh, they will call it vocational training camps not concentration camps. Are the furnaces next? Democrat/Bolsheviks are going to be the next and last order for this country. Already the heavy and light industry are gone never to return and our children are indoctrinated in the schools to accept the orders of our leftist/Communist teachers. Black is white and Big Brother is watching you. The soma of TV is our new opiate> I just don,t see them taking over too soon in rural “Redneck” parts of the country but GOODBYE FREE COUNTRY !!

  6. The American public by now should know that the Social Media demagogues have been manipulating them for years. Curse the INTERNET.

    Anyone that is trying to take apart our freedom, rights and who we are in America is a traitor and a fool! To try and take away what has made this world a totally better place is insanity by those doing such things! They will be fought tooth and nail by those in the world that stand for freedom. Once freedom is known and experienced NO ONE with a mind would want anything else, but individual freedoms! To be who WE are and to reach for what WE chose to, without being told what we can and cannot do, is our right! This insanity will end the world and God will end it anyway, because of ALL THE EVIL that is going on. THERE IS AN END TO IT ALL AND IT WILL BE GOD WHO MAKES THE FINAL DECISIONS…..NOT MAN! HE MADE US AND HE CAN TAKE US OUT OF HERE EASILY!

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