Why Won’t Biden Condemn Antifa or BLM Violence?

On Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was finally forced to confront the left-wing violence that has been plaguing America’s major cities for months on end: riots in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and Seattle, among other cities. For a full week, the Democratic National Convention ignored that ongoing violence, driven by members of the Black Lives Matter and antifa movements. The media went right along with the narrative that violent riots have been “mostly peaceful,” that conservatives were “pouncing” on occasional violence for political purposes and that the true threat to American safety could be found in Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

The only solution to America’s ills, Biden held, could be found in repeating pernicious slogans about supposed systemic American racism. On Aug. 9, Biden tweeted: “It’s been six years since Michael Brown’s life was taken in Ferguson — reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.” Never mind that two state investigations and the Obama Department of Justice found that Brown was justifiably shot; no facts are necessary to continue repeating mantras.

Then, a small Wisconsin town, Kenosha, burst into flames.

At first, the media tried to excuse the burning, rioting and looting. After all, they proclaimed, this was justified rage at the systemic racism of American policing. It simply didn't matter that Jacob Blake, who was shot by police, had resisted arrest, bucked police officers off of him, ignored their orders and then reached into his vehicle, where a knife was later found on the driver's side floorboards. It also didn't matter that Blake has faced vicious criminal charges and had an open warrant for sexual assault and domestic violence -- and that the police reportedly arrived only after being called by a woman who alleged that Blake digitally raped her in front of one of her children. The police were the problem.

And Biden went right along with that generalized narrative, excoriating the police for the shooting of Jacob Blake. Sure, Biden may have softly tut-tutted violence. But the (SET ITAL) real (END ITAL) problem was the American system.

On Aug. 28, Biden tweeted that George Floyd and Blake can't become "just another pair of hashtags," and that instead, it was time to "reverse systemic racism."

But Americans didn't see the riots and looting in Kenosha as indicative of a reaction to American racism. They saw it for what it was: horrific behavior. And so, Biden was forced to leave his basement -- to fly to Pennsylvania, of all places, and deliver a 12-minute address denouncing violence.

The media did their dutiful best to characterize that address as a groundbreaking call for peace. It was no such thing. Instead, Biden blamed the police, Trump and white supremacists for the violence. He name-checked "right-wing militias" and "white supremacists." He made no mention of Black Lives Matter or antifa, the actual sources of rioting and looting in American cities. And the same media that excoriated Trump for condemning violence "on many sides" in Charlottesville suddenly found it in their hearts to pretend that Biden's radically unspecific rhetoric actually covered the evils of BLM and antifa.

Biden simply cannot condemn antifa or BLM by name, because to do so would be to recognize two simple truths: first, that Trump isn't the chief source of violence in American cities; second, that in spite of his "return to normalcy" message, Biden's "systemic racism" narrative provides the ideological groundwork for those who seek to tear down the system. Democrats have spent months denying the violence, calling Trump a fascist for offering federal help and decrying the American system. The fruits are on full display for everyone to see. And so, Biden must bluff, and the media must cover for him.

Perhaps Biden will get away with it. Americans should hope he doesn't.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com. He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. 

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26 thoughts on “Why Won’t Biden Condemn Antifa or BLM Violence?”

  1. Quid Pro Joe will not condemn his Democrat supporting groups. You cannot turn on your supporters

  2. My opinion is that the democRATS & Biden campaign figured that they had a winning issue , until the polls turned to President Trump, but he won’t condemn ANTIFA or BLM because he needs there votes !!! For the candidate to try & flip the message against the President on the President Law & order agenda is an act of desperation !!! Biden has lost a lot of law enforcement endorsements because of his lack of support for them !!! He is a career Politician that will say or do anything for a vote then once in office do something completely different !!! For almost 50 years in public office what has he accomplished , Not Much . He has been on the wrong side of most major foreign policy decisions !!! Sorry my vote is President Trump for 4 more years !!!

  3. well every time a black was shot by a cop , they were resisting arrest , fighting with the cops and running their big mouths , doesn’t matter what color you are , do it and it will end bad for you, they want to hold cops accountable , what about holding blacks accountable , rioting and looting is not going to fix anything , and tax payers should not be made to rebuild , arrest everyone of then and fine then to pay for all the damage or spend the rest of their lives in prison , and give them work details and make them clean up and rebuild the mess they created

    1. First smart thing I have read on this site. I’m all for having these rioters either go to jail or made to pay and rebuild what they destroyed

  4. What if….?

    Biden had an agreement with BLM and Antifa to end all the violence and destruction when the password was passed; like if it was looking good for Trump to be elected?

    How big would Biden’s bump be that HE was the “peace maker”? Enough to win the election?

    The very thought scares the heck out of me, but, considering all that the left has done to destroy Trump, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  5. When our children go astray and join Antifa or BLM so many parents join them in support of their child because they blame themselves and not the child I guess and then the child never learns right/wrong because of their involvement. Tim Kaine, a Senator from VA, has a son very active in Antifa and he was even once arrested I think in Minn. and his father defended him and he was left off to continue. Those of the kind seem to flock together — Biden/Kaine, others.

  6. If you want to call it “horrific behavior,” it’s ok with me. But we must be aware that we are being attacked by enemies from within that want to destroy our beloved US of A. They are all in to destroy our private property rights, which is the most fundamental right of “our system.” And unfortunately Democrats have adopted such behavior!

  7. I saw an article where the person said if you type “antifa.com” you go to Joe’s campaign site. I couldn’t believe it until I did it. WOW! How can anybody vote for this man?

  8. BLM and Antifa are both owned by the Democrat Party, and fully funded in their operations, and aided in their planning. They are both military arms of the Democrat Party!

  9. He won’t condemn anything but American truth, freedom. He supports abortion, China, backroom deals, and obviously anarchy by calling it “peaceful protest.” He’s a senile old guy who had 47 years to achieve something FOR our country-he FAILED!!

  10. If he doesn’t condemn something like that, he either is too afraid to condemn it, or he supports it; either way, it pictures him as a sorry leader. THEREFORE, HE CERTAINLY DOESN’T BELONG IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

  11. Very Obvious, the Democrats need every vote they can get to take over the USA.
    I am Voting for Donald Trump and I am a Registered Democrat. Biden’s win will lead up to Pelosi becoming the President.

  12. Democrats wow!
    Treason by corruption!
    The democrats committed treason when they spied on Trump
    Then again as they attacked him these past 4 years
    Then again when Obama and fauchi gave covid and millions to unleash it on America’s Economy to once again commit treason !
    Covid has only killed 6000 people about 10 times less than or yearly flu season
    Covid is a economy shut down spin that democrats had to unleash to harm Trump after all he had set records with our economy recovery left by the Muslim n word Obama!
    Can’t win an election when the sitting president is great!
    And they needed to add icing to the cake to make sure they really harmed America thus making Trump look bad from 2 sides! This time riots and what better way to have a destructive riot then to mandate all wear masks !
    Diabolical huh?
    Covid trashes the economy and covers the faces of the rioters!
    One more twist it can’t be the democrats doing it so once again their go to move , throw the black race under the bus !
    Triple diabolical!
    If they don’t win !
    Remember they all have committed treason multiple times
    Their media can’t save them if they don’t win for if they loose the house and the senate and the presidency they all get indicted for more crimes then the mafia could commit in a 1000 years!
    They only had one problem!
    They brainwashed our kids in liberal schools
    Hollywood well we all know actors are to stupid to have real jobs , their actors they only pretend to have jobs they just promised the has been actors a part in the next Chinese movie and they walked the plank!
    They bought the media
    The tech media are fagots and don’t even know what gender they are!

    But these darn Patriots in America don’t care for liars, criminals, communists, murderers or Pedophile’s
    The absolute definition of democrats!

    The elite democrats thought we would believe their lies like the black democrats, union workers, communists and the media trash!

    America knows the blacks are not really behind this it’s the criminal democrats!!!!

    So democrats did do one service should blacks cast the democrats to hell!
    Blacks have an opportunity to cast Prejudice from the black race to the new n word race democrats!

    Democrats committed the crimes
    Set up this vial treasonous coup
    Are now hated with extreme Prejudice

    And they Miss calculated Patriots
    We have all the guns and enough ammunition to shoot every democrat a thousand times!!!!!!
    Who are the idiots!
    They recently passed a law they couldn’t be hanged
    Everyone knows why they want to take are guns away!
    They think we will shoot them !
    And that’s the only thing they are right about!
    The civil war is coming
    They have already drawn blood!
    I for one can’t wait for the war to be official!
    I’m a patriot
    And we won’t be kind !
    When this war is official we will officially eliminate their asses with Great Vengeance!
    It won’t take long and we are going to seize every last dollar and property the democrats have stolen
    It will be divided equally to every patriot in America!!!
    See the democrats are sort of getting what they want the division of their ill gotten gains is as close to communism Americans will Ever let America get!

  13. I believe Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is being run by the Russians. They sure are not American citizens anymore. They do what ever it take to break down this country, it really started with the last administration and he was a part of it.

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